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Reckless by Lex Martin

OMFG! What a great, great contemporary romance by the writing genius that is Lex Martin! Reckless is unbelievably, irresistibly, addicting! It’s been so, so long since I’ve had a book completely capture all of my attention to the point of making me say to myself, “I Can Not Put It Down And I Must Keep Reading Until The Very Last Page, but OMG, I have to go to work and do all kinds of adulting crap I don’t want to do because I MUST keep reading Reckless!!”


I just fell head over heals for the super storytelling and excitingly emotional feels on every single page! I’ll take hot, tattooed, single dad rancher for one thousand Alex!! Oh, and add all the crazy, heated, passion that’s off the freakin-charts-sexual-chemistry between Ethan and Tori ... it all makes this book a dream come true romance read for this reader!! Yaaassss!! I’m so slappy happy I read this book! My absolute favorite by this author so far!! It’s already on my must read over and over list!! Yes, it’s THAT good people!

Ethan Carter being all bossy, big, badass with boyish charm just buttered my biscuit ... and his sweet babies all yummy and adorable ... yes, I’ll take that nanny job and he wouldn’t even have to pay me just to get to look at all that manly man all day. Seeing all that grinning goodness would be payment enough!! What a super good guy!! The best kind of guy!! What a great character and so many layers to his desires, needs, hurts and his capacity to love is amazing!! What an awesome dad and rancher, taking care of his family and sacrificing so much for their happiness ... seriously, a great guy! **heart bursting** But when he sees his new nanny, and gets a load of all that luxurious dark long hair and that sassy mouth that needs to be doing a lot more than talking ... he’s a hooked-lined-and-sinker-goner, a one-hundred percent under her magic spell love puppy. There’s no place on earth Ethan would rather be ... too bad his divorce isn't final yet.

Tori Duran is a total balls-to-the-walls, kickass woman, with a heart of gold, so after an all consuming relationship incinerating her heart leaving nothing but ashes and turning off her unavailable-man-magnet for all eternity, she’s in desperate need of finances, friends and fun ... but not too much fun. Tori thinks she’s too quick to jump into things, especially hot guys, heart first and thinking later, so all that kind of crazy needs to stop. From now on she’s determined to be a grown up, a street smart dater, and to never get her heart stomped on ever again .... but then a job offer for the summer has her head spinning and her panties melting at the first sight of the sexiest, yummiest, hottest man Tori has ever seen in her twenty three years on the planet. Holy hubba hubba, Ethan Carter is the walking definition of a gorgeous unavailable man, and her new employer. All her bluff and fluster, all her tomboy attitude, and all her stand offish smart mouth quips can’t keep all her must-jump-his-bones hormones on the back burner for long. Tori wants this man, every single inch of this man, and she already loves his kids to pieces .... so of course, with her luck, he’s in the middle of a nasty divorce! Tori’s in sooo much trouble, but the best kind of trouble!