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The Billionaire’s Salvation: The Billionaire’s Obsession, Max by J.S. Scott

It’s Billionaire Romance season!! All the excitement swirling around about a certain crazy-hot Billionaire movie that just came out, has me all super pumped up to read all the hot, erotic, steamy Billionaire romance novels I can get my hands on ... and this super sexy gem of a hot-must-read, The Billionaire’s Salvation by J.S. Scott, is right at the tippity-top of the gotta read list! Max Hamilton is the full-on dreamiest of dreamy Billionaire heroes!!


The unforgettable heart-wounds this story leaves every time I read it, is excruciatingly beautiful! I love all the heartache, the longing, the undying devotion, the sensational reconnecting and the true love conquers all ending ... it’s frickin-fantastic!

Max and Mia have a fairytale romance right from the first moment their eyes meet and it whirlwinds into a magical wedding of happily ever after ... or does it?! The past catches up to Mia, and after a series of unfortunate events she’s gone ... disappearing into the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again. Now all Max can do is stay faithful to her memory, mourn her absence, lash out at anyone who says she’s dead and try to clear his name for Mia’s disappearance ... Holy Smokes what a guy!!

All seems hopeless years later as Max Hamilton barely lives each day, burying himself in work and determined to solve the mystery of his wife’s drowning ... but deep in his heart he feels her, sees her around every corner, and is haunted by all the unresolved issues that plague his mind from all the lost opportunities with Mia. “If Only’s” and “I Should’ve’s” beat on his brain like a drum, making him full of guilty regrets and forcing Max to see his life and marriage in a new light, a new truth. He vows that if he ever has another chance at love with Mia, he will be his true self, his dominant self, and his love will never be doubted again.

Mia was a poor girl who met the dream man every girl could ever hope for ... She’s trying so hard to be perfect and to fit into Max’s fancy life. But she never seems to be able to make him happy. All Max does is work. Sure the love making is nice, but she knows he’s holding back, not giving his whole self, so she tries even harder to be the perfect wife. When he’s gone again on another business trip that she’s not allowed to go on, she heads to her favorite spot near a cove to swim, but gets interrupted by a very jealous old flame who tries to kidnap her for ransom ... only things don’t go as planned and Mia is left alone, lost and searching for who she really is ... until something sparks her memory and she goes searching to find her life.

All the Billionaire Obsession Books in this series are amazing and I love to reread them all over and over! I can never get enough of all these very sexy and very dominant Billionaires! Go get you some today!