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One Taste of Sin #4 by Amanda Siegrist

Talk about exciting!! All the sexy romance with a heaping spoonful of suspense!! Fantastic! One Taste of Sin is book four in this series ... a stand-alone read, that’s so engaging, mysterious and full of unexpected twists and turns from beginning to end! Amanda Siegrist’s books always delight me, and this one did not disappoint! Like all her others, the characters are authentic and fun, while also being complicated and compelling. What a great read!


Stitch is a hot mess! A bad boy tattoo artist with a checkered past, who’s bad at love, bad at relationships, bad at holding his temper and who just so happens to push away anyone and everyone who cares about him. Lucky for him, a few friends are unpushable ... but when Stitch gets the twitch, he’s gone. Unfortunately, just when he wants to get gone, he falls in love with the most beautiful, independent, no bullshit, fierce woman he’s ever seen ... too bad she’s just a one and done ... and a cop. Susan’s way too good for the likes of this loser with a past ... But Stitch really, really wants her ... and Stitch usually gets what he wants and how he wants it.

Susan has one of the most amazing sex nights of her life with the hottest guy she’s ever seen, and he ghosts her ... now six months later he’s knocking on her door and all she can do is stand there babbling and drooling. But no. Not again. Stitch was just a sex itch that needed scratching at the time, and now is not that time. Susan’s working on a serial killer case, her best friend is pregnant and needs help, and her lonely but busy life doesn’t not need Stitch and all his lovely tattoos and gorgeous abs, and sweet words to be a distraction ... oh boy but what a distraction!  As the murder mystery comes to a head, all the ups and downs with Stitch, it all just makes her head spin ... too bad she’s falling for the asshole, and too bad she can’t get a read on the killer reeking havoc on her city.

I really was on pins and needles reading this, so suspenseful! I honestly couldn’t tell who the serial killer was and I wanted to knock Stitch upside his head every time he pulled a ghost move on Susan ... but what chemistry, what passion, and what a totally cool opposites attract contemporary suspense romance this is and it really kept me guessing right to the end.

Seriously awesome!