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Hot Chick For Hire & Spy For Hire by Cat Johnson

Two new favorites added to my already long list of books I love by this author! I really love Hot Chick For Hire and Spy For Hire by Cat Johnson! All the secret agent stuff is so exciting! These books are stories in a new spin off from the Hot Seals Series. I love all the energy and anticipation these stories generate! Seems these two hot quickies are just a sexy tease of what’s to come in the adventures of Tristan Fairchild and Chelsea Bridges, and it’s so good! A little mystery, a little surprise mission, and a lot of heated passion all rolled up in one, hot little two part story!


In Hot Chick For Hire, Chelsea is a new employee at GAPS, and unfamiliar with protocol ... so when the hottest, sexiest man flies into the office needing help on a mission, how could she say no? And oh what a mission!


Now in Spy For Hire, Tristan Fairchild has been gone six months and has one failed mission haunting him. He’s being pulled from his new assignment in the states, and told to report back to Britain ... only before he leaves, he finds out Chelsea Bridges is missing. His not-so-long-ago-one-night-stand, has seemed to vanish for almost a week ... or has gone rogue on her own mission, without telling her boss first. Trusting his instincts, Tristan takes it upon himself to find her ... and finding Chelsea is not a mission he intends to fail. Can Tristan use all his years of honed spy skills to find the woman who evidently means more to him than he even realized?

Cat Johnson’s books are always an adventure in reading! Her writing is fast-paced, detailed, thrilling and filled with oh so sexy military men! Every story she writes takes me on a reading escape to a secret world of secret missions and the hot, dangerous heroes stopping the bad guys and stealing my heart over and over! It’s thoroughly addictive!

Must Read! Billionaire For Hire (For Hire Series) by Cat Johnson

As always, Cat Johnson captivates! I love this new series! A sexy spin off from the Navy Seals series, Billionaire For Hire is just as exciting and just as sexy! I love Brent Hearst and his POV is fun loving, easy going, with a brilliant billionaire attitude. He has too much time to kill, too many charity events and too many woman on his hands, sometimes simultaneously. This story is funny, action packed and full of surprises!


Brent Hearst is one of those billionaire Hearst’s in the publishing industry, among many others, and also good friends with an ex-Navy Seal, Zane Alexander. One phone call from Zane, puts Brent in the middle of a Russian spy operation that was suppose to be a fun night out on the town for Brent, and inside flips his world upside down when he meets the beautiful coat check girl ... only this girl is way more than she seems ... and it seems Alex Jones has too many secrets. Brent fell hard, hook line and sinker, to the point of no return with a side of danger. Is nothing as it seems anymore?

A quick, sexy read with all the great writing, intrigue, suspense and humor I can always count on from this author’s stories ... and can’t wait for the next book in this For Hire Series!


New Release! Romanced by a Seal by Cat Johnson

FINALLY!! Cat Johnson, I've been dying for this book!! Ever since I read the very first Hot Seals story about Jon and Ali, Night With A Seal, I've been very very impatiently waiting and re-reading the other eight books in this series to see what happens! So here it is...


OMFG! Amazing Intensity!! I LUUUUVV IT!

Jon Rudnick is a Navy Seal, and always will be a Navy Seal, it's in his blood whether he's active duty or not, and it drives him to do the unthinkable, the impossible and the most incredibly dangerous mission of his life.

The enormous stress of all the secrets and lies Jon puts himself through to take on a very top secret mission, deep deep undercover in Iraq, that no one on the planet knows about except one other contact, not even his GAPS team, was so indescribably nerve wracking! It's almost unbearably suspenseful!! It's absolutely riveting!

“I learned long ago to train how I fight and fight how I train.” -Jon

Poor sweet Ali!! My heart aches for her!! She is in the most excruciating situation a woman in love with a Seal can be ... Jon has been distant and inattentive a lot lately, but this new sudden disappearance takes on a whole new darker meaning ... Jon has completely vanished. He's gone. No one can find him, and Ali is gripped in fear, desperation and paranoia. It's all making her physically ill, and what if Jon will never ask her to marry him, or worse ... What if he never comes home?


She’d waited for weeks for word on Jon but 'found' was not the word she wanted to hear.

Found how? His body? Him alive? Him injured?

So many questions that Ali never got an answer to as the room swayed around her." -Ali

THIS is the best Hot Seals story in the series so far!! All the exciting military mission action and all the heart-breaking emotions, I'm just blown away!! It's a pure 'edge of my seat thrill' read on each and every page!!

How about eight more Hot Seals! See all my reviews on my Goodreads page for all the other fantastic stories in this series!

Here's the link to my Goodreads page:


**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

October 23, 2015 - Crazy-Good Must-Reads!

Awww... I'm a sucker for true love conquers all love stories!! I just can't get enough of the super hot nice guy who rescues and wins the heart of the sexy sassy girl...even if her middle name should be spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E... True love is never easy, but it's all the more sweeter when Mr. Alpha Hottie finally wins the heart and soul of Ms. Stubborn Beauty...*swoon*...All really crazy-good must reads!!

Scandal and Surrender by Cali MacKay

I love all of Cali's books, but this thrilling story of Wyatt and Fiona was off the charts cray-zee ah-mazing!! So spanking hot and super steamy sexy!!

The billionaire BDSM Club owner and flirty hot alpha-man who's completely lust-obsessed with his sweet and feisty Irish accountant, Fiona...and now falling in love is even a bigger challenge when there's so many threats plaguing his club,Scandal, and secrets between each other, that's keeping Wyatt from truly trusting his crazy stubborn red-head...but it's a really good thing

Wyatt's a master at tying up his naughty and sassy submissive to get to the bottom of all of his mob and money troubles. This is just so awesome...I love that it's set in Ireland...Gawd! I love the sexy accent!... and I really enjoyed the dangerous suspense, the angsty banter and all the edgy BDSM play...really hot!! Another fantabulous story with a really wonderful heart pounding HEA ... Another great read in this terrific must read series, that I really and truly love to read over and over!

Breaking Faith by Joy Eileen

Such a powerfully intense and heartwarming story with lots of funny friends and young sexy rockers! So many moments had me chuckling one minute then at the edge of my seat and frightened for Faith the next...grabbing hold of all my attention throughout the whole story.

I loved how her conflicts and fears were all twisting and turning in her head and her heart, really keeping me guessing. I loved her strong resolve to get out of that horrible, crazy abuse and find a renewed strength and a new life with her great friends, some new friends and a new job.

I love Faith's slow and touching friendship with Kill and how they really do have a special bond and a great connection that just flows off the pages. I love how they are slowing going from friends to best-friends to band mates and I'm hoping in the next book...lovers. They are absolutely magic together!

This book has a killer hot combo ... friends-to-lovers and up-and- coming-rockstars to keep everything so exciting and interesting until the very last page! The waiting and suspense is killing me...Yes, there's a cliffy, so all I can do is hope in book two, Kill and Faith can unload all this crazy baggage and finally get their happily ever after! A really great read!

Rose (Wildflowers of Montana 1) by Vanessa Vale

Crazy hot and crazy cute fun quick read! Love it! It's just so enjoyable and a sexy reading delight! ...did I mention it's like wow hot? This amazing new old west series is full of teasing angst and a bit of nail-biting danger as this sassy-sweet tomboy has a secret crush of the handsome cowboy next door, but Rose has big city dreams...and well Chance, he's thinking to stake his claim in all the ways a man can...won't Rose be so surprised?!

Chance tries to give Rose a little space, but he's running low on patience waiting for Rose to notice he's in love, therefore desire wins out in the end as Chance, never one to pass up an opportunity, takes the wild Rose to the sheriff first for her hand in marriage, and then in hand in all the other ways to keep her out of trouble... It's a great read with great characters and lots of funny banter and lots of steamy loving to boot!! A crazy good read and a great start of an excitingly sexy series!

Hyacinth (Wildflowers of Montana 2) by Vanessa Vale

Oh. My. Wow! Straight up hot sexiness! Book two of my new favorite old west series just cranked up the heat to be even hotter than ever!

I love love love the pure sweet passion between James and Hyacinth that just sizzles off the pages... it's such a honest to goodness pleasure to read! And so heart melty romantic too!!

It's always the quiet and shy ones that you have to look out for ... Hyacinth is the responsible sister of the eight, the bookworm, the cook, and the one who blushes beet red and runs whenever James Reed looks in her direction. When James decides to start to court and woo Hyacinth with his sweetly salacious seductive charms and makes an offer for her hand that she wouldn't dream of refusing...Surprise!

James suddenly finds he has an extremely insatiable wife on his hands, not that he's all... James knows exactly how to tie up all that passion and Hyacinth is in for a spanking hot honeymoon! Crazy awesome read with a whole lot of sexy action and edgy drama to make this a major page turner all the way through!

Loved By A Seal (Hot Seals #6) by Cat Johnson

Second chance love has never been hotter!! It's just so crazy romantic in parts and so tingly exciting in others that I just couldn't put it down! And so I'll just come right out and say it..I just fell in love..again...only this time with a very hot seal with a ton of good ol' southern boy charm, Brody Cassidy.

This story has it sexy gorgeous hunk of Navy Seal, a bunch of exciting danger and deadly secret missions, plus...a sweet wholesome long lost love coming back for more of Brody's sweet sweet loving!! Boy oh boy can that man bring the heat!!

Ashley was always the very heart of Brody's life, until he chose the Navy and Ash chose nursing and not to follow him around the globe...ten years later, Brody still feels the hole where Ash had been and decides that's life's too short to never have the love of his life by his side any if only he can convince Ashley their love is their destiny and to accept him, warts and all...

I love this series so much, and Brody and Ashley's story is just so great!! Cat's writing as always, is so fantastic and so heartwarming... this seal series is one of my favorites of all time!


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May 17, 2015 - Intoxicating Spring Fling Reads!

Ten sinfully sexy books by Ten talented authors!

Honestly? Sometimes I'm not all that clever as a blogger, but I truly do love to read, especially like the novels by these ten authors. In the last couple of weeks, I've loved letting each and every story float me away with their passions, mysteries, dangers and sexy happily ever afters until I lost all sense of time. I really enjoyed the ten fantasies of falling in love over and over with intriguing, extraordinary characters in all of these fantastic romances...the best book-high on earth!

All Five-Star Must Reads for these beautifully written love stories!

No Ordinary Billionaire by J.S. Scott
A wonderfully enticing story of a dirty-talking, badass billionaire, Dante, back home in Maine recovering from injuries, when he meets the intriguing quirky doctor of all his sexy fantasies, Sarah. Oooh Yeah! Dante sets his sights on winning Sarah's heart and nothing or no one will get in his way...I could not put this book down and you won't be able to either! Steamy and heartwarming! Hot cop and a billionaire..Thee perfect combo pack! Well, besides his perfect eight-packs abs...

You Only Love Twice by Lexi Blake
Wow! I never saw this coming! I got so wrapped up in this story of the PTSD Veteran, Jesse, and how he conquers all his fears when he knows that the woman he loves from afar, Phoebe, is not only a spy trying to expose him as a traitor, but also the Sub of his dreams that he can't live without. Now, he just has to convince Phoebe to give love a second chance...Oh man, this is such a thrilling and sexy BDSM story filled with so much passion and danger! A stay up and read all nighter book!

The Highlander's Hope by Cali MacKay
GOD! I really love steamy highlander stories, and this series is Amazing!! I love the lyrical Scottish accent and the bits of history, while still reading in the present day. Such a suspenseful story with all the mystery and danger swirling around Catriona and Iain, while they try to fight their sexual attraction and try to find a centuries old lost treasure that could save Iain's family from a huge debt. I was hooked from the very first page! Just such a fantastically sexy falling in love story with the brutally gorgeous Scot, and loads of sweet panty melting action! Delightfully Magical!

Stone Walls by A.M. Madden
My first novel by this author and I was not disappointed! This is a fast paced, sexy, engaging story that had me on the edge and flipping pages as fast as I could! Ben is all manly man! He is ripped, steadfastly single and a badass cop! Whew, have mercy hot! When all goes from sugar to shit, Ben has to pull his head out of his ass to keep danger away from the ballsy woman who has wormed her way past all his stubborn defenses and imbedded herself deep into his stone cold heart. So many feels and so good!

Say My Name by J. Kenner
I just crave more Jackson Steele. This guy made me shiver! Oozing power and sex that radiates from every pore of his gorgeous body, Jackson is a man in high demand in every way, in business and in pleasure...and now, also by his ex, Sylvia. The one woman who was his everything, in every way, and the one woman who has come back into his life to beg him to work for Stark...but he has other plans...Everything is now up for re-negotiation, especially Sylvia's submissive heart. A wonderful mix of heartache and forgiveness, with a whole lot of sexual-healing love thrown in...So freaking epic!

Changing His Game by Megan Erickson
Holy Hotness I love this story!! Uber sexy geek millionaire, Austin is secretly in lust with an employee, Marley, but can't reveal that he is really her boss, not just an IT nerd, until he can get her to fall in love with him and fall in his bed first! Marley won't be derailed from her life plan so easily though...she wants that promotion no matter how many great kisses Austin delivers... Squee! This is so awesome! What a fun and sexy story! A fantastic and steamy read! I'm a major fangirl now!!

Manwhore by Katy Evans
Boy! Malcolm Saint is my McDreamy! I love this title, honestly it's why I bought it! Once I started reading, I was full on crazy happy dancing!! I really really love how Rachel starts out thinking she can get her column done and be totally immune to all of Saint's charms, but soon discovers that all his money, power and devilishly handsome good looks are all a smoke screen for the true caring man inside the tux...How can she resist? How can she do her job without wrecking her life? I can not wait for part two! This is absolutely one of my "bookshelf must have" Hella Hot favorites!

Midnight Ride by Cat Johnson
OMFG I love this story too much, if that's even possible! I can't stop reading it over and over!! The seriously smoking hot cowboy, Tyler, is absolutely gobsmacked in love at first sight with a curvy older widow, Janie. Now all Tyler has to do is convince Janie she can't live without him...and Tyler never backs down from a sweet sexy challenge wrapped up in a few dozen orgasms to boot! I so love a romantically steamy cowboy story and this book goes way beyond all of my wildest wet dreams!

Seduced By My Doms by Jenna Jacob
If you like erotic and sensual male-female-male menage..then you just got so lucky! Holy Shit! This story is freaking incredible! James and Ian have to slowly introduce and seduce the sweet, feisty nurse Liz, opening her eyes to a whole new exciting world of BDSM and her submissive side. Rule one: Do what the Dom says... Rule two: See rule one...Hopefully their kinky little beauty can open her heart as well and decide to seek committed love in the arms of two men instead of sacrificing her dark desires for the revenge of her brothers death or the "good girls don't do menage" voices in her head. Well...Working in tandem with multiple orgasms ought to convince her! Ya baby!

Dare To Hold by Carly Phillips
My heart was just so wrecked reading about all the crap Meg has gone through! I have never cheered so hard for a "happily ever after" ending, ever! I love the way Meg is so brave and strong even in the face of so much heartache. And! He is the ultimate sexy cop with a soft spot for cute damsels in distress, and Meg makes his heart melt instantly! This is a gripping yet fun roller coaster romance story with lots of heat and passion to make even the "true-love" doubters swoon! What a great series!

Enjoy all these Spring Fling Reads and get ready for some Steamy Summer Reads next Month!!

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December 14, 2014 - "A Very Merry Cowboy Christmas" - Must Read Series by Lorelei James, Cat Johnson, and Sable Hunter

A Cowboy Christmas. Yes! I know right?! It's thee best idea ever, and all the credit goes to these three romazing authors that I want to write about this week.

First up my inspiration, Lorelei James, who actually coined the phrase "Cowboy Christmas" in her first book of her Blacktop Cowboys Series, Corralled. Two off-the-charts sexy cowboys and one sweet adventurous girl take the phrase "Save a horse, Ride a cowboy" to a whole new level of awesome sauce! I always give credit where credit is due...bravo Lorelei!

 So I thought I'd expand on the "Cowboy Christmas" theme with adding more of my favorite cowboy themed series so everyone can get "roped in and put up wet " too!

Lorelei James, again, has mastered this theme in my mind because she also writes The Rough Riders Series. One of my favorites is Cowboy Take Me Away. I get so emotional when I read Carson and Carolyn McKay's story! I am totally blown away with the undying love and beautiful chemistry they share.

Sorry, but Cowboy Take Me Away is way better than The Notebook. Just say'n. This book needs to be made into a movie!

All of the Rough Rider cowboys are easy to fall in love with and unbelievably sexy! I'm all worked up just talking about them. I need a minute... 

Now, for a very hot "Cowboy Christmas," read Cat Johnson's Studs in Spurs Series. All of these books are so romantic and jammed packed full of sizzling cute cowboys. I loved reading Hooked. Luke and Annie are crazy sweet! They just grabbed my heart and squeezed! 
Champion shows smoking hot love between Cooper and Hannah that is so special I read it over and over.

Cat Johnson's Oklahoma Nights Romance series are too addicting! This series should come with a warning label for hotness! Two Times As Hot truly lives up to it's title with Logan and Emma's love affair. I can not wait for more! All of Cat's cowboys dial up the love and bring the heat. Don't deny yourself all this passion, just get them all! 

Another pick for "Cowboy Christmas" lovin' is Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah! Series and Texas Heat Series and I tell you what.. those cowboys make me swoon! Phew I need a fan! I can't puther books down once I start them. Good thing there's a lot of them! As soon as I finished the 
first, I had to get all the others and I'm still going! Thank the Lord for Kindle. There is such powerful love in each story that I get all choked up just thinking about it! Like in Cowboy Heat, Aron and Libby, I melted when they saw each other in the kitchen and Aron yells, "Tag!" 

Then in Badass, I love how Avery is a secret romance author like "Sable Hunter". Its ingenious really! Gawd almighty is Isaac badass sexy! Get it?...All in all I would say that there is no quit in all those cowboys when it comes to their woman! The lust at first sight is such a turn on!

I really am in love with Patrick and Savannah's story, Forget Me Never. Patrick is not a cowboy, technically, but the heart wrenching pain they have to go through to be together is powerfully haunting. His dirty sexy talk in email is thee best I've ever read. This booked wrecked me so much my heart hurts and now I'm out of kleenex. I'm going to read it again right now...I can't help myself, this story gives me 

All these authors are so wonderfully talented and creative, I just can't pick one favorite! Go to their websites and bless yourself with all of these "Cowboy Christmas" books. If I could I would give them all 10 stars!

Thanks again Lorelei James, Cat Johnson and Sable Hunter for sharing your gifts. I,for one, am extremely grateful! Happy Holidays!

PS : Me being random...I would just like to say "THANKS!" for reading my personal blog. I read, I share. I see myself as just a girl who talks to herself about her favorite books and posts it here. I do it for the sheer joy of books and to spread the love of romance novels. Tootles!

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November 11, 2014 - For Veterans Day

My deepest gratitude and admiration goes out to all who have served in any of our military branches and all who are active duty now.

A special thanks to my son who is currently serving in the Air Force and to all the Army and Navy veterans in my family. 

Some of my favorite authors have military themed novels and series so I want to list a few here in the spirit of Veterans Day:

Rescue Me series by Kallypso Masters

KGI series by Maya Banks

Navy Seals series and Elite Ops series by Lora Leigh

Red Hot & Blue series and Hot Seals series by Cat Johnson

Mackenzie Family and Security series by Liliana Hart

I hope you enjoy these books and your holiday. While you do, remember the fallen who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country and our freedom.

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