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Drawn To A Cowboy by Fifi Flowers

Jump start my heart! Oh my goodness, all this deeelicious cowboy is to die for!! Drawn To A Cowboy by Fifi Flowers is too yumtastic!! You know what they say: Save a horse and ride a Cowboy. Yes please! Gideeyup!


Sage Donovan might have been born a city boy, but had ranch living dreams and all sorts of Cowboy ways burning in his soul. His whole life was a step by step builders guide to be a Cowboy rancher, and to make his life all about the beautiful wide open farm land. Now he has everything he’s ever wanted, inheriting the ranch, but there are so many strings being pulled that all his dreams might just unravel ... until one stop to help a red haired damsel in distress changes his life forever ... crayon red just happens to be his favorite color! All Sage needs now is a miracle.

Jade Cassidy has devoted her life and her heart to her art. Paintings are her passion. Art is not only her way to make a living, but a way to release her soul ... now in the middle of nowhere, on a ranch surrounded by friendly strangers, Jade has an opportunity of a lifetime, and maybe even her dreams of having her very own Cowboy to cuddle will be coming true very soon as well. All her dreams and travels have lead her to this one moment ... should she grab the brass ring and keep her Cowboy forever busy in the hump shack ... or is she going to have to move on when all the storms move in?

A fun, engaging, very romantic contemporary read, and so different from Fifi Flowers other books, but so good too! The writing is filled with energy and exuberance ... and I too, really, really love a sexy, gentleman cowboy!