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Ringing In The New Year by Alexa Riley

Happy New Year everyone! A new year for new romance books and new book boyfriends to fall for! I started 2019 out with a sweet, sexy, and absolutely adorable new read, Ringing In The New Year by Alexa Riley. It’s the perfect quick, hot, and heart-melting holiday novella to cozy up with by a fire and drift away with all the heart squeezing swoons ...


Reed and Cami have the most amazingly romantic story! True love that truly lasts a life time is the best kind of romance! All the yummy feels in this story for sure, and one that you don’t want to miss reading!

It’s only second grade and Reed Saunders knows without a doubt that this cute, new girl with big blue eyes and adorable dimples is the girl he’s gonna spend the rest of his life with. Reed’s dad knew when he met his mom, and now Reed has the same gut instincts that Cami is his forever. Reed keeps “borrowing” his mother’s promise ring to slip on Cami’s finger ever chance he gets, even though everyone thinks they are too young. Sooner rather than later, it’s now high school prom tomorrow and Reed intends to make Cami his in every way ... only Reed can’t find her when he goes to pick her up ... Where is Cami and how can Reed go on with out her?

All the sexy steam as with all the Alexa Riley novellas, and all the big heart feels too ... it’s a must read!

Wrapped In My Wife by Alexa Riley

Quick. Hot. Delicious. A Must Read! As far the sexy romance fantasy books go, this one is at the top of my list! Wrapped Up In My Wife by the amazing writing duo that is Alexa Riley, rocked it! Dylan and Emily, high school sweethearts, married seven years, two twin boys and all the crazy that comes along with jobs and kids and marriage ... but they still turn up the heat like they are fresh, crazy-hot-for-each-other honeymooners ... and Dylan is so alpha caveman fabulous! All that sugar between gets sour when Emily decides to get a job, part time while the boys are in school, but still a job. Not that Dylan is against it, he’s just not very for it either. All good intentions turn into major misunderstandings between them ... so some things can’t be fixed with a wicked good tumble in the workplace and Dylan has to find out how to fix his marriage and protect his wife.


I’ve always been a huge Alexa Riley fan and always will be! Sometimes a girl just needs a quick and dirty read ... and this one hits all the spots! This wonderfully romantic, over the top sexy story did my heart good! Loved it!


December 24, 2015 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Book List!

Sweet and funny stories loaded with oodles of magical holiday spirit that'll knock your stockings off ... In the best way!

I was a very, very good blog-girl this year, so all I want is even more romantic books like these toasty warm novellas filled with heart-melty holiday hotties! All of these sexy sweeties really jingle all my ladybells!  Ho Ho Ho!

On the Twelve days of Christmas my kindle gave to me ... twelve tempting stories that must be on your Holiday Book List!

Miracle by Megan Hart

(Part of the Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories)

Sweet, sentimental and so romantic! Ben has so many new decisions to make in his new life, like how to be a whole and happy Jewish man in a brand new way. It's burdening his strict religious soul, until he meets his neighbor, the kind, cheery, and happy go lucky Jewish girl of his dreams, Amanda.

"...I'm crazy about you. If you ask me, that's a miracle right there." - Ben

Ghost of Christmas Past by Joy Eileen

Jake's one true love walks into his bar and back into his life after five long years apart...Ghostly bullying pushes Jake to win back Ezzie's sensitive heart and gypsy spirit all over again...wonderfully enchanting!

"Its Christmas...Ezzie, I have loved you from the moment I met you. I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond.." - Jake

A Christmas Kiss by Jess Michaels

Amelia and Stephen may be estranged, but not this Christmas and not ever again. Stephen decides he wants his wife all to himself and will woo back her heart in every sexy way imaginable ... Spicy-sweet  regency goodness! 

"I want you to be my wife in more than name. I want you." - Stephen

A Cowboy for Christmas by Em Petrova

Dusty is a bronc riding cowboy stud that sets Avalee off balance the moment he electrifies her life with a sexy bearded smile and a devilish twinkle in his eye like all the Christmas lights in Las Vegas lighting up the sky ... Buckle up, this is lust at first sight that burns up the sheets.

"Wanna make another terrible mistake?" - Dusty

The Billionaire's Christmas by J.S. Scott

This is one of my top favorites in the broody sexy billionaire genre...I have a mad crush on Grady! Crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside, this guy just gripped my heart and never let go ...

"You're mine, Angel. I need you more than I need anything else on this earth... Say yes and I'll never want another Christmas gift as long as I live." - Grady

A Christmas Bride by Vanessa Vale

Need a big strapping cowboy, or two, for Christmas?...This wildly sexy western historical romance will melt the snow off the roof and overheat your kindle!! Allison is one really lucky lady!! 

"It's Christmas and it's time for us to unwrap our present, you..." - Quinn and Porter

Hope for Christmas by Becky McGraw

This is the perfect Christmas story! Sweet, romantic, sexy and so heart-clenching! Hope and Cord have an instant chemistry and a crazy pact to help each other out of their financial woes ... but love was never part of the agreement. Too bad love always has its way, especially for a Christmas miracle.

"You are definitely on my naughty list, Tinkerbell." - Cord

Taking What's Naughty by Alexa Riley

Have yourself a very naughty Christmas with this delightful smutty-licious little story! Three wise men and one feisty little virgin do a lot more than just kiss under the mistletoe at the office holiday party ...

"I have a nice little Christmas present for us all..."- Damon, Kellan, and Remy

His For Christmas by Skye Warren

Dark, Edgy and really really Sexy! Angel needs this job desperately, and Gage Thompson is the Big Bad Billionaire with dark secrets and insatiable desires for his little temp...his own personal, sweet, pretty little Christmas present ...

"I want you with me when I go home...I want to be with you, near you...That's my happiness." - Gage

Snowed In by Lila Monroe

I love a sexy story that can make me laugh and fall in love! Paige has one job, cater a party for an ultra rich douchebro, Ace Carmichael. Ace has one rule, no relationships ... but being stuck all alone in a blizzard and a big hot tub with their name on it, leads to a very merry holiday party indeed!

"I like to think of it as a holiday bonus." - Ace

Once Upon A Christmas Wish by Lorraine Nelson

Sweetly romantic as it tugged on my heartstrings all the way through! Chris is widowed with a young son, barely getting by for the last three years. All her wishes come true when a knock on the door opens a whole new world of love with her late husband's long lost identical twin, Ethan.

"Your love is the best gift I've ever received." - Ethan

The Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec

Noel Holiday and Sam Stocking meet in an airport bar ... and let the games begin!

Hilarious and Steamy!! 

Love it! All the holiday madness and Noel's crazy family is everything Sam needs to see the true meaning of Christmas and the magical power of love ... Oh yes, Mr. Stocking is hung!! Yup, I think my vagina just burst into flames! 

"I've never gotten a present before. I want to savor the experience ... Holy Shit ... this is the best present ever! You take my breath away!" - Sam

Happy Holidays and have a really fun New Year's Eve too! Enjoy filling up on all of these fabulously romantic stories and I'll see you all next year!


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**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

November 23, 2015 - I'm A Very Thankful Bookworm!

It's almost Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! I am so very thankful for all of you who have followed and friended me on all the different social media sites this year, it means the world to me! I'm really thankful for all the amazing romance books I got to read this year, and super-duper thankful for all the wonderful authors that wrote them! 

There's nothing better to me than cuddling up with some really sweet book nookie and falling in love over and over in all these romantic books!

Show some authors some love and check out these fun and sexy romance books, or go over to my Romazing Authors page to find even more authors to snuggle! Let's show all these awesome authors how appreciative we truly are...Just pop by their pages, one-click all their sexy novels and when you finish, leave a review wherever you bought the book...See? Easy!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Big hugs!

So, my fellow bookaholic bookworms... Ready to fall in love again eight times over?! Well feast your eyes on these sweet hottie-pies and get ready to gobble-up all these delicious must-reads!

The Sex Surrogate by Jessica Gadziala

Heart-swelling Hotness!! 

Everyone needs to read this! My first book by this author but definitely not my last!! I totally enjoyed gorging myself on every single sexy word..non-stop, all at once, totally transfixed and mesmerized till the very last page! Even Ava's best friends are awesome! Beautifully funny, engagingly sweet, and so very skin-tingly steamy all the way through! Dr. Chase Hudson is a feast for the eyes!! He stole my heart and blew my mind!

Chase oozes electric sexual confidence, but so warm and understanding ... yes, he's perfect! ... Chase definitely stretches the limits of the doctor / patient boundaries, but Ava seems to be more than just his patient ... Ava's funny, caring, strong but so fragile, needing sex surrogate therapy to get through her panic issues. Chase just can't resist her...The way Ava curls up on him, her head right next to his heart, letting Ava make him her special safe spot in his arms ... He's the balm to her hurting soul...Oh my god, my heart just melted every single time!

I love how this story gradually unfolds session by session, with lots of slow building anticipation and sexual tension that's so steamy and romantic! I got so weepy from all the intense ups and downs and the many tender healing moments. I was just as anxious and confused as Ava too, especially when her sessions with the hot doc are coming to an end...Is this love? Is this just therapy? Is it transference? Will he just move on to the next patient like she's nothing? This is a must read emotional journey that's so wonderfully dreamy and so crazy hot! I'm going to go read it again right now...I have a crazy crush on the intoxicating Dr. Chase and I need another dose stat!

Mechanic by Alexa Riley

Crazy Fan-girling Even More Now!!

Alexa nailed it again!! I devoured this deliciously dirty steamy yumminess all in one sitting!! Yes, it's That panty-scorching good! That super fun! That sweetly romantic... in a caveman-like...cherry-popping...gotta put my baby up in you...lust to love...happily ever after...pure heart-melting...awesomeness!

Paine is one hot bearded hunk of growling man-meat who can't help but put his greased up mechanic hands all over Penelope every chance he gets!...And Law...O.M.G! *swoon* Lucky Joey gets all the naughty sheriff handcuffing fun!... Just amazing!! Ok, I'm calling "Dibs!" Both these guys are my new Book-Boy-Toys!!

Brando (book 1) by J.D. Hawkins

I've been Brando-ed....Hard!

(First, I'm just going to stare at this book's cover all day...Right?!) Now on the inside..this story is a very sexy, eye-guzzling, awesome read! Brando Nash is my favorite kind of alpha-man-package!! Sure he's bold and brash on the outside, but so very cuddly and sweet on the inside!

What I really loved was seeing the chink in Brando's white-knight armor, making him feel so authentic and so lovable! I was moved by his poor bruised heart and his powerful determination to remake a name for himself. I loved all the sparring energy and heated passion between Brando and Haley too, the dual POV was fantastic and fun!

Brando's been burned and spurned deeply by love and the music industry, but he will do and say just about anything to get it all back, especially to get back his ex, Lexi. So when he takes the bet with the devil to make Haley, the plain little nobody, a star in thirty days ...

Brando can only think of the payout, the revenge on his ex and the new surge to his career...not all the fallout...When he sees the real Haley, it splits his world in two...he finds a real heart, the real rewards and the real possibility of a new dream...if it's not too late! That is some crazy cliffhanger!! I am already a total fangirling-book-junkie of J.D. but this book sent me to whole new level of happy! Loved it!!

The writing is so romantic and so creative! Each new book by J.D. gets even hotter, sexier and more exciting!! Can't wait to start Brando: Part Two right now!! Don't think, just do, Brando!!

Limits of Destiny Volume 1 by Sharlyn G. Branson

Who loves hot, sexy, broody, possessive, mysterious billionaire romance stories as much as me? Then this billionaire is for you! This fun and quick read, is filled with some sexy heat, some sweetly endearing moments and some great foreshadowing of what could lie ahead for these two in the next volume ... it's really an adorable romance!

Amidst a beautiful setting in Zurich, Alexia is the very smart in business kind of girl who's oblivious to her charm and beauty...picture Barbie...Alexia's had a few boyfriends, but has never been in love and afraid she'll never find it, until she literally bumps into the most gorgeous eligible playboy billionaire on the planet, Alexander...picture Henry Cavil...that what I did! Lol! 

Sparks fly and hearts melt as these two wade through the choppy waters of their insatiable passion and a brand new relationship. Alexia finally finds the head-over-heals, floating-on-air, butterflies-in-her-tummy kind of love, but will she be able to hold on to Alexander's heart forever when his past constantly rears its ugly head trying to destroy their love.

I can't wait to read what's next in store for these two love birds!

Playing For Her Heart by Megan Erickson

So sweet, so sexy and so heartwarming! A fantastic one-night-stand to falling-in-love story! Grant and Chloe have undeniable sizzling magic together and the way Grant dotes on his daughter is just so adorable!! Maybe because I'm a nerd girl at heart, and I love Comic-Con..all the dress-up role play was a major turn-on!!

I do know without a doubt ... Grant is Hot Hot Hot!! Like Ken doll hot...only built a whole lot better! *wink* It's so exciting to see how addicted Grant becomes to his fantasy girl from his favorite video game at the gamers convention ... then wakes up alone and wondering who was she?! The chase is on ... I loved all the very steamy sex games and Grants intensity to win the heart of this dream girl...awwwsome!!

My heart melted all the way through and I swoony-sighed when Grant finally unravels all the painful layers of Chloe's insecurities and declares that the only game he's interested in is the one where he's playing for her Ms. Erickson.

Luscious (Topped book 1) by Lexi Blake

I am a huge fan of the Masters & Mercenaries series...Huge! Exciting, funny, and so so HOT! I totally love all the characters like they're all my besties and we're just one big crazy family of subs whispering about our sexy Doms in Sanctum ... and maybe hoping for a sweet spanking! Now in this book ... the luscious man-candy baker made me a very happy girl..a big, gorgeous Veteran and he can make mouthwatering goodies?! Yes Please!!

A deliciously kinky and sexy pastry chef in training at Top, Macon Miles is battered and broken, inside and out. Ally Jones, the cute new hire with a flirty smile, may be his one and only shot at love, but she has a deep and painful past connection to Macon...if that truth comes out, she may lose him forever ... the tension, the secrets and all the heartache is so heartwarming and so tough at the same time ... so many tear-filled tissue moments for me!!

I'll never get enough of the perfect balance of dominance and tenderness in this BDSM story or how wonderfully complete Ally and Macon feel when they are together. I loved Ally's spunky sass and I loved Macon's ability to forgive...especially himself. A truly wonderful, touching story that filled my heart with love and hope...A Beautiful BDSM Must Read!!

Pimp: A Stepbrother Romance (book 1) by Claire Donovan

Totally Hooked! Whew! Now that's a sizzling hot prologue! Loved it!

This first book in this sexy series is a fast reading page turner that's funny, a little edgy, and kind of a very good way! There's a whole lot going on in this taboo story and the dual P.O.V. is amazing! I really enjoyed Mace and Alyssa's magnetic push and pull relationship. Their teasing banter, frustrating arguments, funny trips down memory lane and all their emotional trials was very moving and touching ... it's surprising how much they really don't know about each other.

Mace walks around arrogant and broody with a huge angry chip on his shoulder, while hiding a big secret ... and Alyssa wades through her problems desperately hopeless and suddenly penniless, while trying to figure out the truth in her life ... Both are in major denial about their obsessive attraction to each other.

I loved being drawn into all their drama and how the story twists and winds its way around to bring these two together through Mace's escort agency ... No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, fate has other plans ... never say never, because a girl's got to do what a girls got to do ... Wow! All I can say is I've never been a fan of abrupt endings before ... but ... I kind of adore this wildly nerve-wracking and exciting cliffhanger!

I can't wait to see the look on Mace's face in the next book! If Stepbrother Romances are your thing, then I highly recommend you get your hands all over this gorgeous millionaire bad-boy today!

Billionaire's Commitment (book1) by Bella Forbes

Super Hot Billionaire Action!!

This first short story in this serial has got the "sweet girl gets mixed up with the broody billionaire" down perfectly!! Kyle McCain is absolutely fine being cold and aloof..he's an ex-military self-made billionaire with commitment issues and no intention to change a thing. He just oozes confident dominance that's all wrapped up in a sexy, fitted Armani suit...*sigh* I'm a goner!

I'm really really loving this book so far! Kyle is dark, controlling and addictive!! On his way to a New Year's Eve party, Kyle's hero instincts kick in when he rescues a cute curvy little thing being accosted...but why does she seem so familiar to him? All his well controlled dominance is blown when he finally gets his lips and hands all over the innocent Amanda ... but hey, Kyle may not be a warm and cuddly kind of guy afterwards...but he is very very generous when it counts!!

I won't give any spoilers but let me say's so awwwsome!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait for book two! My only complaint is that the whole book is not in my hands right now!! 

Terrific foreshadowing and a really great cliffhanger too!! This has to be my favorite Billionaire book by Bella so far!


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October 31, 2015 - Nicely Naughty Novellas by Alexa Riley

Happy Halloween! 

All five of these sizzling-hot stories by Alexa Riley are full of sexy tricks and naughty treats! Who likes a ton of wild and steamy sex in their romances? Show of hands...That would be me! I Do! 

I love all of Alexa's fast-reading, crazy-erotic, dripping-off-the-pages, molten-hot smutty stories!! Seriously, why have I not read her books before now?...I'm obsessively devouring as many as I can get my hands on...or until I'm in a blinding book coma...whatever comes first!

All of these in-your-face, deliciously-dirty stories have made me into a big ol' blushing, giggling, gasping and glued-to-every-page fangirl! Get ready to be blown-away by these jaw-dropping, panty-melting and amazingly romantic lust-to-love, seriously, I'm still fanning myself! 

These books are balls-to-the-wall smutty love stories that spanked all my naughty buttons so hard that my lady bits are still all tingling! Funny, entertaining, and addictive "must read with a vibrator" fabulously filthy stories! I totally get it now...when other reviewers talk about books that are "one handed reading"...Ta-Da!  Here they are! 

Kindle-gasms galore!...these are the hottest and most enjoyable love-filled lady-porn stories I've ever read...Must. Read. All. Now...but beware...gorgeous, growling Alphas ahead!

Taking What's Wicked

Wow! What a great Halloween story! Wicked naughty! This story tricked good, but its quite the sweet treat in the end! Starts out as a not-so-innocent sexy pick up in a bar, but then goes really edgy and really dark...really fast!

A curvy little witch, Sabrina, at a Halloween party, all alone, looking for a hot hook-up ... when one gorgeous piece of man-candy, Dante, whispers all the right dirty come-on's in her ear to win him a trip to her wet panty zone... But things take a troubling twisty turn when his best friend, Porter, unexpectedly joins the dark salacious witch hunt and forces her unwillingly trapped in the alley by two ravenous lust-filled alpha men, this fantasy goes from hot and sexy to scary and rough in a heartbeat ... the little witch is now their bound and captured little slut, with no escape..ever...

Smut-tastic Ménage Capture-fantasy like no other!!

Riding Red

Yes!! Of course it's a dominant wolf shifter and a cute little baker who wears a red cape to deliver goodies! 

Of course they're both desperately horny virgins! Of course they get a whiff of each other's scent and set off all sorts of primal sex needs into overdrive! Of course I Love It! That's what makes this so freaking awesome!

It's really the perfect telling of this very hot and very sexy tale!

A small town of shifters and a new girl, Ruby, having absolutely no idea what's really going on or what kind of town she moved in to...Now has a spine tingling, womb clenching explainable attraction to the huge alpha sheriff, Dominic, whose eyes glow with heat and magnetism she can't seem to resist.

Once the full moon casts its magical glow on Halloween...the wolf inside the man takes over and makes the irresistibly sweet baker his mate for life...Days and days of all consuming, wildly passionate, soul connecting mating with enough panty-melting sexy biting and clawing-up-his-back ecstasy to set all the lady bits on fire!!

Wow! Sensational Fan-smutty-tastic Reading!


Holy hot f**k-fest!! This has the most, the hottest, banging-the-naughty-bits-together-scenes that I have ever read in one book! Wowza!! Panty-Soaking would be an understatement!! How sweetly tantalizing is the forbidden fruit in a blooms where you least expect it...and sure can come crashing into the heart like a Mac-truck, as it did for the ex-NFL player and now H.S. football coach, Chris, when he slams into the sexy nerdy eighteen year old, Megan, the daughter of his best friend and a student where he teaches...that's a big No-No!

Pure unadulterated wild lust drives these two love monkeys to an insatiable and addicting sexual obsession..on the down low... Now Chris is compelled mark her in every way a virile, strapping man with a constant hard-on can...that includes putting his baby up in her and having her as many times a day that he can until it sticks!

Breeding this adorable, Geek-chic, T-shirt wearing, beautiful little nerd is all that caveman Chris can think about and just what he's going to do... breed the hell out of Megan to make her his forever! Crazy cute and super romantic in an extremely surprisingly lusty way! 

A Sizzling Smutt-fest Must Read!

Pulling Her Trigger

Hot MC biker cool!! I love that the ex-military chick, Cas, is the tough edgy one...a biker club sniper hiding from her demons, lonely as hell, but bonded to her biker brothers. She's in for a world of shocking surprises when the one dominant man, Vincent, who trips her lady bits trigger like no other, is also the one man who can blow her world up in bed and out ... a federal agent. Man I love this story!

Hot, funny, intense and so so fabulously filthy ... I love a hot alpha take-charge man during sexy times, but I really love how Vincent takes love at first sight deep into his soul and makes sure the love of his life is safe forever...

Really romantic smut-tacular novella!

Taking What's Hers

Talk about two crazy wrongs making it oh so insanely right!! Love this!

Any woman that obsessed with a man and will do anything, and I mean anything, to get him...has all my support! All the stalking, planning and flirting, just piles on the crazy edgy suspense! I love that it seems all one sided and its Valentina as the crazy one getting Archer right where she wants her mercy, tied up to the bed...but he has just as deep of an all consuming obsession for Valentina...maybe deeper.

Archer plans to capture his crazy girl's heart with about a dozen orgasms and screwing the crazy right out of her while giving her the baby she desperately craves..or die of exhaustion trying!!

Two major crazies finding true crazy love! A smutty-liscious fun book!


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