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The Brick Wall ( Redtails Hockey 1 ) by Stephanie Julian

Hockey romance readers rejoice! The Brick Wall by Stephanie Julian is puck-tacular! A gorgeous, shy, and broody goalie is off his game on the ice ... but it’s off the ice where all the real magic happens! This story is exciting and steamy and a really great read! I love the naughty-talk banter, the fun flirting, and all the heated gazes leading up to an insta-lust connection ... just amazing! This story is a true romantic romance with a wonderful HEA! Super special writing and a super engaging story line that definitely put a super smile on my face every minute I was reading! All the feely-feels I could ever want in a sexy romance story, and so much more!!


Shane Conrad is always focused on hockey. Always. That’s why his nickname is Brick Wall. Lately though, Shane can’t climb his way out of his slump even if he was handed a ladder. He can’t stop the puck, and being the goalie, that’s his one job. Now he feels his career may be on the line, but the captain says to get out of his head and enjoy life a little over the holiday three day game break. Going to a party is the very last thing Shane needs or wants ... until a very, very, beautiful redhead is introduced to him. This woman is the stuff of dreams, and she must has put some kind of magic spell on him ... hockey? What hockey slump, when this amazing woman is flirting his pants off ... happy holidays to him!

Bliss Vescovi is not interested in happily ever after forever ... been there, done that and have the divorce papers hung on the wall to prove it. Nope, Bliss just needs a Mr. Sexy Right Now that ticks off all the boxes of her yummy meter ... and look who just walked into the party ... Mr. Yummy. Shane sets off all her bells and whistles, in all the good ways. She’s never cared much about hockey, but this hockey player is gonna get all her attention for as long as possible!

Stephanie Julian’s books never disappoint and I always have and always will buy her books ... but this one is a gotta read! Even if you don’t know any thing about hockey, I still highly recommend this book because I just love how it hooks me in right at the start, and that’s my favorite kind of story. It’s a very yummy romance that’s worth devouring!