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June 16, 2015 - The Carolina Cold Fury Series: Alex, Garrett, & Zack by Sawyer Bennett

So This Amazingness Just Happened...A Hockey Series Hat Trick! I came upon these three icy-hot contemporary hockey romances by Sawyer Bennett and jumped for joy!! So unforgettably sweet and steamy...Just dripping with delicious passion!! I loved every page!

These stories have thee perfect balance of hunky hockey guys, balls to the wall epic game action and a fast slapshot to the heart by their women, who body slam these players straight into the net! They shoot, they score...every single time!

Alex: A Cold Fury Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey)

Wow! What a crazy amazing and electric story, that's way more than just a hot hockey guy meets a great girl ... It's filled with emotionally charged, heart breaking child abuse issues from both Alex and Sutton, because of a parent who's an addict. Alex and Sutton find strength, healing, and forgiveness with their pasts, as they strive to find a better, love filled future together.

I have to be honest..Alex is the hot guy that I love to hate, and then just cave to fall head over skates in love with! No kidding, Alex has off the charts good looks and ice arenas full of sexual charisma but he's seriously a major hot mess with a stone-cold callused heart. Alex plays hockey like his life depends on it, and it probably does, but he has a deep secret...Alex hates playing hockey. He is usually voted the MVP...Most Valuable Prick by his team.

All of his disrespect and cold indifference with the team, leads to a revamp of his image and his asshat attitude. In walks Sutton...A brilliant red-headed goddess with a hockey stick for a spine who works with drug abusing kids. Sutton and Alex have that scary instant chemistry, the kind where one look can expose everything and yet heal deep wounds at the same time. I loved watching Mr. Hottie Hockey have his frozen heart melted, fall in love with the game again and get all worked-up over Sutton. Game on stud!

"Sutton...You reached me. When no one else ever has." -Alex

Garrett: A Cold Fury Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Novel)

A fantastic story that moved me to tears too many times to count! It's written with such beautiful passion and sweet bravery as Olivia learns she has a serious battle to win, cancer ... Just as she meets the man of her dreams, Garrett. A story that's so warm, thrilling and sexy all at the same time ... Just so captivating!

Warning: Not boyfriend material! Or is he? Just a simple guy...Loves playing hockey. Loves puck bunnies. Loves spending money. Easy-peezy right? Um, not so much...Garrett may be a hard core "hockey is my life" kind of guy, but with his actual love life, its all just sexercise. Garrett is a gorgeous hunk of juicy goodness that'll turn woman's bones to jelly when he turns on his charm, but he also has a big loyal heart. Until the day a tall whimsical bright eyed woman, Olivia, drops into his lust zone and grips his icy heart... but only his true love can hurt this bad when everything gets too real and life throws them a hard check to the boards!

Garrett goes all out to win Olivia's love, but finds himself in the shockingly brutal world of her incurable cancer...Garrett decides Olivia is worth every sacrifice, every moment with her is precious and not even cancer will keep them apart ... but will Olivia sign on to a "one day at a time" forever with him?

Really an emotionally raw and tender story that was so beautifully and delicately written, with bunches of toe-curling kissing times too! Loved it! This story truly has the best hat-trick hot-fecta....Hot sexiness, Hot guy and Hot feels at every level!!

"Do you understand me, Olivia? Nothing compares to you." -Garrett

Zack: A Cold Fury Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Novel)

Holy hockey gods! I love this book! Not that I'm playing favorites, but Zack just scored the winning goal to my heart! I love him. No, seriously, I am completely and irrevocably in love with him. Its not just that he is unbelievably gorgeous, or an amazingly awesome father or a great hockey player or even hot sex on a stick...its because I was moved to major crying fits when his life is annihilated by an accident, leaving him in shock and grieving while raising his adorable son all alone.

It gripped me so hard and just wrung me out! I tried to figure out how I was going to reach into my kindle to give Zack a huge squeezy hug! I can't fathom his deep guilt and the agonizing pain of his loss. I was so overjoyed when Zack hired an adorably quirky nanny, Kate, a cheery chatter-box with a huge heart of golden sunshine that just warms Zack's icy soul, makes him laugh and live again, sending them into a flurry of passionate heart melting discovery... Zack tries putting up his untouchable guilt wall, wanting only sex, to keep his heart safe and life separate from Kate ...but too late, Kate's love has sealed back together Zack's broken heart, filling up his empty soul like never before ...but maybe realizing a little too late that keeping Kate forever is way more important than winning a hundred Stanley Cups! 

I think this is one of thee most romantic stories I've ever read ...just perfect in every way! 

"I finally figured out what was were what was missing from my life, Kate." -Zack


So my fellow Hockey-fangirls...these three hot as hell guys had my kindle smokin and gave me a mad fever for more! I think I've caught hockey-itis...I'm dying to get my hands on the next book, Ryker: A Cold Fury Novel... Hockey season is never really over when you have these hotties!

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