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After Care and Midlife Crisis by L.B. Dunbar

I have a delightful double dose of deliciousness today! I have a new book love and its name is the over forty finds love in this amazingly addictive, super sexy romance series, After Care and Midlife Crisis by L.B. Dunbar.


Both books are written so beautifully. The storylines and the characters are just so unique, layered, engaging and so relatable. Simply the best over forty romances I’ve ever read. Reading these books was a nice change and so refreshing. I love all the romance genres, but I really loved how genuine and magnetic theses two older, over forty guys are ... so interesting, angsty mature and impossibly imperfect in these two stories, as are their attractive soulmates who are also over forty, battling their own life experiences themselves. I really loved how these books portray love having no rules, no barriers and definitely no age limit when forever-love walks into your life. These two books have all the feels, all the drama, all the overwhelming-overthinking and then all the inner strength that it takes to leap into love again after life leaves you in a heartbreaking lurch ... being over forty and single is my definition of the underrated tweenage years for adults, but these books are incredibly inspiring for a happily ever after at any age.


How could one celebratory Hawaiian vacation change the whole trajectory of Edie Williams’ life? Easy. And his name is Tommy Carrigan. Big, tall, commanding, ex-rockstar and now band manager for a famous rock band. Edie can’t believe her eyes. All that hot, muscley tattooed man and he wants to spend all his time with her. Her. A forty three year old divorcée with two grown kids and a tentative second chance at life that she never ever dreams would happen. Now all she needs is the courage to go for it, or as the kids say “YOLO”.

Tommy Carrigan feels like the wind just got knocked out of him when he sees the gorgeous woman by the pool. Years of groupies and hang ons, fame and fortune, fakers and takers, have hardened his old heart. Tommy doesn’t believe in love, only because he’s never seen it or felt it ... but there’s just some special spark that singes his chest when he looks at the big beautiful eyes of the enchanting Edie. She’s a sweet mystery Tommy is more than willing to investigate, many times over. There’s no time like the present, and Tommy loves presents. He may be a bit grey and crusty on some of his edges, but he knows a great thing when he sees it, and Edie is the one who will not get away so easily.

Midlife Crisis

Midge Everette is single. Not just single, over forty with kids and divorced single. A total fish out of water as she navigates a new life, a new city and new people. Her sons keep her on her toes, but all that changes at a school fundraiser when she sees a tall, dark and handsome silver fox oozing charm ... Hank Paige must be the original bad boy that’s been playing in her fantasy dreams for decades, now come to life. There’s no way on earth he’d ever be interested in her ... right?

Hank Paige likes his life. It’s low key, uncomplicated and groupie free. Maybe he’s getting rusty in the lady department but he could swear he just met his soulmate, Midge. An unusual name for a very unusual lady, and what a beauty. It’s too bad he decided long ago that he’s too messed up for a good woman to put up with him, but he could still have a friend, and maybe some fun with Midge too if he plays his cards right ... one unexpected sexy meet up in the powder room and all he knows is that Midge is one hell of a woman he needs more time with ... so much more.

So there you have it ... two very amazing books to sink your hopeful romantic hearts into! Heart Hugs All Over!

On a special note, my photo above of the two paperbacks I’ve been reviewing today is not just a great picture of two books I own ... nope. These two gorgeous books are an especially thoughtful gift from my most wonderful friend, and an awesome author herself, Leslie McAdam, who was at a book signing event for her own spectacular books, and met this terrific author L.B. Dunbar! Then Leslie surprised me by sending me these two lovely paperbacks signed by L.B. Dunbar herself! I am so beyond thrilled to hold these books in my hands!! #DayMade #LoveHard #EatCupcakesEnjoyTheFrosting #LuckyBookGirl Thank you Leslie, you are such a kind and generous friend ... and Thank you L.B. Dunbar for the amazing hotties that are Hank and Tommy! I can’t wait to read more stories in this series!