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Release! by J.S. Scott

I’ve been reading this fabulous author for years, and Release! by J.S. Scott is incredibly wonderful! It’s a very fast, fun, full of emotion, insta-lust must-read! Sort of a Cinderella fairy-tale feel, with a gorgeous Billionaire charming her into a fake fiance arrangement through the holiday season. Then they are suppose to part ways with no one the wiser ... but love has a way of creeping into hard-hearted billionaires when they are not looking.


This lovely story is filled with heart, humor and hope. Eva is a vivacious character who always seems to have a smile in her heart no matter how horrible her life is. Trace is a man driven by guilt, grief and generosity. He loves his brothers and will do whatever he can to make them secure and whole, no matter the cost. The title really captured the feel of this book, as both Eva and Trace need to learn to release their pasts, release their fears, release their pain, and learn to trust love again.

Eva is living life one struggle at a time. She’s not so much living day to day as she really is just barely surviving each day. All Eva’s family has died or worse, and she’s desperate enough now to go to the only person she thinks can possibly give her a job ... Trace Walker. Hopefully Trace will show compassion and forgiveness for all that’s transpired, because she really needs a job.

Trace is a powerful, compassionate character. He’s commanding and honorable. His pain is keeping him from truly trusting his heart, and he keeps all woman at a basic sex level, no strings, and definitely no commitment. His only mission is to get a fake fiancé to undo a nasty entanglement his brother is in, only having Eva in his home, in his arms and slowly capturing his heart, doesn’t feel so fake after all.

I’m always going to be drawn to read about commanding Billionaire heroes in romances! I just can’t ever get enough of them! All of the sexy billionaires by J.S. Scott are fantastic and totally worth reading over and over!