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Combust by K. Bromberg

This wonderful writer is one of my top favorite authors to read! Combust by K. Bromberg does get my heart pounding and the awesome feels all a flutter! Her characters are marvelously moving and I have full-blown insta-love for Dylan and Grady ... oh and Petunia too! I’ve become extremely obsessed with all these Malone brothers ... this series is addictive!


Both main characters, Dylan and Grady, are perfectly imperfect. Both are strong, stubborn and caring, yet coping with heavy emotional baggage ... loss, betrayal, heartbreak and scars keep them both wary and guarded. They need time and space to heal, and both need each other to push them to reach new heights ... they just don’t know it. When fate steps in and they become awkward, unexpected roommates, they have an instant kismet, more than just physical attraction for each other. I mean, Grady Malone is a very hot fireman and Dylan McCoy is a super cute songwriter, but how could these two amazing, total opposites not have a thing for each other? Two moths meet one flame.

One of the most compelling things about this story is how Grady hides his pain, physical and emotional. He comes off as a confident ladies man, and a fit, dedicated firefighter, but deep down he’s hurting. Nightmares haunt him. Guilt eats away at his heart. All the work time and positive energy he’s tried to direct into his life to avoid all his pain, hasn’t worked. The only thing that soothes this beast’s soul is Dylan’s music, lightly playing in the background, calming his battered mind and body.

I really loved getting to know Dylan as well. She has her own heartache and guilt, but more of a battered self esteem and painful childhood memories affecting her very much. She’s plagued with doubt, fears and rejection that makes her soulful songwriting brilliant, but makes her emotional well being on very thin ice ... being in a very toxic relationship isn’t helping either. As the story unfolds, I love how she starts to see herself in a whole new light, and I love that Grady is her biggest fan making her smile ... his fireman-pick-up-one-liners are laugh out loud hilarious!

This is my kind of read!! Just a great, great book in every way!