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Misadventures With A Rookie (Misadventures #11) by Toni Aleo

Hello Hockey Season! How utterly fantastic is this series! All the amazing authors! All the sexy stories! I can’t get enough ... and now I’m all about the hot hockey romance Misadventures With A Rookie by Toni Aleo. What a terrific contemporary story about a girl wanting what she shouldn’t ... but he has other plans, very sexy plans.


This guy is a conceited, cute, hunky defense man with a dazzling smile and a cocky attitude to match. In other words, Gus “The Bus” Persson is trouble. A sinfully sexy bundle of trouble and Bo St. James knows all too well what all that egotistical hockey hotness can do to a woman’s heart. So how can a girl resist the irresistible ... she can’t!

All the steamy struggles to reject such a gorgeous, adorably obnoxious man, and all the verbal sparring just builds all the sexual tension and turns my heart to mush. It’s all smooth words and smoldering looks, Gus pours on the charm, but with kissing blowing sincerity ... and it seems that he isn’t about to give up on Bo so easily.

I’ve always loved Toni Aleo’s hockey romances. The writing is so detailed, so emotional, so freaking hot sexy, it puts me right in the middle of all the exciting action, on and off the ice!! These two characters have so many hidden depths with all the heart baggage that keeps all that ice-melting sparks flying right into happily ever after.