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Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins

Secrets, scars and second chances all rolled up in one sexy, sexy romance! Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins blew me away! It’s excellent! Young love blown apart, harsh truths and horrible secrets, only to come back seven years later with even more pain and more cover ups. Ash and Teo has the kind of love that lasts a lifetime ... even if that means never being together to protect it. Teo’s self-sacrificing is sensational and heartbreaking! All the tension and unsaid feels between Ash and Teo is the best ... Loved it!


All the books I’ve read of J.D.’s are fantastic, exciting and so emotionally enjoyable in so many ways, and this story is just as wonderful! J.D. really has a way with words and making everything feel so real with his characters, his writing style is addictive. His attention to detail is fantastic! It’s like I’m walking around in L.A. seeing everything and just being in Teo’s head and heart. I love how the book kept me guessing about all the things that kept Ash and Teo apart for seven years, but I really loved when they finally get back together ... sextastic!

All Ash’s heartache and frustrations, passion and insecurities come alive in the pages as she struggles with bumping into the love of her life at his Tattoo Shop. So many things she dreamed of saying to him if she ever saw Teo again after all these years, fly right out of her head as she swoons and stares at the man who still has her heart in the palm of his hand ... will he crush it in one final squeeze, or cradle it, holding her close so he can restore their love back and the future she’s always dreamed of with him.

For years, Teo has tried to reinvent himself, escaping his past and barely surviving most days until he discovers his love of art and tattoos. Now a big deal tattoo artist in L.A. with a wait list months long, Teo feels at peace with himself, mostly. Only one thing is gnawing at his soul .. Ash. The love of his life he stood up at prom and left her high and dry without a word, not even a goodbye. Teo still feels he did the right thing, for himself and for Ash, but seeing her again, now, he’s not so sure. Maybe honesty is the best policy with Ash ... as he tries to justify his past and thinks about a fresh future, maybe he does deserve a second chance with the only woman he will ever love ... or maybe he should just keep walking, because can anyone truly go home again?

This story has just the right amounts of sweet and sexy, with lots of angst and romance blended in perfectly! What an awesome read! You’re gonna LOVE Teo!