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Fighting Irish by Katy Regnery

It’s March already, and with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Fighting Irish by Katy Regnery, is an irresistible love story about an Irish boy falling in love with a big city rich girl, making me fabulously reminiscent of how exciting it is to be a teenager-in-love with a secret crush. Then years later, serendipity intervenes and now that long ago but not forgotten secret crush, is standing right there, all grown up, and dreamier than they imagined they could be. All their insta-feels from years ago, just rush back in their hearts like no time has passed between them. It’s so beautiful and so sweet! Brittany and Rory have a wonderfully romantic story with true-to-life-real-feels all the way through!


Brittany Manion has a very, very rich life ... but only in money. All the opportunities a hotel heiress could ever want, except the one she deeply desires, finding authentic love. All men see when they look at her, is the family money. No one has ever loved her for her, and her latest fiance seems too good to be true. Maybe he is, but she’s dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, a loving marriage and lots of children to fill up her mansion. Now she needs to find that perfect venue so her new life can begin. All her favorite memories are of her four years of summer camp at Summerhaven and now it seems the camp does more than kids activities. Impossible as it may be, if she’s very lucky, maybe Britt will run into her younger self’s secret crush, Rory Haven. Now when the fairy tale fiance shows his true colors, Britt can’t help but feel she needs Rory, desperately, now more than ever.

Rory Haven had big career aspirations but life’s hardships took that all away. His parents and the family’s summer camp needed him. His siblings have their own issues and do what they can, but maybe with some fresh elbow grease, Rory can make the camp more of a destination resort for big events, not just a kids camp. A young woman with a wedding venue to lock down, seems like the opportunity he’s been waiting for ... but looking around the camp, all he can see is the adorable young woman that captured his heart so long ago. Britt Manion was always off limits, always too good for him, but Rory could still dream. Now when he opens his eyes, there she is and all he can do is hope that this is the best place for Brittany Manion’s upcoming wedding ... and all his family troubles will start to heal with all the new business ... Plus, maybe with a little luck, he can spend a lot of time getting to know this new, amazing version of Brittany to ease his yearning Irish heart.

What is so enjoyable about this story is the feelings of young love and all the wonderful memories both Britt and Rory have of their years of summer camp together. Their new lives and new problems can’t distract them from all the deep admiration they have for each other. I really liked how they both see each other in a new light, but still have all the feelings of first crush for each other. I loved how Rory and Britt fall into an easy relationship and sweet routine at the camp. All the big city drama left behind, Britt can just be the woman she’s always wanted to be, and Rory, with that delicious Gaelic accent, seems to bring out the best in her, and breathes new life into his dream. The vulnerability, the curiosity, the sweet flirting and the achingly adorable reacquainting with each other on a whole new level makes this book so engaging and such a great read!