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Covet (Vegas Sins 2) by Rosanna Leo

Covet is out now! A fresh, contemporary, sexy-sexy read by Rosanna Leo. Not only is she one of my automatic-one-click authors, but I truly adored all her wonderful words in this amazing romance! Rosanna’s book Vice, Vegas Sins 1, was a totally awesome read, and now in Covet, Vegas Sins 2, Rosanna Leo has wowed me again! Sexy, Russian millionaire looking for love, yes please! Covet is absolutely unputdownable!


I’m completely gah-gah over Alex Markov! The insta-connection Alex feels for Dana is fantabulous! That lusty build- up between Dana and Alex, from a strangers hook-up in a dive bar to a chance encounter at the hotel that let’s all the spark-filled memories of that one night sizzle them up again is just spectacular! The range of feelings these two characters go through, and how perfect they seem on the outside but so broken and sorrowful on the inside is such a great storyline full of twists and secrets, danger and heartache. I adored the story within the story, and how relatable it is with the bad ex-relationships not pushed into the “oh this happened” background, but weaved into the present and shared equally with each other to help each other heal. I love how Alex’s past is hounding him, putting him on guard while he still deals with his guilt and regrets, as Dana’s ex is haunting her emotionally, making her feel inadequate for anyone else. Each of them is stuck in the past and focused on all the wrong things, but soon realizing the fresh start of a new life staring them in the face of the fabulous person standing right in front of them now ... its just amazing writing that had all my attention and all my heart on every page.

The simmering, undeniable attraction that Alex has for Dana is just dreamy. Alex Markov may be infamous, may be beyond wealthy, may be unbelievably gorgeous and may be a paparazzi target for a crime he didn’t commit ... but deep down, Alex is just a man. A deeply hurting man, who would love to find real love and have a happy life. Meeting Dana seems to be an answer to his unasked prayers, but he shouldn’t drag her into his mess, and he’s too fascinated by Dana to let her go. No one has ever made him feel so free to be himself, and now he is simply addicted to this wonderful woman.

Now Dana Hamill has a new life to choose as well, accept herself just as she is, defects and all, or settle for less than she deserves or needs ... the choice is hers for the taking. That sounds easy, but Dana has always been the reasonable one, the responsible one, the giving one ... always the planner and always sticking to the plan. Still licking her wounds from medical news and a sudden break up with her fiancée, Dana lives in Vegas, works in Vegas and now has to plan a party to cheer up her sister, while reeling in her own pain. Bumping into her one-nighter hook- up mystery man at the Vice Hotel lobby just made this week a whole lot more interesting, times ten. Turns out, he’s not just a random hot guy nobody in a tiki bar bathroom, oh no ... he’s thee Alex Markov, thee famous Russian multimillionaire of oodles of hotels and casinos, and he seems to want her, any way he can have her ... oh my! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Must Recommend! Must Read! Must Get!