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Sir Loin Of Beef by Vanessa Vale

Well ... just reading the funtastic title had me all in and all curious, so of course, I had to one-click! It’s a new book series of hunky cowboys doing hot cowboy things! Sir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale is absolutely yummy! Even if you’re a vegetarian, these two hot, beefy cowboys are still going wet your appetite for this irresistible romance! This story is fast paced, steamy-hot and really cute! Two cowboys and one little librarian sizzle up the pages! This story has to be the hottest book I’ve read in a long time ... like steamy-sexy hot! Vanessa Vale writes a wonderful ménage story! Even with all the sexy scenes, this romance has just that, heart melting romance.


Landon Duke and Jed Cassidy have been looking for The One for a long time. Both now are retired from the rodeo, and both keep busy with new businesses, but both have an empty space in their lives. Two great guys looking for love. Not just any love, but a woman who can love them both. Since they were kids, Duke and Jed knew they’d share everything, and just because they’ve grown up, not much has changed. One evening at a ladies night event at Jed’s bar, Duke gets hit with the bolt of love lightening just as Jed gets the same jolt right in the heart ... they just knew. The One who shines brighter than any other in the crowded room, is theirs ... she just don’t know it yet.

Kaitlyn Leary has so many things going so many ways wrong in her life, but she’s a survivor. After being gone for ten years, her best friend tricked her into going out on the town and now she’s stuck at this bar, wishing to not be recognized ... especially anyone associated with her past. All the world’s shift when she sees two amazing men behind the bar. She not only would love to date one of them, but she’s feeling greedy, like she’s really wanting both. Well, a girl can dream ...

This is a super sexy, super sweet, super romantic must read!