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Throwback Fave! By Private Invitation, A Salon Games Novel, by Stephanie Julian

Stephanie Julian's books are irresistible! This story makes my heart all fluttery and the wonderful writing flows so beautifully; it's really just unputdownable!

By Private Invitation has so many lovely layers of intriguing erotic art history and fascinating family secrets, with really sensually sumptuous scenes that definitely do not 'fade to black' when the hot sparks of insatiable love start to fly between Belle and Jared! I'm Still Fanning Myself! This series is one of my all time faves to read over and over!


Would you like a private invitation to the hottest games at Haven? Wonderful!!

Then this is a must have must read series for any one who loves secret, and salacious Victorian Salon sexcapades and the untameable, gorgeous men who play them! Deee-luscious!

"Reading Victorian erotica is like listening to someone with an English accent talk dirty to you for hours on end. Extremely arousing." - Belle

Jared Golden is truly the epitome of infamous and filthy rich. An extremely handsome, self-made hotel millionaire mogul with a serious fascination for erotic art and a secret libidinous wild side. He loves to play games, and he plays to win, and he plans to win Belle ...

Annabelle Elder seems to have it all, an education, an antique shop, and wonderful friends, but Belle has deep dark family secrets she's been hiding from for years. One New Year's Eve masquerade party in the city at a swanky hotel changes her life forever ... If only Jared hadn't just unleashed all of her decadent desires and exposed the real Annabelle in his private Salon; all because of an heirloom antique brooch that's steeped in superstitions about one true love ... drawing them together like magnets. How could a story about a pin pairing off soulmates, possibly be true?

Now, not only is Belle's heart in danger of being completely shattered, but her precious family's lascivious past will also be dug up and re-exposed to the world, bringing back to life her worst nightmare.

"I don't want anything you have to offer, Jared."

"Yeah. I'm not buying that sweetheart." He traced a line from her shoulder to her hand then back up, until he came to the first button of her jacket. "I think you dream about me. I think you dream about that night and want more." When she didn't knock his hand away, he flicked open the button.

"I think you burn for me like I do for you." Another button gave up the fight. "I think you want me to show you. Right here. Right now." - Jared

Believe me when I say, this is a series of romantically erotic stories that are absolutely worth getting addictedly obsessable over!! I have them all in my sexy library ... you should too!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Throwback Faves! Two of Lorelei James' Rough Rider Series

Heart-popable! Opening a Lorelei James book is not just entering her wonderful world of amazing cowboy characters, it's also like sauntering into an extraordinary dream come true ... Wistful wishes of wide open Wyoming prairies, warm summer breezes, and big strapping Cowboys on horses galloping towards me, tipping their big black Stetsons with a gleaming wink and a knowing grin, sweeping me up in their arms and riding off into the sunset... *Swoony-Sigh*

Obsessable!! This is some real, real good readin'! I absolutely adore this series! I even went "old school" and reread all my paperbacks! (Oh how I love the feel of a real book in my hands! Don't you?!) I wish I could just list all the books, but I picked a couple of favorites to wet your whistle and prickle your desire to get the rest in this Rough Rider Series... and trust me, these cowboys really do live up to their "rough rider" name in every way!

Addictable! There ain't no better cowboys than these wild McKay's to get a girl all hot and bothered in all the right places! So here's Cord and AJ's sexcapades to love story in Cowgirl Up and Ride, and Kade and Skylar's mistaken' identity to lovers story in Tied up, Tied Down.
I'm so jealous... I wish I was readin' these gems for the very first time! You're in for such a treat!

Cowgirl Up and Ride

Belly-swoopable! This story just makes my heart swell real big! It has it all ... a lovable, gruff and salacious cowboy who knows his way around some hot lovin' and an endearing, sweet, strong cowgirl who wins over her heart's one true love pick for good. I really love all the sexy banter and innocent sassy flirtation that AJ throws at Cord, but what's really great is all the ingenious, wickedly sexy ways Cord takes charge of the naughtily innocent AJ... all night long, in every way possible! 

Amy Jo Foster is all grown up and on a mission... She will have the lustable Cord McKay in her bed if it's the last thing she ever does! This cowgirl has set her spurs on Cord since she was five years old when Cord rescued her from a snake and a run off horse... Today is the day Cord McKay will see her as AJ, a woman, his woman, and she will not take no for an answer.

Cord McKay has been burned by what he reckoned was love and was left with a large ranch to run and a baby son to raise. Now he's just plain lonely, but too damn stubborn to admit it to anyone... especially that sweet talkin' tall drink of lickable spring water, AJ, who just happens to make him an offer Cord could only ever dream of till now... And he reckons he just can't refuse.

" I can't believe I'm really here with you, Cord McKay. I've had a crush on you for so long."
Cord grinned.
"Yeah. But you never noticed me."
"Not entirely true."
He twisted a section of her baby fine hair around his index finger.
"What would you have done if I'd chased after you down at Carter's wedding last year and taken you up on your offer after kiss in' me so sweetly?"
"Probably would've lost my virginity in a car with you at the Bar 9."

- Cord and AJ

Tied Up, Tied Down

Unputdownable! Thee best "Surprise, you're a baby daddy!" "enemies to lovers" story I've ever got my hands on! Funny, heartwarming, exciting and just pure mustreadable goodness all the way through!

Kade McKay may have an identical twin, but it ends at skin deep. As soon as he claps eyes on the curvy sassy Skylar, and she rips him a new one for a date his brother Kane screwed up with her, Kade makes a split decision ... win Skylar's heart and keep her forever. If only he can explain to her that he's Kane not Kade ... Twelve months after a major blowup breakup, Kade gets the surprise of his life ... a very cute little pink bundle with McKay blue eyes bundle in his arms kind of surprise ... and Kade has never been happier. Now how to win his baby girls Momma back into his arms as well.

"Why are you doing this?"
"Because I can."
He zigzagged his tongue up the column of her throat and blew softly on the wetness just to have her trembling in his arms.
"Because you are as temptin' as sin. Because you are beautiful. Because this is how I see you. In my head. In the dark. In the flesh. So when I fuck you every way my sex addled brain can dream up, you'll know I wasn't kiddin' about how hot you can make me burn."

- Kade

Skylar is a strong independent woman, who has her own business, survived a rough time with all her family heartbreak, and now seems to have found her one weakness ... Kade McKay. After all his charmable wooing, his sweet sexy grin and his dirty talking cowboy ways, she succumbed to one night of hot unadulterated parking lot passion with the crazy handsome rancher, only to find out he's not the man she thought he was. Is it all a lie? What's a proud, intelligent and fragile woman to do... Keep what's hers a secret and make the best of it. Who needs that man anyway ... Maybe Skylar does.

"You make me feel things I never thought I would, Kade. Things that are way scarier than being tied up and tied down and subjected to your every sexual whim."
- Skylar

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Throwback Fave!! Maya Banks' McCabe Trilogy

Outstanding Historicals by Maya Banks! Every single dreamy wondrous thing I could ever want in a romance is in this trilogy! Great twelfth century Scottish warriors, bravely fierce and endearing heroines, wonderfully engaging writing, intensely emotional plots and lots of sweet, steamy loving! The McCabe Trilogy really pops me out of any reading rut and gets me all worked up with every feel under the sun every time I read them!

I love reading the books, but this time I got them all on audio books. Wow! Listening to the amazing Scottish accent while all the heart wrenching drama and sensual suspense unfolds was just out of this world phenomenal! I've listened to these books so many times now, I'm starting to talk like a highlander! You've just gotta get them all!

In Bed With A Highlander

Thrillingly awestruck! The love, strength and courage Mairin and Ewan show all throughout this story is achingly beautiful! Mairin Stewart bravely saves Ewan McCabe's son, she stands up for herself, she stoically faces life threatening dangers, and she blessedly enriches the clan with her generosity and goodness. How she falls so deeply, lovingly devoted to Ewan and the whole McCabe Clan is astounding! Then the way Ewan looks at Mairin, falls in love with her, caringly protects her person and takes such great care of her heart is amazingly breathtaking! What an exciting and brilliant story!


"Aye lass."

"I was wrong."

"What were you wrong about?" 

"You are very skilled at loving."

Seduction Of A Highland Lass 

Swoon-worthy! I'm still crying my eyes out! Unbelievably heart breaking!! Alaric McCabe's duty to his Clan has no limits. He is even to wed the woman Ewan was suppose to, so they can make an alliance, but he's torn, his heart's not in it. Alaric wanted to marry for love, not duty, but it's not to be. On his way to have a meeting with that clan about the nuptials, he and his men are ambushed and left to die. Alaric awakes to the sight of an angel, spewing out orders like the devil to get him to drink, and to live.

Keeley McDonald is an outcast, a healer and absolutely besotted with her gorgeous warrior who is near death. She soon finds a new home, a new love and a new job as healer of her new clan, but it comes with a heavy price. Her beautiful warrior, Alaric is promised to another ... and all of her love, her heart and her soul will go with him when he leaves to be Laird to another clan when he marries another. Now she will do anything to protect Alaric, even sacrifice her own life to see him reach his destiny. 

 "Do you know what would make me feel even better?"

"What?" She asked nervously. 

"A kiss.." 

"Alaric" she whispered

"I like the sound of my name on your lips, lass. Now tell me yours so I may know the name of my angel."

She sighed..."My name is Keeley"

"Keeley" he murmured. "Such a beautiful name. Fitting for such a beautiful lass."

Never Love A Highlander 

Excitingly fiery! I love the battles of the wills in this story! I love the heated passion and the slow burning love driving their hearts to commit completely to each other! 

Third times the charm..or so it goes. My heart went out to the wonderfully tomboyish woman out of time, Rionna McDonald. She was now sitting as a beautiful pawn, rejected by two McCabe brothers and standing at the alter watching her long lost best friend, die in the arms of her supposed groom after saving his life. Well, she didn't want to marry anyway, men are brutes; she loves her freedom and her sword. Unfortunately, the last McCabe brother steps up, orders for her hand, and alliances are signed. She will marry the angry, bossy, rude, gruff, desirably handsome warrior with amazing green eyes, Caelen McCabe... Rionna just has to find a way to shield her heart and keep true to herself.


"Aye lass?"

"You were right.."

"What was I right about?"

"Kissing. 'Tis a most wonderous thing." She could sense his smile, "and you were right about another

thing. There are so many other, places, where kissing brings much pleasure to."

This time he chuckled softly over her head. 

"Go to sleep Rionna..."

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

Throw Back Book Fave!! In The Flesh by Sylvia Day

Have you ever opened a book and was instantly and ecstatically transported in to a whole new world? This is that story for me.

In The Flesh by Sylvia Day (writing as Livia Dare) captured all my attention, all my imagination, and my whole heart, the minute I opened it! A compellingly fascinating sci/fi erotic fantasy, that swirlingly encapsulated me in a thrilling, sexy and heartwarming romance like no other! I am absolutely in love with these two characters, Sapphire and Wulf ... they're connection and attraction is magically, spark-flying electric!


All of the futuristic, other-worldly places, all the action packed suspense, and all the sexiness that's so edgy and erotic, just blew me away with magnificent feels on every level! This is one of the books I go back to over and over when I need a pure fantastical steamy romance to fill up my dreamy fantasies with heart throbbing, sigh-worthy reading bliss! 

This erotically engaging story of two kingdoms, battling each other for independence and highly prized resources, find the two Royals now also fighting for control of a treasured concubine as well ... Sapphire and Wulf find themselves in a perilous journey to happiness. It's a scandalously forbidden love, a desperately addictive love and an unselfishly besotted love that is worth all their pain and heartache to protect and to keep. Can an infamous professional concubine from common origins win the heart of the handsome warrior prince, without their countries going to war all over again?

"I've risked my life to keep you" she said.
 "I've risked mine to stay..." - Wulf

The King of Sari desires only his concubine Sapphire, to the utter abhorrence to the Queen, who then retires and banishes her away from the palace. When Sapphire gets to her new home with her fourteen man-servants, to her utter shock and awe, she finds an unexpected gift from the Queen. It's Prince Wulfric of D'Ashier, her country's enemy, in her healing chamber barely alive. She finally regains her freedom from her loveless concubine contract, and now only to die at the hands of the most wondrous, magnificent specimen of a man she has ever seen! 

Wulf met her dark eyes with a raised brow, "So intimate an introduction should be preceded by a kiss, don't you think?"

"What a lovely idea" - Sapphire

Wulfric stands in the healing chamber and prays for death after the torture he's just endured at the hands of an enemy, when he looks up and sees a vision of pure beauty pressing herself on the glass, her pure desire willing him to live. The prince has found his resplendent miracle and will make sure she is by his side forever, no matter the consequences to his kingdom or his heart. She is no longer the King of Sari's special favored concubine, or General Erikson's spirited brilliant daughter ... No, Sapphire is Wulf's Katie, the one and only true love of his existence, and Wulf will put his life and crown on the line to have her forever!

"My prince." She said. The sight of her made his chest ache.
"I'm all yours."

"Never forget that."
In the simulated torchlight, her dark eyes glittered up at him.
"You captured me," she purred. "Stole me. Naked."
"I'd do it again..." - Wulf and Katie

A Sensually Scintillating Swoon-worthy Must Read! 5 STARS!! 

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

A Throwback Fave! Rescue Me Saga by Kallypso Masters

Let me start off by saying ... I really really love this story and I hope my review can do this wonderful series justice, because I honestly love reading Kallypso Masters' books, so much ... I'm kind of a little nervous about finding the right words to say just how much, but here goes ...


Masters At Arms / Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #1)

Beautifully Awe-inspiring! I love how this story hit me right in all the feels! So amazingly unique and deeply emotional! Such heart-melting and thought provoking books! It's so much more than just an excellent, scorching hot BDSM military romance full of supremely hot men that'll melt a kindle ... it's such a fantabulous reading journey! Some of the most angsty, heart-wrenching and passionately uplifting books that I have ever read!

Even though the stories bring to light some dark and traumatic situations, it's written with so much warmth, caring and love. It feels so deeply intimate by starting out as sweetly romantic and then growing into heated and sexy passion. Each character's triumph over hardships and falling-in-love story is so incredible! I love all the intensity! It so powerfully moving all the way through!

It's such an enriching, heart-warming story and so engagingly endearing ... full of sensually moving sex scenes and phenomenally touching courage in all its bravest forms. These perfectly imperfect men rescue each other from the damaging effects of PTSD from serving in war, and rescue the women they love from some of life's most horrific situations ... It's filled with so much compassion and understanding, it's breathtaking!

What an opening line! "Joni, you were my anchor. I'm lost without you." - Adam

Wow, I was on the brink of tears right off the bat! ... It just cracked my heart wide open, got me all choked up and pulled me in to this heart-pounding story immediately. I instantly fell in love with Adam Montague. He will always be my number one heart-throb book-boyfriend hero forever and ever! I'll be honest ... Adam and Karla's story is my fave! I love how Karla's heart falls into her belly and goes "ka-thunk" when Adam uses his Dom voice with her! So Ah-dorable! And I really love how I get to see their lives unfold in each book too!

Kally's writing is absolutely brilliant! She creates a wonderful world of characters who conquer their demons and celebrate friendship, as she continues each character's challenges and growth from book to book ... it honestly feels like how real relationships would be ... protective and patient one moment, then hurt and complicated the next, but always so loving.

Even though it's many books, it's really one big beautiful story with many, many deeply emotional layers of romance and trauma, BDSM and happily-right-now moments. It made me cry hard through all their upheavals and nightmares, and I smiled like crazy every time they overcame an obstacle, finally letting love heal their battered hearts! All of these characters are truly authentic, poignant and enchantingly special ... Just so gorgeous inside and out!

This 5 Star contemporary BDSM series are not standalone novels and must be read in order, so go check out Kally's website, from my Romazing Authors page, and start your own Rescue Me Saga Love-Fest today!

Masters At Arms / Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #1)

Nobody's Hero (Rescue Me #2)

Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me #3)

Somebody's Angel (Rescue Me #4)

Nobody's Lost (Rescue Me #5)

Nobody's Dream (Rescue Me #6)

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

December 24, 2015 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Book List!

Sweet and funny stories loaded with oodles of magical holiday spirit that'll knock your stockings off ... In the best way!

I was a very, very good blog-girl this year, so all I want is even more romantic books like these toasty warm novellas filled with heart-melty holiday hotties! All of these sexy sweeties really jingle all my ladybells!  Ho Ho Ho!

On the Twelve days of Christmas my kindle gave to me ... twelve tempting stories that must be on your Holiday Book List!

Miracle by Megan Hart

(Part of the Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories)

Sweet, sentimental and so romantic! Ben has so many new decisions to make in his new life, like how to be a whole and happy Jewish man in a brand new way. It's burdening his strict religious soul, until he meets his neighbor, the kind, cheery, and happy go lucky Jewish girl of his dreams, Amanda.

"...I'm crazy about you. If you ask me, that's a miracle right there." - Ben

Ghost of Christmas Past by Joy Eileen

Jake's one true love walks into his bar and back into his life after five long years apart...Ghostly bullying pushes Jake to win back Ezzie's sensitive heart and gypsy spirit all over again...wonderfully enchanting!

"Its Christmas...Ezzie, I have loved you from the moment I met you. I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond.." - Jake

A Christmas Kiss by Jess Michaels

Amelia and Stephen may be estranged, but not this Christmas and not ever again. Stephen decides he wants his wife all to himself and will woo back her heart in every sexy way imaginable ... Spicy-sweet  regency goodness! 

"I want you to be my wife in more than name. I want you." - Stephen

A Cowboy for Christmas by Em Petrova

Dusty is a bronc riding cowboy stud that sets Avalee off balance the moment he electrifies her life with a sexy bearded smile and a devilish twinkle in his eye like all the Christmas lights in Las Vegas lighting up the sky ... Buckle up, this is lust at first sight that burns up the sheets.

"Wanna make another terrible mistake?" - Dusty

The Billionaire's Christmas by J.S. Scott

This is one of my top favorites in the broody sexy billionaire genre...I have a mad crush on Grady! Crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside, this guy just gripped my heart and never let go ...

"You're mine, Angel. I need you more than I need anything else on this earth... Say yes and I'll never want another Christmas gift as long as I live." - Grady

A Christmas Bride by Vanessa Vale

Need a big strapping cowboy, or two, for Christmas?...This wildly sexy western historical romance will melt the snow off the roof and overheat your kindle!! Allison is one really lucky lady!! 

"It's Christmas and it's time for us to unwrap our present, you..." - Quinn and Porter

Hope for Christmas by Becky McGraw

This is the perfect Christmas story! Sweet, romantic, sexy and so heart-clenching! Hope and Cord have an instant chemistry and a crazy pact to help each other out of their financial woes ... but love was never part of the agreement. Too bad love always has its way, especially for a Christmas miracle.

"You are definitely on my naughty list, Tinkerbell." - Cord

Taking What's Naughty by Alexa Riley

Have yourself a very naughty Christmas with this delightful smutty-licious little story! Three wise men and one feisty little virgin do a lot more than just kiss under the mistletoe at the office holiday party ...

"I have a nice little Christmas present for us all..."- Damon, Kellan, and Remy

His For Christmas by Skye Warren

Dark, Edgy and really really Sexy! Angel needs this job desperately, and Gage Thompson is the Big Bad Billionaire with dark secrets and insatiable desires for his little temp...his own personal, sweet, pretty little Christmas present ...

"I want you with me when I go home...I want to be with you, near you...That's my happiness." - Gage

Snowed In by Lila Monroe

I love a sexy story that can make me laugh and fall in love! Paige has one job, cater a party for an ultra rich douchebro, Ace Carmichael. Ace has one rule, no relationships ... but being stuck all alone in a blizzard and a big hot tub with their name on it, leads to a very merry holiday party indeed!

"I like to think of it as a holiday bonus." - Ace

Once Upon A Christmas Wish by Lorraine Nelson

Sweetly romantic as it tugged on my heartstrings all the way through! Chris is widowed with a young son, barely getting by for the last three years. All her wishes come true when a knock on the door opens a whole new world of love with her late husband's long lost identical twin, Ethan.

"Your love is the best gift I've ever received." - Ethan

The Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec

Noel Holiday and Sam Stocking meet in an airport bar ... and let the games begin!

Hilarious and Steamy!! 

Love it! All the holiday madness and Noel's crazy family is everything Sam needs to see the true meaning of Christmas and the magical power of love ... Oh yes, Mr. Stocking is hung!! Yup, I think my vagina just burst into flames! 

"I've never gotten a present before. I want to savor the experience ... Holy Shit ... this is the best present ever! You take my breath away!" - Sam

Happy Holidays and have a really fun New Year's Eve too! Enjoy filling up on all of these fabulously romantic stories and I'll see you all next year!


Tap the heart below to "like" or tap on "Comment" and tell me what you think! Thanks so much!



**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

December 19, 2015 - This Hopeless Romantic's New Reads!

Lucky You!

Don't miss these new must reads! December has been a great new book month, and I've had the privilege to read these super special books. You all need to One-Click these sexy-steamy, heart-melting romances right now! Just think of it as an early gift from you to you ... Happy Holidays!

Wren's Redemption by Katherine Deane

Whoa baby! Now this is a nicely naughty story with lots and lots of sexy spankings! It made me blush and tingly all over! Crazy Hot! So erotically edgy and so incredibly heart melting!

Wren and Jonathan are magic together! I adored the emotional ups and downs, all the doubts and fears and especially the explosive forbidden love between the rebel gymnast and the kinky coach. Such an engaging, daring and bold read with lots of heart and angst that's so creative and original!

Wren, a stubborn purple-haired gymnast, fallen from grace, is trying to redeem her image, her career and her broken heart, but in all the wrong ways. Her new coach and her perfectly imperfect superman, Jonathan has decided to take hold of the reins in Wren's life in every way, to build her back up to the Olympic star he knows she truly is deep inside. Of course, it's with lots and lots of mind-blowing red-hot spankings and Jonathan's special brand of charismatic kinky dominance. I'll never forget that amazing use of Ben Wa Balls! Wow!

A wonderfully romantic story in every way with lots a sweet erotic kink and heated loving passion!! I smiled, I laughed, I held my breath and cheered ... I even shed a few tears of joy! The really great ending nailed a perfect ten! 

My very first book by this author and definitely not my last! Thank you for sharing your lovely book with me, Katherine!

Punished (Crescent City Creatures 1) by Samantha Stone

What an exciting debut paranormal sweet romance! Such a fun read! So many different creatures, so many dangerous plot twists, and so many sweetly intimate moments ... I really enjoyed reading this very fresh and wonderfully unique story!

All the many different paranormal creatures was fascinating, most I've never even heard of, and all the different POVs from many different characters was so interesting!

I loved Mary. She's strong, devoted and determined while also being fragile and vulnerable, unknowingly a powerful creature herself. Raphael is a most unusual werewolf, big and fierce for sure, but very honorable, gentle and kind as well. Raphael and the other weres have been punished for hundreds of years, for petty crimes and now seek freedom, no matter the cost. The thrills and anticipation builds and builds until all the evil shape-shifter's plans are finally exposed and there's a traitor in the midst ...

Raphael knows his curse can be broken and his powers released with Mary's love, but now, how can he keep her as his mate for eternity and escape the death order on his head? 

Love paranormal stories? Then this action packed adventure with lots of heart and just a kiss of spicy sexiness is just what you're looking for! Werewolves, banshees and ghosts ... oh my!

Thank you for such a fun ARC Samantha!

The Sun and The Moon by Leslie McAdam

Accio-Amazing Debut!! All the feels! You've got to get your hands on this sexy surfing Sun God, like right now! I really, really got into this story and how it felt like I was reading a deeply personal secret diary, or maybe even as if Amelia was speaking right to me, like we are just a couple of BFFs dishing on our sex lives. So sweet!

Amelia is warm, quirky and funny while being a bit of a dorky train wreck ... slowly by surely winning her daily battles with her heartbreaking depression. She is a stunning, controlled professional on the outside and a beautiful mess on the all the Harry Potter shout-outs was really awesome! I love how the "mischief was managed" by Ryan and her "magic wand" *wink* Accio-orgasm! Just Adorable!

So many rules, so many issues, and so many things holding her back from being her true happy self. This story oozes romance, steamy passion and sweet sensuality on every page ... lots and lots of Amelia's no-go sex rules must be broken and Ryan is just the sex-pert surfer and coffee mogul to be breaking her dark dry spell with his own special brand of magical sensual healing... the sin-sational, ab-tastic Adonis is the hot Sun God to Amelia's cool moon goddess that keeps their world spinning wildly...Ryan is Amelia's true north, guiding her through the stormy seas of her depression to cross her into a bright, sunny, and love-filled new life ... Accio-Heart-Melting!

I solemnly swear I am up to no good as I go back to read this again and again ... Ryan is just too yummy not to read over and over ... and what a spanking-hot love-fest ending too!! So so great! 

Thank you for the ARC Leslie, and I can't wait to read more of your books!


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January 1, 2015 - Seductive Nights Series by Lauren Blakely

Happy New Year! 

Let me just start with a giant HUG to all the awesome authors I read last year! 

I have butterflies in my belly thinking about all the new books and new authors on my "2015 Must Read list." Definitely have "Sleep less, Read more" as my New Years Resolution! 

The whole list of authors I read in 2014 can be found on my site on its own Romazing Authors page... I'm always adding more. I read tons of books. The more I read the more you all inspired me to start not only my website/ blog, but all the social media as well. It's been such a joy to my heart to be "stalking" all of you on Twitter, Facebook, and now Tsu. A few months ago I had no idea how awesome www-land could be! Before in literature, there was Mr. Darcy writing a letter to Elizabeth Bennett, now it's all about the techy correspondence. I finally entered the modern age... Though I still write letters on actual paper, I think it's romantic.

I spent the holidays going to as many online book parties as I could. Thanks for all the free or sale priced books! I can't wait to dig in!

So from a FB post, I have been reading a new author to me, Lauren Blakely, and her series Seductive Nights. I gave all her books five stars on Amazon, she had me seduced at the first page! I really enjoyed the push-pull dirty talk between Clay and Julia. I loved the bit of suspense not knowing what trouble from their pasts were going to jump up and bite them in the ass. The long distance relationship was such a great twist and I loved all the sexting back and forth! Brilliant! I really was nervous by the time I got to the end of the first book because I really thought they might truly be over! I wasn't sure if happily ever after was in the cards for them! Lauren Blakely put on her poker face and I fell for her bluff! 

Then In Lauren Blakely 's next series Nights With Him (Seductive Nights: Jack and Michelle), I kinda wanted to slap Michelle for the way she back-stabbed Julia and then her so called confession to Clay...but unrequited love does suck! In time, I got over it because Jack and Michelle's chemistry is off the charts explosive! I love that Jack is a sex toy millionaire God and just rocks Michelle's world right off its axis! Lucky Girl! I was also really touched by how they truly complete each other and sacrifice so much to be together. I am glad she got her man! It was so romantic! A very steamy story and some parts made me blush!! Can not wait for her Forbidden Nights series on March 17!

New To Me.. Authors and Books to start my 2015. Happy Dance! I read everything from every genre so I know this list has a sweet fix for everyone's book mine!

Samantha Kane - Brothers in Arms series

Mari Carr - Wild Irish series

Lexi Ryan - Here and Now series

Chelle Bliss - Men of Inked series

V.M. Black - Cora's Choice Vampire series

Red Phoenix - Brie Series

Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man Trilogy

 Also look for these book series by a collaboration of authors for amazing reading...

1001 Dark Knights

Invitation To Eden

Remember: The best kind a time travel is in a book!

My Wish for you all ...Have a very Happy Healthy and Book Loving New Year!!

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November 13, 2014 - Roni Loren and "Loving On The Edge" series

I take great pleasure in reading Roni's books, especially this series, but my favorite male hero is Wyatt Austin in "Caught Up In You."  Wyatt Austin is my idea of the perfect hot guy!  

In all the books I've ever read in this series, Wyatt appeals to me like no other and on every level, in all the best ways!

This series has me believing in "one soulmate to love forever" ideals.

All Roni's books have gorgeous, but lost, main characters who need true love's patience and affection to heal them.  I love reading about imperfect people with loads of issues to get through and overcome. I feel Roni keeps all her characters "real" and relatable on many levels. 

Even though "Caught Up In You" is on my "fav radar," all the stories in this series are deeply romantic and beautifully written. I love how she bounces to the past memories and jumps back to the present to enrich the passion whether its about hurts or first kiss moments.

Her newest book in this series is "Not Until You," and it is really awesome! When you have Cela fighting her inner self-imposed demons and then Foster fighting his painful past and Dom demons, it truly makes a wildly romantic roller coaster ride. This book is a Romazing read!

Do yourself a solid and start reading this "Loving On The Edge" series and step into an erotic, edgy, thrilling journey to The Ranch!

You can start here.....
Crash Into You
Melt Into You
Fall Into You
Caught Up In You
Still Into You
Need You Tonight
Forever Starts Tonight
Not Until You
and coming soon.... Nothing Between Us

Thank You Roni Loren for all the pure joy you've given me reading your books!

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