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The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely

What’s that saying about the best laid plans? Well ... The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely is a lovely, endearing and a hysterical RomCom reading experience! I laughed out loud with so much heart-melting gooeyness all the way through! Lauren Blakely’s writing voice and story telling is magically delicious to my eyes! My hopeless romantic imagination takes over as I read this story and I love the wonderful world this author drops me into!


Nicole Powers really wants a baby. Really, really, really wants a baby ... no relationship in sight at thirty years old, and no desire for one, and she’s ready to go it alone. Now all that’s left is the itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, inconvenience of a sperm donor. Nicole has tackled all kinds of sex topics on her radio showgram, helping woman achieve their best selves in and out of the bedroom ... but this is a major, personal, life altering decision that only she can make ... hmmm, if only the one perfect guy that ticks off all the donor boxes is not only an off limits coworker with his own radio show, but kinda a big time ladies man and a flirt factory as well. Maybe if she does Ryder a favor, he will do thee big favor for her as a thank you.

Ryder Lockhart is all about telling men how to land a woman. Whether for an evening or maybe a relationship ... however far his followers take things that’s up to them. Online dating or in a bar, Ryder is the consummate wingman and master of flirtation. His radio show was doing gangbuster business with no end in sight, except now with his love life in ruins, so his career may follow if he doesn’t change his strategy on air. Now he has a new assignment, a guide to dating a woman to get everlasting love. Less about getting laid or one night stands, and more about finding love on his show, plus the added bonus of putting his skills to the test. Ryder must really date an actual woman and win her over in ten dates ... or his show is canceled. Maybe Nicole will be his dating buddy and in return all she asks for is his little swimmers to make her a mommy. Sure, why not ... No pressure!

This story has all the ups and downs, flirty and funny qualities that make a perfect RomCom story! Nicole and Ryder have amazing personalities with a commitment-phobe yumminess! I love how they secretly have a soft spot for each other, but will never admit it. I love how super sexy and super steamy this story is but at the same time, it is absolutely dreamy, swoony and romantic! I loved it!

Release! by J.S. Scott

I’ve been reading this fabulous author for years, and Release! by J.S. Scott is incredibly wonderful! It’s a very fast, fun, full of emotion, insta-lust must-read! Sort of a Cinderella fairy-tale feel, with a gorgeous Billionaire charming her into a fake fiance arrangement through the holiday season. Then they are suppose to part ways with no one the wiser ... but love has a way of creeping into hard-hearted billionaires when they are not looking.


This lovely story is filled with heart, humor and hope. Eva is a vivacious character who always seems to have a smile in her heart no matter how horrible her life is. Trace is a man driven by guilt, grief and generosity. He loves his brothers and will do whatever he can to make them secure and whole, no matter the cost. The title really captured the feel of this book, as both Eva and Trace need to learn to release their pasts, release their fears, release their pain, and learn to trust love again.

Eva is living life one struggle at a time. She’s not so much living day to day as she really is just barely surviving each day. All Eva’s family has died or worse, and she’s desperate enough now to go to the only person she thinks can possibly give her a job ... Trace Walker. Hopefully Trace will show compassion and forgiveness for all that’s transpired, because she really needs a job.

Trace is a powerful, compassionate character. He’s commanding and honorable. His pain is keeping him from truly trusting his heart, and he keeps all woman at a basic sex level, no strings, and definitely no commitment. His only mission is to get a fake fiancé to undo a nasty entanglement his brother is in, only having Eva in his home, in his arms and slowly capturing his heart, doesn’t feel so fake after all.

I’m always going to be drawn to read about commanding Billionaire heroes in romances! I just can’t ever get enough of them! All of the sexy billionaires by J.S. Scott are fantastic and totally worth reading over and over!

Combust by K. Bromberg

This wonderful writer is one of my top favorite authors to read! Combust by K. Bromberg does get my heart pounding and the awesome feels all a flutter! Her characters are marvelously moving and I have full-blown insta-love for Dylan and Grady ... oh and Petunia too! I’ve become extremely obsessed with all these Malone brothers ... this series is addictive!


Both main characters, Dylan and Grady, are perfectly imperfect. Both are strong, stubborn and caring, yet coping with heavy emotional baggage ... loss, betrayal, heartbreak and scars keep them both wary and guarded. They need time and space to heal, and both need each other to push them to reach new heights ... they just don’t know it. When fate steps in and they become awkward, unexpected roommates, they have an instant kismet, more than just physical attraction for each other. I mean, Grady Malone is a very hot fireman and Dylan McCoy is a super cute songwriter, but how could these two amazing, total opposites not have a thing for each other? Two moths meet one flame.

One of the most compelling things about this story is how Grady hides his pain, physical and emotional. He comes off as a confident ladies man, and a fit, dedicated firefighter, but deep down he’s hurting. Nightmares haunt him. Guilt eats away at his heart. All the work time and positive energy he’s tried to direct into his life to avoid all his pain, hasn’t worked. The only thing that soothes this beast’s soul is Dylan’s music, lightly playing in the background, calming his battered mind and body.

I really loved getting to know Dylan as well. She has her own heartache and guilt, but more of a battered self esteem and painful childhood memories affecting her very much. She’s plagued with doubt, fears and rejection that makes her soulful songwriting brilliant, but makes her emotional well being on very thin ice ... being in a very toxic relationship isn’t helping either. As the story unfolds, I love how she starts to see herself in a whole new light, and I love that Grady is her biggest fan making her smile ... his fireman-pick-up-one-liners are laugh out loud hilarious!

This is my kind of read!! Just a great, great book in every way!

Reckless Love by J. Saman

All the history in the world with someone doesn’t necessarily mean having a close friendship or a deep knowledge about them. Somethings only come to light when all the walls coming crashing in and hearts are exposed. Reckless Love by J. Saman is what a second chance romance should be.


Two people who’ve known of each other their whole lives, cross paths again in college, only this time their casual acquaintance leads to much more ... more smiles, more laughter, and more passion than they could’ve imagined, but sometimes things are just not meant to be ... at least right now. This story is a wonderful example of how the heart wants what the heart wants, no matter how reckless it may be.

Lyric Rose grew up with music in her blood. Her father was a rock star, and her family has always encouraged her to follow her heart. Now in college, a transfer as a junior, and thinking a fresh start in a new place with an excellent music program to further her dream, will just give her all the answers she needs. Only her very first day popped up a past reminder of what a small world she really lives in ... a hometown acquaintance named Jameson Woods III has magically appeared behind her in line, poking fun like they are still in grade school. And of course he’s all grown up and gorgeous, too good looking, and he knows it. Funny how that doesn’t stop her heart from jumping all in ...

Jameson Woods has his life all planned out. He is steadfast about college, friends and especially no girlfriends ... only studying, sports, and casual sex. No drama, no attachments, only freedom ... till Lyric. Now Jameson sees Lyric everyday, best friends with a hint of more burning between them. She’s the one girl Jameson knows he’s not ready for, and who is too good for casual sex. No way he wants to ruin the best relationship he’s ever had by falling in love. Jameson has seen with his own eyes how painful love can be, and he has no interest in tying himself to that anchor. Lyric gets that, right?

I love reading J. Saman stories! This book has characters layered so beautifully and really relatable, it’s an absolute joy to read! I love how Lyric and Jameson have a very casual history and electricity sparking between them all this time. They keep things simmering slowly till it’s too late to deny that their hearts are involved, and there’s no going back. I love how they slowly find out about what makes each other tick, why they are afraid to commit, and how they finally fall in love. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming story, with ups and downs, twists and turns, humor and angst, all wrapped up in a sexy, sentimental romance.

Hot Chick For Hire & Spy For Hire by Cat Johnson

Two new favorites added to my already long list of books I love by this author! I really love Hot Chick For Hire and Spy For Hire by Cat Johnson! All the secret agent stuff is so exciting! These books are stories in a new spin off from the Hot Seals Series. I love all the energy and anticipation these stories generate! Seems these two hot quickies are just a sexy tease of what’s to come in the adventures of Tristan Fairchild and Chelsea Bridges, and it’s so good! A little mystery, a little surprise mission, and a lot of heated passion all rolled up in one, hot little two part story!


In Hot Chick For Hire, Chelsea is a new employee at GAPS, and unfamiliar with protocol ... so when the hottest, sexiest man flies into the office needing help on a mission, how could she say no? And oh what a mission!


Now in Spy For Hire, Tristan Fairchild has been gone six months and has one failed mission haunting him. He’s being pulled from his new assignment in the states, and told to report back to Britain ... only before he leaves, he finds out Chelsea Bridges is missing. His not-so-long-ago-one-night-stand, has seemed to vanish for almost a week ... or has gone rogue on her own mission, without telling her boss first. Trusting his instincts, Tristan takes it upon himself to find her ... and finding Chelsea is not a mission he intends to fail. Can Tristan use all his years of honed spy skills to find the woman who evidently means more to him than he even realized?

Cat Johnson’s books are always an adventure in reading! Her writing is fast-paced, detailed, thrilling and filled with oh so sexy military men! Every story she writes takes me on a reading escape to a secret world of secret missions and the hot, dangerous heroes stopping the bad guys and stealing my heart over and over! It’s thoroughly addictive!

The Brick Wall ( Redtails Hockey 1 ) by Stephanie Julian

Hockey romance readers rejoice! The Brick Wall by Stephanie Julian is puck-tacular! A gorgeous, shy, and broody goalie is off his game on the ice ... but it’s off the ice where all the real magic happens! This story is exciting and steamy and a really great read! I love the naughty-talk banter, the fun flirting, and all the heated gazes leading up to an insta-lust connection ... just amazing! This story is a true romantic romance with a wonderful HEA! Super special writing and a super engaging story line that definitely put a super smile on my face every minute I was reading! All the feely-feels I could ever want in a sexy romance story, and so much more!!


Shane Conrad is always focused on hockey. Always. That’s why his nickname is Brick Wall. Lately though, Shane can’t climb his way out of his slump even if he was handed a ladder. He can’t stop the puck, and being the goalie, that’s his one job. Now he feels his career may be on the line, but the captain says to get out of his head and enjoy life a little over the holiday three day game break. Going to a party is the very last thing Shane needs or wants ... until a very, very, beautiful redhead is introduced to him. This woman is the stuff of dreams, and she must has put some kind of magic spell on him ... hockey? What hockey slump, when this amazing woman is flirting his pants off ... happy holidays to him!

Bliss Vescovi is not interested in happily ever after forever ... been there, done that and have the divorce papers hung on the wall to prove it. Nope, Bliss just needs a Mr. Sexy Right Now that ticks off all the boxes of her yummy meter ... and look who just walked into the party ... Mr. Yummy. Shane sets off all her bells and whistles, in all the good ways. She’s never cared much about hockey, but this hockey player is gonna get all her attention for as long as possible!

Stephanie Julian’s books never disappoint and I always have and always will buy her books ... but this one is a gotta read! Even if you don’t know any thing about hockey, I still highly recommend this book because I just love how it hooks me in right at the start, and that’s my favorite kind of story. It’s a very yummy romance that’s worth devouring!

Fighting Irish by Katy Regnery

It’s March already, and with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Fighting Irish by Katy Regnery, is an irresistible love story about an Irish boy falling in love with a big city rich girl, making me fabulously reminiscent of how exciting it is to be a teenager-in-love with a secret crush. Then years later, serendipity intervenes and now that long ago but not forgotten secret crush, is standing right there, all grown up, and dreamier than they imagined they could be. All their insta-feels from years ago, just rush back in their hearts like no time has passed between them. It’s so beautiful and so sweet! Brittany and Rory have a wonderfully romantic story with true-to-life-real-feels all the way through!


Brittany Manion has a very, very rich life ... but only in money. All the opportunities a hotel heiress could ever want, except the one she deeply desires, finding authentic love. All men see when they look at her, is the family money. No one has ever loved her for her, and her latest fiance seems too good to be true. Maybe he is, but she’s dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, a loving marriage and lots of children to fill up her mansion. Now she needs to find that perfect venue so her new life can begin. All her favorite memories are of her four years of summer camp at Summerhaven and now it seems the camp does more than kids activities. Impossible as it may be, if she’s very lucky, maybe Britt will run into her younger self’s secret crush, Rory Haven. Now when the fairy tale fiance shows his true colors, Britt can’t help but feel she needs Rory, desperately, now more than ever.

Rory Haven had big career aspirations but life’s hardships took that all away. His parents and the family’s summer camp needed him. His siblings have their own issues and do what they can, but maybe with some fresh elbow grease, Rory can make the camp more of a destination resort for big events, not just a kids camp. A young woman with a wedding venue to lock down, seems like the opportunity he’s been waiting for ... but looking around the camp, all he can see is the adorable young woman that captured his heart so long ago. Britt Manion was always off limits, always too good for him, but Rory could still dream. Now when he opens his eyes, there she is and all he can do is hope that this is the best place for Brittany Manion’s upcoming wedding ... and all his family troubles will start to heal with all the new business ... Plus, maybe with a little luck, he can spend a lot of time getting to know this new, amazing version of Brittany to ease his yearning Irish heart.

What is so enjoyable about this story is the feelings of young love and all the wonderful memories both Britt and Rory have of their years of summer camp together. Their new lives and new problems can’t distract them from all the deep admiration they have for each other. I really liked how they both see each other in a new light, but still have all the feelings of first crush for each other. I loved how Rory and Britt fall into an easy relationship and sweet routine at the camp. All the big city drama left behind, Britt can just be the woman she’s always wanted to be, and Rory, with that delicious Gaelic accent, seems to bring out the best in her, and breathes new life into his dream. The vulnerability, the curiosity, the sweet flirting and the achingly adorable reacquainting with each other on a whole new level makes this book so engaging and such a great read!

Rescue Me by Jaci Burton

Ever have a dream that seems impossible to reach? Ever want a whole new life, one that you can be proud of? That’s what these two characters are trying to achieve in their lives, and needing each other to fulfill those goals. Sabrina and Kyle need each other, reluctantly, but none the less they are dependent on each other’s success. After so many set backs and discouraging obstacles getting in their way, both are determined to finally be the person they dream to be.


This story is simply romantic and moving. It’s pure, honest, and full of hope. Both Kyle and Sabrina have had heartache and betrayal, manipulation and abandonment, but both are strong, independent and positive that life can only go up from here. I enjoyed reading this book because it feels real ... it’s warm, sentimental and encouraging. I can easily slip into Sabrina and Kyle’s boots and feel all that they feel. It’s a wonderfully written book about all the joys and pitfalls of ranch life, and the struggles of finding everlasting love.

Sabrina Daniels had her life controlled and mapped out by everyone, except herself. She was young, trusting and gullible ... but not anymore. No more being used by her mother for her outward appearance and no more empty loveless marriage by her abusing ex. No, this new Sabrina will be her own woman, with her own ranch someday and wear jeans everyday for the rest of her life. No one telling her what to do, or what to wear or how to speak ... now if she only knew how to grow a backbone, she might be all set. Investing in a financially troubled ranch and getting all the ranching education from Kyle and his family is a dream come true ... too much of a dream come true being it’s all wrapped up in sexy hot cowboy who’s off limits ... but she’s there to rescue a beautiful ranch, and maybe see if she rescue a gorgeous rancher while she’s there.

Kyle Morgan is starting over. Almost literally. He almost lost everything when his parents died, and again when he was taken to the cleaners by his now ex wife. Kyle must swallow his pride and get an investor, albeit a beautiful one as it turns out. Now all he has to do is make her money dig the ranch out of this deep hole, and teach Sabrina how to run a ranch ... because for some unbelievable reason, this divorced beauty queen wants to be a cowgirl rancher. Unfortunately, Kyle has gotten way more than he bargained for with Sabrina ... she’s a lot more than just an investor to rescue the ranch, Kyle is starting to feel like she was heaven sent to rescue him.

Sir Loin Of Beef by Vanessa Vale

Well ... just reading the funtastic title had me all in and all curious, so of course, I had to one-click! It’s a new book series of hunky cowboys doing hot cowboy things! Sir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale is absolutely yummy! Even if you’re a vegetarian, these two hot, beefy cowboys are still going wet your appetite for this irresistible romance! This story is fast paced, steamy-hot and really cute! Two cowboys and one little librarian sizzle up the pages! This story has to be the hottest book I’ve read in a long time ... like steamy-sexy hot! Vanessa Vale writes a wonderful ménage story! Even with all the sexy scenes, this romance has just that, heart melting romance.


Landon Duke and Jed Cassidy have been looking for The One for a long time. Both now are retired from the rodeo, and both keep busy with new businesses, but both have an empty space in their lives. Two great guys looking for love. Not just any love, but a woman who can love them both. Since they were kids, Duke and Jed knew they’d share everything, and just because they’ve grown up, not much has changed. One evening at a ladies night event at Jed’s bar, Duke gets hit with the bolt of love lightening just as Jed gets the same jolt right in the heart ... they just knew. The One who shines brighter than any other in the crowded room, is theirs ... she just don’t know it yet.

Kaitlyn Leary has so many things going so many ways wrong in her life, but she’s a survivor. After being gone for ten years, her best friend tricked her into going out on the town and now she’s stuck at this bar, wishing to not be recognized ... especially anyone associated with her past. All the world’s shift when she sees two amazing men behind the bar. She not only would love to date one of them, but she’s feeling greedy, like she’s really wanting both. Well, a girl can dream ...

This is a super sexy, super sweet, super romantic must read!

Restored Dreams by L.B. Dunbar

What an amazing second chance romance! Restored Dreams by L.B. Dunbar has done it again ... this book made me fall in love with love! Even if these two forty something love birds had it all and threw it away when they were young, fate has a way of bringing the two back together twenty two years later, with a little divine intervention nudge of course. What a dream read!


All of Lily and Brut’s heartache and passion wrestles off the pages with vivid, gripping feels and explosive passion, surrounded with past reminiscing to their present day-dreaming imaginations. I just love this romance series! All the characters in each story feel so real, so relatable and so vulnerable; making mistakes, making apologies and making everything alright in the end. Truly wonderfully enjoyable reading!

Lily Warren fell in love with Brut at nineteen. She really believed they’d be together forever, but fate has a way of twisting love into confusing knots ... but little did Lily realize that the love in her heart for Brut never disappeared, just lay dormant for twenty two years. A week long beach get away to San Diego was suppose to be relaxing, until Brut shows up at her rental house. Now all the comfortable, content and calm life she has continually maintained all these years just evaporated when she sees that man smile.

Brut Paige made a huge mistake. Huge. One night spoiled the rest of his life, except one thing. One redeeming factor kept him going, but regret became his best friend for the last twenty two years. He was young, stupid and horny. Brut was foolish and will never, ever be able to undo all the damage he did, so he never tried. Brut walked away from Lily and never looked back, knowing he destroyed the best thing in his life. Now he needs a break from his repair shop, Restored Dreams, a break from family and a break from his messed up life. His brother gives him a house rental in San Diego to just surf and relax for a week, and it’s perfection ... especially since there seems to be a singing goddess in the shower! What are the odds Brut’s dream girl, Lily Warren is nekkid in his shower? Pretty good odds it seems. Now if he could only fix what he broke all those years ago, as easy as fixing a motorcycle ... restoring his dreams for a fresh start with Lily would be the miracle Brut desperately needs.

Once Upon A Winter's Eve by Tessa Dare

My love for reading historical romances this year has reached an all time high with Once Upon A Winter’s Eve by Tessa Dare ... it’s simply splendid! This story is enchanting. I love Tessa Dare’s imaginations and humor, her fascinations and curiosity in every one of her characters that continue to engage me on every single page. This may be a little novella for the holidays, but it is overflowing with charm and romance. Wallflowers of the priceless corners beware ... Tall, dark and mysterious heroes who sweep you off your feet, really do exist.


Violet Winterbottom is the consummate spinster, and happy to be one, for now. One disappointment, the disappointment from her past brought her nothing but misgivings and heartache, so being in Spindle Cove, alone and single is as much as she hopes for. Violet has friends, her hobbies, her many languages of study. She has her new found freedom for the past year, but even that will soon come to an end. Violet’s family has arranged for her to be married this season, just married, to anyone, and no longer a pox on her family. Unfortunately Violet has no fight left in her ... all her hopes and aspirations evaporated when the man of her dreams, the man who took all she had to give, left her abruptly, possibly even with child, one year ago. Violet ran away to Spindle Cove, luckily not with a unintentional surprise, and found a sense of peace. Until this night of the dance. A wallflower by habitual nature, always in a corner, pretty enough, but watchful ... then suddenly becoming the center of attention. When he noticed her. He stumbled in, and he fell at her feet. His pull undeniable. Uttering unfamiliar words and staring at her like he knew her. Like he had been searching for her. Like he knew her. But who is he? And why do his eyes look so familiar?

This novella has all the mystery, intrigue and romance a short, sweet, and sexy Christmas story this romance-aholic could ever want!! I love Tessa Dare books, every single word of every single book, no matter how long, is smart, witty, and so brilliantly written. It’s just over-the-moon exciting reading every time I open a Tessa Dare book! Get Once Upon A Winter’s Eve, and get wistfully lost in the lovely holiday spirit of this enchanting romance!

Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist

Completely captivating! From the very first moment I read the first paragraph, I was a one hundred percent all-in happy reader and gah-glued to every page of this book; tearfully and totally wrapped up in this cozy-romantic winter wonderland and the terrific characters. A brave, selfless firefighter saving a golden retriever puppy for a little girl who’s house is burning down right before Christmas ... oh sweet lord, what a man! I’m in love with this heart gripping story ... In love!! Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist is absolutely dreamy!


Bentley Wilson is the nicest guy I’ve ever read! Brave, kind and handsome ... he’s so thoughtful and goes out of his way to be helpful and nice to everyone. Even when the woman he’s crushed on for over two years is getting married to someone else on Christmas, Bentley still has a smile and a goodness shine through when he sees her ... until he sees Emma Brookes one night. All the things he thought he knew or felt in the past, fades away as he looks into her troubled green eyes. Bentley admires her feisty attitude and strives to win her over ... even if they are like oil and vinegar most days ... Bentley knows the woman of his dreams when he sees her, and that’s gonna be Emma forever, if he gets his Christmas wish.

Emma Brookes is at the lowest of the lows this holiday season. Worse than broke, worse than homeless, she’s all alone. No family, no job, and no friends, all because everything fell apart when her father suddenly died ... leaving her not just penniless and alone, but now the keeper of his secrets. Looking up an old friend of his puts Emma on a path she may regret, but it also could put her on the road to happiness. Everything Emma has ever wanted is right in front of her, grinning and looking so amazingly handsome. So why does Bentley Wilson bring out her claws like a tussled, hissing cat looking for a fight? Maybe he’s too perfect, too nice and it’s all phony ... or maybe he’s not too good to be true and Santa really does deliver Christmas wishes to girls desperately looking for love.

Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist is thee perfect holiday read! I honestly think it’s the best Christmas romance novel I’ve ever read!! Truly enchanting, wonderfully heartwarming and beautifully writen all the way through. It’s absolutely a must read for the holidays ... especially if you love to read opposites-attract-angsty romance with a heartmelting ending!! It’s a keeper!


Shouldn’t Want You (Cataclysm 2) by Jerica MacMillan

All the swoons! Oh what a brilliant story! The girl-next-door nanny and the single-dad rock star! Wow! It’s the best! I’m obsessed with this new book, Shouldn’t Want You, by Jerica MacMillan!


Ava and Danny are magnetic and magnificent together! All their differences and all their similarities just match up like the perfect puzzle pieces to make each other whole. I love how the story flows, changes, grows, and twists to slowly, deeply and passionately develop a swoony love connection for Ava and Danny. The storytelling and writing is engaging and enchanting, with all the heart-throbbing bells and swoony whistles from beginning to end!! An absolute delight to read!! Ava and Danny and Eli just captured my heart!

Ava’s life is not following her ultimate plan ... so many hopes and dreams just evaporated when one seemingly great decision changed her life outlook forever. Once a college coed on full scholarship with family adoration, she finds herself an outcast from everyone, no more job nor school, and unable to finish her degree. An ad on a help wanted site seems like her only opportunity to earn some money and get a roof over her head. Nailing the live-in nanny gig may be a dream come true in these desperate times, but meeting the gorgeous walking, talking, single dad, rock star dream man puts up all the be-wary-red-flares in Ava’s heart. She’s here for the adorable two year old, not the fantasy man she now has to live with.

Danny has had a whirlwind life and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The new cute nanny calms his weary rock star soul, but she seems as walled up as he is. Lessons learned the hard way as they say, and he has now learned the hardest of all, fatherhood. Thank the stars for his parents raising his two year old up till now, and he has a long tour ahead. No more life of parties and groupies and no more sex with strangers. Fool me once, etc ... but Ava seems different, looks different and acts different. She didn’t even know who he was or that he is a lead singer and guitarist for his band, Cataclysm. That’s a breathe of fresh air. A woman here to do her nanny job, not a flirty-get-in-my-pants job. Only, why does he want to spend time with her, get to know her, make her laugh like she does with his son Eli? What is it about her that draws him in like a moth to a flame? All his beware-flags are flying and he will not make that mistake again, no matter how much he loves the feelings of the sensational connection they have, like she’s the one. But that’s just a fantasy in his love songs, right?

Misadventures With A Rookie (Misadventures #11) by Toni Aleo

Hello Hockey Season! How utterly fantastic is this series! All the amazing authors! All the sexy stories! I can’t get enough ... and now I’m all about the hot hockey romance Misadventures With A Rookie by Toni Aleo. What a terrific contemporary story about a girl wanting what she shouldn’t ... but he has other plans, very sexy plans.


This guy is a conceited, cute, hunky defense man with a dazzling smile and a cocky attitude to match. In other words, Gus “The Bus” Persson is trouble. A sinfully sexy bundle of trouble and Bo St. James knows all too well what all that egotistical hockey hotness can do to a woman’s heart. So how can a girl resist the irresistible ... she can’t!

All the steamy struggles to reject such a gorgeous, adorably obnoxious man, and all the verbal sparring just builds all the sexual tension and turns my heart to mush. It’s all smooth words and smoldering looks, Gus pours on the charm, but with kissing blowing sincerity ... and it seems that he isn’t about to give up on Bo so easily.

I’ve always loved Toni Aleo’s hockey romances. The writing is so detailed, so emotional, so freaking hot sexy, it puts me right in the middle of all the exciting action, on and off the ice!! These two characters have so many hidden depths with all the heart baggage that keeps all that ice-melting sparks flying right into happily ever after.

The Governess Game, Girl Meets Duke 2, by Tessa Dare

I’ve fallen in love! Completely, totally and absolutely in love with The Governess Game by Tessa Dare. I’ve also come to a happy realization too. For as much as I admire and even lust a little for all the heroes in Tessa’s books, I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on her heroines more.


I honestly keep reading book after book by Tessa because I admire and adore the heroines so much. Not only are they courageous and kind, but sweet, strong, sincere, and smart. I love that the women are relatable, real and rebellious for their time. But mostly I love how each woman in each story accepts herself, just as she is, and relishes in her own quirky uniqueness. Each story I read like this one, inspires me with all its witty humor, touching heartache and of course, the eventual, extremely romantic, happily ever after when the girl gets her Duke.

The Governess Game is more than poor girl meets wealthy man and they fall in love ... it’s more, it’s how they come to that point, that one magical memorable moment when they crash into each other at the bookshop and then their eyes meet. It’s all stammering and stuttering by the mesmerized Alexandra Mountbatten and all sly wolfish flirty grins by the green eyed handsome Chase Reynaud. A moment in time each assumes the other would forget easily enough, if it weren’t for the books getting jumbled and Chase leaving with Alex’s astronomy book.

The moment makes Alex start new dreams and new hopes, only to doubt that she would ever be in a position to have a man like him in her life, but she resigns her thoughts to at least have that dream tucked away as Alex goes on about her clock business until the day she finds herself needing to be in the green eyed devil’s employ.

Chase on the other hand, seems as if he flirts his way through life with every woman, no matter her status, and although quite true, it’s also quite a rouse. The soon to be Duke believes himself to be unworthy of affection, unworthy of family and definitely not worthy of any admiration. He is a rake, a rogue, and possibly the last man on earth worthy of his new Governess ... unfortunately, that won’t stop him from wanting her.

Both Alex and Chase has amazingly touching pasts, filled with thrilling adventures and heartbreaking loss. I love the complexity and the engaging layers of their personalities ... Neither Alex nor Chase are truly as they seem. Alexandra Mountbatten is a multi-faceted diamond, beautiful and strong with hidden gifts. While Chase Reynaud is a self deprecating rake and seemingly selfish beyond reason, in spite of his looks, or maybe because of them, he has a very caring heart and a giving soul hidden deep, waiting for the right person to truly see him.

I just wish I could actually live in Tessa Dare’s book world ... I never want to put her books down! Absolutely thee most wonderful reading!

Boots by Megan Erickson

Can I just say, WOW! What a mind blowing love story! I was reeling and riveted by all intensity, emotions, and the pure unadulterated passion between Tara and Lance that sizzles off the pages in lusty heat-waves! Boots by Megan Erickson is intoxicatingly erotic with powerful characters, refreshingly sexy and a heart-teasing love story! I was enthralled and mesmerized, never putting the book down until I found out Lance and Tara’s fate. The writing is brilliant, tender and thrilling at the same time, and I recommend reading with a box of tissues, it’s truly an ugly-cry- tear-jerker story with a cheer-worthy HEA!


So much goodness to say and not enough words pop into my head to say it, but here goes ... I LOVE this book! (Ha, that wasn’t so hard) The chance meet up of Tara and Lance is perfect! Lance’s seduction is bold, daring and dark. Their insta-lust, their ballsy unfiltered honesty, and their need to forget their messed up lives in each other’s arms, even if it’s only a one nighter, has an addictive wow factor.

For me, it was all about the boots and how that became the title, triggering a wild fascination. Like how they both wore and needed the boots, and how the well-worn boots symbolize so much of their lives and personalities. Tara’s boots are part of her tough attitude but also hides her vulnerability from a harsh life on the run. Lance’s boots seem to keep him grounded, focused, a reminder of his past and on his inevitable revenge ... but when Tara slips on his boots the morning after the hook up, Lance sees Tara in a whole new light. Like maybe she could be a good fit, or as a welcome warmth to fill his life with hope, lifting his fog of hate. Lance’s endearing promises, his inner demons, and the way Lance and Tara have a hard choice to make is absolutely gripping! Will they let the past go, and move on together or sacrifice happiness for their brother’s mistakes.

This thrilling story had me guessing at every turn! I’ve always enjoyed Megan Erickson’s books, but this emotional roller-coaster-Romeo-and-Juliet-like read embedded itself wonderfully deep with so many feels, keeping me on edge and craving more little mentions of the special boots. I will be reading Boots over and over for years to come for shooting a big arrow in my direction and getting a direct hit in the five-star-bulls-eye of my heart!

Covet (Vegas Sins 2) by Rosanna Leo

Covet is out now! A fresh, contemporary, sexy-sexy read by Rosanna Leo. Not only is she one of my automatic-one-click authors, but I truly adored all her wonderful words in this amazing romance! Rosanna’s book Vice, Vegas Sins 1, was a totally awesome read, and now in Covet, Vegas Sins 2, Rosanna Leo has wowed me again! Sexy, Russian millionaire looking for love, yes please! Covet is absolutely unputdownable!


I’m completely gah-gah over Alex Markov! The insta-connection Alex feels for Dana is fantabulous! That lusty build- up between Dana and Alex, from a strangers hook-up in a dive bar to a chance encounter at the hotel that let’s all the spark-filled memories of that one night sizzle them up again is just spectacular! The range of feelings these two characters go through, and how perfect they seem on the outside but so broken and sorrowful on the inside is such a great storyline full of twists and secrets, danger and heartache. I adored the story within the story, and how relatable it is with the bad ex-relationships not pushed into the “oh this happened” background, but weaved into the present and shared equally with each other to help each other heal. I love how Alex’s past is hounding him, putting him on guard while he still deals with his guilt and regrets, as Dana’s ex is haunting her emotionally, making her feel inadequate for anyone else. Each of them is stuck in the past and focused on all the wrong things, but soon realizing the fresh start of a new life staring them in the face of the fabulous person standing right in front of them now ... its just amazing writing that had all my attention and all my heart on every page.

The simmering, undeniable attraction that Alex has for Dana is just dreamy. Alex Markov may be infamous, may be beyond wealthy, may be unbelievably gorgeous and may be a paparazzi target for a crime he didn’t commit ... but deep down, Alex is just a man. A deeply hurting man, who would love to find real love and have a happy life. Meeting Dana seems to be an answer to his unasked prayers, but he shouldn’t drag her into his mess, and he’s too fascinated by Dana to let her go. No one has ever made him feel so free to be himself, and now he is simply addicted to this wonderful woman.

Now Dana Hamill has a new life to choose as well, accept herself just as she is, defects and all, or settle for less than she deserves or needs ... the choice is hers for the taking. That sounds easy, but Dana has always been the reasonable one, the responsible one, the giving one ... always the planner and always sticking to the plan. Still licking her wounds from medical news and a sudden break up with her fiancée, Dana lives in Vegas, works in Vegas and now has to plan a party to cheer up her sister, while reeling in her own pain. Bumping into her one-nighter hook- up mystery man at the Vice Hotel lobby just made this week a whole lot more interesting, times ten. Turns out, he’s not just a random hot guy nobody in a tiki bar bathroom, oh no ... he’s thee Alex Markov, thee famous Russian multimillionaire of oodles of hotels and casinos, and he seems to want her, any way he can have her ... oh my! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Must Recommend! Must Read! Must Get!


Dr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers book 5) by Penny Reid

I am addicted to this Winston Brothers Series! The new sexy, sentimental journey of Roscoe and Simone is an excitingly angsty second chance romance in Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid! This story truly moved me to a new level of feels with all the sad and all the happy! It’s heartbreaks, heartaches and heart-tugs with a splash of secrets and a sexy reunion for these former high school best friends, now all grown up and discovering why they could never move on from their past.


A multitude of memories of unrequited love catapults Roscoe Winston from past to present constantly when Simone Payton comes back to Green Valley, driving Roscoe to do the only thing he can do with an incredibly exacting remembrance-brain ... he’s avoiding her and her bakery at all costs, even if he wants her doughnuts more than his next breathe. Unfortunately, sometimes the past just doesn’t want to stay where it belongs, and sometimes that’s not such a bad thing after Roscoe sees the woman Simone has become. Now Roscoe reckons he just needs to make new, happier memories with Simone, so the past ones won’t haunt him as much ... and just maybe Roscoe can convince Simone that this forever love thing is a chance worth taking ... but only with him, and only if forever.

Simone Payton had always had big goals to achieve and crime solving dreams since she was young, and one big heart hurt to overcome. Roscoe Wilson was her very best friend once upon a time ... then he just ghosted her in high school. Ten years later, he’s now a well respected doctor, a veterinarian, and a master at avoiding her ... but not for long. She’s been back home for sometime, undercover for the FBI, and it’s her job to get close to Roscoe to get to his no good father, but unwillingly, she’s a scientist not an operative. Simone knows deep down Roscoe is the love of her life, her one and only, but she’s just too scared and too proud to admit it ... but Roscoe is so damn fine, so damn sweet, so damn kind and so damn sexy, Simone can’t resist, especially when the gorgeous man stands there holding so many puppies! Her heart is all in. Her body is voting “yes, please” right along with her heart, but it’s those damn obstacles mucking everything up. How in God’s Green Valley is she suppose to do what she has to do and not break Roscoe’s heart again?

I simply adore all the heart felt angst and tear-filled push-pull sexual tension between Roscoe and Simone throughout the story. I couldn’t get enough of their heated misunderstandings, their funny flirtatious sides, and all their struggles trying to bat down all the feelings surfacing again after so many years apart. I thoroughly enjoyed how both of their special quirky gifts compliment and enhance each other, making Roscoe and Simone authentic, engaging and intriguing characters, just absolutely uniquely unique as only Penny Reid can imagine them and get it all down on paper for all of us to savor her special snappy sassy flare!

Fabulous writing!
Fabulous characters!
Fabulous love story!
and a Fabulous must-experience book series!

One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare

How lovely to be in this regency romance world! I adore this story! Secrets, scandal and sumptuous sexiness on  every page!! One Dance With A Duke is fantastically romantic and the first in a series, but can be read as a stand- alone too. Tessa Dare has out done herself in this one ... it’s completely captivating!  


Lady Amelia D’Orsay is a delight! I love how she has happily resigned herself to being a poor spinster society lady, more interested in baking and party planning than getting married at this point in her life, but she still makes the effort to be social, all be it, a wallflower, at every societal occasion. She is funny, strong and so caring. I love how she makes logical decisions and yet impulsive to remedy all her family problems. On one special evening, Amelia is on a collision course with a destiny she would never expect ... her wild brother is indebted to a certain Duke that only shows up at Midnight, dances one dance, then disappears mysteriously ... well, Amelia will make sure the Duke’s one dance is with her, even if she’s the one initiating ... can one dance with the Duke change Amelia’s life? Yes!

Spencer Dumarque, the fourth Duke of Morland is the perfect brooding, handsome, mystery man. He’s quiet, secretive and commanding. The Duke hates crowds. Hates social events. Hates people, well most people. Spencer would rather be with his beloved horses, and not surrounding himself with desperate, shallow girls trying to enslave him into marriage, but he has to keep up the image of a Duke for his family’s sake. One dance, one bow, and out of the ballroom. It’s basically all his nerves can handle. On one final occasion of the season, it’s midnight and all eyes are on him, all ladies are vying for his attention ... then she happens ... Lady Amelia asks him to dance, demands more like it, and she leads him to the dance floor. Now Spencer has no idea what to make of any of this impertinence, as his world starts to tilt, spinning out of control and he has no one to blame but his untamed heart and the wretched Stud Club he was forced to join in order to keep his promise to his beloved horse. Now how to gain the last of the tokens, Osiris, and Amelia’s heart before his world collapses is anyone’s guess.

What a whirlwind read! It’s enchanting, engaging and exciting all the way through! So many unexpected events that take these two characters on so many new adventures ... the most surprising one is love!


After Care and Midlife Crisis by L.B. Dunbar

I have a delightful double dose of deliciousness today! I have a new book love and its name is the over forty finds love in this amazingly addictive, super sexy romance series, After Care and Midlife Crisis by L.B. Dunbar.


Both books are written so beautifully. The storylines and the characters are just so unique, layered, engaging and so relatable. Simply the best over forty romances I’ve ever read. Reading these books was a nice change and so refreshing. I love all the romance genres, but I really loved how genuine and magnetic theses two older, over forty guys are ... so interesting, angsty mature and impossibly imperfect in these two stories, as are their attractive soulmates who are also over forty, battling their own life experiences themselves. I really loved how these books portray love having no rules, no barriers and definitely no age limit when forever-love walks into your life. These two books have all the feels, all the drama, all the overwhelming-overthinking and then all the inner strength that it takes to leap into love again after life leaves you in a heartbreaking lurch ... being over forty and single is my definition of the underrated tweenage years for adults, but these books are incredibly inspiring for a happily ever after at any age.


How could one celebratory Hawaiian vacation change the whole trajectory of Edie Williams’ life? Easy. And his name is Tommy Carrigan. Big, tall, commanding, ex-rockstar and now band manager for a famous rock band. Edie can’t believe her eyes. All that hot, muscley tattooed man and he wants to spend all his time with her. Her. A forty three year old divorcée with two grown kids and a tentative second chance at life that she never ever dreams would happen. Now all she needs is the courage to go for it, or as the kids say “YOLO”.

Tommy Carrigan feels like the wind just got knocked out of him when he sees the gorgeous woman by the pool. Years of groupies and hang ons, fame and fortune, fakers and takers, have hardened his old heart. Tommy doesn’t believe in love, only because he’s never seen it or felt it ... but there’s just some special spark that singes his chest when he looks at the big beautiful eyes of the enchanting Edie. She’s a sweet mystery Tommy is more than willing to investigate, many times over. There’s no time like the present, and Tommy loves presents. He may be a bit grey and crusty on some of his edges, but he knows a great thing when he sees it, and Edie is the one who will not get away so easily.

Midlife Crisis

Midge Everette is single. Not just single, over forty with kids and divorced single. A total fish out of water as she navigates a new life, a new city and new people. Her sons keep her on her toes, but all that changes at a school fundraiser when she sees a tall, dark and handsome silver fox oozing charm ... Hank Paige must be the original bad boy that’s been playing in her fantasy dreams for decades, now come to life. There’s no way on earth he’d ever be interested in her ... right?

Hank Paige likes his life. It’s low key, uncomplicated and groupie free. Maybe he’s getting rusty in the lady department but he could swear he just met his soulmate, Midge. An unusual name for a very unusual lady, and what a beauty. It’s too bad he decided long ago that he’s too messed up for a good woman to put up with him, but he could still have a friend, and maybe some fun with Midge too if he plays his cards right ... one unexpected sexy meet up in the powder room and all he knows is that Midge is one hell of a woman he needs more time with ... so much more.

So there you have it ... two very amazing books to sink your hopeful romantic hearts into! Heart Hugs All Over!

On a special note, my photo above of the two paperbacks I’ve been reviewing today is not just a great picture of two books I own ... nope. These two gorgeous books are an especially thoughtful gift from my most wonderful friend, and an awesome author herself, Leslie McAdam, who was at a book signing event for her own spectacular books, and met this terrific author L.B. Dunbar! Then Leslie surprised me by sending me these two lovely paperbacks signed by L.B. Dunbar herself! I am so beyond thrilled to hold these books in my hands!! #DayMade #LoveHard #EatCupcakesEnjoyTheFrosting #LuckyBookGirl Thank you Leslie, you are such a kind and generous friend ... and Thank you L.B. Dunbar for the amazing hotties that are Hank and Tommy! I can’t wait to read more stories in this series!