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January 18, 2015 - Craving Something Extra...Special Forces? New to me novels by Angel Payne and Laura Kaye

This week I had a craving for some delicious Special Forces Military Men like in Laura Kaye's Hard As It Gets: A Hard Ink Novel and in Angel Payne's Saved by His Submissive, The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces Series.

Hard As It Gets, by Laura Kaye

What an off-the-charts reading adventure! For over a year, Nick has isolated himself feeling guilty for trusting the wrong man, following orders blindly, and not listening to his gut. All that changes as soon as the daughter of the traitor, Becca Merritt, a cute blonde with big blue doe-eyes, walks into Hard Ink Tattoo with a desperate plea: her brother, Charlie Merritt, is missing and he left a cryptic message for her to go to Nick Rixey.... Okay. Now I'm intrigued.  

Ms. Kaye rocks this Special Forces story! Every chapter draws me deeper into the muck and mire of failed missions, kidnappings, gangs, and then weaves it in with all the sexual tensions and lustful teasing between Nick and Becca. Their connection and chemistry I felt immediately, but Nick draws out the deep kisses, dirty talking passion, and teases Becca until she can't take the sexual tension a minute more! Becca decides to make Nick an offer he won't refuse...HOT! I love the scene where he draws on Becca with markers. The erotic sensations of pen on skin was so sensual! Please! Me Next! Ms. Kaye's sexy words paint a picture that I could easily place myself into every one of her erotic and sensual love scenes. 

The plot is full of surprises and very intriguing. I felt all Becca's anxiety, fear, hurt, and hope for her brother. I really liked how Nick swallowed his pride and called all the remaining team members from his past team to find closure, reunite their bond and find Charlie. I hope each of the badass hotties is going to be in their own book! This story kept me on the edge to the end, and definitely had enough of a cliffhanger for me to want to keep reading the rest of her Hard Ink Novels. Five stars for exciting!

Saved By His Submissive by Angel Payne

OMFG!.. As soon as I read the beginning of this book I knew I'd be sobbing! Garrett is having such a sexy, erotic dream only to wake up to remember the love of his life, Sage, is dead...COME ON! I really love books that just suck me in and make me ugly cry! Garrett is sent on a rescue mission...Surprise! It's the woman he calls "my heart". Awww! Happy tears! What an overwhelming and emotional reunion!   Edgy. Dark. Spankings! Yum! I love Ms. Payne's very explicit but heart-melting love scenes! So raw! I truly felt all of Garrett's inner savage! Their adventure doesn't stop once Sage gets state-side. Danger is a constant fog threatening her life, trying to drive a wedge between her and Garrett, "my hero."

The struggles in their relationship intensify when a bounty from Sage's former kidnapper is on her head and she tries to overcome Garrett's abandonment her first night back in his arms. Understanding and patience turns into Sage's new mantra when she realizes that she wasn't the only one fighting demons for over a year. Garrett has coped by freeing his inner Dom's dark BDSM desires to channel his rage and fill the emptiness. Now Garrett is fighting his dominant sexual needs, he's trying to protect Sage from sex slavery and from his own very dark alter ego. The darker BDSM scenes are so well done. So intense,   my lady parts got all tingly! All this turmoil really made me fear they might never be happy together again. This story hooked me immediately! The suspense and the plot twists are exciting, gut-wrenching and action packed! Well done Ms. Payne! You write with such fervor that I'm on pins-and-needles waiting to read the rest of The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series. A truly great book to get lost in! Five-stars for Spanking hot! 

I hope you enjoy reading these authors as much as I did! I know I go a little crazy with the exclamation marks, but there is no other way to express my intense joy of reading!!!! (Hehe) 

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