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Sombra, Love In Translation 2 by Leslie McAdam

What can I say? Tavo is all mine, I’m calling dibs! Sombra by Leslie McAdam moved me in so many, many heart melting moments from beginning to end! All I could think about is this gorgeous Spanish man, with his luscious accent, whispering sweet sexy words, and doing dark, naughty things, slowly, passionately and so sensually ... it made me shiver all over ... Gasp-tastic!


I was thrilled by all the drama, and authentic emotions Tavo and Kim have of being honest about their shadowy-selves and how all the character’s secret desires came into the light ... what a love triangle this story weaves!

I love how Leslie McAdam writes. It’s deep, it’s personal, and she expresses everything with so much meaning, and with so wonderfully multifaceted characters ... this story is so much more than just a sexy, fun romance of hot guy meets dream girl ... it’s a relatable revelation. An emotional, touching, beautiful journey of self discovery and self acceptance, and of two soulmates with a new found freedom to find themselves as they find true love. I laughed, I cried, and I swooned all the way through, but mostly it made me think ... Do I want to release my dragonfly, confronting and freeing my own inner shadows that are holding me back from flying to new, exhilarating heights in my life? Yes, yes I do!

Gustavo De La Guerra Cantor is frustrated. Spain born and Spain raised, Tavo loves his ancestral home, his family, his friends, his farm and his life in general, but not his future ... something’s missing. His heart yearns to sing, play guitar, travel to America and be free. Tavo’s family on the other hand needs him to stay in Spain, carry on the family’s olive oil business and marry the neighbor’s daughter to seal their fate. Not his future, not his dream, and not the love of his life. Honor and loyalty pulse through Tavo’s veins like molasses, but his heart yearns for the one woman who can see all of him, every shadow, every secret, and yet embrace him, love him and cherish him, no matter what. One minute at the airport changes everything ... seeing the vivacious, American girl that will be living with his family while she attends college, makes his heart rejoice and his body come alive ... This Kim Brown is his dream come true, he will capture that little dragonfly and never let her go.

Kim Brown is frustrated. Iowa born and Iowa raised, Kim is in a rut. She loves her family and friends but does not look forward to a planned out future ... she now has an amazing opportunity to travel, to learn, to explore, and not just Spain itself, but also in herself. Kim’s life is the same everyday. Her life is routine, never changing. This trip abroad will be her true coming out. Kim has decided to find out who she really is without everyone telling her who she is ... Spain will either be her destruction or her salvation, but either way she’s happy to be doing something out of her comfort zone ... she can be free to be whoever she wants to be, with no repercussions. Getting off the airplane, getting her passport stamped for the first time, excited, nervous and scared, then seeing the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on, stirs her inner dragonfly ... she ignites all over, inside and out like she’s been lit on fire by sparklers on the Fourth of July ... Gustavo De La Guerra is everything she’s been dreaming of in one sexy, sensual, spectacular package ... overwhelmingly perfect, but maybe too perfect. Maybe a dream is just that, a dream.

Sombra is an insightful reading experience, an engaging contemporary romance, and a tender erotic d/s story ... Spicy-Sexy, yes. Romantic, yes. Drama, yes. Surprises, yes ... but it also has a whole new level of extra- special love-layers in this love story like in no other book I’ve ever read. Sombra will just make you feel all the amazing feels ... Extraordinary!

I'm a huge fan girl of Leslie McAdam's books because every story she tells comes from a deeply moving personal place that reaches out, hugs me and brings me into her world with open arms and an open heart.  Sombra makes me swoon, makes me gush and makes me dream ... it's fantabulous!  So just get Sombra ... and all of Leslie's books while you're at it!