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One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare

How lovely to be in this regency romance world! I adore this story! Secrets, scandal and sumptuous sexiness on  every page!! One Dance With A Duke is fantastically romantic and the first in a series, but can be read as a stand- alone too. Tessa Dare has out done herself in this one ... it’s completely captivating!  


Lady Amelia D’Orsay is a delight! I love how she has happily resigned herself to being a poor spinster society lady, more interested in baking and party planning than getting married at this point in her life, but she still makes the effort to be social, all be it, a wallflower, at every societal occasion. She is funny, strong and so caring. I love how she makes logical decisions and yet impulsive to remedy all her family problems. On one special evening, Amelia is on a collision course with a destiny she would never expect ... her wild brother is indebted to a certain Duke that only shows up at Midnight, dances one dance, then disappears mysteriously ... well, Amelia will make sure the Duke’s one dance is with her, even if she’s the one initiating ... can one dance with the Duke change Amelia’s life? Yes!

Spencer Dumarque, the fourth Duke of Morland is the perfect brooding, handsome, mystery man. He’s quiet, secretive and commanding. The Duke hates crowds. Hates social events. Hates people, well most people. Spencer would rather be with his beloved horses, and not surrounding himself with desperate, shallow girls trying to enslave him into marriage, but he has to keep up the image of a Duke for his family’s sake. One dance, one bow, and out of the ballroom. It’s basically all his nerves can handle. On one final occasion of the season, it’s midnight and all eyes are on him, all ladies are vying for his attention ... then she happens ... Lady Amelia asks him to dance, demands more like it, and she leads him to the dance floor. Now Spencer has no idea what to make of any of this impertinence, as his world starts to tilt, spinning out of control and he has no one to blame but his untamed heart and the wretched Stud Club he was forced to join in order to keep his promise to his beloved horse. Now how to gain the last of the tokens, Osiris, and Amelia’s heart before his world collapses is anyone’s guess.

What a whirlwind read! It’s enchanting, engaging and exciting all the way through! So many unexpected events that take these two characters on so many new adventures ... the most surprising one is love!