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Boots by Megan Erickson

Can I just say, WOW! What a mind blowing love story! I was reeling and riveted by all intensity, emotions, and the pure unadulterated passion between Tara and Lance that sizzles off the pages in lusty heat-waves! Boots by Megan Erickson is intoxicatingly erotic with powerful characters, refreshingly sexy and a heart-teasing love story! I was enthralled and mesmerized, never putting the book down until I found out Lance and Tara’s fate. The writing is brilliant, tender and thrilling at the same time, and I recommend reading with a box of tissues, it’s truly an ugly-cry- tear-jerker story with a cheer-worthy HEA!


So much goodness to say and not enough words pop into my head to say it, but here goes ... I LOVE this book! (Ha, that wasn’t so hard) The chance meet up of Tara and Lance is perfect! Lance’s seduction is bold, daring and dark. Their insta-lust, their ballsy unfiltered honesty, and their need to forget their messed up lives in each other’s arms, even if it’s only a one nighter, has an addictive wow factor.

For me, it was all about the boots and how that became the title, triggering a wild fascination. Like how they both wore and needed the boots, and how the well-worn boots symbolize so much of their lives and personalities. Tara’s boots are part of her tough attitude but also hides her vulnerability from a harsh life on the run. Lance’s boots seem to keep him grounded, focused, a reminder of his past and on his inevitable revenge ... but when Tara slips on his boots the morning after the hook up, Lance sees Tara in a whole new light. Like maybe she could be a good fit, or as a welcome warmth to fill his life with hope, lifting his fog of hate. Lance’s endearing promises, his inner demons, and the way Lance and Tara have a hard choice to make is absolutely gripping! Will they let the past go, and move on together or sacrifice happiness for their brother’s mistakes.

This thrilling story had me guessing at every turn! I’ve always enjoyed Megan Erickson’s books, but this emotional roller-coaster-Romeo-and-Juliet-like read embedded itself wonderfully deep with so many feels, keeping me on edge and craving more little mentions of the special boots. I will be reading Boots over and over for years to come for shooting a big arrow in my direction and getting a direct hit in the five-star-bulls-eye of my heart!