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Rescue Me by Jaci Burton

Ever have a dream that seems impossible to reach? Ever want a whole new life, one that you can be proud of? That’s what these two characters are trying to achieve in their lives, and needing each other to fulfill those goals. Sabrina and Kyle need each other, reluctantly, but none the less they are dependent on each other’s success. After so many set backs and discouraging obstacles getting in their way, both are determined to finally be the person they dream to be.


This story is simply romantic and moving. It’s pure, honest, and full of hope. Both Kyle and Sabrina have had heartache and betrayal, manipulation and abandonment, but both are strong, independent and positive that life can only go up from here. I enjoyed reading this book because it feels real ... it’s warm, sentimental and encouraging. I can easily slip into Sabrina and Kyle’s boots and feel all that they feel. It’s a wonderfully written book about all the joys and pitfalls of ranch life, and the struggles of finding everlasting love.

Sabrina Daniels had her life controlled and mapped out by everyone, except herself. She was young, trusting and gullible ... but not anymore. No more being used by her mother for her outward appearance and no more empty loveless marriage by her abusing ex. No, this new Sabrina will be her own woman, with her own ranch someday and wear jeans everyday for the rest of her life. No one telling her what to do, or what to wear or how to speak ... now if she only knew how to grow a backbone, she might be all set. Investing in a financially troubled ranch and getting all the ranching education from Kyle and his family is a dream come true ... too much of a dream come true being it’s all wrapped up in sexy hot cowboy who’s off limits ... but she’s there to rescue a beautiful ranch, and maybe see if she rescue a gorgeous rancher while she’s there.

Kyle Morgan is starting over. Almost literally. He almost lost everything when his parents died, and again when he was taken to the cleaners by his now ex wife. Kyle must swallow his pride and get an investor, albeit a beautiful one as it turns out. Now all he has to do is make her money dig the ranch out of this deep hole, and teach Sabrina how to run a ranch ... because for some unbelievable reason, this divorced beauty queen wants to be a cowgirl rancher. Unfortunately, Kyle has gotten way more than he bargained for with Sabrina ... she’s a lot more than just an investor to rescue the ranch, Kyle is starting to feel like she was heaven sent to rescue him.