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A Good Man, Handymen Series 1 by Rosanna Leo

An all new contemporary romance series, A Good Man by Rosanna Leo starts with this amazing book about sexy brothers who are home improvement television stars. What a super exciting story with lots of twists and turns! I’m So Zorny or Michael Zorn! Holy Hot Hammers, what a mouthwatering dominant man! This good man can do wonderfully sexy “bad” things with his hands! I’ve never watched any home improvement shows on tv, but now I’m wondering if I’ve been missing out on all these sextastic handymen!!


I really love Rosanna Leo’s writing and this book has everything this romance reader craves ... sexiness, humor, emotions, drama, and hot handymen in tool-belts! I loved it! Michael and Emily’s falling in love story is exciting, delicious and heart-melting! What a fabulously emotional story about love, trust and healing! Oh and did I mention HOT?! Soooo HOT!! I loved reading about Michael’s PTSD tormenting struggles, how I got a whole new understanding of that mental health problem, and how the wonderful writing about it moved me to tears. What an amazing journey this story took me on!

Zorn Contracting started as three brothers fixing fixer uppers until they were discovered and now they are local tv stars, looking to hit the big time on HGTV. Michael Zorn would rather just work. He hates the limelight, the cameras and all the distractions on set, especially his ex who just happens to be the director. Boy does he regret that hook-up.

Now a new and exciting renovation has popped up on his radar and the cute little blonde with the adorable smile and the delectable curves has all his attention. Too bad she is engaged to a slime ball. But Michael will get the old house ready for tv magic and just try to stop all his crazy imaginations of all the sexy things he’d love to do to Emily. But he will never trust himself again after what happened a year ago at a job site. He should’ve done more, he should’ve saved that woman, he should’ve died instead, yet he’s called a hero ... he’s no hero, he’s haunted.

Emily Daniels has one dream ... make her newly inherited home and her grandmother’s soup recipes into a business. And all she has to do to see that dream come true is to get her home renovated to become the yummy center for her all natural soup creations. If only her fiancé was more supportive ... the more she presses him to be a part of the project, the more he pulls away and belittles the whole idea. But Emily is determined to see her Nonna’s soup recipes become a success so her rude fiancé can just pound sand! Now, all those cute Handymen are sure helpful ... especially the mouthwatering Michael Zorn. A girl could just ogle that man for days and never get enough. She’s had a crush on Michael since the very first Handymen episode aired, but the ripped, gorgeous, real life man is by far so so so much better in person ... she knows he has troubles, but just not how deep and dark they run.

What a fantastic read!!! Seriously all the feels and a wonderfully heartwarming hope to healing romance!!! I loved it!! Start this new series today ... you are gonna love it!