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Sergio by Natasha Knight

Heartbreaking and haunting at the same time ... Sergio by Natasha Knight was unexpected and amazing! All the dark Mafia storyline and intricate characters I’ve come to enjoy in Natasha’s books, but this one has a special sharp edge like a blade slicing through all the darkness and bringing me to tears ... Brutally beautiful.


Edgy and exciting, sexy and scary, devastating and dangerous, this dark mafia romance has it all. This story is unlike any other dark romance I’ve ever read. Sergio and Natalie have their two worlds colliding and spinning out of control ... wrong place at the wrong time ... fate or destiny, it doesn’t matter anymore, their lives are intertwined forever and nothing can stop the inevitable ... Time is a luxury, love is a gift and family is everything ... Sergio knows the clock is ticking, everything is closing in, he has too much blood on his hands, he is losing control and he will pay the ultimate price ... but for a small fleeting moment, Sergio takes what he wants. He desires love, craves closeness and needs Natalie above all else ... no matter the cost. Sergio just needs to have a fleeting bit of happiness, and needs to leave his mark on his family before it all fades into the blackness ... For all good things must come to an end.

I’m wrecked. Tear stained and heartbroken. This whole story drops hints all along the way ... I knew deep down, I felt all the shadows creeping in on every page, but I just went into denial, hard ... I have never read a book with an alternative HEA like this ... Never in all my darkest dreams would I have imagined Sergio’s story going the way it did. But live by the sword ...

Natasha Knight writes from her heart and her soul and goes wherever they lead her ... it’s awesome, it’s unexpected and it’s a spectacular reading escape into her dark erotic mafia worlds ... I always love where her words take me, no matter how many tear filled surprises may torment me along the way ... because Sergio did break my heart and I will be haunted by his unforgettable, beautifully brutal story forever.