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Must Read! The Mistress by Maya Banks

Who luuuuuves secret baby erotic romance stories as much as me? Ooohhh and there’s a Greek billionaire hotel tycoon as the main McHottie McHotstuff! I yelled “Bingo” when I found and devoured The Mistress by Maya Banks!


What a drenched in awesome-sauce three Book Series about three Greek brothers who find love in the most inconvenient and the most romantically irritating ways! The first book, The Mistress, is the perfect read ... perfect! I’m addicted to how wonderfully soap-opera-ie it feels! 

Exciting, sexy, emotional and sensational ... it has every level of raw feels for the angsty, broody, hot Greek hotel magnate who begs for a second chance with the Mistress he threw aside in a rush to judgment mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life ... beyond yummmy!!

Look no further for your next hot read ... The Mistress has it all! A secret surprise pregnancy, corporate espionage, kidnapping, amnesia and the craziest, hottest sexiest road to happily ever after! Wow! Marley and Chrysander turn up the heat and then break all the hearts with this turbulent tale of misunderstandings and true love! What a wild ride!

Marley Jameson has good news ... hopefully, great news to give Chrysander Anetakis. If only she knew how he really feels about their relationship. Marley is nervous, anxious and yet so excited to tell him she’s pregnant, but how is this going to change everything. Only one way to find out, just go to Chrysander’s penthouse and tell him. Except after one glorious reunion moment of passion, is interrupted by one constantly annoying assistant, ruins all of Marley’s hopes and dreams when not only does Chrysander declare her just a mistress but a thief as well and throws her out of his life.

Chrysander Anetakis is a very busy hotel magnate, with all the endless travel, business meetings and countless round the clock interruptions and contract fires to put out ... all he can think about is getting back to New York and in Marley’s bed. Of all the mistresses he’s ever had, he cares for Marley the most. She’s kind, smart, funny, and their sexual connection is nothing he’s ever had before ... she’s perfect. If only Marley hadn’t wanted to define their arrangement and if only he hadn’t found confidential hotel plans in her purse. She’s a liar and a thief, another money hungry, manipulative woman just like all the rest, now out of his life forever ... So why does his heartache with missing her these past five months?

Get all the book love with this fantastic series!