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Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist

Completely captivating! From the very first moment I read the first paragraph, I was a one hundred percent all-in happy reader and gah-glued to every page of this book; tearfully and totally wrapped up in this cozy-romantic winter wonderland and the terrific characters. A brave, selfless firefighter saving a golden retriever puppy for a little girl who’s house is burning down right before Christmas ... oh sweet lord, what a man! I’m in love with this heart gripping story ... In love!! Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist is absolutely dreamy!


Bentley Wilson is the nicest guy I’ve ever read! Brave, kind and handsome ... he’s so thoughtful and goes out of his way to be helpful and nice to everyone. Even when the woman he’s crushed on for over two years is getting married to someone else on Christmas, Bentley still has a smile and a goodness shine through when he sees her ... until he sees Emma Brookes one night. All the things he thought he knew or felt in the past, fades away as he looks into her troubled green eyes. Bentley admires her feisty attitude and strives to win her over ... even if they are like oil and vinegar most days ... Bentley knows the woman of his dreams when he sees her, and that’s gonna be Emma forever, if he gets his Christmas wish.

Emma Brookes is at the lowest of the lows this holiday season. Worse than broke, worse than homeless, she’s all alone. No family, no job, and no friends, all because everything fell apart when her father suddenly died ... leaving her not just penniless and alone, but now the keeper of his secrets. Looking up an old friend of his puts Emma on a path she may regret, but it also could put her on the road to happiness. Everything Emma has ever wanted is right in front of her, grinning and looking so amazingly handsome. So why does Bentley Wilson bring out her claws like a tussled, hissing cat looking for a fight? Maybe he’s too perfect, too nice and it’s all phony ... or maybe he’s not too good to be true and Santa really does deliver Christmas wishes to girls desperately looking for love.

Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist is thee perfect holiday read! I honestly think it’s the best Christmas romance novel I’ve ever read!! Truly enchanting, wonderfully heartwarming and beautifully writen all the way through. It’s absolutely a must read for the holidays ... especially if you love to read opposites-attract-angsty romance with a heartmelting ending!! It’s a keeper!


One Taste of Sin #4 by Amanda Siegrist

Talk about exciting!! All the sexy romance with a heaping spoonful of suspense!! Fantastic! One Taste of Sin is book four in this series ... a stand-alone read, that’s so engaging, mysterious and full of unexpected twists and turns from beginning to end! Amanda Siegrist’s books always delight me, and this one did not disappoint! Like all her others, the characters are authentic and fun, while also being complicated and compelling. What a great read!


Stitch is a hot mess! A bad boy tattoo artist with a checkered past, who’s bad at love, bad at relationships, bad at holding his temper and who just so happens to push away anyone and everyone who cares about him. Lucky for him, a few friends are unpushable ... but when Stitch gets the twitch, he’s gone. Unfortunately, just when he wants to get gone, he falls in love with the most beautiful, independent, no bullshit, fierce woman he’s ever seen ... too bad she’s just a one and done ... and a cop. Susan’s way too good for the likes of this loser with a past ... But Stitch really, really wants her ... and Stitch usually gets what he wants and how he wants it.

Susan has one of the most amazing sex nights of her life with the hottest guy she’s ever seen, and he ghosts her ... now six months later he’s knocking on her door and all she can do is stand there babbling and drooling. But no. Not again. Stitch was just a sex itch that needed scratching at the time, and now is not that time. Susan’s working on a serial killer case, her best friend is pregnant and needs help, and her lonely but busy life doesn’t not need Stitch and all his lovely tattoos and gorgeous abs, and sweet words to be a distraction ... oh boy but what a distraction!  As the murder mystery comes to a head, all the ups and downs with Stitch, it all just makes her head spin ... too bad she’s falling for the asshole, and too bad she can’t get a read on the killer reeking havoc on her city.

I really was on pins and needles reading this, so suspenseful! I honestly couldn’t tell who the serial killer was and I wanted to knock Stitch upside his head every time he pulled a ghost move on Susan ... but what chemistry, what passion, and what a totally cool opposites attract contemporary suspense romance this is and it really kept me guessing right to the end.

Seriously awesome!


New To Me!! Merry Me by Amanda Siegrist

Yays!! It's Christmas Book Time!! I get all clappy-hands ecstatic over all the new and wonderful holiday romance books! I just ooh and ahh swoon over all the warm, heartfelt, lovey passion in every new book that's engulfed in toasty cuddles, snowy nights, holiday decorations and hope filled Christmas cheer!

A new book release just for Christmas and a new author to me, "Merry Me" by Amanda Siegrist, is this lovely and passionate, Christmas cookie sweet holiday romance that you all just have to read!!

Ahh-dorable!! This wonderfully swoony novel is a 'Hallmark Channel Movie'-worthy romance!

So engaging, so touching, and so Christmassy! It's the perfect holiday romance! It made me want to clutch my chest and say "Aww! That's so sweet!" over and over till the very last page, and also made me crave those yummy Christmas sugar cookies that Lynn was baking! I could almost smell the gooey goodness!

Elliot Duncan is the perfect sexy book-boyfriend ... an amazing man, a true stand-up good guy, but he's lost his holiday spirit with the loss of his mother. Nothing seems to make him believe in Christmas anymore ... until his eyes meet the gorgeous waitress with the big doe eyes; now that's the kinda girl that could really jingle his bells ...

"Could love happen this fast? Because the way his heart beat erratically just picturing Lynn's gorgeous face made him think, yes, love could happen this fast." - Elliot

Lynn Carpenter is a joy!! A single mom, hard working, and trying to give her little girl a wonderful Christmas, as best as she can ... When one day a couple of "matchmaking elves" in the town intervene to bring this handsome, sad-eyed, hot cop into her diner ... How could she resist? It's as if Santa himself brought her her dream man and stuffed him right into her booth ...

"This was a different sort of happy. A desirable happy, that made her heart beat madly, her face flame with longing, and her body intensify in cravings." - Lynn

Grab some hot cocoa, or an egg-nog, a cozy throw, and one-click this super sweetly sexy novel!

Now I am totally in the Christmas spirit!!

My very first book by Amanda, and I'm sooo looking forward to reading more!

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas Bookfest and A Funtabulous New Years!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**