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December 24, 2015 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Book List!

Sweet and funny stories loaded with oodles of magical holiday spirit that'll knock your stockings off ... In the best way!

I was a very, very good blog-girl this year, so all I want is even more romantic books like these toasty warm novellas filled with heart-melty holiday hotties! All of these sexy sweeties really jingle all my ladybells!  Ho Ho Ho!

On the Twelve days of Christmas my kindle gave to me ... twelve tempting stories that must be on your Holiday Book List!

Miracle by Megan Hart

(Part of the Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories)

Sweet, sentimental and so romantic! Ben has so many new decisions to make in his new life, like how to be a whole and happy Jewish man in a brand new way. It's burdening his strict religious soul, until he meets his neighbor, the kind, cheery, and happy go lucky Jewish girl of his dreams, Amanda.

"...I'm crazy about you. If you ask me, that's a miracle right there." - Ben

Ghost of Christmas Past by Joy Eileen

Jake's one true love walks into his bar and back into his life after five long years apart...Ghostly bullying pushes Jake to win back Ezzie's sensitive heart and gypsy spirit all over again...wonderfully enchanting!

"Its Christmas...Ezzie, I have loved you from the moment I met you. I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond.." - Jake

A Christmas Kiss by Jess Michaels

Amelia and Stephen may be estranged, but not this Christmas and not ever again. Stephen decides he wants his wife all to himself and will woo back her heart in every sexy way imaginable ... Spicy-sweet  regency goodness! 

"I want you to be my wife in more than name. I want you." - Stephen

A Cowboy for Christmas by Em Petrova

Dusty is a bronc riding cowboy stud that sets Avalee off balance the moment he electrifies her life with a sexy bearded smile and a devilish twinkle in his eye like all the Christmas lights in Las Vegas lighting up the sky ... Buckle up, this is lust at first sight that burns up the sheets.

"Wanna make another terrible mistake?" - Dusty

The Billionaire's Christmas by J.S. Scott

This is one of my top favorites in the broody sexy billionaire genre...I have a mad crush on Grady! Crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside, this guy just gripped my heart and never let go ...

"You're mine, Angel. I need you more than I need anything else on this earth... Say yes and I'll never want another Christmas gift as long as I live." - Grady

A Christmas Bride by Vanessa Vale

Need a big strapping cowboy, or two, for Christmas?...This wildly sexy western historical romance will melt the snow off the roof and overheat your kindle!! Allison is one really lucky lady!! 

"It's Christmas and it's time for us to unwrap our present, you..." - Quinn and Porter

Hope for Christmas by Becky McGraw

This is the perfect Christmas story! Sweet, romantic, sexy and so heart-clenching! Hope and Cord have an instant chemistry and a crazy pact to help each other out of their financial woes ... but love was never part of the agreement. Too bad love always has its way, especially for a Christmas miracle.

"You are definitely on my naughty list, Tinkerbell." - Cord

Taking What's Naughty by Alexa Riley

Have yourself a very naughty Christmas with this delightful smutty-licious little story! Three wise men and one feisty little virgin do a lot more than just kiss under the mistletoe at the office holiday party ...

"I have a nice little Christmas present for us all..."- Damon, Kellan, and Remy

His For Christmas by Skye Warren

Dark, Edgy and really really Sexy! Angel needs this job desperately, and Gage Thompson is the Big Bad Billionaire with dark secrets and insatiable desires for his little temp...his own personal, sweet, pretty little Christmas present ...

"I want you with me when I go home...I want to be with you, near you...That's my happiness." - Gage

Snowed In by Lila Monroe

I love a sexy story that can make me laugh and fall in love! Paige has one job, cater a party for an ultra rich douchebro, Ace Carmichael. Ace has one rule, no relationships ... but being stuck all alone in a blizzard and a big hot tub with their name on it, leads to a very merry holiday party indeed!

"I like to think of it as a holiday bonus." - Ace

Once Upon A Christmas Wish by Lorraine Nelson

Sweetly romantic as it tugged on my heartstrings all the way through! Chris is widowed with a young son, barely getting by for the last three years. All her wishes come true when a knock on the door opens a whole new world of love with her late husband's long lost identical twin, Ethan.

"Your love is the best gift I've ever received." - Ethan

The Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec

Noel Holiday and Sam Stocking meet in an airport bar ... and let the games begin!

Hilarious and Steamy!! 

Love it! All the holiday madness and Noel's crazy family is everything Sam needs to see the true meaning of Christmas and the magical power of love ... Oh yes, Mr. Stocking is hung!! Yup, I think my vagina just burst into flames! 

"I've never gotten a present before. I want to savor the experience ... Holy Shit ... this is the best present ever! You take my breath away!" - Sam

Happy Holidays and have a really fun New Year's Eve too! Enjoy filling up on all of these fabulously romantic stories and I'll see you all next year!


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**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

December 19, 2015 - This Hopeless Romantic's New Reads!

Lucky You!

Don't miss these new must reads! December has been a great new book month, and I've had the privilege to read these super special books. You all need to One-Click these sexy-steamy, heart-melting romances right now! Just think of it as an early gift from you to you ... Happy Holidays!

Wren's Redemption by Katherine Deane

Whoa baby! Now this is a nicely naughty story with lots and lots of sexy spankings! It made me blush and tingly all over! Crazy Hot! So erotically edgy and so incredibly heart melting!

Wren and Jonathan are magic together! I adored the emotional ups and downs, all the doubts and fears and especially the explosive forbidden love between the rebel gymnast and the kinky coach. Such an engaging, daring and bold read with lots of heart and angst that's so creative and original!

Wren, a stubborn purple-haired gymnast, fallen from grace, is trying to redeem her image, her career and her broken heart, but in all the wrong ways. Her new coach and her perfectly imperfect superman, Jonathan has decided to take hold of the reins in Wren's life in every way, to build her back up to the Olympic star he knows she truly is deep inside. Of course, it's with lots and lots of mind-blowing red-hot spankings and Jonathan's special brand of charismatic kinky dominance. I'll never forget that amazing use of Ben Wa Balls! Wow!

A wonderfully romantic story in every way with lots a sweet erotic kink and heated loving passion!! I smiled, I laughed, I held my breath and cheered ... I even shed a few tears of joy! The really great ending nailed a perfect ten! 

My very first book by this author and definitely not my last! Thank you for sharing your lovely book with me, Katherine!

Punished (Crescent City Creatures 1) by Samantha Stone

What an exciting debut paranormal sweet romance! Such a fun read! So many different creatures, so many dangerous plot twists, and so many sweetly intimate moments ... I really enjoyed reading this very fresh and wonderfully unique story!

All the many different paranormal creatures was fascinating, most I've never even heard of, and all the different POVs from many different characters was so interesting!

I loved Mary. She's strong, devoted and determined while also being fragile and vulnerable, unknowingly a powerful creature herself. Raphael is a most unusual werewolf, big and fierce for sure, but very honorable, gentle and kind as well. Raphael and the other weres have been punished for hundreds of years, for petty crimes and now seek freedom, no matter the cost. The thrills and anticipation builds and builds until all the evil shape-shifter's plans are finally exposed and there's a traitor in the midst ...

Raphael knows his curse can be broken and his powers released with Mary's love, but now, how can he keep her as his mate for eternity and escape the death order on his head? 

Love paranormal stories? Then this action packed adventure with lots of heart and just a kiss of spicy sexiness is just what you're looking for! Werewolves, banshees and ghosts ... oh my!

Thank you for such a fun ARC Samantha!

The Sun and The Moon by Leslie McAdam

Accio-Amazing Debut!! All the feels! You've got to get your hands on this sexy surfing Sun God, like right now! I really, really got into this story and how it felt like I was reading a deeply personal secret diary, or maybe even as if Amelia was speaking right to me, like we are just a couple of BFFs dishing on our sex lives. So sweet!

Amelia is warm, quirky and funny while being a bit of a dorky train wreck ... slowly by surely winning her daily battles with her heartbreaking depression. She is a stunning, controlled professional on the outside and a beautiful mess on the all the Harry Potter shout-outs was really awesome! I love how the "mischief was managed" by Ryan and her "magic wand" *wink* Accio-orgasm! Just Adorable!

So many rules, so many issues, and so many things holding her back from being her true happy self. This story oozes romance, steamy passion and sweet sensuality on every page ... lots and lots of Amelia's no-go sex rules must be broken and Ryan is just the sex-pert surfer and coffee mogul to be breaking her dark dry spell with his own special brand of magical sensual healing... the sin-sational, ab-tastic Adonis is the hot Sun God to Amelia's cool moon goddess that keeps their world spinning wildly...Ryan is Amelia's true north, guiding her through the stormy seas of her depression to cross her into a bright, sunny, and love-filled new life ... Accio-Heart-Melting!

I solemnly swear I am up to no good as I go back to read this again and again ... Ryan is just too yummy not to read over and over ... and what a spanking-hot love-fest ending too!! So so great! 

Thank you for the ARC Leslie, and I can't wait to read more of your books!


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December 12, 2015 - Rapturously Risqué Regency Reads!

The Regency Risks Bundle by Natasha Blackthorne is this regency lover's dream! I am book-crushing on this beautifully risqué book bundle in a major fan-girly way! I love to read them over and over!

I can never seem to get enough of Jonathon Lloyd or Stephen Drake! Both are powerful, dominant, and ultra-dreamy heroes who love to take their woman in hand, and over their knee! They are thee perfect book boyfriends in all their darkly edgy and alpha bad-boy glory!

Then there's the bold and brazen heroines, Anne and Rebecca. They are so beautifully wanton and woman-out-of-time amazing! They not only risk their lives and reputations for love, but also rescue their ultimate dream man's soul ... True love can conquer all ... 

So romantic, so passionate and really salacious light BDSM, that's mixed with lots of mystery and danger ... making these stories the most decadently addictive regency romances that I've ever read!


A Measured Risk (book one)

Now, this is quite the emotional story about a recently widowed young Lady and a very sexy, entitled Earl that is out of this world erotic! I love love this steamy story!

It's the Autumn of 1818, England, and the Countess of Cranfield, Anne, is in a heated disagreement with her cheating, boyish, louse of a husband in their carriage. Catastrophe befalls them and Anne is now a traumatized widow, wealthy beyond her dreams but locked up tight in her mental isolation, immobilizing fears and an outcast by the jealous ton.

Then a fateful meeting a year later at the stables, with a very debonair, Viking warrior-looking Jonathon Lloyd, The Earl of Ruel, rescues Anne and exposes her neglected heart.  Jon commands her thoughts and compels her body to long for the forbidden, dark desires she has only ever dared dream of ... until now. 

Jon and Anne are instantly attuned and drawn to each other. Their connection and passion is formidable and unnerving, but addicting and undeniable ... The libidinous dominant, Jon makes the intellectual, curvaceous Anne an extremely risky but tempting offer. He will help Anne conquer all of her fears if she will become his submissive, sexual plaything for one month...His to own. I love this ... "Temptation tingled through her, increasing with every beat of her heart ... Reckless." 

Oh so very true! Their untamable desire is wildly incinerating! What's a girl to do? Should she just take this measured risk to accept Lord Ruel's tantalizing offer and pray she survives with her heart in tact? 

This story of Jon and Anne is just so fantastic, I really want to squeal with joy! This story is everything I could ever want in a book! So much passion and heart warming moments between Jon and Anne that Is so captivating and erotically edgy at the same time! There's also the slow build up of deep, abiding love, with a lot of light D/s foreplay that is just so freaking hot! 

I love how Jon may dominate Anne's body and heals her traumatic fears, but Anne truly has control of Jon's heart and soul! Such an amazingly beautiful and kinky love story that left me spent and a bit emotional..but in the best way!

Trust Me (book 2)

An amazing sequel for Jon and Anne ... One of my top favorites!! This story is incredible ... like a wonderfully kinky fairy-tale with a damsel in distress and a gorgeous hero to save her ... or tie her up and spank her!!

I love how loving and special the BDSM play is and I love seeing how they both grow and blossom in the dynamics of D/s. Again, I'm so overwhelmed at how intensely passionate Jon and Anne's love is ... just so addicted to each other ... it's pure magic to read!

All their trials and tribulations continue as they wade through the murky obligations of society ... everyone believes Anne is mad, insane, and not a good match for Lord Ruel. Jon cherishes his attachment to Anne and finds deep satisfying love commanding her to submit to his needs. Anne lives for Jon's happiness, but knows she may be a liability to the earldom, future heirs, and even Jon himself if she can not manage being his wife in every way... especially getting past her traumatic issues and all the hateful gossip by his ex-mistresses.

It all comes down to taking that risk to fully trust in the end...trusting their hearts and trusting in each other above everything else... I really, really love this story!!

Perilous Risk (book 3)

The mistress gets her day!

The sweetest revenge on all the nasty nay-sayers is to have a good and happy life ... It's never too late to fall in love and Rebecca, this older, ex-mistress of Lord Ruel, discovers there's more to her life than being the abused widow, or a cast-off lover or even a belittled apothecary mid-wife that no one ever appreciates.

Instead she finds adventure, danger and true adoration in the arms of the young man that has always haunted her dreams. The heart wants what the heart wants and Stephen Drake has longed for Rebecca since he was only eighteen in the Dragoons. Now he is a Baron, a spy and a full grown man, and man enough to take Rebecca in hand ... whether it's her hand in marriage or his hand spanking her over his knee, well that's up to her.

When Rebecca stops running from all the evil blackmailers fueling her fears and turns to run straight into Stephens's loving arms instead ... I just melted! They soon discover that their love will heal all their wounds, and time has grown their fondness so much deeper.

So beautiful and just a whole lot of wonderful in this story!! I love the salacious and edgy surrender in the intense BDSM trust, the amazing excitement and danger lurking around every corner, and a gorgeous historical setting that was pure magic to read!

I adore this story and I can't wait for more of Natasha's books!!


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**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

November 30, 2015 - I'm In Book-Love!

Woo-Hoo! Book Lovin' Time! Three New Book Releases! Three exciting romance novels that just came out this month and need to be one-clicked right now! I just know you're going to fall head over heels in book-love with all three of these stories as much as I did! Thank You for all these wonderful ARCs Rosanna, Bella and Eve!  You lovely ladies rock!! 

Night Lover by Rosanna Leo

Spine-tingling Sexiness! I've never read anything like this! An amazing paranormal erotic romance that's heart-pounding and bone-chilling while still so sweetly romantic at the same time...let's just say Night Lover played all the dreamy-hot notes perfectly! I loved all the steamy spookiness and scary suspense! I really enjoyed all the strange jealousy and caveman angst in a very unique love triangle between the ghost, the singer and the, now that's one insanely crazy ménage! I loved how the story feels like a present day contemporary and a historical regency, by being bounced back and forth between the eighteenth century and the present day to unravel the mystery of the torturous incubus curse. I loved the opera setting with the sadly haunting Mozart's Requiem taking center stage, almost as if the music is another dark character pulling everyone together...So eerily good!!

The souls of all three main characters are so fragile and gripped by their pasts...Renata, an opera singer, is distraught and lonely, looking to fill the void left by lost loved ones, and she's being not just any spooky "boo" in the night...nope, she's has a ghostly night lover making all her sexual fantasies come true while she sleeps. Now Finn, Renata's not-so-ex, is a her new conductor in London and uses his position to win back his biggest regret, Renata...he will do whatever it takes to keep her in his arms forever.

Then there's the gorgeous incubus of the hour, Hugh Dawlish ... I absolutely adored falling in love with Hugh, who's been pining for his one true soulmate, Claudia, for two hundred years... Ok, now go grab a box of tissues because reading all the romantic entries in Hugh's journal was so heart melting and made me a weepy mess! I lost count at how many times my heart broke and I cried for Hugh and Claudia's denied eternal love ... so so beautiful!! I love how this story slowly adds layers of sexy excitement, creepy intrigue and even faith-filled rays of hope...keeping me on edge and constantly guessing about the murder mysteries and all the frightening hauntings ... Gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps!

A wonderful love story with a beautifully inspiring message ... A Ghost Lover's Dream Read!

Now let's give a big shout out to the next two awesome authors! These are their brand new debut novels....Whoot Whoot!! *Claps Wildly!*

Resplendent Ruin by Bella J

Instantly Infatuated! I love this debut novel! Bella J wrote such a fantastic, exciting, gut-wrenching love-triangle drama with so many surprising twists! Such a compelling, sweetly - heated contemporary romance that kept me glued to every page and tugged real hard on all my heart-strings!

This title fits the story so perfectly...a gorgeous, striking and imposing millionaire, Knox Taylor dazzles and frazzles the very unavailable, beautiful, professional CFO, Juliette Mason. Knox's sexy charm instantly flips Juliette's switch...from simply existing in her status quo comfort zones, to engulfing her into a fiery, brilliant, passion-filled resplendent ruin...that irrevocably changes Juliette's life forever! Who will Juliette choose...a lifetime with the long time fiancée, Daniel, who has loved her, albeit neglectfully, for years...or the exciting, stunning, boundary-pushing Knox, who makes her heart sing and her body sizzle?

This story has so many crazy-good feels!! I laughed at Juliette's sister's sassy and brazen humor, I really disliked her conniving, nosy mother, and I felt a little bad for all of the fiancee's heart breaking issues, but what I liked the that I teared up over all of Juliette's Inner turmoil, heartache and self-sacrificing choices! Knox and Juliette's addicting soul-to-soul chemistry jumped off the pages and wrapped me up in their sumptuously forbidden love affair...I really didn't want the story to end!

Just Wow! A Dreamy and Romantic Must Read! 

Degrees of Control by Eve Dangerfield

Wonderful Reading! I'm in full-blown book-love!

I am so happy I got to read this story! So incredibly unexpected and fabulously erotic! A great cast of smart, endearing, funny characters and a ton of mind-blowing sexy times! I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Charlotte, aka Charlie. She's refreshingly honest, a fun friend and a really cute hentai-like yoga girl! Charlie and James couldn't be more different from each other, true opposites in every way, but they have a special spark of instant connection that's so intense but so vulnerable at the same time that actually makes them perfect for each other because neither are as they seem on the outside... Their push and pull drama and all that super steamy role play was so edgy! It's kind of intoxicating! I'm still fanning myself!

Charlie is this sweet and sassy Aussie, with a really kinky twist inside, while James is a rich, charming executive with model looks and control issues... She's quick witted, kind and learning to be a bold new girl and he's so angsty, dominating and newly discovering how to trust...I have to just say this ...I'm so hooked on James' hot dirty-talkin' Texas twang...made me blush!! James and Charlotte become ensnared, enamored, even a little addicted to each other, until real feelings wiggle in to the mix and mucks it all up...

The title is so fitting because I felt all the many degrees of control each of them exert over each other and over themselves throughout the whole story right up to the very end, and as James and Charlie work out the root of their problems and get their hearts aligned and healed with their true desires ...and what a very romantic ending... Loved it!

A brilliant and charming read that I highly recommend for any one looking for a love story full of surprises and a very different take on this kind of BDSM...A sexy kinky romance must read!


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November 23, 2015 - I'm A Very Thankful Bookworm!

It's almost Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! I am so very thankful for all of you who have followed and friended me on all the different social media sites this year, it means the world to me! I'm really thankful for all the amazing romance books I got to read this year, and super-duper thankful for all the wonderful authors that wrote them! 

There's nothing better to me than cuddling up with some really sweet book nookie and falling in love over and over in all these romantic books!

Show some authors some love and check out these fun and sexy romance books, or go over to my Romazing Authors page to find even more authors to snuggle! Let's show all these awesome authors how appreciative we truly are...Just pop by their pages, one-click all their sexy novels and when you finish, leave a review wherever you bought the book...See? Easy!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Big hugs!

So, my fellow bookaholic bookworms... Ready to fall in love again eight times over?! Well feast your eyes on these sweet hottie-pies and get ready to gobble-up all these delicious must-reads!

The Sex Surrogate by Jessica Gadziala

Heart-swelling Hotness!! 

Everyone needs to read this! My first book by this author but definitely not my last!! I totally enjoyed gorging myself on every single sexy word..non-stop, all at once, totally transfixed and mesmerized till the very last page! Even Ava's best friends are awesome! Beautifully funny, engagingly sweet, and so very skin-tingly steamy all the way through! Dr. Chase Hudson is a feast for the eyes!! He stole my heart and blew my mind!

Chase oozes electric sexual confidence, but so warm and understanding ... yes, he's perfect! ... Chase definitely stretches the limits of the doctor / patient boundaries, but Ava seems to be more than just his patient ... Ava's funny, caring, strong but so fragile, needing sex surrogate therapy to get through her panic issues. Chase just can't resist her...The way Ava curls up on him, her head right next to his heart, letting Ava make him her special safe spot in his arms ... He's the balm to her hurting soul...Oh my god, my heart just melted every single time!

I love how this story gradually unfolds session by session, with lots of slow building anticipation and sexual tension that's so steamy and romantic! I got so weepy from all the intense ups and downs and the many tender healing moments. I was just as anxious and confused as Ava too, especially when her sessions with the hot doc are coming to an end...Is this love? Is this just therapy? Is it transference? Will he just move on to the next patient like she's nothing? This is a must read emotional journey that's so wonderfully dreamy and so crazy hot! I'm going to go read it again right now...I have a crazy crush on the intoxicating Dr. Chase and I need another dose stat!

Mechanic by Alexa Riley

Crazy Fan-girling Even More Now!!

Alexa nailed it again!! I devoured this deliciously dirty steamy yumminess all in one sitting!! Yes, it's That panty-scorching good! That super fun! That sweetly romantic... in a caveman-like...cherry-popping...gotta put my baby up in you...lust to love...happily ever after...pure heart-melting...awesomeness!

Paine is one hot bearded hunk of growling man-meat who can't help but put his greased up mechanic hands all over Penelope every chance he gets!...And Law...O.M.G! *swoon* Lucky Joey gets all the naughty sheriff handcuffing fun!... Just amazing!! Ok, I'm calling "Dibs!" Both these guys are my new Book-Boy-Toys!!

Brando (book 1) by J.D. Hawkins

I've been Brando-ed....Hard!

(First, I'm just going to stare at this book's cover all day...Right?!) Now on the inside..this story is a very sexy, eye-guzzling, awesome read! Brando Nash is my favorite kind of alpha-man-package!! Sure he's bold and brash on the outside, but so very cuddly and sweet on the inside!

What I really loved was seeing the chink in Brando's white-knight armor, making him feel so authentic and so lovable! I was moved by his poor bruised heart and his powerful determination to remake a name for himself. I loved all the sparring energy and heated passion between Brando and Haley too, the dual POV was fantastic and fun!

Brando's been burned and spurned deeply by love and the music industry, but he will do and say just about anything to get it all back, especially to get back his ex, Lexi. So when he takes the bet with the devil to make Haley, the plain little nobody, a star in thirty days ...

Brando can only think of the payout, the revenge on his ex and the new surge to his career...not all the fallout...When he sees the real Haley, it splits his world in two...he finds a real heart, the real rewards and the real possibility of a new dream...if it's not too late! That is some crazy cliffhanger!! I am already a total fangirling-book-junkie of J.D. but this book sent me to whole new level of happy! Loved it!!

The writing is so romantic and so creative! Each new book by J.D. gets even hotter, sexier and more exciting!! Can't wait to start Brando: Part Two right now!! Don't think, just do, Brando!!

Limits of Destiny Volume 1 by Sharlyn G. Branson

Who loves hot, sexy, broody, possessive, mysterious billionaire romance stories as much as me? Then this billionaire is for you! This fun and quick read, is filled with some sexy heat, some sweetly endearing moments and some great foreshadowing of what could lie ahead for these two in the next volume ... it's really an adorable romance!

Amidst a beautiful setting in Zurich, Alexia is the very smart in business kind of girl who's oblivious to her charm and beauty...picture Barbie...Alexia's had a few boyfriends, but has never been in love and afraid she'll never find it, until she literally bumps into the most gorgeous eligible playboy billionaire on the planet, Alexander...picture Henry Cavil...that what I did! Lol! 

Sparks fly and hearts melt as these two wade through the choppy waters of their insatiable passion and a brand new relationship. Alexia finally finds the head-over-heals, floating-on-air, butterflies-in-her-tummy kind of love, but will she be able to hold on to Alexander's heart forever when his past constantly rears its ugly head trying to destroy their love.

I can't wait to read what's next in store for these two love birds!

Playing For Her Heart by Megan Erickson

So sweet, so sexy and so heartwarming! A fantastic one-night-stand to falling-in-love story! Grant and Chloe have undeniable sizzling magic together and the way Grant dotes on his daughter is just so adorable!! Maybe because I'm a nerd girl at heart, and I love Comic-Con..all the dress-up role play was a major turn-on!!

I do know without a doubt ... Grant is Hot Hot Hot!! Like Ken doll hot...only built a whole lot better! *wink* It's so exciting to see how addicted Grant becomes to his fantasy girl from his favorite video game at the gamers convention ... then wakes up alone and wondering who was she?! The chase is on ... I loved all the very steamy sex games and Grants intensity to win the heart of this dream girl...awwwsome!!

My heart melted all the way through and I swoony-sighed when Grant finally unravels all the painful layers of Chloe's insecurities and declares that the only game he's interested in is the one where he's playing for her Ms. Erickson.

Luscious (Topped book 1) by Lexi Blake

I am a huge fan of the Masters & Mercenaries series...Huge! Exciting, funny, and so so HOT! I totally love all the characters like they're all my besties and we're just one big crazy family of subs whispering about our sexy Doms in Sanctum ... and maybe hoping for a sweet spanking! Now in this book ... the luscious man-candy baker made me a very happy girl..a big, gorgeous Veteran and he can make mouthwatering goodies?! Yes Please!!

A deliciously kinky and sexy pastry chef in training at Top, Macon Miles is battered and broken, inside and out. Ally Jones, the cute new hire with a flirty smile, may be his one and only shot at love, but she has a deep and painful past connection to Macon...if that truth comes out, she may lose him forever ... the tension, the secrets and all the heartache is so heartwarming and so tough at the same time ... so many tear-filled tissue moments for me!!

I'll never get enough of the perfect balance of dominance and tenderness in this BDSM story or how wonderfully complete Ally and Macon feel when they are together. I loved Ally's spunky sass and I loved Macon's ability to forgive...especially himself. A truly wonderful, touching story that filled my heart with love and hope...A Beautiful BDSM Must Read!!

Pimp: A Stepbrother Romance (book 1) by Claire Donovan

Totally Hooked! Whew! Now that's a sizzling hot prologue! Loved it!

This first book in this sexy series is a fast reading page turner that's funny, a little edgy, and kind of a very good way! There's a whole lot going on in this taboo story and the dual P.O.V. is amazing! I really enjoyed Mace and Alyssa's magnetic push and pull relationship. Their teasing banter, frustrating arguments, funny trips down memory lane and all their emotional trials was very moving and touching ... it's surprising how much they really don't know about each other.

Mace walks around arrogant and broody with a huge angry chip on his shoulder, while hiding a big secret ... and Alyssa wades through her problems desperately hopeless and suddenly penniless, while trying to figure out the truth in her life ... Both are in major denial about their obsessive attraction to each other.

I loved being drawn into all their drama and how the story twists and winds its way around to bring these two together through Mace's escort agency ... No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, fate has other plans ... never say never, because a girl's got to do what a girls got to do ... Wow! All I can say is I've never been a fan of abrupt endings before ... but ... I kind of adore this wildly nerve-wracking and exciting cliffhanger!

I can't wait to see the look on Mace's face in the next book! If Stepbrother Romances are your thing, then I highly recommend you get your hands all over this gorgeous millionaire bad-boy today!

Billionaire's Commitment (book1) by Bella Forbes

Super Hot Billionaire Action!!

This first short story in this serial has got the "sweet girl gets mixed up with the broody billionaire" down perfectly!! Kyle McCain is absolutely fine being cold and aloof..he's an ex-military self-made billionaire with commitment issues and no intention to change a thing. He just oozes confident dominance that's all wrapped up in a sexy, fitted Armani suit...*sigh* I'm a goner!

I'm really really loving this book so far! Kyle is dark, controlling and addictive!! On his way to a New Year's Eve party, Kyle's hero instincts kick in when he rescues a cute curvy little thing being accosted...but why does she seem so familiar to him? All his well controlled dominance is blown when he finally gets his lips and hands all over the innocent Amanda ... but hey, Kyle may not be a warm and cuddly kind of guy afterwards...but he is very very generous when it counts!!

I won't give any spoilers but let me say's so awwwsome!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait for book two! My only complaint is that the whole book is not in my hands right now!! 

Terrific foreshadowing and a really great cliffhanger too!! This has to be my favorite Billionaire book by Bella so far!


Tap the heart below to "like" or tap on "Comment" and tell me what you think! Thanks so much!



October 31, 2015 - Nicely Naughty Novellas by Alexa Riley

Happy Halloween! 

All five of these sizzling-hot stories by Alexa Riley are full of sexy tricks and naughty treats! Who likes a ton of wild and steamy sex in their romances? Show of hands...That would be me! I Do! 

I love all of Alexa's fast-reading, crazy-erotic, dripping-off-the-pages, molten-hot smutty stories!! Seriously, why have I not read her books before now?...I'm obsessively devouring as many as I can get my hands on...or until I'm in a blinding book coma...whatever comes first!

All of these in-your-face, deliciously-dirty stories have made me into a big ol' blushing, giggling, gasping and glued-to-every-page fangirl! Get ready to be blown-away by these jaw-dropping, panty-melting and amazingly romantic lust-to-love, seriously, I'm still fanning myself! 

These books are balls-to-the-wall smutty love stories that spanked all my naughty buttons so hard that my lady bits are still all tingling! Funny, entertaining, and addictive "must read with a vibrator" fabulously filthy stories! I totally get it now...when other reviewers talk about books that are "one handed reading"...Ta-Da!  Here they are! 

Kindle-gasms galore!...these are the hottest and most enjoyable love-filled lady-porn stories I've ever read...Must. Read. All. Now...but beware...gorgeous, growling Alphas ahead!

Taking What's Wicked

Wow! What a great Halloween story! Wicked naughty! This story tricked good, but its quite the sweet treat in the end! Starts out as a not-so-innocent sexy pick up in a bar, but then goes really edgy and really dark...really fast!

A curvy little witch, Sabrina, at a Halloween party, all alone, looking for a hot hook-up ... when one gorgeous piece of man-candy, Dante, whispers all the right dirty come-on's in her ear to win him a trip to her wet panty zone... But things take a troubling twisty turn when his best friend, Porter, unexpectedly joins the dark salacious witch hunt and forces her unwillingly trapped in the alley by two ravenous lust-filled alpha men, this fantasy goes from hot and sexy to scary and rough in a heartbeat ... the little witch is now their bound and captured little slut, with no escape..ever...

Smut-tastic Ménage Capture-fantasy like no other!!

Riding Red

Yes!! Of course it's a dominant wolf shifter and a cute little baker who wears a red cape to deliver goodies! 

Of course they're both desperately horny virgins! Of course they get a whiff of each other's scent and set off all sorts of primal sex needs into overdrive! Of course I Love It! That's what makes this so freaking awesome!

It's really the perfect telling of this very hot and very sexy tale!

A small town of shifters and a new girl, Ruby, having absolutely no idea what's really going on or what kind of town she moved in to...Now has a spine tingling, womb clenching explainable attraction to the huge alpha sheriff, Dominic, whose eyes glow with heat and magnetism she can't seem to resist.

Once the full moon casts its magical glow on Halloween...the wolf inside the man takes over and makes the irresistibly sweet baker his mate for life...Days and days of all consuming, wildly passionate, soul connecting mating with enough panty-melting sexy biting and clawing-up-his-back ecstasy to set all the lady bits on fire!!

Wow! Sensational Fan-smutty-tastic Reading!


Holy hot f**k-fest!! This has the most, the hottest, banging-the-naughty-bits-together-scenes that I have ever read in one book! Wowza!! Panty-Soaking would be an understatement!! How sweetly tantalizing is the forbidden fruit in a blooms where you least expect it...and sure can come crashing into the heart like a Mac-truck, as it did for the ex-NFL player and now H.S. football coach, Chris, when he slams into the sexy nerdy eighteen year old, Megan, the daughter of his best friend and a student where he teaches...that's a big No-No!

Pure unadulterated wild lust drives these two love monkeys to an insatiable and addicting sexual obsession..on the down low... Now Chris is compelled mark her in every way a virile, strapping man with a constant hard-on can...that includes putting his baby up in her and having her as many times a day that he can until it sticks!

Breeding this adorable, Geek-chic, T-shirt wearing, beautiful little nerd is all that caveman Chris can think about and just what he's going to do... breed the hell out of Megan to make her his forever! Crazy cute and super romantic in an extremely surprisingly lusty way! 

A Sizzling Smutt-fest Must Read!

Pulling Her Trigger

Hot MC biker cool!! I love that the ex-military chick, Cas, is the tough edgy one...a biker club sniper hiding from her demons, lonely as hell, but bonded to her biker brothers. She's in for a world of shocking surprises when the one dominant man, Vincent, who trips her lady bits trigger like no other, is also the one man who can blow her world up in bed and out ... a federal agent. Man I love this story!

Hot, funny, intense and so so fabulously filthy ... I love a hot alpha take-charge man during sexy times, but I really love how Vincent takes love at first sight deep into his soul and makes sure the love of his life is safe forever...

Really romantic smut-tacular novella!

Taking What's Hers

Talk about two crazy wrongs making it oh so insanely right!! Love this!

Any woman that obsessed with a man and will do anything, and I mean anything, to get him...has all my support! All the stalking, planning and flirting, just piles on the crazy edgy suspense! I love that it seems all one sided and its Valentina as the crazy one getting Archer right where she wants her mercy, tied up to the bed...but he has just as deep of an all consuming obsession for Valentina...maybe deeper.

Archer plans to capture his crazy girl's heart with about a dozen orgasms and screwing the crazy right out of her while giving her the baby she desperately craves..or die of exhaustion trying!!

Two major crazies finding true crazy love! A smutty-liscious fun book!


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October 23, 2015 - Crazy-Good Must-Reads!

Awww... I'm a sucker for true love conquers all love stories!! I just can't get enough of the super hot nice guy who rescues and wins the heart of the sexy sassy girl...even if her middle name should be spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E... True love is never easy, but it's all the more sweeter when Mr. Alpha Hottie finally wins the heart and soul of Ms. Stubborn Beauty...*swoon*...All really crazy-good must reads!!

Scandal and Surrender by Cali MacKay

I love all of Cali's books, but this thrilling story of Wyatt and Fiona was off the charts cray-zee ah-mazing!! So spanking hot and super steamy sexy!!

The billionaire BDSM Club owner and flirty hot alpha-man who's completely lust-obsessed with his sweet and feisty Irish accountant, Fiona...and now falling in love is even a bigger challenge when there's so many threats plaguing his club,Scandal, and secrets between each other, that's keeping Wyatt from truly trusting his crazy stubborn red-head...but it's a really good thing

Wyatt's a master at tying up his naughty and sassy submissive to get to the bottom of all of his mob and money troubles. This is just so awesome...I love that it's set in Ireland...Gawd! I love the sexy accent!... and I really enjoyed the dangerous suspense, the angsty banter and all the edgy BDSM play...really hot!! Another fantabulous story with a really wonderful heart pounding HEA ... Another great read in this terrific must read series, that I really and truly love to read over and over!

Breaking Faith by Joy Eileen

Such a powerfully intense and heartwarming story with lots of funny friends and young sexy rockers! So many moments had me chuckling one minute then at the edge of my seat and frightened for Faith the next...grabbing hold of all my attention throughout the whole story.

I loved how her conflicts and fears were all twisting and turning in her head and her heart, really keeping me guessing. I loved her strong resolve to get out of that horrible, crazy abuse and find a renewed strength and a new life with her great friends, some new friends and a new job.

I love Faith's slow and touching friendship with Kill and how they really do have a special bond and a great connection that just flows off the pages. I love how they are slowing going from friends to best-friends to band mates and I'm hoping in the next book...lovers. They are absolutely magic together!

This book has a killer hot combo ... friends-to-lovers and up-and- coming-rockstars to keep everything so exciting and interesting until the very last page! The waiting and suspense is killing me...Yes, there's a cliffy, so all I can do is hope in book two, Kill and Faith can unload all this crazy baggage and finally get their happily ever after! A really great read!

Rose (Wildflowers of Montana 1) by Vanessa Vale

Crazy hot and crazy cute fun quick read! Love it! It's just so enjoyable and a sexy reading delight! ...did I mention it's like wow hot? This amazing new old west series is full of teasing angst and a bit of nail-biting danger as this sassy-sweet tomboy has a secret crush of the handsome cowboy next door, but Rose has big city dreams...and well Chance, he's thinking to stake his claim in all the ways a man can...won't Rose be so surprised?!

Chance tries to give Rose a little space, but he's running low on patience waiting for Rose to notice he's in love, therefore desire wins out in the end as Chance, never one to pass up an opportunity, takes the wild Rose to the sheriff first for her hand in marriage, and then in hand in all the other ways to keep her out of trouble... It's a great read with great characters and lots of funny banter and lots of steamy loving to boot!! A crazy good read and a great start of an excitingly sexy series!

Hyacinth (Wildflowers of Montana 2) by Vanessa Vale

Oh. My. Wow! Straight up hot sexiness! Book two of my new favorite old west series just cranked up the heat to be even hotter than ever!

I love love love the pure sweet passion between James and Hyacinth that just sizzles off the pages... it's such a honest to goodness pleasure to read! And so heart melty romantic too!!

It's always the quiet and shy ones that you have to look out for ... Hyacinth is the responsible sister of the eight, the bookworm, the cook, and the one who blushes beet red and runs whenever James Reed looks in her direction. When James decides to start to court and woo Hyacinth with his sweetly salacious seductive charms and makes an offer for her hand that she wouldn't dream of refusing...Surprise!

James suddenly finds he has an extremely insatiable wife on his hands, not that he's all... James knows exactly how to tie up all that passion and Hyacinth is in for a spanking hot honeymoon! Crazy awesome read with a whole lot of sexy action and edgy drama to make this a major page turner all the way through!

Loved By A Seal (Hot Seals #6) by Cat Johnson

Second chance love has never been hotter!! It's just so crazy romantic in parts and so tingly exciting in others that I just couldn't put it down! And so I'll just come right out and say it..I just fell in love..again...only this time with a very hot seal with a ton of good ol' southern boy charm, Brody Cassidy.

This story has it sexy gorgeous hunk of Navy Seal, a bunch of exciting danger and deadly secret missions, plus...a sweet wholesome long lost love coming back for more of Brody's sweet sweet loving!! Boy oh boy can that man bring the heat!!

Ashley was always the very heart of Brody's life, until he chose the Navy and Ash chose nursing and not to follow him around the globe...ten years later, Brody still feels the hole where Ash had been and decides that's life's too short to never have the love of his life by his side any if only he can convince Ashley their love is their destiny and to accept him, warts and all...

I love this series so much, and Brody and Ashley's story is just so great!! Cat's writing as always, is so fantastic and so heartwarming... this seal series is one of my favorites of all time!


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October 18, 2015 - Hot! Hot! Hot! Historicals!

Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series by Natasha Blackthorne is now out as one sweet boxed set!

All four stories are erotically edgy and powerfully passionate regency-era romances that are unlike any thing I've ever read in this genre...spanking hot and heart-melting at the same time! Really amazing lust to love to happily-ever-after adventures!

After experiencing the fantasy-fueling magic of Grey and Beth's fiery wanton passion, and then Alex and Emily's wildly intoxicating makes me believe I'll never, ever underestimate the power of love again... I loved how these wicked-amazing women-out-of-time heroines seductively and determinedly fight for their dreamy dominant heroes and their own happiness.

Natasha Blackthorne Wild Wicked and Wanton Series.JPG

I'm also  addicted to these strong, wealthy and angsty heroes who expose all their inner demons, their inner fortitudes and all their dark salacious sexual desires, while also dismissing society's condemnations of their lover and overcoming their haunting pasts. Exquisitely heart-wrenching stories with beautifully evolving characters that are real, warm and so enthralling.

Can they conquer all their fears to finally have that deep, once in a lifetime, soul to soul connection with their one true heart-mate? So brilliantly and passionately written with hints of lurking dangers to make all four books such fascinating reading! Absolutely swoon-worthy!

These super steamy stories will leave you blushing, panting and breathless... floating away to the romance-land clouds...then desperately one-clicking for more of Natasha Blackthorne's scorching hot erotic novels to wrap your heart around when you finally float back down to reality!

Grey's Lady

What amazing fiery passion and all-consuming lust that fills each and every page in this thrilling and heart warming story! Grey and Beth have an instantaneous combustible attraction that can not be quenched with only one heated clandestine carriage ride on a stormy day. No, they have an addictive, primal, soul to soul connection that could only happen once in a lifetime.

Grey sees the effervescent beauty, Beth, boldly seducing him with just one look through her fluttering's as if lightening has struck him, and his heart is completely and irrevocably ensnared for eternity. Now how to entice the brazen and wanton vixen to stay in his bed forever...A woman could become addicted to this sort of passion! Brilliant! Absolutely the most erotic historical romance I've ever read! This story takes lust at first sight to a whole new level of sweet awesomeness!

White Lace and Promises

What a beautifully erotic emotional roller-coaster! Part two of Grey and Beth's affaire that's now being attacked by constant evil bombardments trying to destroy them. In spite of their ravenous desires for each other, all their painful misunderstandings and the direct cuts of heartless meddling peers is slowly chipping away at their trusting relationship. I couldn't believe how their red hot unbridled lust was fizzling out now that they've become officially engaged, as proper society leeches the joy right out of them!

Grey's obligations are slowly, painfully dissolving their loving soul deep connection. At the same time, Beth is so gripped by insecurities trying to conform herself into a lady she thinks Grey the marriage doomed before it's even started? Grey desires the gregarious Beth he fell for, not the staid Elizabeth she's become, and Beth needs her salacious and insatiable lover Grey to share to her bed every night again...Beth decides enough is enough...Nothing will ever come between this wildly audacious woman and the gorgeous gentleman who owns her wanton heart...nothing. This has the perfect happily ever after ending!! Beautiful!

Alex's Angel

Talk about desperate times calling for drastic measures...what fortitude the idealist artist Emily shows when she is dealt some cruel hardships in her life and survives, only to be left destitute and vagrant. Emily is stubbornly driven to make a difference in the world, even if it means her only hope to make a few coin is to sell her virginity.

Alex, a rich, respected but a war-broken man, is out to find an escape in the seedy part of town. He spy's a doe eyed waif lurking in the window and cannot resist the magical pull he feels for her. She may be a harlot, but she may also be his only saving grace. Alex soon realizes that only Emily's angelic love is the soothing balm for his restless soul. Both Alex and Emily's lives are at a crossroads...

It all boils down to they do some soul-searching to find an honest compromise and trust each other's love or just walk away forever. I loved experiencing this very sexy and loving story! I love that it exposes two fragile and fractured people with real heartaches and real triumphs that's so tender and heartwarming, it moved me to tears...

And it's so engaging that it makes me hold my breathe in anxious anticipation hoping and praying for Alex and Emily to finally let go of their blinding fears and to just trust in each other's complete devotion. I can never ever get enough of Natasha's novels! It's like being in the best romance time machine that'll sweep me up and drift me back to the most exciting and erotic places in the eighteenth this series!

Emily's Seduction

What a salacious sequel for Alex and Emily! All of their love and passion just burns up the bedchamber, but their lives are not getting any fact, things are getting more complicated with too many lying whisperers and hidden secrets swirling around them. Alex's horrific past has reared its ugly head and haunts his thoughts incessantly, while Emily is floating on air, a dreamer, completely devoted and ready for marriage.

His gripping fears has Alex building thick emotional walls and keeping Emily at arms length. When they're sexually intimate, it's pure heavenly elation and a newfound freedom unlike anything he's ever known...all of Alex's dark lusts and needs fuel and inflame his love to deeper's as if he can finally just breathe when he's in Emily's arms.

Their slow growing bond, and the steadfastness in Emily's trusting love is the miracle Alex needs can Alex seduce his angel into his dark world without tarnishing her glowing perfection? This story has so many highs and lows, pains and joys, inner battles and emotional victories, that has me believing to never underestimate the power of's such a brilliant reading rush on every page, that totally captivated me, whether I was happily cheering or wiping away tears... This is an edgy and beautifully written story that has to just be experienced! I loved falling in love with Alex and Emily's story...just amazing!!


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October 4, 2015 - Loving These Must Reads!

I'm so excited to share! You've got to go check out all these authors I just Flove!! I had way too much fun reading all these super good and super sexy reads!

Every book has all the feels, all the romance, all the hot sexiness and all the happily-ever-afters you could ever dream of... all wrapped up in a very pretty erotic romance package...promise!

Alpha by Natasha Knight

Excitingly Edgy! Darkly thrilling and darkly edgy shifter romance with an amazingly awesome HEA! Zane makes me want to whimper desperately and growl hungrily for all of his attention!

As soon as I got this book, opening to the very first page, I got a little shiver of anticipation and excitement! I love this genre, so much, and I just knew that this dark shifter romance was going to push me to intensely thrilling erotic places and slam all my lady-buttons hard...with lots of suspense, danger and sexy BDSM that's laced with lovingly delivered humiliation and pain-filled pleasuring passion.

This story has just the perfect combination of wolf shifter packs in a bloody conflict and the lone wolf, Zane running from his alpha destiny, including his one true mate that will unite the packs...Until she hunts him down. Now Zane can't hide from his pack or responsibilities as Aria barges her way into his bar demanding answers and tempting Zane to finally claim her as his mate.

All I can say is...Alpha hit the spot...that edgy, antsy spot deep inside me that craves the dark, the dangerous and the sexy, salacious shifter bad boy, Zane and all his hot spanking deliciously deviant!

Love this story and love Natasha's writing, so's such an erotically intense, womb- clenching page turner!

A Shifter Lovers Dream Must Read!

Wanted: Virgin Lover by Juliette Jones

So Hella-Hot!! Lots and lots of headboard-banging sexy times! Love It!

Take one very horny hunk of golden god manly miner, who's on a mission to get to town to find two or even three willing ladies at the saloon to slake his lusty needs...then take one very curious virgin barkeep, who dreams of a virile insatiable man having his way with her like she reads in her books...put them together and it's a whirlwind of wild, non-stop passionate consummating!

Wyatt's eyes set on Rosie first thing...and it's like dynamite in a gold mine! These two don't come up for air for days and days! Rosie needs to get her inheritance with the bonus of a rich husband and Wyatt gets the adorable woman and the hot bed sport of his dreams! I love Wyatt's insane sexual intensity and I love Rosie's lovingly uninhibited curiosity!

This story is just the perfect steamy's just a pure old West erotic fun and sex-rompin' marathon of a good time must read!

Vice by Rosanna Leo

Vegas Baby! This story is my new vice! So real, so touching, and so consuming from the very first sentence right to the last!

Liam and Kate's personalities, problems and passions just jump off the pages!...Wrapping me up in their painfully complicated struggles and hauntingly courageous lives to experience everything right along with them. The loving, conflicting and brutal honesty between Liam and Kate was so emotionally engaging and beautifully engrossing.

Brilliantly written, wildly sexy, while also exposing the raw truth of gambling addiction's devastating dark side. The wreckage gambling addiction caused in Kate's life was unbelievably heart breaking!

The Vegas Strip in all its splendor holds addictive elation and pretty new vices that can cause such perfect highs one moment and then tumultuous lows the next...the gorgeous millionaire Liam built his empire in Vegas, seeing only the money, glitz and glamour to hide all his pain and abandonment issues...As the beautifully strong and guarded Kate lives a day to day existence as a piano singer and counselor, while being a guilt ridden enabler of her gambling addicted father.

Two people whose lives seem so different on the outside, but are both equally damaged and begging for love on the inside...are now each other's vices...drawn to each other like magnets. An undeniable instant chemistry between Kate and Liam sparks a whirlwind of insatiable sexual desire, but can they break free of the deeply engrained defense mechanisms and push away the past hurts to just truly and completely love each other forever? Major Addictive Must Read!

Transparent by Joy Eileen

A Sexy Ghost! Ah-may-zing!!! Out-of-this-world-I love it so much-great read! This has everything I could ever dream of in one steammeee paranormal short story!

It's mysterious, sexy, sweet, romantic and funny! Beautifully written and just thee perfect romance! I was blown away!! I can't wait to read more books by Joy!!

The ghost trapped in a painting, Alexander, speaks to Morley, pleading for her help break a centuries old curse, so he can go home to his time and right the wrongs he caused...oh my god, I melted! I mean, really, who could say no to that gorgeous face in that painting?! Not Morley...she was flat out drawn to him the moment she laid eyes on his sparkling grey windows to his whispering soul.

I love the conversations Morley has with this invisible dream man, it's so so funny! I really enjoyed reading every sweet word and feeling every sizzling electric charge between them as Alexander and Morley grow so close, so connected and so desperate to make their time together special and memorable, enough pictures and moments in her mind to hold on to for a lifetime...if only Alexander could stay...Oh my god, I sobbed so hard!! It's just so so romantic!!

I love this book, a lot, and everyone must read it now...I'm serious, now. This book makes me so happy that I read sexy romance novels!! A magical-feels must read!

Ryker: A Cold Fury Novel by Sawyer Bennett

Hockey God! Ryker is it for me! Definitely my new book boyfriend!

I absolutely adore him! But I do feel a bit guilty... I feel like I'm cheating on my other book boyfriends...sorry, I can't help myself, Ryker is a dream! Gorgeous goalie, devoted dad and a very insatiably giving lover... Oh my my my!! Ryker is such a great guy! He's the nicest guy I've ever read... So tough, honest, sweet and funny...all manly man hot... he even cuddles and talks after sex!! So Perfect!

I love it when Ryker's eyes light up when he sees his two crazy-cute daughters and he's totally a one woman kind of man with his heart set on Grey...sigh, see. Perfect! I keep reading this book over and over, I just can't get enough of all of Ryker's cheeky grins and knowing winks, dark hair and grey eyes...and oh, he's big...about 6'-6", miles of hard rippling muscles and one hot dirty talker!

I really love Ryker and Gray together...All business by day and all secret rendezvous loving at night...Gray's a GM and Ryker's boss so all this clandestine passion has the potential to destroy both their careers. Forbidden love is the sweetest love, but are they willing to risk it all for some secret, stolen moments? This Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series keeps getting better and better!

What an absolute blast! A Shot To The Heart Must Read!

The Billionaire's Whim (book 1 of a serial) by Bella Forbes

I'm Intrigued..Hot Billionaire? Yes, please! A tiny-teasing taste of what's to come in this very quick and interesting billionaire story.

I normally wait to read a book as a whole, I'm too impatient for the small doses in serials, but I do love Billionaire books and this sounded very good! This story has loads of energy, tons of hints of what's ahead and a very hot, dominating billionaire...yes please!

An impulsive and obstinate hot mess, Lillian finds herself in another unemployed situation, only the fourth time in six months..but who's counting. All her latest bosses are repulsive and pathetic tyrants whoconstantly berate her abilities and office what if she quits suddenly with a whole bunch of insulting verbal flourish...Lillian will just find a better job...she hopes.

A controlling, intimidating and gorgeous CEO, Trent Blackwell can't keep a personal assistant if his life depended on's as if the HR staff keep sending him sweet little fawns for his demanding 'curt' manners to devour...does that mean he's the big bad wolf? Trent will see to the new hire personally this time, he needs a person with a strong resolve, thick skin and most importantly, obedient... Now I have to read book two to see the fireworks between Lillian and Trent!!

Remember this is book one in a series of this short story is just the warm up!

The Billionaire's Whim (book 2 of a serial) by Bella Forbes

Fireworks! This battle of wills is so hot!

This second installment gives even more of a glimpse of what's ahead in the turbulent saga of Lillian and Trent. It definitely shows more of the selfish and overpowering sexual side of the commanding CEO, and the desperate and vulnerable side to the wildly mouthy Lillian.

Even though I'm not a big fan of a story being dished out in little bites...These short serials are a really quick read and keeps me wanting more... Trent Blackwell is one sexy beast with the ladies! Powerful, controlling and the unattainable prize for all the socialites...but all Trent's focus is on one fiery beauty...the seemingly untamable creature, Lillian Jones...

Oh my, did the sizzling sparks fly when Lillian Jones comes before the gorgeous, intimidating spectacle that is Trent Blackwell! What an interview! All of Lillian's stubborn pride rears up in full force when that insufferable, demanding CEO tried to dictate her personal one squelches her independence...especially that unbelievably sexy and dominating excuse of a man...who now consumes her every thought and every secret dark desire... Trent is stunned..Did Lillian Jones just storm out of his office?! How infuriating! She's perfect, and not just for the job either, but for him. Her crazy outburst just proves that Lillian is no fragile flower, just wild and undisciplined...Challenge accepted Ms.Jones...

Trent knows exactly what she needs and how she needs it, by his hand... This story is getting so good! I can't wait to get book three! Billionaire-Lovers Must Read!!


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September 20, 2015 - Fun New Reads For Fall!

Can you believe it's already Autumn? Falling leaves, falling temperatures and falling in love with all these new book boyfriends to keep you comfy cozy ... Sounds like heaven! A restless rocker, a jaded jackal, and a commanding cowboy are all very willing and very able to heat you up and carry you off to fantasyland ... sweet dreams!

Assure Her by Thia Finn

A wonderful debut book by Thia! 
This story is all a rockstar romance should drama, venue problems, skank issues, crazy tour bus times and especially all the hot rockstar lovin'!

I was hooked at the prologue...young love being sideswiped and detoured by life's unexpected hurdles...then the story picks up years later with the super sweet and extremely talented Chandler, who's finds herself in the middle of a whole new life and a whole ton of heart squeezing happenings. I really loved her innocence and strength...pushing herself to try out for the keyboard position in an all male rock band and then overcoming a major tragedy to discover a ton of love in the silver lining of her black rain cloud. I loved the teasing funny banter between the band mates and then the way they all pull together like a family when Chan needs them the most. Quite a few moments had me all choked up! So good!

Let's not forget the insanely hot and sexy KeeMac!! He goes from rude douche to thee best rockin' boyfriend Chan could ever want! I loved all the excitement and anticipation in this story and I really loved all the steamy hot lust to love romance between Chandler and Keeton. 
I can't wait for book two!

A Rockin' Sexy Fun Must Read!

Ashes by Sophie H. Morgan

Such a wonderful debut novel by Sophie!
What an exciting and unique read! So fast paced, action packed, great plot twists and a sprinkle of sweet sexy loving woven in nicely!!

A really fascinating story and never a dull moment! A truly different
paranormal romance story with a very strong sassy phoenix heroine, Alana and a sexy alpha jackal shifter hero, Cade. Both have secret identities, secret lives and a secret love for each other. It's a crazy dangerous adventure that brings them back together to save all the Other and the humans from a demented ruler who's destroying everything and everyone they hold dear. Their past collides with their present and endangers their future together...but are they brave enough to fight for their love? A very romantic and fun reading adventure!

A Fun Paranormal Lovers Must Read!

Wanted:Virgin Bride by Juliette Jones

What a Scorching Hot Quickie!! 
This story is so adorably cute, so explicitly sexy and so perfectly raunchy!! Loved it!! Talk about panty melting...this hot novella is off the charts full of crazy steamy smutty goodness!!

A really fun and zany plot... that's kinda like an erotically old fashioned campy western...I love the quick wit and the sassy brazen-ness of the blonde cutie, Maddie, turned mail order bride involuntarily for her petty crimes, and I love the good 'ol boy personality of the big burly blue-eyed cowboy,'s lust at first sight for Zeke when he sees his soon to be fiesty wifey.

But all of Maddie's smart-mouthing and stubbornness just trips Zeke's trigger off to a full on lust-fest and makes his hands itchin' to get all over his spankin' new bride. I had to chuckle at the funny barbs and sexy heated banter between them..I really loved all the bold and brash skinny-dippin' sexiness of Zeke...Oh my, what a sweetly romantic ending! I'm still smiling just thinking about it!

A Sexy Fun Must Read!


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September 12, 2015 - In The Mood For Ménage?

I Love A Decadent Ménage Story!! The more the merrier, am I right?

Here are a few of my favorite sizzling, panty-melting, hella-hot must-read ménage stories by eighteen amazing authors, just a "little taste" of some awesome books to put on your TBR list.

So get ready to drool over these tantalizing triads, and maybe feel faint for a few fabulous foursomes... I know you'll be begging for more!

It's A Spanking-Hot September...

Colter's Woman by Maya Banks

This is one of the first ménage series I ever read, The Colter's Legacy... I was totally hooked and never looked back! An amazing and beautiful story of three ranching brothers looking and waiting for the one woman to be their wife...a committed, loving, forever ménage relationship. I love these guys! My dream men!!

Low and behold... They rescue a sweet petite brunette from a snow bank and fall in love at first sight...only one problem..she's already married! Now how to keep her forever...

Don't miss out on this series! Steamy Heart-melting Must Reads!

Their Virgin's Secret by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Need a whole ton of a steamy mé it is, The Masters of Ménage series... An absolute favorite "ménage only" series, seven so far, by these beautifully creative and talented authors!

All the stories have the perfect elements of two or three sexy Alpha men and the one adorable, strong woman who completes them. All the guys will resort to enticing, begging, bribing and beguiling their woman's heart so that they can all share her and treasure her forever...or just kidnap her and convince her to stay with them with lots and lots of euphoric pleasure, of course...Love Love Love these books!

I adore Their Virgin's Secret because it not only has crazy good ménage with gorgeous twins and a sweet and brave virgin, but it's also chuck full of intrigue, danger and a secret love child...

You've just got to read them now!! Sexy Love-filled Must Reads!

The Men With the Golden Cuffs by Lexi Blake

This BDSM story is part of a whole sexy series, Masters & Mercenaries, which I adore beyond reason, but I had to point this one out because it's an all time favorite and a spicy ménage between a free spirited, smiley, romance author and two big tough bodyguards who trying to keep her alive from a crazy stalker...I love their drama and mistrust with each other. I love that they all have such emotional baggage that they have to overcome in order to be the forever threesome they dream of being...It's so so epic!!

You will love it too!!! Get now! A Steamy Suspense-filled Must Read!

Riding the Night by Jaci Burton

Part of the Wild Riders series, these two big sexy tatted motorcycle lawmen rolling into a small town and running across the one perfect girl that got away years ago...let the games begin! I love this sexy story because it has the two hot men falling hard for the strong but damaged old flame and trying hard to make the three of them work, while being undercover in a middle of a dangerous case... What happens when the case is solved and the two men move on... can they leave behind the woman whose stolen their hearts?

A Hot and Wild Must Read!!

Three by Opal Crew

All of this author's books are out of this world sexy and super kinky, but this novella is a whole new level of wonderfully explicit and erotic steaminess! Hot! I mean... Scorching Hot Triplets!!! OMG! It's a fantasy coming to life for one curious girl and the gorgeous "make your fantasies come true" kind of men, then maybe a happily ever after love connection too...A Scorching Panty-Melting Quickie!

Opal writes a bunch of fantastic ménage...too many to list here, but trust have to experience every single one! 

Super Hot Must Read!

Captivated by Lauren Dane

I absolutely adore all of this author's ménage stories because they all have the true triad love between all three lovers...beautiful, emotional and also an exciting story that has a futuristic military setting.

This book is part of a SciFi fantasy series, The Phantom Corps, but I love the way the two best friends/lovers working together on a mission, rescue this tortured woman, and they both immediately care for her. They restore her mentally, physically and emotionally, then she falls in love with both of them, but rank and war may divide them forever...

It's such a beautiful story!! A truly brilliant series!! Read them all! 

A True Loving Triad Must Read! 

The Doms of Genesis Series by Jenna Jacob

Masters of My Desire is a seductive ménage story of a damsel in distress rescued by two gorgeous heroes, who also tempt her into their sexy, alluring, and addicting world of BDSM. One week, and all the fantasies that she could ever dream of are fulfilled...but now what? Go back to a boring empty life, leaving her heart behind...or take what these two amazing Doms are proposing? A Kinky Must Read!

Seduced By My Doms is off the charts kinky hot ménage! An exciting adventure into a titillating world of two dominating men in lust with the same submissive beauty, a nurse, who desperately needs the freedom of submission to heal her full of spicy heat and heartwarming love as she learns the joy of BDSM...but it'll take teamwork to win this sub's heart and trust as the two gorgeous men try to keep her theirs...forever. A Master-full Ménage Must Read!...

Now go get all the other books in The Doms Of Genesis series! 

Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James

One of my all time favorite cowboy stories, Long Hard Ride is book one...of sixteen novels, plus novellas and anthologies from the Rough Riders series...that's a truly touching, and heart-melting ménage! I love reading this story over and over!

A devoted married couple, in love and lust with each other, running their ranch...but the husband still has his past secrets and hidden desires away from his wife...until that one day, that secret knocks on their door...blowing up their life...a hot Brazilian cowboy coming to lay claim to the love of his life...the husband. Now the wife has to decide if she can share her husband or lose him forever...and can the new cowboy love her as well, or is that heart just ached for her!! 

This story has it all..Cowboys, ménage and heart pounding drama! 

Lots Of Cowboy Lovin' Must Read!

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson

Dilemmas have a way of working themselves out...especially when your loving boyfriend introduces his best friend for more than just a visit...but when secrets are revealed and true love may be heading three ways, can all three hearts survive the journey to a happily ever after? A very romantic and drama filled three way love affair that opens up all sorts of sexy secrets and heart felt cravings...

A Sweetly Erotic Three Part Series Must Read!

Wild Ride by Juliette Jones

This steamy novella just pulled me in and I couldn't put it down! Mind-blowing spicy ménage and sweetly romantic at the same time! Some of the wildest, sexiest three-way writing I've ever read!! Wow! I had to fan myself A Lot!

One small town beauty trying to get a fresh start in her life, quits her job, dumps the abusive boyfriend and then her car breaks down on the side of route 69...all on her 21st birthday. But as luck would have it...two, rich, handsome sweet-talkin' Cowboys in a mustang convertible stop and are willing to do a lot more than just help her out...they'll both give her the best wild ride of her life... Save a horse and ride two Cowboys! What a really fun read that put a big 'ole smile on my face, and with the thee perfect happily ever after too!

Wildly Sexy Must Read!

The Courage To Love by Samantha Kane

This fascinating story in the Brothers In Arms series has it all...historical, erotic, and lots of loving ménage... It just pulled me in from the very first page and I couldn't put it down until I read the end! An intense and touching story that was so riveting, very sensual and beyond exciting!! Set after the Napoleonic Wars, all eligible men must marry..but two men who love only one women is unheard of...and two men who also find they love each other is forbidden... So they must combine their brazen desires, unwavering strength and undying love to find the courage to fight for the girl and their dream of happiness in a true loving threesome they can share together forever... This is an amazingly sexy twelve book series! Very compelling and heart warming too!

Beautifully provocative Must Reads! 

Secret Pleasure by Lora Leigh

All of the books in the Bound Hearts series are truly bold and brazenly erotic ménage like no other!

All thirteen books, yes thirteen, are fantastically, wantonly erotic! All the books center around a very elite group of dominant libidinous men in a private club...they all love to share their lover or wife with a selected third in the bedroom...very taboo and very salacious!

All the stories also have plenty of hot lust and engaging love weaved into the relationships, but also each has a bit of intrigue or danger, just to keep things even more interesting outside the bedroom...I absolutely love this series!

This latest book, Secret Pleasure is a breath-taking tale of the emotionally intense and soul deep desires between three lovers that was suppose to have been secret, but murderous threats and blackmail keeps them apart for a very long time...Can they save their lives, their passion and their love to be together forever...not just a secret pleasure any longer?

Delightfully Loving Must Reads!

Predator's Trinity by Rosanna Leo

Book six in the Gemini Island Shifters Series is really something special!! I love this sexy shifter world!

Two twin brothers, jaguar shifters, who rescue a beautiful red-headed empath librarian, think they have finally found their one true mate...but she has hidden gifts and a dark family connection to the vilest shifter, who's bent on revenge and power that could destroy the whole secret shifter world as they know it. I really loved all the mystery and mayhem that filled the story with so many surprising twists! 

I like how strong, brave and powerful the heroine is, and I enjoyed all the family love and bonding on the island...and even the bloody battles that were fought with so much heart were just so exciting! The binding deep love and complete devotion between the twins and their mate was so sweet and yet really erotic..So hot!!...a truly beautiful three-way love was wonderful!!

A Sensational Shifter Ménage Must Read!

Melt Into You by Roni Loren

Just wow!

This story is part of the Loving On The Edge series and it's so so beautiful!

Every moment in the book is deeply emotional and moving! Long lost loves, new found desires, two best friends finding out they are way more, and a sweet brave girl finding not only her new true self in the BDSM world at The Ranch, but also two kind, loving and dominant men who can't live without her. This is one of those great romances that gets me all choked up with all harshness life can dish out, but then makes me smile when I see all the forgiveness and healing growing between three amazing and loving people...My heart just absolutely melted into this's so so great!

A Dream Come True Must Read! 

Fevered Hearts by Em Petrova

I loved reading this book!

I had an instant heart felt connection with the lonely, disillusioned wife because she's having a very difficult time in her marriage. The husband is paralyzed in a wheelchair from a logging accident, unable to be the manly man he is use to being, so he avoids and neglects her. When he finally quits his pity party one day, goes into work, he bumps into an old friend, they talk and come up with a very sexy plan that might save his marriage...he'll share his wife. Only one problem...the wife is falling in love with the friend...can she keep both of these hunky, rugged loggers in her bed forever? A deeply emotional and a very erotic story that is such a heart-warming journey! 

A New Kind Of Forever Love Must Read!  

Defensive Zone by Bianca Sommerland

If you love hockey and all kinds of erotic ménage, the Dartmouth Cobras series is for you! So fantastic!!

I love every single book in this series, all seven! Passionate, engaging, eye-opening and emotionally healing experiences with some BDSM in each of the loving relationships growing between each character in every book, whether it's m/f/m, m/m/f or f/f/m/'s all true love in all it's wonderful glory! And the hockey scenes are explosive and exciting!!

So many feels and so many glorious moments of forgiveness and understanding! I adore the book above because it's about deeply passionate men on and off the ice, loving the strong, independent, but imperfectly perfect, woman of their dreams...

Heart-slamming Must Reads!

Blood Law by Karin Tabke

The Blood Moon Rising, a three book series, is seriously some of thee best paranormal sexy love triangle drama in a ménage story I've ever read!! Talk about HOT!!

Excitement and danger, wolf-shifters vs humans, and brother against brother, twins who not only want to avenge their parents slaughter, but both feel the Alpha mating call for the same she human or wolf? Can she unite the divided pack and bring both brothers together as dual Alphas and can both brothers be her true mates? Very intense and very erotic wolf loving ménage!! It's just so good!

I'm over the moon happy when I read this series, one of my Must Read Over and Over Favorites!

Their Treasured Bride by Vanessa Vale

I can't say enough about how much I really enjoy the Bridgewater Ménage series!! So, so fantastic!

This series has it all...American western historical romance and explicitly erotic ménage... I couldn't put it down!

A small town in Montana has a tradition unlike anywhere young virgin bride, rescued and cherished by the two or even three men to marry, legally. I love how each woman has her own worries, fears and issues, I love how the men are so caring and sensitive but also so dominant and protective...   I love that each story has its own unique adventure and edgy excitement...So enticing with all the spicy spankings too!! 

This fourth book has a young, prim and staunchly proper English woman, married by proxy to a big, rugged, strapping Scot...or two as it turns out... Now she must learn to let go of all her British starch and just feel both of her husbands gentle love and possessive passion for the first time in her life, without her past fears of rejection and corporal punishments getting in the way of happiness...

Swoon-Worthy Ménage Must Reads!

Crave more? Who wouldn't?...just tap on the author's name then tap on the links for their websites to buy all their fantastic books!! They have so many more hot ménage stories waiting for you...oh and have extra panties close're welcome!! 


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August 16, 2015 - Heart - Throbbing Hotties...Nothing Better!

Talk about the steamy days of summer reading getting even hotter...Well just dive into these refreshingly cool and heart melting hotties' stories by these three fabulous authors!!

BootyCall 1 by J.D. Hawkins

Desperately needing a hot mess movie star meeting the one woman who can flip his switch to peace and happiness? ...this is the series!

What an outstanding story and so intensely sexy! Two lonely, discouraged people reach out on a hook up app, BootyCall, to fill their lonely emptiness in the night...little did each realize that that one phone call would lead to a whole new and improved life altering path for both of them...Dylan Marlowe is on his way to being a Hollywood heartthrob-has-been, his Irish temper brings out the fighter, over drinker, and his manwhore ways. But it's a mask...Now Dylan has one last chance to redeem his Hollywood and more himself. Can he put his demons to rest and move past all his painful issues?

Can two hot messes make a go of this?...Gawd I hope so!!!
— Romazing

Gemma Clarke is a good girl and an accountant, down on her luck, trying to be everything to everyone, but gets her heart broken anyway, and after her hook-up with Dylan, she finds that the gorgeous but exasperating jerk needs more than just the token sexual distraction for one night...she sees that Dylan needs Gemma to be his real friend...not just her greasy pancake...if she doesn't pull all her hair out first! 

Can two hot messes make a go of this?...Gawd I hope so!!! This contemporary story is so beyond steamy sexy..its really engaging and even made me feel frustrated with Dylan! It gripped me immediately and the cliffhanger ending just snuck up on me!!

A scorching hot must read!

BootyCall 2 by J.D. Hawkins

Yes! Yes! Yes!...Amazing! I love how this story continues to evolve from hook up to "I can't live without her"...I won't give any spoilers but...its so so awesome!!

I loved how everything just blew up into a huge emotional tornado and everything eating away at Dylan from his past was finally exposed and now he faces reality and some important decisions...making Dylan see him past and his future in a whole new light. I love how Gemma is his devoted anchor and friend in the crazy storm of Hollywood's leering vultures and they both finally see the true stars in their lives right in front of them..each other.

This is really even more heartwarming and more panty melting than part 1...I could not put it down!
— Romazing

This is really even more heartwarming and more panty melting than part 1...I could not put it down! I even got a tad jealous of Gemma having all that steamy lovin' from Dylan!! Man, He is Hot!!

I just love a happily ever after and a forever happily living...even from two out of this world sexy pragmatists...and let's just face it...I have a bit of a crush on the stubborn Irishman!!

A Great Story To Devour!!...A Big Must Read!

Violet Chain by J. Kahele

Dying to see a millionaire playboy get a taste of what he's been dishing this series!

My very first impression of this truly engaging story's wonderful! An excellent story of how twisted up a playboy millionaire gets as his bad boy karma is handed to him on a silver platter when the girl of his dreams wants only secret rendezvous sex and usually that's this player's dream girl...

Chain Alexander is gorgeous, confident and a sexual dynamo, until his best friend introduces him to Violet... and it's like those crazy cartoons...heart beating out of his chest, tongue wagging, and just pure lust at first sight for Violet Townsend.

These two have amazingly hot chemistry! The heartfelt moments about their pasts that they share with each other is just so touching! The twists and turns of their secret love games is such a page turner!
— Romazing

After their first kiss, Chain is on a mission to keep Violet forever. How can he make her his?...If only all his sexual charms would work on her! Violet Townsend on the other hand, is beautiful, brilliant, professional and just dumped a cheating fiancé. Violet has no intentions of having anything but secret sexual liaisons with the infamous womanizer, Chain...she won't be fooled matter how much she already craves Chain 24/7, no matter that he is funny, or that he's really kind or even that he's so loyal to his friends...all there can ever be is sex. 

These two have amazingly hot chemistry! The heartfelt moments about their pasts that they share with each other is just so touching! The twists and turns of their secret love games is such a page turner! It was so great to see how Chain is the one feeling like a sex toy and how he has such a soul deep revelation of how being "used" feels..then when Chain has the shocking epiphany of falling into a deep protective love with just had me So excited and So amazed... Oh! And what a crazy cliffhanger! I never saw that one coming!

Now I really need book two! An exciting and sweetly sexy contemporary must read.

That Boy (book 1) by Jillian Dodd

Craving something super sweet in the forever best friends turns forever in love on!

What a sweetly charming and wonderfully tender story! I couldn't help but find JJ so adorably stubborn and cutely tomboyish. I loved how the story starts in the present but at a pivotal moment, I got thrown back to her childhood to relive JJ's life right along with her!

This story is full of great feelings and made me laugh out loud and really made me cry hard too...It’s just so so romantic!
— Romazing

I loved her best friends.. Phillip, her constant, who calls her princess and has been by her side daily since birth, and Danny, her knight, the tough guy, and always the wild energy of the three. The growing and ever changing relationship between them has such funny moments and some maddening ones too. I felt like I was growing up all over again and seeing how exciting falling in love can be! JJ finds that the only constant in her life is those two amazing guys, especially when her whole world changes one more ways than one.

This story is full of great feelings and made me laugh out loud and really made me cry hard too...It's just so so romantic! Can JJ hold on to the true forever love that's always been right in front of her?

A super must read sweet contemporary romance!

That Wedding (book 2) by Jillian Dodd

This is absolutely, positively thee most romantic, funny and sentimental heart pounding pre-wedding jitters journey to the alter story that I have ever read!

Phillip is definitely thee dream Prince and JJ is quite the flustered and emotionally disillusioned Princess.

A Perfect Fairytale Must Read!!
— Romazing

The road to their happily ever after seems to be a rocky one..are they settling? Is it just lust? Will it all the bliss fade away? Will they still be best friends if this blows up?...

A bit of divine intervention by way of a little devil's advocate in marriage counseling pushes JJ to realize that her whole life, since Phillip proposed at ten years old on the playground swings, has lead to this very special once in a lifetime moment that only Phillip can fulfill...forever in love with your very best friend.

Everything during the planning of the wedding seems to fall off the rails, then all pops into place with Phillip being JJ's solid rock of hugs and understanding...always catching her when she try's to flutter away...Then the actual wedding is so beautifully and sweetly romantic that I could stop the water's seriously the stuff that dreams are made of! Now I must read That Baby!!

A Perfect Fairytale Must Read!!


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August 4, 2015 - Four Tempting 'Take-A-Chance At Love' Stories

It's August..already?! Here's some end of summer by the pool reads that are fun, different, and full of sexy goodness!!! Every story is about taking a chance on love...and you'll be glad you took a chance on these books...they are all awesome!!

Starry Knight by Nina Mason

What a fantastical story!! A very different and terrific paranormal romance jammed-packed with mystical other-worldly goodness! Everything I could ever imagine is weaved into this extraordinary tale! A bit of Scottish highlander history, some paranormal thrills, spot-on zodiac-astrology, and even chilling mythological creatures are all rolled into one steamy erotic romance where this immortal sexy Scot's past five hundred years is about to collide with his extremely guarded present day existence!...Callum, The Leo, and Vanessa, the Aquarian, have a hunter vs prey relationship at first...fighting their true natures and their insatiable desires for each other....but too many ghostly influences seal their relationship together for eternity...May the stars be their guide to everlasting love...A very sexy-hot and very unique Fantasy-Fueling Must Read!

Obsession and Surrender (The Billionaire's Temptation - Book 7) By Cali MacKay

I really really love this story of second chance love! This story is amazingly romantic and very steamy sexy too! Lilly and Keane were college sweethearts and lovers, but everything blows up when Keane cheats. Now seven years later, Keane shows up intoxicated and proclaiming his undying love under her window...Keane is determined to win over Lilly's heart and trust...especially when he discovers the horrific nightmare she has endured without him. 

This book is just fantastically awesome! A perfect contemporary love story with a bit of light BDSM, and it's the perfect beach read too! For me..there isn't anything better than watching this tattooed-hottie, alpha billionaire seriously grovel for Lilly's forgiveness and with lots of really hot earn his way back into Lilly's life, to be the hero Lilly needs, and to keep the love of his life safe in his arms forever...So so heart melting!! I highly recommend this story or better yet, just go get this whole series!! So worth it!!

Beautiful Entourage by E.L.Todd

HELLO!! This had me at hot male escort!! Once I opened this book that's when things got really interesting! Rhett is a high class, no sex, contract dates only, intelligent professional, who runs a very profitable male escort company in NYC. Only Rhett has more problems than just the crazy stalkers who think they fall in love with him and his polished, sexy demeanor...he can't find a woman who can see past his money, gorgeous packaging and plutonic escort services to find the real, caring and funny person inside.

Aspen needs a date! Desperately! Her horrible father/boss is blaming her for an ex-fiancé cheating with her cousin, ruining the family's image and now threatens to take away Aspen's chance at CEO when he retires. What's a girl to do?! Hire a date? When Aspen meets her escort, Rhett for the first time at a coffee shop..sparks fly! Aspen and Rhett have that immediate sexual chemistry both have been dreaming of, but that damn contract clearly states "No kissing" and now both are surging with a once in a lifetime sexual passion that just sizzles off the pages! 

This story has so much tenderness and witty humor, so many funny friends, so many evil family members butting in, and so many cute Battleship and ice cream sundae moments that it's just a very wonderful "I couldn't put it down!" read...and let's not forget the very sweet sexy times too! The only thing that would've made this sweet story better, make it longer! Even though it's a story of a male escort, it's the perfect blend of a little bit of steamy sexiness and a lot of falling in forbidden love! A Touching, Swoon-Worthy Read!!

Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

My very first book by this author and I am so into this 'hot biker falls for the girl of his dreams' love story! 

Right from the start ...The prologue was so intensely moving and heartbreaking! A beautifully emotional romance as two troubled souls reunite and reach out for their missing half...but neither had forgotten their past dreams of hoping to be together and how they both kept that little piece of that sweet crush alive in their hearts for years. I really enjoyed reading about this sweetly sexy and amazingly romantic second chance love story! To top it all off...the epilogue was epic! I cried again!! I actually read this story twice before I could write a review...It's so great! 

Carson "Joker" Steele is from the bad side of town, with a bad abusive father, and abandoned by a bad mother, so Carson forces himself to endure the misery until he just can't any take it any longer. Carson's secret crush on Carissa, the popular sweet cheerleader, will never happen in his eyes, so at seventeen, he moves on and reinvents himself as a mechanic and the biker he's always yearned to be in the Chaos Club. Years later, Carson spy's a woman in distress on the side of the road and offers to help... It's Carissa. His Carissa...with a baby! Carson decides to fix her flat, but pretends to not recognize her. He calls himself Joker now, and when Carissa doesn't recognize him, Joker is taken aback. Hurt even.

Carissa's life has gone from sugar to shit in a matter of eighteen months, but she's tough and determined to have the best life for her son. Her worse day ever has just flipped on its head as she now has a very familiar but strangely intense reaction to Joker...first a bit scary, hello, a real biker dude manly man, but then just a sense of safety and warmth flows over her soul, especially seeing that sexy badass biker holding her baby...she definitely will be looking Joker up, and will take him up on his offer to fix her tire...with a big ol' pecan pie as a thank you too. That just means Carissa has to venture into the Chaos Biker Club at Ride to do it...time to put on the big girl panties!
Thee Perfect Hot Biker 5 Star Must Read!!


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July 19, 2015 - Craving The Really Bad Boys? "Deviant" and "Theirs To Take" by Natasha Knight

Want the really naughty book boyfriends? These deliciously dark and fabulously edgy erotic romance novels by Natasha Knight have wildly thrilling hot dominant men that just shocked me to my core! Both novels have determined lascivious men, who can act insanely evil, but who also give a spark of hope when these salacious sadists surprisingly expose their big hearts and their dark secrets.

Natasha's stories astounded me and kept my imagination buzzing with each of these unpredictable sexy heroes, who have a perfect mix of unconventional convictions and remarkable compassion...Truly memorable, mind-blowing romances! 
Thank you so much, Natasha! 

Deviant by Natasha Knight
Deviant is daring, dark and blazing hot! A mesmerizing erotic romance that is fast paced and wickedly exciting! So naughty and twisted, it made me fall-hard and fast for the forbidden jagged edginess, without crossing the lines of rough Dom sex ...  too much. I truly wanted this story to be so much longer! 

Such great characters ... all their pain, betrayals and heartaches, so beautifully and slowly exposed as their dangerous love story unfolds. Some really shocking, salacious WTF moments too from the cold, calculating, libidinous hit man. I constantly questioned his true motives ... Is Julien a pure evil anti-hero ... a sexually dark hero ... or a perfect blend of both?

This boldly intense erotic story has a great suspense filled plot that really sucked me in! I could not predict the outcome, not even near the very end ... Love that!

I really enjoyed delving into the dark, shadowy, deadly world of Julien's mercenary mind. He is a true sadist, unapologetically so, and needs it. Loves inflicting pain. Loves the hunt. Loves the kill. Loves to be watched, especially when he catches the curious, innocent Mia peeking at him and his blonde mark. Her green, voyeuristic eyes fascinate Julien and he vows to give her a taste of his dirty nasty fun, then dispose of her.

Fortunately for Mia after their first encounter, I could start to see Julien's deeply hidden vulnerability surfacing, making his world not so cut and dry anymore. Ok. Yes, I softened for the spanking hot, lascivious killer for hire! I couldn't help it! 

Mia is strong, determined and brave as well ... shy yet bold, independent and submissive. Overcoming and running from horrific events still haunting her life. Julian becomes her new frightening but necessary reality ... what's a girl on the run to do?

Become a captive lover in Julien's sadistic web of addicting sexual domination, and possibly his next contracted mark ... or suffer and die at the hands of her past abuser? Rock meet hard place.

She is so torn ... Love him or Hate him? How can Mia fall in love with such a gorgeous but damaged man, a killer? How can Mia ever trust Julien to protect her and at the same time trust her heart and body to the unknown darkness driving Julien? Would he actually betray her when he got everything he wanted and grew tired of her?

You all just have to read this! 

My very first dark romance book by this author, but it will not be my last! A very bold, sexy erotica and darkly stimulating story, guaranteed to get panties in a twist and hearts melting in an erotically fantastical way!! A brazen 5 Star must read BDSM thriller romance that makes a lot of BDSM stories I've read in the past, seem very vanilla now! 

Theirs to Take by Natasha Knight
Two gorgeous brothers, one mission ... Revenge on the cartel that devastated their family. Leaving morality and scruples behind, Syn and Gabriel delve into the murky waters of slave traders to exact their pound of flesh. Really dark and scarily unnerving, Theirs To Take rocked me to my core! I'll admit ... it really freaked me out!

Such an unbelievably gritty, shadowy story of human trafficking that brought me to my knees. A full on thrilling plot with erotically explicit, intensely heart pounding BDSM and soul crushing punishments. I just had to close the book at times, to take a few deep breaths, because it did push my limits a bit. Yet, I was still intrigued and compelled to read on, because the writing is so so good! But even in those anxious moments, I still saw a shiny sliver of heart-warming humanity in each brother.

While in the midst of the frighteningly forceful kidnappings and horribly humiliating selling of women, Syn and Gabriel are touched by Eva, not as a sellable product, but as a brave, beautiful woman with amazing honor and a spark of goodness in her eyes ... theirs to take and theirs to keep.

Syn and Gabriel, are a wickedly seductive mix of sadistic slave traders and darkly dominant men, trying to right the wrong that ruined their sister. Again ... Heroes or villains? I found myself weeping right along with Eva, begging for freedom while praying for their titillating sexual dominance at the same time.

I have to admit ... I cringed and squirmed every time they caned or whipped Eva. It's so overwhelming that she's falling in love with the bold men who uninhibitedly share her while they hold her physically and emotionally captive. Was it a rescue from a greater evil because they truly care, or are they using Eva to exact revenge on her depraved slimy fiancé, while satisfying their sadistic needs? 

The way Syn and Gabriel devour and cherish Eva at the same time is devotedly relentless ... pleasure and pain, obedience and punishment ... starting this strange whirlwind of self-discovery in Eva's heart and mind ... Who to trust. Who to believe. Who to love. I could feel Eva's confusing dilemma ... deep desperation to get away but feelings of comfort and safety in each of the brothers arms. What kind of special crazy is this and why does Eva crave them so much?

Their every touch desired by Eva ... whether harsh or tender by these brothers, who basically stole her with twelve other girls, publicly beat her, then were going to sell her off like cattle to the highest bidder ... until Syn and Gabriel realize Eva is worth a whole lot more ... maybe their forever kind of more ...

This brilliantly brazen and very daring master/slave erotica has captured my heart and demanded my reading submission...I'll definitely put this book on the very top of my favorite dark and naughty books to read again list! An amazing kind of story that haunts my dreams days later! Why does my twisted pervy heart really want this story to be so much longer? I need to know more! I'm wrecked! I went from ... "Holy shit! This story is nuts!" ... to "Oh my god! I've fallen hard for Syn and Gabriel!" Absolutely one of thee most intensely red-hot ménage stories I've ever read! Hold me ... I need another book fix! A Darkly Decadent 5 Star Must Read!!

Show me the book love!  

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July 4, 2015 - Reads That Bring The Heat

Happy Fourth Of July! 

So here's a little peek at some of the books I read on my vacation ... between all the waiting at airports, long flights, the many rainy days at my destination, and off wifi most of the time ... I truly relaxed and drifted away into book-land ... the perfect vacation as it turns out! I really enjoyed all of these stories on many different levels, each one bringing their own special brand of fireworks!

Cursed by Lucy Leroux
Who loves paranormal or regency or erotic romance? How about all three in one?! Such a thrilling and intriguing story!

All I could do is hold my breath one minute and try to hide under the covers the next! Every element I could ever want in a story is here...mystery, romance, paranormal and regency, making a remarkably unique and all consuming magical reading adventure!

Isobel is smart, brave, compassionate and so vulnerable to the tortured, handsome, darkly cursed Matteo. Both have extremely haunting, unusual secrets, yet they need each other desperately to right the wrongs being forced against them. 

Their bond seems fated, their trials seem unyielding, but destiny smiles upon their pure love and grants them an amazing miracle...I really really enjoyed this story! A suspenseful, sexy, and a bit scary must read!

Love, Red by Gwynyth Rutledge
I'm stunned and just a bit speechless really...I was completely overwhelmed and a bit confused by this contemporary light BDSM true life story of a thirty year love affair of the older married mom of two and the much younger hot guy, that sent my heart spinning and swirling with so many hopes, fears, anguish and tears.

A truly unusual debut story with a uniquely refreshing and insecure voice, expressed through all the love letters back and forth between Gwynyth and Rune. An extremely open and a bravely raw account of lust at first sight, a trusting friendship and all the different levels of love between them throughout the years.

A story written with such brutal just crushed me, but by the end, I felt all that Gwynyth felt...painfully exposed, sadly vulnerable and full of unanswered questions but also beautifully empowered as well. An emotional and relatable story that will pull at all the heartstrings...a very different writing style to be sure... and a very good read.

Sweet Ache by K. Bromberg
Well played Kristy! This contemporary rockstar romance is my new sweet addiction...and I'm suddenly craving an ice-cream cone and a bag of skittles for some reason...Quin and Hawkin are so amazing and so so special!

I read this story feeling like these characters were written so beautifully, multi-layered, so real... warm, funny and loving but then at the same time, hurting, damaged and desperately needing hugs.

I loved the thrill of underlying danger, saddened by the overwhelmingly haunting guilt Hawkins experiences with his family, and his unbalancing turmoil Hawk has with his band mates.

I love how Quin and Hawk have to work really hard at their relationship, but have insanely combustible passionate chemistry between them..especially with his instruments! And what that gorgeous man can do with a guitar! Talk about a sweet ache...That scene will live in my sexy dreams forever!!!

Quin is sassy, brave, but wary of love, and lives by the motto "make it count" that is awe inspiring. The TA has trumped the Rockstar and all bets are off to see if their soul to soul connection can survive the crazy rockn' roll madness. Such a heartwarming and gut wrenching story at the same time, brilliant and moving. A wonderful addition to this fantastic series! Hawk is the star to my burst and he has tattooed a big pink heart on me too! Get played by Hawkins today!

Riding Steele by Opal Carew
As soon as I read this title, I literally screamed "Yes Please! All night long" I went totally nuts for this hot erotic biker ménage series! I am in deep lust! Steele is a major kinky, dirty talkin, ripped badass biker with a very protective loyal heart of gold, who can't seem to fight off his insatiable lust for Laurie. This story is so exciting and thrilling and an over the top page turner!

I loved watching Steele and Laurie fall hard for each other, while trying desperate not to fall in love. Surrounded by danger and a bunch of bikers who love to share..Laurie plunges in heart first with no regrets! It's so so good! I devoured this story in one sitting! This is a very streamy, very erotic ménage biker story like no other! So hella-hot, I think my kindle caught fire!

Grey by E.L. James
I know right?! It's like a dream come true in book form! I love love love this BDSM series, way beyond reason!...all the FSoG books are fantastic, but this book in Christian's point of view is freaking amazing!

I think it's the best one yet! I got a whole new insight and understanding of Christian, the successful billionaire he has become, and the Christian who is still overcoming his horrible abusive past. 

The deeper look at the disturbing nightmares and his horrible self-esteem issues is beyond belief..I was moved to tears! Even if Christian tries to be the always in control, CEO and Dom, I see a whole new side of the caring and loving man deep down inside who is desperate to be touched, in every way. Damaged but determined. Brave and very protective. I see and feel all of his struggles and his confusion to fully embrace Ana, not just as another sex-toy submissive, but to deserve Ana as his soulmate, his perfect balm for his perceived wretched soul and the fix to his tattered spirit.

Ana breathes peace and joy into his life, then shines laughter into his cold, dark isolated existence. I loved getting a peek into his family's past, his other submissive, Dr. Flynn and even the manipulating, Elena. Through Christian's eyes, this deeply emotional and extremely sexy book was like a whole new story to me! I loved seeing how Christian desperately tries to figure out how to get Ana back, change All his rules, and be worthy of her love. I truly don't have enough words to say how much I loved reading this book, but I will say that I can not wait for Darker and Freed in Christian's p.o.v! Truly Brilliant and simply an addicting must read!! 

Make It A Double by Sawyer Bennett
Now this is a contemporary steamy story I will wrap my heart strings around over and over! Awesome reading! So crazy good, that I went and bought the rest of The Last Call Series!!

Brody is one of thee most amazing men I have ever read! Fresh out of prison, he is a lean mean sexy machine...Blonde, ripped, bearded, tatts, and a man-bun! Hella-Hot! (I pictured Chris Hemsworth, just putting it out there!) 

He gets a job at his brothers pub and sees the very spunky sexy and rich, Alyssa plow straight up to the bar and into his heart. Brody lumps Alyssa in with all the other stuck up selfish bitches in the world that shit on him...but is he ever so wrong. Alyssa is kind, compassionate and self reliant, she runs a no kill animal shelter all by herself. Brody suddenly finds himself humbled in her presence and in need of her shelter to do his community service. Chemistry as explosive as the Fourth of July ignites and melts Brody's cold hard heart. No matter what kind of crazy tries to come against them, their love, trust and faith in each other wins the day!! Oh gawd I loved this story!!! 

The Offer by Karina Halle
This story of a single mom who tames the wild playboy is fan-freakin-tastic!

They meet at a wedding..Nicola is the maid of honor, Bram is the groom's brother and best man. She has the hots for the tall gorgeous Scot, but he's an arsehole and a player. She knows this, everyone knows this, every bimbo in this country knows this, but like a moth to a flame..Nic can not resist. Their first kiss is panty melting explosive, but Nic suddenly halts the tryst, and Bram walks away right into a skinny blonde's arms...Enough said, right?...wrong!

Bram has a secret torch burning for the hot single mum...and he bides his time for the perfect opportunity to burrow himself deep under her skin. When all hell breaks loose in Nic's life, Bram is her indispensable hero in every way and makes Nicola an offer she can't refuse to fix all her financial order to win her heart, then addict her body, and to live happily ever after...Now, if only Nicola would agree...What a supremely alpha Scot! One of my BBF faves! I love the bit of accent in the story too!

Really a great contemporary sweet sexy read and I can't wait to get the other stories in this series!

Back To You by Lauren Dane
I don't think I've ever read a book of Lauren's that I haven't fallen head over heals in love with and this third story in this series, The Hurley Brothers, isn't any different..well except maybe I love it even more! 

How does one crazy hot rockstar fix the relationship he stomped on and abandoned? The love of his life and the mother of his two girls, Kelly, just announced she's engaged...what the hell! Now divorced eight years and countless one night stands later, Vaughn decides he needs to find his way back to his family and reclaim the hearts of the three most important girls in his matter what.

Wow this story is just plain amazing! I loved watching Vaughn swallow his pride, open his heart and humble his spirit in order for Kelly to fall in love and in trust with Vaughn again. I love second chance stories! Simply beautiful! 

Sweet, sexy, and a totally engaging contemporary rockstar romance must read! 

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June 16, 2015 - The Carolina Cold Fury Series: Alex, Garrett, & Zack by Sawyer Bennett

So This Amazingness Just Happened...A Hockey Series Hat Trick! I came upon these three icy-hot contemporary hockey romances by Sawyer Bennett and jumped for joy!! So unforgettably sweet and steamy...Just dripping with delicious passion!! I loved every page!

These stories have thee perfect balance of hunky hockey guys, balls to the wall epic game action and a fast slapshot to the heart by their women, who body slam these players straight into the net! They shoot, they score...every single time!

Alex: A Cold Fury Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey)

Wow! What a crazy amazing and electric story, that's way more than just a hot hockey guy meets a great girl ... It's filled with emotionally charged, heart breaking child abuse issues from both Alex and Sutton, because of a parent who's an addict. Alex and Sutton find strength, healing, and forgiveness with their pasts, as they strive to find a better, love filled future together.

I have to be honest..Alex is the hot guy that I love to hate, and then just cave to fall head over skates in love with! No kidding, Alex has off the charts good looks and ice arenas full of sexual charisma but he's seriously a major hot mess with a stone-cold callused heart. Alex plays hockey like his life depends on it, and it probably does, but he has a deep secret...Alex hates playing hockey. He is usually voted the MVP...Most Valuable Prick by his team.

All of his disrespect and cold indifference with the team, leads to a revamp of his image and his asshat attitude. In walks Sutton...A brilliant red-headed goddess with a hockey stick for a spine who works with drug abusing kids. Sutton and Alex have that scary instant chemistry, the kind where one look can expose everything and yet heal deep wounds at the same time. I loved watching Mr. Hottie Hockey have his frozen heart melted, fall in love with the game again and get all worked-up over Sutton. Game on stud!

"Sutton...You reached me. When no one else ever has." -Alex

Garrett: A Cold Fury Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Novel)

A fantastic story that moved me to tears too many times to count! It's written with such beautiful passion and sweet bravery as Olivia learns she has a serious battle to win, cancer ... Just as she meets the man of her dreams, Garrett. A story that's so warm, thrilling and sexy all at the same time ... Just so captivating!

Warning: Not boyfriend material! Or is he? Just a simple guy...Loves playing hockey. Loves puck bunnies. Loves spending money. Easy-peezy right? Um, not so much...Garrett may be a hard core "hockey is my life" kind of guy, but with his actual love life, its all just sexercise. Garrett is a gorgeous hunk of juicy goodness that'll turn woman's bones to jelly when he turns on his charm, but he also has a big loyal heart. Until the day a tall whimsical bright eyed woman, Olivia, drops into his lust zone and grips his icy heart... but only his true love can hurt this bad when everything gets too real and life throws them a hard check to the boards!

Garrett goes all out to win Olivia's love, but finds himself in the shockingly brutal world of her incurable cancer...Garrett decides Olivia is worth every sacrifice, every moment with her is precious and not even cancer will keep them apart ... but will Olivia sign on to a "one day at a time" forever with him?

Really an emotionally raw and tender story that was so beautifully and delicately written, with bunches of toe-curling kissing times too! Loved it! This story truly has the best hat-trick hot-fecta....Hot sexiness, Hot guy and Hot feels at every level!!

"Do you understand me, Olivia? Nothing compares to you." -Garrett

Zack: A Cold Fury Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Novel)

Holy hockey gods! I love this book! Not that I'm playing favorites, but Zack just scored the winning goal to my heart! I love him. No, seriously, I am completely and irrevocably in love with him. Its not just that he is unbelievably gorgeous, or an amazingly awesome father or a great hockey player or even hot sex on a stick...its because I was moved to major crying fits when his life is annihilated by an accident, leaving him in shock and grieving while raising his adorable son all alone.

It gripped me so hard and just wrung me out! I tried to figure out how I was going to reach into my kindle to give Zack a huge squeezy hug! I can't fathom his deep guilt and the agonizing pain of his loss. I was so overjoyed when Zack hired an adorably quirky nanny, Kate, a cheery chatter-box with a huge heart of golden sunshine that just warms Zack's icy soul, makes him laugh and live again, sending them into a flurry of passionate heart melting discovery... Zack tries putting up his untouchable guilt wall, wanting only sex, to keep his heart safe and life separate from Kate ...but too late, Kate's love has sealed back together Zack's broken heart, filling up his empty soul like never before ...but maybe realizing a little too late that keeping Kate forever is way more important than winning a hundred Stanley Cups! 

I think this is one of thee most romantic stories I've ever read ...just perfect in every way! 

"I finally figured out what was were what was missing from my life, Kate." -Zack


So my fellow Hockey-fangirls...these three hot as hell guys had my kindle smokin and gave me a mad fever for more! I think I've caught hockey-itis...I'm dying to get my hands on the next book, Ryker: A Cold Fury Novel... Hockey season is never really over when you have these hotties!

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June 6, 2015 - Six Steamy Summer Reads!

Wow! It's nearly summer already! I had the best time reading all these amazing sexy stories at my pool or the beach, since it's pretty much summer here in Southern California all year round! .. and that got me thinking of this list for all you lovely book junkies like me! Break out the sunscreen and flip-flops my've got some serious reading to do!! These "new-to-me" authors' novels are smokin' hot must reads! Have a great summer!

Lily And The Duke by Helen Hardt

I am a sucker for erotic historical romance and this story is just perfect! I loved the very independent and artistic Lily, who believes she will never marry, by her own choice of course. Lily is such a beautiful woman out of time character! She is adventurous, witty, talented and very curious about sex. A chance meeting in the Duke's garden, the second son at the time, Lord Daniel Farnsworth, seals their attraction so that when they meet again eight years later, Lily now sees the Duke, Daniel in a whole new light. Their connection and chemistry just steams off the pages! I loved all their secret clandestine romps ..its so exhilarating to read all the different ways Daniel tries to convince Lily that they have more than just physical lust for each other, but a true love match. This is a really delicious and decadent story filled with lots of mischief and misgivings...enchanting!

The Selkie by Rosanna Leo

A paranormal story that is so beautifully mythical and magically compelling! This is the first book by this author I have ever read and to be honest..I couldn't put it down! Truly one of the most engaging and sexiest shifter fantasy romance stories I have read in a long time! Simply put...I Loved It! I never peeked at previous reviews Or blurbs, so I was totally shocked at what the shifter became, but then I was much too curious to find out how everything works to ever close the book! Just so unbelievably unique!! I was mesmerized by the ancient Scottish folklore and entranced by all the magic powers that weaves its spells around Maggie and Calan...that starts in their sexy dreams of each other and then draws them together in the far away isle of Scotland, to fulfill their destiny. I just got the shivers! The adorable Maggie and the charming immortal, Calan have amazingly hot undeniable chemistry that pulled me in and made me believe in the myth and fall in love with these characters! I also just have to say...I will never be able to walk along the beach again without looking towards the waves...dreaming and hoping my seven tears dropping in the ocean will bring me my very own Selkie man! Awesome read!!

Cowboy Crazy by Em Petrova

Why yes I am..crazy-hot for this amazing cowboy series!! Love it!! This first book just blew me away! I love the intro..Five brides for five brothers, if they want their piece of the family ranch that so heart-knockin' good! I really fell hard for Hank, just so big, strong, and chivalrous! I love how Hank rescues the wayward and broken Charlotte from all her woes, only to make her the deal of a lifetime...I'll fix your car if you'll stay on the ranch for a few weeks to help my ma...oh my goodness gracious! That man is all smooth-talkin' sweet Texas charm! Charlotte has no choice but to agree to the deal and convinces herself that she will be able to resist that gorgeous smiling cowboy temptation in a saddle...Not! This is such a very sexy steamy read with a whole barn full of good lovin'! Can not wait to read how all the other brothers fall head over boots in love next!!

Their Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa Vale

Wow! Just Wow! Too hot for words! I am absolutely addicted to this series! I read this and I went ahead and got them all! These very erotic historical western romances are to die for! This story is so thrilling and really engaging! I loved how the beginning just grabbed me..the virginal Emma wakes up in a brothel, has been sold to the madam by her stepbrother and now will be front and center in a marriage auction! Then it gets even better...she is bought by TWO hot Montana ranchers, the so very handsome and tall Brit, Whitmore Kane and the big gorgeous Scot, Ian Monroe. They both have deep dark desires and many dangerous secrets, but they will always keep Emma safe and cherished as long as they live. A really great heart warming and panty melting book! One of the sexiest and hottest books out there! Wow! I can only hope there's a sequel to their story soon!

Insatiable 1 by J.D. Hawkins

So this just happened...Holy freakin hotness! This book is over the top super good! A jammed packed steamy story full of sticky sexiness and dirty talkin' filthiness like no other..awesome!...I honestly have never read a romance book written by a guy romance author, but I one clicked this book and started reading before I figured it out! Fucking-A this man's p.o.v. is so cool..Raw, blunt and fresh! Honestly..a wicked turn-on!! Ok, so Jax is an out of control sex-god, self-made millionaire, model-gorgeous chick magnet and Jax knows it, flaunts it and embraces it proudly. Yes, he's an asshole, but still, a very lickable asshat. Jax runs with the uber rich crowd and will never settle down...Until the curvy gentile seductive Lizzie turns Jax's slick practiced moves down flat. What?! No one says no to Jax! Challenge accepted...and Jax is in for a world of crazy mindfucks that he never knew he could feel..ever. Lizzie just wants Jax to be her sex teacher, so when Mr. Right comes along, she may be able to keep him. Lizzie knows Jax is a player in the highest order, and she'll have no problem walking away at the end of the erotically enlightening sex-filled week...but can Jax? Oooh! It's sooo good! I need book two right now!!

The Breathless Series by Melissa Toppen

I really loved reading this series! I had a hard time believing that it was three books though...I plowed through all three in a matter of hours because they all just flowed together so wonderfully and kept me guessing all along the way! Addison is the perfect girl next door from a small town in Vermont, who follows her heart and boyfriend, of eight years, to Las Vegas...only to be literally dumped on a curb with nothing but a suitcase. Yikes! What a douche! Sick of her wallowing, Addison's friends drag her to a bar, where she "just happens" to meet the hottest bartender on the planet!! It seems Addie may have found a strangely sexy sweet stalker...Liam "just happens" to be wherever Addison is...So Cute! The story is a very engaging and a steamy tale of two regular lonely yet damaged people trying to navigate the craziness of falling in love while learning to trust themselves and each other without getting theirs hearts crushed at the same time. When all Liam's secrets are finally revealed, can Addie love him for who he truly is, and not just for his gorgeous wrapping? Oh and did I mention Liam's a millionaire? No? Bad me!

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May 17, 2015 - Intoxicating Spring Fling Reads!

Ten sinfully sexy books by Ten talented authors!

Honestly? Sometimes I'm not all that clever as a blogger, but I truly do love to read, especially like the novels by these ten authors. In the last couple of weeks, I've loved letting each and every story float me away with their passions, mysteries, dangers and sexy happily ever afters until I lost all sense of time. I really enjoyed the ten fantasies of falling in love over and over with intriguing, extraordinary characters in all of these fantastic romances...the best book-high on earth!

All Five-Star Must Reads for these beautifully written love stories!

No Ordinary Billionaire by J.S. Scott
A wonderfully enticing story of a dirty-talking, badass billionaire, Dante, back home in Maine recovering from injuries, when he meets the intriguing quirky doctor of all his sexy fantasies, Sarah. Oooh Yeah! Dante sets his sights on winning Sarah's heart and nothing or no one will get in his way...I could not put this book down and you won't be able to either! Steamy and heartwarming! Hot cop and a billionaire..Thee perfect combo pack! Well, besides his perfect eight-packs abs...

You Only Love Twice by Lexi Blake
Wow! I never saw this coming! I got so wrapped up in this story of the PTSD Veteran, Jesse, and how he conquers all his fears when he knows that the woman he loves from afar, Phoebe, is not only a spy trying to expose him as a traitor, but also the Sub of his dreams that he can't live without. Now, he just has to convince Phoebe to give love a second chance...Oh man, this is such a thrilling and sexy BDSM story filled with so much passion and danger! A stay up and read all nighter book!

The Highlander's Hope by Cali MacKay
GOD! I really love steamy highlander stories, and this series is Amazing!! I love the lyrical Scottish accent and the bits of history, while still reading in the present day. Such a suspenseful story with all the mystery and danger swirling around Catriona and Iain, while they try to fight their sexual attraction and try to find a centuries old lost treasure that could save Iain's family from a huge debt. I was hooked from the very first page! Just such a fantastically sexy falling in love story with the brutally gorgeous Scot, and loads of sweet panty melting action! Delightfully Magical!

Stone Walls by A.M. Madden
My first novel by this author and I was not disappointed! This is a fast paced, sexy, engaging story that had me on the edge and flipping pages as fast as I could! Ben is all manly man! He is ripped, steadfastly single and a badass cop! Whew, have mercy hot! When all goes from sugar to shit, Ben has to pull his head out of his ass to keep danger away from the ballsy woman who has wormed her way past all his stubborn defenses and imbedded herself deep into his stone cold heart. So many feels and so good!

Say My Name by J. Kenner
I just crave more Jackson Steele. This guy made me shiver! Oozing power and sex that radiates from every pore of his gorgeous body, Jackson is a man in high demand in every way, in business and in pleasure...and now, also by his ex, Sylvia. The one woman who was his everything, in every way, and the one woman who has come back into his life to beg him to work for Stark...but he has other plans...Everything is now up for re-negotiation, especially Sylvia's submissive heart. A wonderful mix of heartache and forgiveness, with a whole lot of sexual-healing love thrown in...So freaking epic!

Changing His Game by Megan Erickson
Holy Hotness I love this story!! Uber sexy geek millionaire, Austin is secretly in lust with an employee, Marley, but can't reveal that he is really her boss, not just an IT nerd, until he can get her to fall in love with him and fall in his bed first! Marley won't be derailed from her life plan so easily though...she wants that promotion no matter how many great kisses Austin delivers... Squee! This is so awesome! What a fun and sexy story! A fantastic and steamy read! I'm a major fangirl now!!

Manwhore by Katy Evans
Boy! Malcolm Saint is my McDreamy! I love this title, honestly it's why I bought it! Once I started reading, I was full on crazy happy dancing!! I really really love how Rachel starts out thinking she can get her column done and be totally immune to all of Saint's charms, but soon discovers that all his money, power and devilishly handsome good looks are all a smoke screen for the true caring man inside the tux...How can she resist? How can she do her job without wrecking her life? I can not wait for part two! This is absolutely one of my "bookshelf must have" Hella Hot favorites!

Midnight Ride by Cat Johnson
OMFG I love this story too much, if that's even possible! I can't stop reading it over and over!! The seriously smoking hot cowboy, Tyler, is absolutely gobsmacked in love at first sight with a curvy older widow, Janie. Now all Tyler has to do is convince Janie she can't live without him...and Tyler never backs down from a sweet sexy challenge wrapped up in a few dozen orgasms to boot! I so love a romantically steamy cowboy story and this book goes way beyond all of my wildest wet dreams!

Seduced By My Doms by Jenna Jacob
If you like erotic and sensual male-female-male menage..then you just got so lucky! Holy Shit! This story is freaking incredible! James and Ian have to slowly introduce and seduce the sweet, feisty nurse Liz, opening her eyes to a whole new exciting world of BDSM and her submissive side. Rule one: Do what the Dom says... Rule two: See rule one...Hopefully their kinky little beauty can open her heart as well and decide to seek committed love in the arms of two men instead of sacrificing her dark desires for the revenge of her brothers death or the "good girls don't do menage" voices in her head. Well...Working in tandem with multiple orgasms ought to convince her! Ya baby!

Dare To Hold by Carly Phillips
My heart was just so wrecked reading about all the crap Meg has gone through! I have never cheered so hard for a "happily ever after" ending, ever! I love the way Meg is so brave and strong even in the face of so much heartache. And! He is the ultimate sexy cop with a soft spot for cute damsels in distress, and Meg makes his heart melt instantly! This is a gripping yet fun roller coaster romance story with lots of heat and passion to make even the "true-love" doubters swoon! What a great series!

Enjoy all these Spring Fling Reads and get ready for some Steamy Summer Reads next Month!!

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May 13, 2015 - YUP. I'm A Vamp-Girl! V.M Black, Eden Bradley, J.S. Scott

Incredibly Erotic And Lovable Vampires!

Alrighty paranormal-romance addicts...I love all vampires, and I mean ALL! I first became obsessed with this genre way back when I was a teen, but lately I've really sunk my teeth into these three brilliant author's stories...I really really love how decadently dark and sexy dominant they all are! 
Beware: read at your own risk...Biting Lusty Vampires ahead...don't say I didn't warn ya!

The Blood Of Life: Books 1-3, Cora's Choice Vampire Series by V.M. Black
When a very ill young co-ed turns to an experimental treatment for a cure or could die trying, she finds a billionaire vampire who boils her virginal blood and dangerously entangles they lives together, way beyond just a cure....I'm so in! Wow, a seriously intriguing story! 

Dorian Thorne is a handsome taciturn philanthropist vampire and he has the miracle Cora desperately needs. The unfiltered, head-strong Cora is caught between two unpleasant from terminal illness, the other, a blood bonding cure with the sexy devil himself,'s a girl to resist? 

Cora ends up with a lot more than the cure she bargained for...she is now owned, body and soul, by the illustrious and mysterious Dorian Thorne...forever. Cora's not sure if that's a good thing...

What a cool story! V.M. Black writes with enticing originality that hooked me immediately. Such a really great suspenseful sexy paranormal romance serial! A thrilling tale of strong binding love that hopefully can conquer all evil...literally! Dorian had me drooling the minute I met him..tall, dark, mind-blowingly gorgeous, with all that edgy powerful magnetism that's just irresistible! Ooh..head to toe goosebumps! 

Must
Rites of Blood: Cora's Choice Vampire Series 4-6
Time After Time:Cora's Bond Vampire Series 1-6

The Turning Kiss: The Midnight Playground Book 1 by Eden Bradley
Nissa's a lost but brazen young woman, battling life's daily struggles all alone in 2069 London. Until one day, she gets the opportunity of her dreams...An invitation to the exclusive Vampire Club, Midnight Playground. Eternal belonging is now just a kiss away...will Nissa have the courage to accept immortality..and love?

Hex and Aleron are rapacious vampires, who have been together a long every way inhumanly possible, and with many others as well, but now they have a craving for much more...just what that is, they're not quite sure...Until one night, Hex feels Nissa's presence in the club before he even set eyes on her...but when he does, Hex just knows. She's the one for them.

In this series, Eden Bradley creates a dark world of captivating vampires in a new and fascinating sensual romance series, unlike anything I have ever read! Everything about the decadently lascivious vampire club just pulled me in and I never wanted to leave! All of these stories are wildly arousing, with uninhibited BDSM, bold sex-play, and risqué ménage that is so deliciously naughty and passionately alluring...I was left mesmerized by this steamy panty-melting erotica! 

Now I'm the one begging for just one more bite...Way too tempting-to-pass-up explicitly erotic reads!  Go on...You know you want to...

Midnight Playground Series: 2-5
The Turning Kiss

Ethan's Mate: The Vampire Coalition by J.S. Scott
After hundreds of years of being a rule enforcer, Alpha-protective vampire, Ethan, who's been championing the human-race's rights to be more than just food for "the fallen" to destroy, is finding his immortal existence very empty and meaningless. Only finding his one-true human mate with the matching mark, can restore his will to live and his soul to his body. But Ethan has long ago given up all hope of hearing that dreamy voice call to him for mating...Ethan also stopped believing in true love.

Then one night, on patrol, Ethan feels his mate, hears her cries calling him, sees her beautiful body writhing for him in her dreams...he then scours the city to find her. Now Ethan will conquer and destroy anything that stands in his way to get to his one true love, Brianna. Ethan will have to battle "the fallen" plus Brianna's fears, confusions and deadly disease to convince her that his lust at first sight is also eternal love with an unbreakable vampire blood bond.
Phew! Sizzling hot sexy insatiable vampires..yes please!

Who wouldn't want a gorgeous dark dominant vampire to barge into your life, sweep you into his strong arms for all eternity, and take you to a blissful sexual high that you never ever want to come down from?...Ah, no one in their right mind that's for sure! 
I get all tingly just thinking about it! 

Wow! J.S. Scott's vampires just do it for me! Bonafide sex gods, devastatingly handsome and eternally devoted to boot! I fell hard for them all, and you will too!

The Vampire Coalition Series
The Rough Mating Of A Vampire, novella
Rory's Mate
Nathan's Mate
Liam's Mate
Daric's Mate

Valiant vampires + Beautiful Damsels = Book Heaven... in my world!

Happy Reading!

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April 24, 2015 - Sexy Regency Romances by Natasha Blackthorne

Deliciously Naughty! Wildly Alluring! Really Engaging Stories! 5 Stars!

Oh. My. God! I am completely and irrevocably besotted with all of Natasha Blackthorne's historical erotic romance novels! These stories brought my regency romance dreamy fantasies to life on each and every page! The most steamy, lovingly passionate regency romances that I have ever read!

Compelling and kinky tales of forbidden love and sex-capades among the society's elite ton...where all their naughty fantasies were done secretly, yet openly accepted as the norm. I have read quite a few books in each of her series now, but in the spirit of tantalizing a taste for Regency Romance, I will only reveal a tiny smidgen of the first ones... loosen your corsets ladies, your about to swoon!

Grey's Lady (book one of Wild, Wicked & Wanton)
I was instantly smitten with this story about a low-born independent beauty, Beth, and the handsome millionaire tradesman, Grey! I was swept away into a rainy spring day in 1812, Philadelphia...Transported to a place where the electric current in the air was not just from the lightening strikes!

Grey's attention is totally consumed by the hauntingly beautiful woman, Beth, in a bookstore...where all hot men should be by the way! I love how he can immediately sense her gaze and feel her very presence....I love his tingles of awareness!

When their eyes meet, Beth doesn't shy away. Oh no, she boldly and blatantly appraises him with her smoldering, longing gaze that Grey can not resist. 

Wow! I have never been hooked on a book that fast in the first few pages! Goodness gracious, that's hot! 

Beth and Grey's lustful passion is so erotically primal and intoxicating! Beth is the blushing, bold pursuer and makes the first advances towards Grey. Her proposition of a carriage ride in the hard pouring rain was unbelievably brazen!
Beth has completely enchanted and seduced Grey into inappropriate thoughts and thrown his controlled ordered life into absolute lusting chaos!

I adored both sides of her personality, whether as Elizabeth, the "good girl" all about the family or as Beth the "free spirit". I admired Beth as a true woman out of time heroine, who believes she is just as worthy of all entitlements and respect as any high born lady..she will be no man's mistress, no matter the beneficial enticements! 

I really couldn't stop reading about Grey and Beth. I had to see where the wild and wanton woman led the obscenely wealthy, gorgeous businessman. They truly have a raw soul-to-soul connection that stripped them both bare and exposed that rare, elusive true love, that both Grey and Beth had been actively avoiding their whole lives.

This is such an exciting, sexually explicit love story that undoubtedly rocked my world! I love the line, "A woman could become a slave to this sort of passion."...Oh Yes I am! 

Now on to read White Lace and Promises to see what's next for Grey and Beth! So exciting! Desire this Hot should never be extinguished!

A Measured Risk (book one of Regency Risks)
Now, this is quite the emotional story about a recently widowed young Lady and a very sexy, entitled Earl that is out of this world erotic! I love love this steamy Regency story! It's the Autumn of 1818, England, and the Countess of Cranfield, Anne, is in a heated disagreement with her cheating, boyish, louse of a husband in their carriage. Catastrophe befalls them and Anne is now a traumatized widow, wealthy beyond her dreams but locked up tight in her mental isolation, immobilizing fears and an outcast by the jealous ton.

Then a fateful meeting a year later at the stables, with a very debonair, Viking-like handsome Jonathon, The Earl of Ruel, rescues Anne and exposes her neglected heart. Jon commands her thoughts and compels her body to long for forbidden, dark desires she has only ever dared dream of...until now. 

Jon and Anne are instantly attuned and drawn to each other. Their connection and passion is formidable and unnerving, but addicting and undeniable! The libidinous dominant, Jon makes the shy intellectual, curvaceous Anne an extremely tempting offer. He will help Anne conquer all of her fears if she will become his submissive, sexual plaything for one month...His to own, completely.

I love this..."Temptation tingled through her, increasing with every beat of her heart ... Reckless." Oh so very true! Jon and Anne's untamable desire is wildly incinerating! What's a besotted girl to do? Well, accept Lord Ruel's tantalizing offer, of course, and pray she survives with her heart in tact!
This story of Jon and Anne is just so fantastic, I really want to squeal with joy! This is everything I could ever want in a Regency romance book! So much passion and heart warming moments between Jon and Anne that is so captivating and erotically edgy at the same time! There's such a slow build up of deep trusting love, with a lot of light D/S foreplay that is just so freaking hot! I could not put this book down! It's That Good! This novel makes me dream of this sexy-rake Earl doing very naughty deeds...mmm!

I love how Jon may dominate Anne's body and heals her traumatic fears, but Anne truly has control of Jon's heart and soul! 
Such an amazingly beautiful and kinky love story that left me spent and a bit emotional..but in the best way! I have got to go read Trust Me to find out the HEA of Anne and Jon right now! 

 A new review for the new release today (June 12, 2015) of:

The Delicate Matter of Lady Blayne

Delicately Captivating!

Just one look...James stood still, transfixed by the enchanting sight of the woman of his dreams by the roses...This fantastic and intensely passionate story kept my curiosity humming while knocking hard on my heart 'till the very last page! It will be swirling around in my dreams for days! Brilliant and moving! I swooned, I cringed, I gasped..and I just couldn't read fast enough! 

Such a startling and beautiful adventure...wrought with deep sorrow and shocking deceptions, yet overflowing with an unbreakable spirit of hope and the ultimate triumph..Love! I relished being dropped into this magical world..given a bumpy carriage ride back in time, while also lusting madly for James Blayne, a rich baron Scot. He's been haunted for years by his past love, Catriona, his cousin's widow, who is now barely coping with guilt and shame of a very delicate matter. 

They are finally reunited, but unfortunately, the vilest of evil lurks in the "well meaning" people preying on Catriona's grief. James and Catriona escape the confines of Landbrae, reignite their passions, and unravel the painful secrets that imprison her mind and body. 

If she cannot be good, at least she'll be honest...the past too painful, the present too unsettling, but the devastatingly handsome Sir Blayne, who is carnal temptation personified, may be her only hope...

Catriona entrusts her forbidden desires to James' dominating control as she flays her soul wide open to be worthy of his loving affections, even if it's not forever...Can a spirited naive Lady win the heart of her ultimate dream lover? Such a brazenly romantic story! A truly memorable Sigh-Worthy must read!

So to all my lovely these and all of Natasha Blackthorne's other Regency Romance books, they will definitely be the new dreamy favorites in your book-world like they are in mine! Enjoy! 

Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series
Regency Risks Series
His Harlot
Her Mystery Duke

Thank you Natasha Blackthorne for sharing your amazing stories! Reading your books sprinkles a bit of special magic on to my world!

I really wish I had found you sooner! 

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