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Dr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers book 5) by Penny Reid

I am addicted to this Winston Brothers Series! The new sexy, sentimental journey of Roscoe and Simone is an excitingly angsty second chance romance in Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid! This story truly moved me to a new level of feels with all the sad and all the happy! It’s heartbreaks, heartaches and heart-tugs with a splash of secrets and a sexy reunion for these former high school best friends, now all grown up and discovering why they could never move on from their past.


A multitude of memories of unrequited love catapults Roscoe Winston from past to present constantly when Simone Payton comes back to Green Valley, driving Roscoe to do the only thing he can do with an incredibly exacting remembrance-brain ... he’s avoiding her and her bakery at all costs, even if he wants her doughnuts more than his next breathe. Unfortunately, sometimes the past just doesn’t want to stay where it belongs, and sometimes that’s not such a bad thing after Roscoe sees the woman Simone has become. Now Roscoe reckons he just needs to make new, happier memories with Simone, so the past ones won’t haunt him as much ... and just maybe Roscoe can convince Simone that this forever love thing is a chance worth taking ... but only with him, and only if forever.

Simone Payton had always had big goals to achieve and crime solving dreams since she was young, and one big heart hurt to overcome. Roscoe Wilson was her very best friend once upon a time ... then he just ghosted her in high school. Ten years later, he’s now a well respected doctor, a veterinarian, and a master at avoiding her ... but not for long. She’s been back home for sometime, undercover for the FBI, and it’s her job to get close to Roscoe to get to his no good father, but unwillingly, she’s a scientist not an operative. Simone knows deep down Roscoe is the love of her life, her one and only, but she’s just too scared and too proud to admit it ... but Roscoe is so damn fine, so damn sweet, so damn kind and so damn sexy, Simone can’t resist, especially when the gorgeous man stands there holding so many puppies! Her heart is all in. Her body is voting “yes, please” right along with her heart, but it’s those damn obstacles mucking everything up. How in God’s Green Valley is she suppose to do what she has to do and not break Roscoe’s heart again?

I simply adore all the heart felt angst and tear-filled push-pull sexual tension between Roscoe and Simone throughout the story. I couldn’t get enough of their heated misunderstandings, their funny flirtatious sides, and all their struggles trying to bat down all the feelings surfacing again after so many years apart. I thoroughly enjoyed how both of their special quirky gifts compliment and enhance each other, making Roscoe and Simone authentic, engaging and intriguing characters, just absolutely uniquely unique as only Penny Reid can imagine them and get it all down on paper for all of us to savor her special snappy sassy flare!

Fabulous writing!
Fabulous characters!
Fabulous love story!
and a Fabulous must-experience book series!