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Once Upon A Winter's Eve by Tessa Dare

My love for reading historical romances this year has reached an all time high with Once Upon A Winter’s Eve by Tessa Dare ... it’s simply splendid! This story is enchanting. I love Tessa Dare’s imaginations and humor, her fascinations and curiosity in every one of her characters that continue to engage me on every single page. This may be a little novella for the holidays, but it is overflowing with charm and romance. Wallflowers of the priceless corners beware ... Tall, dark and mysterious heroes who sweep you off your feet, really do exist.


Violet Winterbottom is the consummate spinster, and happy to be one, for now. One disappointment, the disappointment from her past brought her nothing but misgivings and heartache, so being in Spindle Cove, alone and single is as much as she hopes for. Violet has friends, her hobbies, her many languages of study. She has her new found freedom for the past year, but even that will soon come to an end. Violet’s family has arranged for her to be married this season, just married, to anyone, and no longer a pox on her family. Unfortunately Violet has no fight left in her ... all her hopes and aspirations evaporated when the man of her dreams, the man who took all she had to give, left her abruptly, possibly even with child, one year ago. Violet ran away to Spindle Cove, luckily not with a unintentional surprise, and found a sense of peace. Until this night of the dance. A wallflower by habitual nature, always in a corner, pretty enough, but watchful ... then suddenly becoming the center of attention. When he noticed her. He stumbled in, and he fell at her feet. His pull undeniable. Uttering unfamiliar words and staring at her like he knew her. Like he had been searching for her. Like he knew her. But who is he? And why do his eyes look so familiar?

This novella has all the mystery, intrigue and romance a short, sweet, and sexy Christmas story this romance-aholic could ever want!! I love Tessa Dare books, every single word of every single book, no matter how long, is smart, witty, and so brilliantly written. It’s just over-the-moon exciting reading every time I open a Tessa Dare book! Get Once Upon A Winter’s Eve, and get wistfully lost in the lovely holiday spirit of this enchanting romance!