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Gotta ReRead! One Wicked Night by Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley)

I’m ending this awesome book year with a story I fell in love with instantly a long while ago, and I re-read faithfully a couple times a year. I have a strange fascination and a giddy compulsion to read this erotic historical romance over and over. Just the title alone drew me in, and then as I read, each page and each chapter captivated me and still does. When all the mystery, danger and deception reached a breathtaking crescendo, I was obsessed, totally and completely.


One Wicked Night by Shayla Black, writing as Shelley Bradley, is one of those stories that is not only unputdownable but extremely romantic. I absolutely love everything about this story. It has every element of its genre, a few sub-genres wound in that I love to read about, and it’s even a bit taboo! Amazing is too small an expletive, but it is so original, sexy and engaging.

Lady Serena Boyce is a married woman, and her husband is a Duke. All her life she’s prayed for a peaceful home, a kind husband and a house full of children. Only now her much older husband is unable to make love, never mind make a baby that they both desperately need and want. The Duke needs an heir as soon as possible and if he can’t conceive a child upon Serena then he has just the solution ... Only the god-fearing Serena can’t imagine having an affair with a total stranger, committing adultery, just so they can save the Duke’s estates from a horrible nephew inheriting ... but fate has intervened when Serena is rescued from an assault by a handsome, irresistible and compelling Marquess, and willingly melts in his arms for the first time in her sheltered life.

The Marquess Of Daneridge, Lucien Clayborne faced with another lonely night, drinking away his pain and sorrows, or seduce the angelic damsel that he just rescued from a robber. She is mysterious, beguiling and beautiful. The best part of their accidental encounter is the fact that she’s stranded and he is her only way home, with a slight detour to his residence ... Lucien needs her arms and her warmth for comfort, for solace and for an escape ... just one night. One wicked night. He’s been burned and scorned by his ex-wife and has no intention of ever trusting a woman again. But this one powerful night with this enchanting woman has Lucien on a collision course with a new destiny and a second chance at redemption ... If he can just find out who she is first.

I think these two characters, Serena and Lucien are one of the most memorable couples I have ever read about, they are one of my most favorite hero and heroine in an erotic romance. Lucien and Serena are complicated complex characters and I love how they meet. How they become mystery lovers then inconvenient enemies. When a secret unexpected surprise brings them together, the adversity binds them and exposes their true hearts. They both have had so many disappointments and disillusions in their pasts about what they thought love was, that leads them to question all the heartache and desperation. So when destiny throws them together on that clandestine stormy, rainy night, their world’s are turned upside down irrevocably ... and one wicked secret night will last a lifetime.

Serena Boyce’s pious upbringing had so many strict ideals forced upon her that she’s trying to live up to, and trying so hard to be perfect. She wants to be the perfect Duchess, the perfect wife and a perfect woman of society because her family’s past is so scandalous. Lucien Clayborne is a man who’s always in control, and always in a position of power, but when his life falls apart as he watches all that he loves slip away, Lucien becomes regretful, bitter, angry, jaded and distrustful of all women, but mostly he questions of his own sanity and judgement.

When Serena and Lucien are together it is pure magnetic passion. I really enjoy their angsty struggles, how they fight their deep desires and lusty emotions, how they war within themselves and with each other at every turn. But what’s really overwhelming and addicting is the magnificent sexual chemistry, the true love connection between Serena and Lucian that cannot be denied no matter what troubles cross their paths. I love this story because it has the dangerous mystery, some sweet surprises and a whole lot of hot, sexy romance that just melts my heart and makes my heart race every time I read this book ... it’s just soooo good!

So thank you everyone for a great year of romance reading, and goodbye 2017, it was a fantabulous book year ... and hello 2018, I can’t wait to read all the new sexy romance that will be coming my way!

Gotta Read! Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

Oh my god, where do I begin to tell you all how I’ve fallen madly in love with Truth or Beard by Penny Reid. Why haven’t I read her books sooner?! I’m so mad at myself for having this book sitting on my kindle all this time and not reading it till now! It’s an absolutely, positively brilliant book in every way! Truth or Beard is sweet, sexy, laugh-out-loud too funny, and I am absolutely, positively smitten with these bearded hotties, the Winston brothers.


I love Penny Reid’s pure balls-to-the-walls boldness in her writing and her amazing, vivid imagination that makes the most beautifully quirky pictures with words on each page! All of her characters have the funniest down-to-Earth, off-the-charts unique personalities and have the most wildly inappropriate, did-They-just-say-that-out-loud-conversations that are the funniest I’ve ever read!

I just can’t sing this book’s praises loud enough ... it’s just fantastic! And big bearded good-hearted heroes will always be my book-thing!

Duane Winston has a rep. He’s a good guy, but kind of on the direct, blunt, and quick to rise to any occasion kind of guy. He has a twin, Beau, but other than being identical looking, they are pretty much opposites in the personality department.

Duane keeps all his emotions under a tight wrap, never wears his heart on his sleeve, and definitely doesn’t talk about feelings. He races cars, fixes cars and owns cars. Now that’s all Duane’s life goals in a nutshell ... except for the girl who could ruffle his feathers, tease him till the cows come home, and give as good as she can take faster and better than anyone else on the planet moves back to town. Now all Duane can think about is how to make Jessica James his sweetheart for as long as they both shall live, preferably right here in Green Valley. Now all he has to do is maybe pretend to be Beau, just for a few minutes, no harm in that right?

Jessica James has been gah-gah over the ultimate nice guy, Beau Winston, since forever, and his twin Duane has been her arch nemesis for even longer than she can remember ... but no one is going to squash her dreams of seeing the world and living the life she’s always wanted.

Well, Jess will travel just as soon as she can pay off her school debts to become a math teacher, and then she’s off to experience everything the planet has to offer. One single dreamy moment of being kissed like she was Beau Winston’s everything might keep a girl in Green Valley forever. Only one problem. That fantastic kisser who rocked her world and made seven minutes in heaven seem like way too short a time in the lust zone with all the hands and lips touching her all over then suddenly pumping the brakes, giving her that crazy 'you're up to something' grin she’s seen a million times on that face, is Duane “wow what a kisser” Winston. Not his twin. Damn that man! Now he’s gone and done it, making her fall madly in love with the big beardilicious aggravation!

Jessica and Duane are two of the greatest characters and my new favorites for so many reasons. They are warm, light-hearted and unique. Their sense of humor is refreshingly open and honest, sassy yet sincere, teasing and flirty all at the same time. I’ve never read a funnier comedic contemporary romance ever! It’s sexy, sure, but also just so darn sweet ... Duane won me right over, as soon as I stopped being so mad at him.

Duane Winston had me spitting nails one minute, and lusting after him the next, just like Jess! And Jessica was one big bundle of nervous energy whenever she was around Duane. Her heart ping-ponged around so many times I got a bit dizzy, but only in the best way. Great side characters too, like all of Duane’s brothers and Jessica’s best friend Claire, adding so many laugh out loud moments and heartfelt emotional hugs all the way through.

What an amazing, fun book to read in every way and I’m so sorry I took so long to read it ... so now that I’m thoroughly addicted to Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers Series, I’m going to have to read them all, I especially can’t wait to read all about Cletus!

Gotta ReRead! Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh

Achingly Heartwarming! Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh is suspense-fully romantic! I love how this author creates her perfectly imperfect worlds of romance, intrigue, and angst in this Nauti Series, beautifully depicting all the natures of war, pain, and suffering in every form and the strength of the human spirit to overcome it all, physically and emotionally.

Heart pounding and heart melting all in one extremely exciting, thrilling, and sensually sexy, suspense story!


Natches MacKay is my favorite veteran of the three cousins who served in the military in this fantastic series. He’s so gorgeous, so flirty, while also quiet, disciplined, and an isolated loner. Natches has had nothing but hard times since birth, and now only expects the worst at every turn. Each day is one more day living in PTSD hell not only from being a sniper in the war but also from his horrible childhood. Nothing gives him a moments peace from his nightmares and daymares .... until he reflects on one fateful night in the desert. A brave, stubborn, amazing woman needs his help to escape her interrogation torture, and Natches sees his future flash before his eyes. Chaya Greta Dane may be the damsel he rescued, but she’s the one who rescued his heart that night, and Natches is now on a mission to return the favor. Years later, every time Chaya comes to town, she continually ignites Natches passion ... only on this visit, Chaya will be his for good.

Chaya Dane is the toughest character I’ve ever read. Her sacrifice and bravery totally awed me and I especially love that nothing about her unassuming, plain character is the typical or expected heroine in an erotic romance. She thought she had the perfect life: a wonderful husband, an adorable child and a dangerous job for military intelligence. When she took a routine assignment to the Middle East, Chaya thought she’d be back home in a few days. Unfortunately shit hit the proverbial fan, she was captured and tortured in the most violently unimaginable ways. Come to find out her tormentors were in cahoots with her two-faced double-crossing husband and it cost her everything and everyone she holds most dear ... But a mysterious flirty rescuer motivates Chaya to run, to live and to exact revenge with his unbelievably deep sexy voice and his breathtaking kisses in the middle of a sandpit hiding from enemies. Her heart is all in, her body wants Natches more than air, but she pushes him away for his own sake with two words guaranteed to cool off his jet, “I’m married” ... Now years later, how many second chances can a girl get with a guy like Natches?

I think I love reading this story over and over because it has so many excruciatingly passionate, love-denied moments that just make me swoon. Both characters are so ultimately good inside, but so extremely broken outside. Unselfish and self-sacrificing should be their middle names. Chaya and Natches don’t feel worthy of each other or deserving of a second chance at life or love. Both are riddled with pain and guilt, brimming with the need for revenge. But their chemistry, wow, it’s explosive and addictive ... I just find myself rooting for Chaya and Natches to call a truce, quit their schemes, and finally just be together ... it’s one of the most amazingly frustrating and heatedly heart-melting stories I’ve ever read!

I’ve been reading all of this author’s books for over a decade, and each series, each genre, each romance just gets better and hotter ... Lora Leigh is an absolute one-click must-read author for me, so go give her books a try!


Gotta Read! Sol, Love In Translation 1 by Leslie McAdam

Sol by Leslie McAdam is a contemporary romance masterpiece between a HAF Army veteran and the sexy hippie princess of his dreams. Beautifully written, artfully creative, exquisitely heartwarming and absolutely moving in every way ... just be prepared for all the ugly cries!



Sol is all about lighting up a new path in Danika and Trent’s awe-mazing world and bursting them into a bright future. It’s an authentically touching story, that’s not only supremely sexy but also beautifully inspiring. The book setting in Spain and Spanish culture makes the story even more magical and romantic. Every chapter is a shimmering gem, with golden nuggets of goodness and sexy surprises throughout. Leslie McAdam wraps me up into this brilliant story of overcoming all sorts of pain and having a second chance at life, no matter what has been thrown in the way.

Sol has so many wonderfully enticing elements. It’s opposites attract sexy with the older woman and younger man connection. It’s also a little forbidden with the a man crushing on his best friend’s older sister. Then Sol gets a bit taboo when the story changes to an Army veteran becoming a student and pursues his college professor ... and the best part? Trent and Danika are all of those scenarios all bundled up in one hell of an erotically romantic story that moved me to tears and made me fall in love with their unbreakable connection no matter how bumpy the road to happiness gets.

I’d known. I’d just known that we had an attraction that neither one of us wanted to admit. Her reaction proved it.
And now, for fuck’s sake, I had to leave.
This kiss was a goodbye when we’d never said hello ...
“I’m sorry I didn’t do that sooner.” The words tumbled out as I let her go. She slid off the pinball machine. Her stunned eyes gazed up at me, her lips swollen, her breath coming out in pants.
“I wish our first kiss wasn’t a goodbye kiss.”

Sol made Danika and Trent come to life and jump right into my heart ... Trent is young, disciplined and has his life in order, till one day in Afghanistan changes him forever. Now he’s damaged, guilt-ridden and out of control, but one star shines in his vision, Danika. Now he not only has a reason to live but a new mission ... Get the girl. Danika is a free-spirited teacher with a bohemian gypsy heart. All of her life has been saying goodbye to everyone and every place she lands in the world, but when Trent walks into her classroom, her flibberty-jibbitt hippie world explodes, right along with her ovaries ... and she can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad omen. Now both must confront the unconfrontable, and find a way to move on, hopefully together choosing a ticket in the sunshine.

“Wants what?”
A grin lifted her pretty lips. “Wants to get to know you better. Four years looks good on you. I remember that time in
the pizza parlor...”
I tilted my head to the side, and hope reared up. “So when I take you back to your apartment, you’d let me kiss you the way I did before I left for boot camp?”
She nodded. “And maybe more than a kiss. Just for tonight.”
I leaned in. Better to be blunt than to be misunderstood. “Casual sex. Friends with benefits.”
Her eyes widened. “Well, if you put it that way.” She shrugged then gave me a huge Dani smile. My God, there was my dream come true. I didn’t have to keep her out of reach anymore.
“Got it.”

Sol is just special. I loved the heartfelt journeys these characters have to go on to find not only true love and true peace, but it’s also to discover the magic of self-empowerment, forgiveness and new hope like I have never read in a book. It’s full of heart, happiness, and heat! I felt their pain and I felt their love ... So grab a box of tissues and settle into one of the “best ugly cry books that will turn you on like no other” book experiences you’ve ever read!

Sol lives up to its title ... a warm place in the sun. It’s shined a light on some of the insecure places in my own heart I never examined. I not only had my own feelings exposed and revealed, but all the touching life lessons beautifully described yoga scenes and the revelations of forgiveness, helped me heal a little. This book will be a part of me for a long time. Trent and Danika’s story made me focus on my own life journey, opening my eyes to my own value and to forgive myself ... What an incredibly, amazingly emotional read for me, but so comfortingly cathartic too ... like a big hug.

Sol touched my soul, and I’ll always keep this book in the top drawer of my heart bureau forever and ever.

***All quotes in this post are from the book and are for review purposes only***


Gotta ReRead!! Predator’s Kiss, Gemini Island Shifters 1 by Rosanna Leo

Love Shape-Shifter Romance? Well, this one is as exciting and romantic as a paranormal bear shifter romance can get! Predator’s Kiss by Rosanna Leo is terrific reading! Magical, fantastical, and sexy beyond all my expectations in this wonderful story of finding one’s true mate when you least expect to ... Talk about a Bear Hug in a book!



Rosanna Leo writes with such heart! Her characters are funny, clever, good, and feel so real. The story-line is really romantic and easy to follow, but so engaging and endearing as well. There’s never a dull moment! All the sexy scenes are done so great, emotionally sweet, but very sensual ... I love that it’s so hot and steamy! It’s just what an erotic paranormal romance should be!

Isn’t it amazing when the ordinary girl-next-door gets the super hot alpha-manly man of her dreams who inspires and lights her up in all sorts of ways? Only this unusual man is way more than she bargained for.

Lia Goodblood is running from a sick stalker and runs right into an island full of mysterious happenings and strange people that she only thought were in fairy tales. She writes erotic romance books with crazy plot twists, but never in all her imaginations would Lia have ever dreamed she’d end up in the middle of her very own Goldilocks story. But what a sexy story it is when the big, burly man of your dreams, Ryland Snow gets his alpha sexy yummy bear paws on you and claims you as his mate for life.

“A bear will make a low moaning sound if it’s giving off a mild warning. In courtship, it will huff.”
He kicked off his boots, yanked off his socks, and then pulled off his jeans and tossed them onto the couch.
“And if it growls?” she asked, unable to tear her gaze away from his bared skin. Ryland offered her a crooked smile, and the sensuous curl of his lips made him appear more playful than she’d ever seen him.
“Oh, if a bear growls, you know you’re in trouble.”

Ryland Snow is a bear Shifter, resigned to be alone and running his resort on Gemini Island. He has been burned by human women too many times in his past and has no intention to relive that kind of trouble again, but there’s just something irresistibly special about Lia Goodblood that sings to his inner bear beast. All his resistance is futile when she’s threatened, assaulted and in danger of being killed on his island. Now all Ryland can think of is claiming his
mate, taking his mate, protecting his mate and making Lia his forever.

“Ryland leaned over and covered her mouth in his as the animal inside him fought for release. Lia didn’t fight it either; she clutched at him, winding her arms around his neck. He was careful not to hurt her wounded arm, but held her tight, so tightly she was lifted from the floor and her feet dangled under her. With every taste, with every sensual glide of their tongues, the need to make her his grew. Ryland reeled, feeling more at the mercy of his beastly instincts than he ever had before. This wasn’t just carnal lust. This wasn’t simply the need for a fuck. Something had reached inside him and scrawled Lia’s name on every part of him that mattered. Mate bond. As they fell apart on a breath, he knew it was useless to fight. He would make her his.”

Predator’s Kiss is a must get-must read! It’s fun, flirty and fantastic!

Thank you again, Rosanna, for writing this book and I am so excited to read all the other books in this Gemini Island Shifters Series!

***All quotes in this post are from the book and for review purposes only***


Gotta Read! Greyson, The Silver Moon Pack Series by Cali MacKay

It's Shifter Time!! I love reading super sexy paranormal romances in October! All the scary danger, all the intense suspense and all the super alpha wolf Shifter getting all lusty-hot and bothered over its female fated-mate …. ooohhh, it's sooo goood! It just gets me all wound up for Halloween with all these sexy wolves howling at the full moon!


Cali MacKay’s book one of her shifter series, Greyson, the Silver Moon Pack, is freaking fantastic!! A very exciting love story about beating the odds when life throws all kinds of wild changes in your path. What a great book escape adventure! Spectacularly exciting and salaciously erotic! There's never a dull moment all the way through!

Right from the start, trouble and intrigue find Greyson, as he sees his future life mate getting mauled, and from then on, as they maneuver their way through all the pack politics and all the dark dangers threatening Juno, they save the pack and fall in love. Such a fun read for a Fall afternoon and I loved every minute of it! An action-packed storyline with great Shifter characters makes this such an engaging read!

Juno Sorensen finds herself in the middle of all sorts of violent trouble in Wild Creek, and all she wanted was to be alone, away from all the people. Her life has been one danger after another until she had no choice but to run away and hide … her “curse” is uncontrollable and absolutely scares her. Two men who attacked her died as she tried to defend herself, and adding even more crazy to her misery, it's happened yet again with a big bear trying to rape her, of all things. Now she is surrounded by brawny, strange shifting men who either want to kill her or marry her … what's a girl to do? RUN!

Greyson Moore knows without a doubt, Juno is his fated-mate, his one true soulmate and the woman he's supposed to be with forever … only she’s not quite as convinced about the match, or as human as she appears. But Juno has acquired a lot of undesirable attention, and seems to be hunted by bear shifters for a murder she didn't commit … or did she? All Greyson knows is that this curvy punk rock pixie is his, his to protect and his to love, no matter what it takes to convince her or his pack that's she's the one. Now if only Juno would start taking all the imminent danger surrounding her seriously and let Greyson be the big strong Alpha Wolf that he's destined to be, things would be a whole lot easier. It's a good thing wolves love the chase … because Juno is gonna make his life anything but easy from here on out … she's a runner but he's a hunter.

I really love reading Cali MacKay’s stories, and I think I've read most of her books so far. All of her adventures are exciting to read and so fun get lost in … they are all so very, very sexy and so very, very romantic! If you haven't read any of her books yet, you are missing out! Get some Cali MacKay books today!!

Gotta ReRead! Seven Years To Sin by Sylvia Day

I am absolutely, positively obsessed with Sylvia Day’s inspiring regency romances ... so obsessed! Seven Years To Sin is undoubtedly one of the best historical romances I've ever read! Truly Extraordinary!

I am madly in love with Alistair Caulfield. Madly! Every single thing about him is devastatingly delicious! All that he endures and suffers through is so admirable and maddeningly heroic, but it's his unyielding, unapologetic passion for Jessica that is magically spellbinding! Alistair is truly the stuff of every woman’s fantasies!

This story grips my heart like no other.

I honestly read and reread this book many times a year, actually every year since it was released. I can't ever get enough! Maybe it's the dreamy longing they have for each other when they were young. Maybe it's the fortuitous fate that brings them together seven years later. Maybe it's the way Alistair lives his life knowing and believing that he will be united with Jessica someday, no matter how long he must wait,
even if it's a lifetime. Maybe it's the insatiable, erotic passion that draws them together and pulls at their hearts. Maybe it's how they are so amazing on the outside, by all appearances, but so imperfect and so broken on the inside. Maybe it's just how they are so right together, and so good for each other in every way.  Whatever the reason that I'm irrevocably addicted to their story, and there's too many to count, I love this book with every ounce of my being!

Lady Tarley, Jessica Sheffield Sinclair is undeniably perfect ... statuesque, refined, educated and beautiful, but at a great personal cost. She's betrothed, a match made by her father, but one that she accepts as her duty. Her husband is by all accounts a good, kind and handsome man, but Jess wants more ... a man who will treat her like a wife in public and a mistress in the bedroom.

One chance encounter in the gardens at dawn shows her what she truly craves, what she desperately desires and that's in the sapphire bright, mesmerizing gaze of Alistair Caulfield as he commands her to stay to watch his indiscretions in the gazebo. Jess’s life changed forever on that night ... she’s left a big secret part of her soul with that handsome rake.

Years later, now a widow, and set adrift to the sea of money hungry Lords, she desires to be independent, useful and knowledgeable in the ways of business. Jess sets sail for her property in Jamaica to start her new life, but never dreamed she'd find the one man who still haunts her heart and fuels her passionate dreams every night.

Alistair Caulfield has always been woefully underestimated in all aspects of his life. He’s the fourth born bastard son to a very wealthy Lord, that has been his mother’s painful secret all his life, but he is the one who has paid for it dearly. Everything he has accomplished, bought, and achieved is all on his own merits.

Since he was born with exceptional good looks and legendarily endowed, he has used all the gifts bestowed upon him to make the ladies of the ton very satisfied ... for a price. He is a man who will do anything, say anything, and take any wager to achieve wealth, prosperity and the love of his life, Jessica Sheffield Sinclair, the recently widowed Lady Tarley. But the fates are playing a joke on Alistair ... he is now involuntarily thrust into the society he detests and must now play a role to appease his mother, the family line and The Ton, but at what unimaginable sacrifice.

Jessica and Alistair have a fiery clandestine romance on the ship to Jamaica, but wading the murky, judgmental waters of the ton society is whole new level of polite games and deceptive politics as both Jessica and Alistair come to grips with the intensity of their fierce love for each other and the harsh realities of how they can be together forever. Many obligations stand in their way, but nothing will ever cool their ardor ... Can they trust their love is strong enough to weather the storms ahead?

Brilliant story, Brilliant characters and Brilliant feels on every single page!!

Most people know Sylvia Day’s books from her contemporary series, but even if you don't think you'd like Regency Romance, give this book a shot ... I promise it will be worth every minute you spend in it fully engaged, absorbed and emotionally invested in Jessica and Alistair’s memorable story!

Now, let me just add ... If, and that's a big IF, Sylvia Day ever, ever reads this post ... I would love to leave this heartfelt pleading sentiment ...

Please, please, please write a sequel to this book!! I need to know more!

I desperately want to know how Jessica’s sister, Hester and the wonderful Michael Sinclair get their HEA, and I would love, love, love to see Jessica and Alistair get their “miracle” when they take their belated second honeymoon to Jamaica.
Maybe it can be called “Seven Years To Heal” and it can be half Jessica's future story and half Hester’s love affair ... pretty please?! I really really love Jessica and Alistair, so much, and I would love to see them get everything they've ever dreamed of!

Ok ... now that that's out of my system, hahaha ...

I can't recommend this book highly enough or give it too many stars ... so to all of you romance readers who love to fall in love with the hero, Alistair Caulfield is phenomenal, a cut above ... as heart-melting as he is panty-melting!!

It's such an amazing read!!



Gotta Read! The Duchess Deal (Girl Meets Duke #1) by Tessa Dare

Warm! Wonderful! Witty! I'm in seventh reading-heaven! I'm listening to the incredible audiobook and reading the charming eBook of The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare, at the same time! Huzzah! It's enchanting, funny, romantic and heart-melting! Cross my heart, I could not stop reading or stop listening!

Tessa Dare’s remarkable Regency story is sheer brilliance! All the many layers of emotions and all the lively words make such vivid pictures in my head.

The heroine is determined and smart, a woman-out-of-time who will look at the challenge straight in front of her and give it a wink ... then add the dashing, handsome, imperfectly-perfect hero who loves her just as she is, or in spite of it, makes this a wonderfully romantic read!

The Duchess Deal feels like The Beauty and the Beast fairytale, which ... hello, I'm a huge fan, but this story twirls it up into so much more! Emma and Ash are completely engaging and sizzling hot together! I love these characters who start out as total strangers and accidentally on purpose unite, then very inconveniently and passionately fall in love!

The stubbornly sweet seamstress boldly blustering her way into the gruff and snarky Duke’s domain is such an enjoyable scene! I absolutely loved it! All the teasing funny banter and all the sensual love games just won me over right from the start! Emma's relentless search for the perfect pet name of endearment, that drove Ashbury to delicious distraction is laugh out loud adorable! Then all the ways Ashbury is befuddled and in speechless awe of Emma, trying to hold back his attractions and push her away, but failing so miserably is quite endearing ... sigh-worthy really!

Emma Gladstone has only two options ... knock on the Duke’s door and get the money she's owed for a finished, ghastly ornate wedding gown that went unclaimed by the Duke’s ex-fiancé or take the Duke’s astonishingly shocking new deal worth a great deal more than a few coin ... It can't be! Can it? He's talking about marriage!

Could a mere victor’s daughter, a penniless seamstress nobody truly marry a wealthy, handsome rogue of a Duke somebody?

Was Ashbury truly asking her to marry him or was he just in need of a mistress?

Emma was too stunned to reply! All she wanted was to have her own shop, heal her betrayed heart, hide from the vicious father who disparaged her reputation and threw her out ... now she's faced with an outlandish offer, and she'd be a fool to decline, right?

The extremely reclusive, beast of a man, Ashbury is a desperate Duke with many secret facets. Some good, some bad, but he is lustfully determined to make sure this angelic, frustrating seamstress accepts his generous deal ... not only to take his hand in marriage, he also wants to make Emma a rich duchess and the mother of his heirs ... if only she'd sign the damn contract!

He’d make her his broodmare, sure, but he'd shield her from the wickedly gossipy society, his unsightly war wounds and obnoxious, surly attitudes with all his well thought out rules. He can please her, breed her, then send her to the country to keep her safe, and never have to slice open his heart to rejection and ridicule ever again once he has an heir ... But that sexy, sassy little scoundrel went ahead and simply stitched up his tattered heart without Ashbury’s consent! Now, what was he supposed to do?

An arrangement of “convenience” this is not!

Anybody who loves regency romances, will adore this book! it's just so fantastic and truly funny! Tessa Dare sure has a magical way with words!! Five Stars!!

Gotta Re-Read! Glimmer by Beth Kery

Would you succumb to Dylan Fall?  Will Alice?
Glints of mystery and flashes of lust fill each page in the intensely seductive story, Glimmer by Beth Kery.
Such a great read! I was equally haunted and hooked all the way through!
There's a lot more to Alice Reed than she seems, more than she even knows ... and there's so much more to Dylan Fall than first meets the eye.

Beth Kery’s amazing writing lights up her characters Alice and Dylan and their blazing chemistry with a scintillating secluded setting and layers of addictive plot twists.

Dylan Fall is not just a reclusive CEO, but a loyal, generous man with a big philanthropic heart who had a rough childhood and now he pays it forward.

Alice Reed is more than her college degrees and horrible family ties would imply. She's guarded, intelligent and feels like an outsider, but she's also kind, determined and driven to be a great mentor to underprivileged kids.

The story slowly elevates the strange happenings as it exposes Alice and Dylan's painful pasts and present anxieties, hinting at a glowing future someday. This romance made my heart beat excitedly but eerily heavy for Dylan and Alice’s unconventional relationship, as they grapple to just find love in a sparkling clandestine affair wrought with taboo desires and shadowy secrets that will change their lives forever ... Could Dylan Fall be Alice's knight in shining armor, and the man to slay her dragons?

I am over-the-moon happy with how the story is totally unexpected and unpredictable, only giving me glimmers of spooky clues, keeping me guessing and on edge from cover to cover. Plus, all the bondage love making was sensually erotic and beautifully portrayed with wonderful tenderness ... just so gooood!

Dylan Fall’s commanding needs for control in all aspects of his life is intoxicating while Alice Reed’s mistrust and insecurities fuels her desire for surrender, but only in the bedroom. I really felt their spark and connection, their shared obsession and their desperate need to be needed ... truly an emotionally charged and salaciously sexy story.

“You feel like sin straight up,” - Dylan

The word “glimmer” by definition is: a faint or wavering light; a dim perception. This story feels just like that ... a glimmer, a glimpse into the mysterious man and his addiction to all things Alice Reed ... It's a bright flash into an irresistible attraction between Dylan and Alice, that only shines intermittently in the dark stillness of the night. To Alice, Dylan is like a far-off glittery star, secretly and seductively drawing Alice’s eye. But also like a shimmering mist, he envelopes and protects her, making her last remaining hopes twinkle to life.

“God, the man knew how to fuck.” Alice

Each time with Dylan is an overwhelming adventure, and Alice knows that whatever is happening to her with this attentive, enigmatic man in their secret late night play times ... the clock is ticking. All this may be confusing, may be exhilarating, may even be a bit scary but it also may be her heart’s demise by the end of the six-week executives camp at his luxurious estate. She only has uneasy feelings and dim, fleeting flickers into who Dylan Fall really is and what he may be really capable of.

“You're a miracle to me. I wanted to tell you the second I saw you. So much.” - Dylan

Glimmer is part one of Alice and Dylan's story, it is enthralling and edgy, addictive and fresh, with many layers of gripping mystery ... A very different erotic romance with powerfully sensitive D/s scenes and emotionally vulnerable characters that really touched me. In the end, it's not really a cliffhanger but not really a total HEA either ... it's just enough to keep me wanting more!

Beth Kery never disappoints with her thrillingly engaging plots and her sensually erotic romances! Her stories make all my senses go crazy and I love being in her book worlds!
I'll always be in complete awe of her work and I can't wait to start the second part of this duet, Glow!

**All quotes in this post from the book are for review purposes only**

Gotta Read! Cocky Chef by J.D. Hawkins

Finding your dream. Following your heart. Falling in love.

If only Cocky Chef had pictures! What a mouthwatering reading experience!

J.D. Hawkins' deliciously detailed descriptions of Cole and Willow’s chef’s skills and their insta-connection over their shared love of food, not only made me lust for their culinary creations but J.D. made the whole sexy story mega drool-worthy on every page!

The fresh and unique sights, sounds and smells made my imagination come alive with J.D.’s authentic writing, making me wish I was more of a foodie and going to more upscale restaurants!

Reading Cocky Chef seems fitting for my three-year blog birthday post … I love food, I love to eat and I love devouring this book! I was captivated by Cole and his self-confident sexiness and I was wowed by Willow and her passionate drive to achieve her dreams.

Their chemistry together in and out of the kitchen sizzled right off the pages! Cole set my imagination on fire and drove me wild … he is such an arrogant perfectionist on the outside and irresistibly vulnerable inside, he's the perfect bad boy!

What makes this story such a great contemporary romance for me is how Cole and Willow’s story made me feel, how it made me think about what's truly important at the end of the day. What makes someone special and what is trust. I love that at the center of this romance story is two guarded people, who once trusted, were betrayed, and slowly learned to get past all the hurt, break down their walls and let this very special relationship show them what love really means. So so moving!

I love all the heart warming places the characters took me to and took me on … their hopes and dreams, their struggles and conflicts, their heartache and growth, the healing and the love … I felt like I was really seeing Cole and Willow thriving in Los Angeles and I myself was experiencing it too in a whole new way, totally immersed in the hectic restaurant world.

This story could almost become a cookbook! I really want to make some of these dishes! I could almost taste all that wonderful food that's described, hear all the amazing heated banter, and see all the explosive passion between Cole and Willow … this book should have come with many tasty amuse-bouche and savory smell-avision!

Cocky Chef made me hungry and not just for food … and what an epic swoony ending!! J.D. has done it again, another amazing book I'm just crazy about!!



Gotta Re-Read!! Craving (Steel Brothers One) by Helen Hardt

Extreme Emotions!
Seduction and secrets surround Talon Steel, and only one woman can penetrate his armored heart.

Craving is part one of Talon’s three part story in the Steel Brothers series by Helen Hardt. This book is so so much more than I ever expected and her writing is absolutely amazing!

Talon is the one of the bravest, sexiest, most tortured heroes that I've ever read! It's emotional, exciting and engaging. Heart breaking, heart-wrenching and heart-flustering on every single page! Brilliantly bold and salaciously sensual, Talon’s story took me on such a winding, twisted ride through many dark tunnels, only to finally see shadowy glimpses of Talon’s turmoil ... with one hell of a cliffhanger! I can only hope to see some light shine through as Jade and Talon’s struggle continues in the next two books, Obsession and Possession.

Talon Steel has many painful secrets. Many emotional walls. Many dark needs. He protected his country, protected his family, and now protects his heart ... but one unique woman is getting under his skin, unraveling all his defenses, one enticing thread at a time, and Talon can't resist his cravings for her body, for her heart and for her smile. Jade Roberts will be a insatiable desire he will never be able to quench and a love he fears he will never deserve. A horrific childhood trauma taunts him, haunts him, and Talon has no future with Jade until he confronts his devastating past.

“I'll never love you." ...
"You’ve made that clear. What you haven't made clear is why you want me."
"Because I crave you. I crave your lips, your tongue, your body pressed against mine. I crave your sweet little pussy, your lips wrapped around my cock. I want to take you, own you, possess you for a night. I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until neither of us can take it anymore."
His eyes glowed, his dark nipples hardened and his erection was apparent underneath his pajama pants.
“I'm so hard for you right now, like granite. And maybe, Jade, maybe if I fuck you and take you, I'll get this goddamn craving out of my system.”

Jade Roberts is embarking on a new life, a new career and a new image of the woman she thought she should be and now focuses of the woman she dreams to be. Taking her best friend up on her offer to live in Colorado to lick her wounds, and get her bearings, Jade lusts for the one man she always felt was unattainable ... Talon Steel is gorgeous, broody, and sex personified ... he revs up all her girly parts like no other. So this is what it feels like to be a wanted woman, deliciously desired by this troubled, guarded, taciturn man, and who’s slowly becoming her obsession. The more Talon Steel’s mixed messages push her away, the more she’s drawn to him, craves him ... Now if she can just keep herself from melting into nothingness every time he kisses her ... but it's too late, in-spite of vowing to never lose her heart to this man who could never love her back ... Talon already owns her, heart and soul.

“He unclenched his fingers from my shoulders and trailed one hand up my neck to cup my cheek. And I was lost. I could never resist a face toucher. I loved the feeling of being so treasured by someone ... I was in heaven, floating on a magical cloud. The kiss was still deep, and I returned it passionately, but it was soft now, almost ... loving.”

This book took my breath away! I cried and sobbed so hard for Talon all the way through ... and Jade, so sweet and so caring, making some pretty hard decisions trying to help, was just so agonizing! So much suspenseful intrigue and so many nightmarish flashbacks ... bone-chilling!
(Take note: this series comes with warnings ... so please take that into consideration before you read)

This is a series that I am completely addicted to and will stick with me forever ... Talon’s rough realizations and brave recovery is such an awe-inspiring journey!
I can't wait to re-read Obsession and Possession to finish Jade and Talon’s rocky road to HEA!

**All quotes in this post from the book are for review purposes only**

Gotta Read! Hot Cop by Laurelin Paige & Sierra Simone

Baby Making Has Never Been So Hot!!

Hot Cop by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone is the perfect “Oops, I broke all my rules and fell in love” erotic contemporary romance!

What happens when an almost thirty, 'my-life-is-empty' librarian meets the most cocky, 'I-only-do-one-nighters' most gorgeous cop on the planet? All the panties disintegrate, ovaries burst and babies need making, like right now!

Oh My Gawd, I loved this story! This is one of the best “breeding” books that I've ever read! I'm a total Badge Bunny for Chase now! Seriously some of thee most sexiest, filthiest, funniest things come out of Officer Kelly’s kissable mouth and I loved every single dirty minute of it!! I'll take some of the Kelly Trio in a heartbeat! What I loved most about Chase is his heart, how he loves his family and takes pride in his job, it is so so sweetly endearing ... He is the total razzle-dazzle package!

I loved the sizzling insta-lust at first sight that Livia and Chase felt ... I really enjoyed how Chase’s story evolved from temporary monogamous sexy sperm donor to falling slowly, madly and deeply in love with Livia and all of his endearing thoughts of becoming a father ... major heartmelting moments!! Chase may be all hard playboy Cop on the outside but he is such a teddy bear marshmallow on the inside!

“Note to self, see if Livia is willing to play Sexy Librarian after we play Find the Nightstick.” - Chase Kelly 

What was totally engaging is all of Livia’s inner struggles with Officer Good Times and how hard it was not to spill her heart out all over Chase every time they spent time together ... such an anxiety-inducing joy ride! My heart kinda broke a little with all the feels for Livia. The story had me guessing all the way through if they would stay together after the sex-sational insemination and two blue lines on the pee-stick was accomplished ... OH how crazy cute is that baby going to be!!

“He’s hot. Like, I-forgot-what-I-was-going-to-say hot. I-should-have-shaved-my-legs hot. Here’s-my-panties-sorry-they’re-so-wet hot.” - Livia Ward

Chase Kelly is the town's hot Cop, Officer Good Times, and he's more than happy to keep that rep going... So many women, so little time. One crazy disturbance call, and his life is completely upended by the most beautiful brown eyed librarian he's ever laid eyes on and he can't wait to get her legs wrapped around his face ... but she has one condition, she only wants him for sex and his super sperm! Sure he may be a gorgeous, orgasm machine who's now basically a human syringe to give Livia the baby she's been dreaming of, except now Chase has been thinking that he is addicted to the smart and stunning librarian ... and maybe this baby making thing will just have to take a very, very long time ...

“Fuck, that kiss. That kiss. Her mouth so eager and soft under my own, the warm spray of the water at my back, and the steam curling around our ankles...” - Chase Kelly

Livia Ward, the town's ‘sworn off men’ librarian, was never a love him and leave him, one night stand kind of woman, but now her clock is ticking, she's almost thirty and needs more out of life than her sad trail of broken hearts, broken promises, and asshole men...she needs a baby. Not just any baby, a free and clear baby, a -“this is all mine and I don't need a man in my life” baby, just a sperm donor ... now Livia has just met the stud muffin to deliver her dreams with all the orgasmic side effects as a bonus! Chase Kelly is the man of her most pornographic-make-her-panties-drenched dreams if she still dreamt of men, or forever, or rings, or weddings, or true love ... but he is the total cocky package ... all hard, sexy, ripped, giant cock and luscious kisser package ... too bad they have a no-contact contract after the baby making is concluded ... well, maybe that baby making will just have to be every single day for a very, very long time ...

“It seems you have quite a prize down there. I bet a lot of people would want that very much if you didn’t keep it hidden.”
He punctuates his statement with the click of his cold metal handcuffs as he slips them on my wrists.
“You have the right to remain sexy,” he says. “Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed.”
I bite back a giggle at his twist on the Miranda rights, but Chase’s delivery is completely solemn, which makes my breath ragged and goosebumps rise on my skin.
“You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm.”
He bends in close to my ear and whispers.
“If you have trouble ... don't worry, I'm a bit of an expert in that department.”
Yes. Yes, he is. He straightens and resumes his regular tone.
“And trust me, I know how to put these handcuffs to good use.”
And now I’m so wet I’m dripping. I’ve never been so lucky to be pulled over in all my life.”
- Livia Ward 

You gotta get this sexified-doozy of a HOT summer romp-read by this amazing writing team!! It's a full blown '5 Super Sperm Stars" good time-read and I hope Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone collaborate again real soon!!

***All quotes from this book are for review purposes only***

Gotta Re-Read! Man Candy by Melanie Harlow

Holy Epic Hotness! Awesome RomCom!! Amazing Angst!
I love love love reading Man Candy by Melanie Harlow over and over!!
Hysterical and Hot! Quinn and Jaime sizzle all the sexy right off the pages!

“All I’d wanted was a little man candy, and he was offering me an entire meal.” - Jaime

Such a great “If you love something set it free” romance!

I adored how this story really gets to the heart of Jaime’s fears about forgiveness, love and commitment … but I really loved how Quinn backed away and had so much trusting faith that Jaime would see him for more than just the “friends with benefits” good time … It's over the top freakin Quinntastic!!

“Quinn Rusek could be my someone. He could. It didn’t have to mean that I was wrong about everlasting love being a myth—it could just mean I was willing to take a chance on getting closer to someone ... I just had to figure out how to let him without losing my bearings … or my heart.” - Jaime

Jaime Owens is a wild whirlwind of angst! She is the true definition of an independent in charge woman. She loves men and she loves all the play with none of the pay … and she has all her unbreakable, steadfast rules to prove it. No one will ever penetrate her thick emotional walls or break her heart … again. Especially not Quinn Rusek. He had his chance years ago, and now she will show him all he's been missing. Just friends with sexy benefits … no strings, no messy lovey dovey heart gooiness to mess up her life … it's just too bad for her she's still absolutely addicted to Quinn and now obsessed with his bod too.

"I couldn’t help it. There it was, right in front of me, the Dick that Got Away. And it was big and hard and thick. It was one of those pretty ones, too, know what I mean? One of those tall, symmetrical ones planted in a manscaped yard? Figured that Quinn would have a perfect dick. It was probably magical too.” - Jaime

Quinn’s life isn't all that it seems. Sure he's a soon to be retired hot model, and yes, he has loads of Instagram followers from his panty melting selfies and he has dreams to start a new path for his life, but now he also has his best friend’s sister living upstairs. The one he felt was forbidden. The one he always wanted but never thought he could have. The woman who makes him dream of forever and family. The one person whose known him forever and still lights him up when he sees her … After all these years, this Jaime has attitude, walls, and her guards up … well, challenge accepted miss “I have rules” … and aren't rules made to be broken? Let the sexy games to prove to Jamie love does exist begin … with him.

"What the fuck was the world coming to when a guy finally wanted to talk about feelings with a woman and she said no? And why on earth had I bet her I could make her believe in love? What the hell was I going to do or say or show her to convince her it was real? … she’d given me little tastes of its sweetness in between all the teasing and rulestating—like the chewy, gooey center in a hard candy lollipop. I grinned. Maybe I just had to lick my way to it." - Quinn

This is one of the funniest, most romantic, and best erotic romances I have ever read! Great feels, great sexiness and great characters! Stellar Reading! I am totally in love with this book and I can never get enough of Quinn!! Best Book Boyfriend Ever!

Melanie Harlow writes some of the most amazing-total-turn-on sex scenes I've ever fanned myself in a book over … so beyond the WOW! Man Candy seriously gets five kindle melting stars from me every time!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**


Gotta Read! Making Waves (Happy Ending Resorts Book 20) by Fifi Flowers

Swoon-tastic New Release! A Super Fun Best-friends to Lovers RomCom Story!

Making Waves totally lived up to all my sexy expectations! Fifi Flowers excitingly delivers all the funny, all the swoons and all the romance a reader could ever hope for in a sexy contemporary novella!!

Ok, let me get real ... I initially bought this book for the absolutely amazing drool worthy cover ... come on, just look at it!! But ... then I started reading and absolutely fell completely and totally in love with Jack and his sextastic mop-head, like lickity-split!! Whoa baby!! Foot massages?! Line forms behind me ladies!! I will agree to just about anything if it involves a foot massage ... an-ny-thing! Jack wins my best book boyfriend award for sure!

You can cut all the heated sexual tension with a knife! It's so fabulous how Jack and Mitzi are absolutely clueless about each other ... Neither wants to "make waves" and ruin a perfectly good working besties relationship, but all the luscious lust is eating them alive! And all the sweet, slow suspense in this story is a wonderfully new, romantically fun reading experience for me too! Usually, suspense drama is in dark genres, but all the heart-warming-ping-pong insecurities and trepidations just thrilled me to no end! So great!

"It’s okay... go in my purse... I have nothing to hide.”
I wasn’t so sure that was the case and decided to have a bit of fun with her as the three large beers we split were kicking in. “Special-O lipstick?” I held up the unusual tube so she could see it.
“Put that back! Don’t you know what a pen and paper look like?” I wasn’t ready to give up as the look on her face, along with its redness, was priceless.
“You carry that around with you?”
"Do you carry a condom in your wallet?” She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow waiting for my answer.
I chuckled. “Of course, I’m a guy. Need it in case I get lucky.”
“Well, there’s no difference, but I have
backup if I don’t get lucky.”
"Wow! You are prepared. I see you have a Love-Me-Box too... another toy?”
"Seriously, find the paper and pen... you’re making my vision fade...” Her voice was faint on her last words before she spoke so I could hear since I hadn’t put the box back.
“It is a discreet condom carrier, okay? Are you happy?" - Jack

Mitzi and Jack are secretly in love with each other ... not just best-friendy kind of love, but in love love. "A hot for you so much it's all I can do not to jump you twenty-four seven and obsessively day dream about you" kind of love ... But Mitzi thinks Jack must "bat for the other team," or like the movie says  "just not that into her" ... He is hot as hell, a sexy surfer, who's living with a gay friend, he does love to design shoes in their sandal business and he is pretty fantastically fabulous all around ... so he must be unattainable, right? ... NOT!!

You want to?” Get naked with Jack?
"Skinny dip?” I played dumb and he nodded with a big grin on his handsome face. “You and me? In the lake? Right here? Now?” Could I really do that with him?
"Are you too chicken?” He was already up out of his chair, heading toward a dock that didn’t show up on the map, and like a fool, I was on my feet following after him. Watching his shirt hit the wooden slats, then his shorts, he stood waiting as I dropped my dress and panties. To my amazement, I saw with just enough moonlight that Jack had a pretty impressive erection right before we jumped in.
Surely, it couldn’t be because of me. - Mitzi

It's been three years and Jack figures, enough is enough. Now is the time to stop being a wuss, stop the secret horny madness and just tell Mitzi that he loves her, in every way and wants to spend the rest of his life devouring her delectable body. So his surprise "working" vacation in a cabin in the woods seems like his best option to start with all the not so subtle hints and to ramp up all the sexy flirting ... only one problem, Mitzi just looks at him with a "ha ha yeah right" and Jack has an "Oh shit" moment ... She thinks I'm not into women?!

My very first book by FiFi and its was awesome! Fresh, Fun and Adorable! All the teasing, angst-filled back and forth between the two POV's as Mitzi and Jack madly pine for each other and how they each wish things could be different, more than business partners and more than best friends, just to be each other's everything, had me on pins and needles anxiously flipping pages dying to find out who was going to make the first move.

How was Jack going to finally make his passionate declaration and how would Mitzi react ... So much crazy hair-pulling frustrating anticipation all they way through ... and the Happy Endings Resort really did live up to its name!

What a fun read! Get some Jack "making waves" today!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Gotta Re-Read! Wild Card by Lora Leigh

When I'm reading this book, it takes over my life and that's perfectly fine by me ... Wild Card by Lora Leigh is as amazing and fantastic as a sexy contemporary military romance can get!!!

Wild Card is my automatic go-to-books to read over and over when I'm in the mood for an angsty hero, a top-notch ugly cry, a ton of nail-biting adventure and a buttload of panty-melting hot sexiness! The writing is magical, moving and mind-blowing! I mean, just look at the picture ... my poor paperback looks so well used up and lovingly abused after nine years and so many times rereading it ... And I'm All-In at the prologues, every single time ...

"You have the Irish eyes, boy. One of these days you'll see from eyes not your own, feel with a heart outside your chest. Wild Irish eyes, Nathan. When you love, love well and love true, and take care, lad, because those Irish eyes are windows into not just your own soul, but the soul of the one you love ... And when you lose your heart, you can't leave the places where your memories are best ... Don't lose the one you love. You lose a part of your soul when you do. The legacy of those eyes will ensure it."

This one book. A thousand feels ... I have a book shaped imprint on my heart from this book, it's absolutely unforgettable. I've never had a book stick with me like this story does. No matter how many times I read it, my heart hurts. My eyes tear all up just thinking about it, even more so cause I know what's coming, and then I get all wound up over all the insanely crazy choices Nathan makes because he thinks he's doing the right thing. I loved how all the desire and passion brought Nathan and Bella so close physically, the addictive sexual chemistry comes off them in waves ... but deep down do they really know each other or are they just loving strangers playing house, afraid to be their true selves?

His sacrifice ... Nathan Malone thought he knew what it would cost signing up in the Navy meant, until he had a simple rescue mission go tits up haywire and it put his life and future on the line. Nathan had it all. Everything his heart and body desired all wrapped up in one perfect woman. Only he took all that for granted, assumed his life would always be a fun thrill ride, an adrenaline rush, not the PTSD nightmare of a stranger that looked back at him in the mirror now.

"Go siorai," he wihispered, breathing in the scent of those memories. "Forever, Sabella. I'll love you forever." - Nathan

He didn't believe all the Irish folktales of a soul binding connection with your one true love, so Nathan had one last decision ... accept his fate, get out of the Navy Seals and go home to face his perfect wife, or let the damaged man known as Nathan Malone die and start a new life as Noah Blake, Elite Ops. Could he be brave enough to live without the love of his life, and spare her this uncontrollable monster? But his Irish eyes saw all, felt all, haunted all, night and day, driving him to go back to the only place he had ever known peace ... his wife's arms. His true north. Only now, she's in the middle of a dangerous mission threatening his home town and she thinks her husband is dead.

"Today he would step back into her life as another man. A man whose hungers were so dark, ran so deep, that sometimes they made him pause. A renegade. A wild card. He would come to her, not as Nathan Malone, but as Noah Blake. And he would come into her life as nothing she could ever imagine." - Noah

Her courage. Sabella Malone was a pampered princess, but way tougher than she looks. She thought she was worshipped by her husband and beloved by the whole community, but now the Rose colored glasses are off. She never thought that Nathan needed to know what she was truly about ... he wanted a girly girl, the perfect wife. But when Bella's world imploded and turned inside out when a knock on the door told her Nathan was dead. Never coming home. She died inside right along with him. Life as she knew it was over. Bella did only what she needed to do to keep Nathan's memory alive, but she was numb inside, haunted with nightmares and visions of seeing through Nathan's eyes and all of his torment. How was she going to live without her soul? How can he really be dead when she feels him, needs him, loves him and her dreams feel so alive?

"I'll love you forever, witch." He leaned over her, naked, his chest gleaming, golden flesh blocking out the sun as his brilliant neon eyes watched her intently. "Feel my soul touch yours, Sabella. Feel me love you baby ..." - Nathan

Nathan was gone. Forever. Now with the garage in trouble, Bella sees the new mechanic hired walking through the bay doors ... she knows that walk. Her heart skips a beat. Her breathe stops. Nathan? No. Can't be. Nathan's dead. Dead six long, years. But this man, Noah Blake, stirs her soul, draws her in, and whispers to her heart. There's some major eye-fucking going on, her body calls out for his ... could she move on from Nathan, could she forgive herself, by starting a new life with Noah? ... but it's his eyes, those haunting wild eyes, are making her want Nathan, but needing Noah and confusing the hell out of her heart ... Her husband is lost, but can he ever be found?

"I have nightmares," she whispered as he tucked her against his chest.
"I know, baby." He undid her braid, worked her hair loose.
"I see blood," she told him.
"My hands are covered in blood. And you're crouched in front of me. You are. Then Nathan is. Then you. Then Nathan is drifting away and you're still there. And suddenly I'm you, and the pain is so bad. And all I feel is you thinking about me. Begging me to save you as I dance in front of you and tempt you to take me. But it's not me. And it's so frightening, Noah."
He flinched. God, she had seen into that hell ...
"I didn't save him," she murmured as she slipped off to sleep.
"He begged me to save him, and I couldn't." ...
"You saved him," he whispered into her hair. She had no idea how she has saved him ...
"I missed you, Irish." -Bella

So Special. If any of you have never read a Lora Leigh book, what are you waiting for? These books are brilliant, moving and off the charts scorching hot sexy!! I'm not kidding! Seriously some of thee most erotic romances I've ever read! I've been reading romance novels my whole life, and no, I won't say how long that is, but this book is one of the best I've ever read! Grab this one up, you'll love it!

"Irish boys will keep your blood hot at night."

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**



Gotta Read! All About The D by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam

Best RomCom Evah!

Yusss! ... A new release, All About The D by this dynamic duo in the romance book world is here! 

I absolutely adore Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam individually, each with their own amazing romances, but when they decided to team up and combine their sexy imaginations to bring us this booktacular goodness ... Wow!

A whole lot of HOT and hilariously heartwarming! Fasten the seatbelts romcomaholics, you are in for something so incredibly special! I f-love Josh and Evie so hard!

Evelyn Mills is a serious lawyer by day and an adorkable DIY queen in her spare time. Evie is just nerdtacular ... the beautiful, curvy girl next door, oblivious to her awesomeness, and an untapped daring side ... One misdirected phone call in her law firm changes her life, piques her curiosity and entices her dirty girl to open an email link that's subject is NSFW from Josh, just Josh ... she just can't help herself, this could be a potential new client right? So clicky click wins. Like a ginormous lottery win!! The 'All About The D' blog site pops up, and holy hot stuff is this gonna be a HUGE new client!

"Be still my nerdy-girl heart!" - Evie

Joshua Cartwright is a big deal, very big ... gorgeous, philanthropic and a well-known architect, but it's his celebrity popularity as Portland's most eligible bachelor from a very prominent family that keeps the gossip sites buzzing. He has a hidden rebellious streak and a whole lot of secret sexy wild side! Then one stupid bet with his best friend, sets Josh on a dare to share his peen to the world, anonymously making sinfully beautiful, artistic dick pics for his insanely infamous blog, 'All About The D.' Now it's two million followers big and growing with every new post! A lucrative offer to make sex toys with his spectacular cocktopus is on the table and he needs a lawyer to get the best deal possible to cover his assets, to protect his true identity and his family name ... but Josh takes this double-life to a whole new peentastic level ...

"How do I tell her that I need legal services to protect my intellectual property, namely prized pictures of my dick, without telling her that I need legal services for my, uh, dick?" - Josh

Thankfully, Lex and Leslie used their ingenious dorkalicious powers for good, it's pure NSFW super duper RomCom heart melting heaven! All the adorable, lovable sexiness combined with the emotional, personal dilemmas Evelyn andJosh must face, make this a deeply moving story that really touched my heart ...

Josh and Evie both must weigh what's more important ... Obligations or happiness? Secrets or dreams? Client or lover? Do they play it safe where they act the way everyone expects them to, or do they choose to be with the one person that makes them smile, and makes them happy just being their true selves? Adulting choices can be life altering ...

“I feel good when I’m with you.” 
“Me too,” I say, and kiss her gently.
She whispers, “I keep trying to tell myself that this is wrong. That this is a bad move. That this could be career-ending for me and humiliating for you and your family if anyone found out.” I still, hoping she’s feeling as invested in this relationship as I am, at least enough to push past her fears.
“But this feels too good for it to be wrong, you know?”
Relieved, I pull her closer. “I know.” - Josh

I'm thinking I'm gonna be keeping a running D pic in my head for a very, very long time after reading this like four times already! PS: I'd love this book to have pics, lots and lots of pics, or maybe a link to Josh's blog ... yum!

I love to make passes at hot guys in glasses, and Josh Cartwright is HAF! That sizzling cover alone made me melty all over! FYI ... I volunteer as tribute to be Josh's official Fluffer!

"Is Josh Cartwright the universe’s way of giving me a high five after years of giving me the finger? Part of me worries I’m still dreaming." - Evie

Don't miss out on the D!! Go get some D today because it looks like there's gonna be an AATD sequel!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**





Gotta Re-Read!! Tart (A Delicious Novel) by Lauren Dane

Beautifully Done! I'm amazed each and every time I read Tart (A Delicious Novel) by Lauren Dane!

This story is sensual, moving, and so darn loving! Tart absolutely lives up to the title ... it's delicious! Tart is not just a super hot ménage romance, it's a crazy complicated, emotionally messy, love-fest too!

I adore how all of my favorite characters from her other books in this series are popped in, making me smile, and I really love how nothing is how it appears between Juliet, Cal, and Gideon as the bumpy road to happily ever after takes a big twisty turn into the ménage unknown ... Can the three of them together really make this love thing work?

Gideon Carter is a cowboy on a mission. Divorced, and back to manage his grandfather's farm, he's decided to stay in his old home town permanently, and just so happens to meet up with the most vivacious young woman he ever laid eyes on ... Juliet Lamprey has sure grown up to be a whole lot of beautiful sexy, and he wants all that all over him with a red hot passion. One kiss and he knows this is the woman he's meant to be with for the rest of his life. Only one problem ... Cal Whaley wants her, and just so happens Cal wants Gideon too. Now what kind of strange love triangle did he get himself into ... maybe the best kind?

"I'm hungry for you Jules." He took a deep breath and stepped back. "I'm hungry for you and it aches."
He bent and took a kiss, this
one more bold than the last. His tongue slid in, against hers and then he was gone again.
"I want to enjoy that ache for awhile." - Gideon

Cal Whaley has it all ... a great family, a prosperous law firm, and all the boys or girls he can get his mouth on. Cal is not a manwhore, just a serial monogamist ... one hottie at a time, but there's always a time limit. Nothing serious for this workaholic, and definitely not long term ... Cal still hopes deep down, he can have Juliet as more than friends, but that one kiss all those years ago showed him loud and clear, Juliet is the one, but he's just never been ready to cross that line ... but something's changed with Juliet lately and that change has a name, Gideon Carter. Now has Cal lost his chance with Juliet ... or does he really want Gideon in his bed. Can he have both?

"What. Was. That?"
He licked his lips and began to pace the alley.
"That was a kiss, Juliet."
"No duh. I've seen you kiss lots of other people enough to know. But why me? Why now? What's wrong?"
He threw his hands up in the air. "What's wrong? What's wrong is that you taste so fucking good I'll never forget it."
He continued to pace, shoving his fingers through his hair, disheveling it ...
"I'm tired, Jules. Tired of telling myself I don't want you when everyone on the planet knows it's a lie. I do want you. I'm tired of seeing you with another man when I wanted you first." - Cal

Juliet Lamprey is exuberant, generous, and totally honest ... a very "call it like she sees it" kinda woman. She has a really successful bakery, lots of friends, and a disheveled family but she makes it all work in her extremely busy life. She's never met a stranger, Juliet's only had one "love of her life" experience and that's with her now best friend, Cal, who gave her one mind blowing a kiss at fifteen, then when off to college. Never happened again. She is firmly in the friend zone and sits by watching Cal go through guys and girls like he changes boxers, so Juliet has made up her mind to quit pining, and she meets the perfect man to move on with, Gideon. A walking talking sex machine in a cowboy hat has just moved back to town, and Juliet is putting her claim in. Only now Cal is acting jealous. Is he jealous that's she's seeing him seriously or is he jealous cause Cal wants Gideon? Oh God!

"As it happens, I like cock too."
Cal threw his hands up in the air and Jules grabbed her bag.
"Nice one," Cal hissed as he followed her out the door.
"Wait, why are you leaving?"
She spun.
"I can't do this. I ... I can't always wonder if he's in it for me, or for you. Or if you are. I just ..."
She tried to keep walking but Gideon moved in front of her, taking her arms.
Cal moved him over.
"Baby its you. Always and only you." ...
Fuck. Now Gideon got it.
"He's right. Stop thinking, even for a moment, that if it was a choice I'd do anything but choose you. What I'm proposing is that we share you ... I want to be with you and if that means sharing you with Cal, I'm willing to try it. And yes, in the interests of full disclosure, I enjoy men."
"I have to think." - Juliet

Tempted? Tantalized? Teased? Wet your appetite for more? ... Get this Must Read today!

You really really want to read Tart and find out what Juliet decides and all the crazy shenanigans that ensue!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Gotta Read! Roped In (Armed and Dangerous #2) by L.P. Dover

Fantabulous Reading!! L.P. Dover made this sexy story so much more than I could've ever imagined! Way more than just a cowboy rancher meets a music star, more than just a dangerous suspense drama and so much more than just a contemporary erotic romance too ... cause it's all that! A standalone novel that really surpassed all my expectations! Ok, pinch me, it's too good to be true ... I F-love how this author writes!

Roped In is so exciting and so suspenseful and brings a ton of sexy hotness! Layers of foreshadowing and behind the scene intrigue with awesome unexpected plot twists, as all the unbridled heated lust-at-first-sight simmers to a full rolling boil of one super steamy love affair and into a crazy-cool, cant-put-down, action-packed adventure!!

I'm still on the edge of my seat!!

Blake Evans is a smoking hot cowboy by day, a deadly undercover cop by night, whose whole life is one big secret mission: fixing everyone else's fuck ups, saving all the damsels in distress and staying under the world's radar, for a price ... until a ten million dollar temptation chases him from the shadows and exposes his heart to the one sensuous songbird that will make him take the path where most heroes fear to tread to keep her alive ... Hadley is like no woman he's ever encountered ... a rare, sweet, boldly honest bombshell with the heart of an angel that he sees his future in her eyes ... too bad he's not a forever kind of guy.a

"What the fuck am I doing? I’d wanted to kiss Hadley since the first time she’d opened her smart mouth, but being with someone like her would only cause me problems. Once she went back to California, she’d move on with her life and I’d only be a distant memory.
What did I care anyway?
I could have a different girl every night if I wanted. The problem was, I didn’t want just any girl. I wanted the one I could only have for a short while. That seemed to be a trend of mine, wanting the women who would never belong to me. Reach for the stars, my mother always told me. I literally was reaching for a star, a country star." - Blake

Hadley Rivers, a sweetie-pie, New York city girl with a lyrical country voice, living out her music dreams ... until all the death threats come true and devastate her safe little world. Now sent off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to hide out with the most obnoxious prick of a bodyguard she's ever encountered, she makes the best of a horrible situation ... if only Blake didn't invade her every thought and warm every cell of her whole being ... if only he wasn't so fucking gorgeous ... if only he didn't kiss like a yummy wet dream come true ... then maybe she could say goodbye when the threats are gone and spare him the hair-raising hassles of her crazy stardom.

I blew out a nervous breath and he smiled, his lips getting closer to mine. “Tell me what you want,” he murmured.
“I can’t.”
“Because once I say the words, I can’t take them back.” He brought his hands to my face, his thumbs tracing my cheeks.
“Maybe this will help.” His lips closed over mine and I melted against him, willingly giving in. I’d never been kissed like that and I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted more. He pushed his tongue inside and I moaned as the heat rose between my legs. Holy hell, I wanted him. Rocking my hips up into him, I dug my nails in his back and he growled, pulling away.
“Fuck, Hadley.”
“What’s wrong?” I asked, breathing hard. He brushed the hair off my face and kissed me again.
“You make me want things I can’t have.”
I nodded. He said exactly what I was thinking. “I know how you feel.” - Hadley

Roped In (Armed and Dangerous #2) is my very first book by L.P. Dover and soooo not my last!!

I can't recommend this series highly enough ... just get it!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Gotta Re-Read! A Breath of Heaven, El Camino Real #1 by Sable Hunter

Save a horse a ride and this cocksure cowboy cutie!!

Wow, Sable Hunter sure can bring the hot heat and the sugary sweet in this super sexy romance! All the lust, longings, and love I could ever want in a western contemporary romance, all wrapped up in one huge hunk of strapping cowboy and his fiery hard-to-get fantasy-girl!

Cade is a rodeo star coming home with only one thing on his mind ... to get the girl he's been dreaming of his whole life. Abby is just as determined to keep pushing Cade away, guarding her secrets and her heart.

This story is pure angsty fun banter and sweet sexual tension on every page!! I love reading A Breath of Heaven over and over ... there's never a dull moment between these two from the first page to the very last!! Fah-mazing!!

Cade Tallbull is all burly, handsome, cocky man and pure cowboy through and through. Sadly, a really tough break growing up only leads him to the biggest blessing a homeless kid could ever dream about ... an honest to goodness loving family. The Kings were not just generous and kind, with five boys around Cade's age that called him brother, they also have one sweet, feisty, little sister too, Abilene Grace ... Now all Cade's gotta do is wait for his perfect angel to grow up so they can be together forever. Unfortunately, everything has changed when Cade gets back from a rodeo one Christmas, and his Abby is spitting fire and as cuddly as a rattlesnake ... What the hell!! But Cade is a man with a plan, he's waited ten years too long to make her his, so it's time to get this wild filly all hot and bothered with all his magical pelvic sorcery ... and he ain't take 'n no for an answer ... not anymore.

“I bet I could make you tremble, Abilene. Do you remember that one sweet kiss we shared all those years ago? You sure enjoyed it. I can still remember how you whimpered and clung to me, pressing those sweet tits of yours into my chest.”

Abby stiffened, the memory almost hurt more than she could bear.
“The kiss was a mistake, a terrible mistake.”
He could never know the truth—never. Still bracketing Abby’s body, he let his eyes rove over her face, trying to read her emotions.

“No, you’re wrong. The kiss was amazing.”

Abby Grace King is now all grown and a veterinarian to boot, but she still only has eyes for Cade like it's that first moment he jumped out of her daddy's truck, a struck her all blushy-tongue-tied ... there is no sexier or finer looking man in the whole state of Texas, bar none, as far as she's concerned, but one tragic accident changes everything forever. She'll always have that one perfect kiss to remember Cade by, but now she's not worthy of him. Best just to be mean, rude and snappy for the last ten years, than to let Cade see how imperfect she really is ... if only she could have just one night. One dreamy, magical night to show Cade how much she loves him ...

"It was like their first kiss. Abby wanted to drink it in. Memorize it, indelibly record it in the annals of her mind.
She sighed when his lips finally reached hers, a breathless sound that rose unbidden, whispering from her lips. A moment before their lips touched, Cade’s eyes opened and met hers, she reassured him the best way she knew how–by closing the distance and pressing her lips firmly again his.
Cade groaned and reveled in the feel of her soft lips brushing against his. He caught her closer, sweeping his tongue across the seam of her mouth. She opened to him, inviting him in without reservation. His tongue dipped into her mouth and tangled with hers. Cade drew her even tighter and let out a small gasp of air into Abby’s mouth, which she accepted as if he was breathing life into her body.
And perhaps he was. A breath of heaven, that’s what this was –a mingling of their souls."

Gahhhhh! This is soooo heart-melting all the way through!!! You're gonna love it! Promise!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Gotta Read!! By Appointment Only by Lisa Eugene

I'm so jazzed!! By Appointment Only has all the heart-moving moments a romance reader could ever ask for!! My very first book by Lisa Eugene and it's a swoontastic doozie!

Filled with so much suspense, hot sex, and really unexpected plot twists, it makes this a truly inspiring story of overcoming every adversity that stands in the way of true love ... What a surprisingly fun, fresh 'Billionaire meets Cinderella-like' page turner read!

Dani and Chase are two extremely different people in every way, on every level ... absolute opposites, but that's what makes this story so awesome! Even with their imperfect lives and cultural differences, they are inexplicably drawn to each other, despite that they literally push each other's angry buttons at every turn in an explosive whirlwind! The sexy-heated passion comes off Dani and Chase in glorious waves!

Although the sexy times are super steamy, all the heartwarming surprises as the story unfolds is beautiful and really makes the story ... the touching moments of intimacy between Dani and Chase, and the sweet caring gestures with Dani's daughter are so amazing!

Danielle Carmichael is a biracial, brassy, ballsy single mom and a total hot mess ... a really hot mess!! Divorced at a very young age, and left with zero money and a slimy abusive drugged up ex ... living day to day on waitress money, her life has a been a series of mistrust and mistakes ... all but for one good thing, her adorable autistic daughter, Emmy, whose brilliance and sweetness, not only makes this story so special, she just melted my whole heart!

All the trials and tribulations Dani endures to get her daughter into the best school is not only admirable but so incredibly touching ... until the very wealthy benefactor, "Mr. Rutherfucker" shows up. I love Dani's bold and brazen tenacity, her no filters outbursts and especially how she fights for herself and her daughter ... this girl may be down, but never out. That's why Dani agrees to take the intriguing offer of the weekly "by appointment only" visits with Mr. Chase Rutherford ... She needs him.

Chase Rutherford is a taciturn enigma ... a rich, powerful, sex on a stick, dominating mystery. I love his blunt honesty and uncompromising morals, I love how I kind of hated his crass asshole attitude at first, then really fell for all of Chase's sensitive passion that's hidden in his obnoxious nooks and rude crannies. He's a bruised billionaire as so many dark shadows haunt him.

Chase knows Dani is forbidden and may be a liability to a man like him, but he just can't seem to get the feisty, gorgeous, Bentley-kicking woman out of his thoughts. Chase knows his life is a swirl of dark, heartbreaking secrets floating in a nasty fish bowl, that he has too many fires to put out in his companies, and on top of all that, he's campaigning for Mayor, making him a tabloid target ... but he wants what he wants ... no one else will do. So the weekly Tuesday at six pm appointments with Dani is his only pleasure in his life ... He needs her.

What a fantastic story ... it has it all! Great sexytimes, suspenseful plot, swoony romance, a fabulous book-boyfriend, a strong heroine, and a fantastic HEA! I've really got to get me more of this author's books!!