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The Governess Game, Girl Meets Duke 2, by Tessa Dare

I’ve fallen in love! Completely, totally and absolutely in love with The Governess Game by Tessa Dare. I’ve also come to a happy realization too. For as much as I admire and even lust a little for all the heroes in Tessa’s books, I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on her heroines more.


I honestly keep reading book after book by Tessa because I admire and adore the heroines so much. Not only are they courageous and kind, but sweet, strong, sincere, and smart. I love that the women are relatable, real and rebellious for their time. But mostly I love how each woman in each story accepts herself, just as she is, and relishes in her own quirky uniqueness. Each story I read like this one, inspires me with all its witty humor, touching heartache and of course, the eventual, extremely romantic, happily ever after when the girl gets her Duke.

The Governess Game is more than poor girl meets wealthy man and they fall in love ... it’s more, it’s how they come to that point, that one magical memorable moment when they crash into each other at the bookshop and then their eyes meet. It’s all stammering and stuttering by the mesmerized Alexandra Mountbatten and all sly wolfish flirty grins by the green eyed handsome Chase Reynaud. A moment in time each assumes the other would forget easily enough, if it weren’t for the books getting jumbled and Chase leaving with Alex’s astronomy book.

The moment makes Alex start new dreams and new hopes, only to doubt that she would ever be in a position to have a man like him in her life, but she resigns her thoughts to at least have that dream tucked away as Alex goes on about her clock business until the day she finds herself needing to be in the green eyed devil’s employ.

Chase on the other hand, seems as if he flirts his way through life with every woman, no matter her status, and although quite true, it’s also quite a rouse. The soon to be Duke believes himself to be unworthy of affection, unworthy of family and definitely not worthy of any admiration. He is a rake, a rogue, and possibly the last man on earth worthy of his new Governess ... unfortunately, that won’t stop him from wanting her.

Both Alex and Chase has amazingly touching pasts, filled with thrilling adventures and heartbreaking loss. I love the complexity and the engaging layers of their personalities ... Neither Alex nor Chase are truly as they seem. Alexandra Mountbatten is a multi-faceted diamond, beautiful and strong with hidden gifts. While Chase Reynaud is a self deprecating rake and seemingly selfish beyond reason, in spite of his looks, or maybe because of them, he has a very caring heart and a giving soul hidden deep, waiting for the right person to truly see him.

I just wish I could actually live in Tessa Dare’s book world ... I never want to put her books down! Absolutely thee most wonderful reading!