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Restored Dreams by L.B. Dunbar

What an amazing second chance romance! Restored Dreams by L.B. Dunbar has done it again ... this book made me fall in love with love! Even if these two forty something love birds had it all and threw it away when they were young, fate has a way of bringing the two back together twenty two years later, with a little divine intervention nudge of course. What a dream read!


All of Lily and Brut’s heartache and passion wrestles off the pages with vivid, gripping feels and explosive passion, surrounded with past reminiscing to their present day-dreaming imaginations. I just love this romance series! All the characters in each story feel so real, so relatable and so vulnerable; making mistakes, making apologies and making everything alright in the end. Truly wonderfully enjoyable reading!

Lily Warren fell in love with Brut at nineteen. She really believed they’d be together forever, but fate has a way of twisting love into confusing knots ... but little did Lily realize that the love in her heart for Brut never disappeared, just lay dormant for twenty two years. A week long beach get away to San Diego was suppose to be relaxing, until Brut shows up at her rental house. Now all the comfortable, content and calm life she has continually maintained all these years just evaporated when she sees that man smile.

Brut Paige made a huge mistake. Huge. One night spoiled the rest of his life, except one thing. One redeeming factor kept him going, but regret became his best friend for the last twenty two years. He was young, stupid and horny. Brut was foolish and will never, ever be able to undo all the damage he did, so he never tried. Brut walked away from Lily and never looked back, knowing he destroyed the best thing in his life. Now he needs a break from his repair shop, Restored Dreams, a break from family and a break from his messed up life. His brother gives him a house rental in San Diego to just surf and relax for a week, and it’s perfection ... especially since there seems to be a singing goddess in the shower! What are the odds Brut’s dream girl, Lily Warren is nekkid in his shower? Pretty good odds it seems. Now if he could only fix what he broke all those years ago, as easy as fixing a motorcycle ... restoring his dreams for a fresh start with Lily would be the miracle Brut desperately needs.