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The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely

What’s that saying about the best laid plans? Well ... The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely is a lovely, endearing and a hysterical RomCom reading experience! I laughed out loud with so much heart-melting gooeyness all the way through! Lauren Blakely’s writing voice and story telling is magically delicious to my eyes! My hopeless romantic imagination takes over as I read this story and I love the wonderful world this author drops me into!


Nicole Powers really wants a baby. Really, really, really wants a baby ... no relationship in sight at thirty years old, and no desire for one, and she’s ready to go it alone. Now all that’s left is the itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, inconvenience of a sperm donor. Nicole has tackled all kinds of sex topics on her radio showgram, helping woman achieve their best selves in and out of the bedroom ... but this is a major, personal, life altering decision that only she can make ... hmmm, if only the one perfect guy that ticks off all the donor boxes is not only an off limits coworker with his own radio show, but kinda a big time ladies man and a flirt factory as well. Maybe if she does Ryder a favor, he will do thee big favor for her as a thank you.

Ryder Lockhart is all about telling men how to land a woman. Whether for an evening or maybe a relationship ... however far his followers take things that’s up to them. Online dating or in a bar, Ryder is the consummate wingman and master of flirtation. His radio show was doing gangbuster business with no end in sight, except now with his love life in ruins, so his career may follow if he doesn’t change his strategy on air. Now he has a new assignment, a guide to dating a woman to get everlasting love. Less about getting laid or one night stands, and more about finding love on his show, plus the added bonus of putting his skills to the test. Ryder must really date an actual woman and win her over in ten dates ... or his show is canceled. Maybe Nicole will be his dating buddy and in return all she asks for is his little swimmers to make her a mommy. Sure, why not ... No pressure!

This story has all the ups and downs, flirty and funny qualities that make a perfect RomCom story! Nicole and Ryder have amazing personalities with a commitment-phobe yumminess! I love how they secretly have a soft spot for each other, but will never admit it. I love how super sexy and super steamy this story is but at the same time, it is absolutely dreamy, swoony and romantic! I loved it!