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May 13, 2015 - YUP. I'm A Vamp-Girl! V.M Black, Eden Bradley, J.S. Scott

Incredibly Erotic And Lovable Vampires!

Alrighty paranormal-romance addicts...I love all vampires, and I mean ALL! I first became obsessed with this genre way back when I was a teen, but lately I've really sunk my teeth into these three brilliant author's stories...I really really love how decadently dark and sexy dominant they all are! 
Beware: read at your own risk...Biting Lusty Vampires ahead...don't say I didn't warn ya!

The Blood Of Life: Books 1-3, Cora's Choice Vampire Series by V.M. Black
When a very ill young co-ed turns to an experimental treatment for a cure or could die trying, she finds a billionaire vampire who boils her virginal blood and dangerously entangles they lives together, way beyond just a cure....I'm so in! Wow, a seriously intriguing story! 

Dorian Thorne is a handsome taciturn philanthropist vampire and he has the miracle Cora desperately needs. The unfiltered, head-strong Cora is caught between two unpleasant from terminal illness, the other, a blood bonding cure with the sexy devil himself,'s a girl to resist? 

Cora ends up with a lot more than the cure she bargained for...she is now owned, body and soul, by the illustrious and mysterious Dorian Thorne...forever. Cora's not sure if that's a good thing...

What a cool story! V.M. Black writes with enticing originality that hooked me immediately. Such a really great suspenseful sexy paranormal romance serial! A thrilling tale of strong binding love that hopefully can conquer all evil...literally! Dorian had me drooling the minute I met him..tall, dark, mind-blowingly gorgeous, with all that edgy powerful magnetism that's just irresistible! Ooh..head to toe goosebumps! 

Must
Rites of Blood: Cora's Choice Vampire Series 4-6
Time After Time:Cora's Bond Vampire Series 1-6

The Turning Kiss: The Midnight Playground Book 1 by Eden Bradley
Nissa's a lost but brazen young woman, battling life's daily struggles all alone in 2069 London. Until one day, she gets the opportunity of her dreams...An invitation to the exclusive Vampire Club, Midnight Playground. Eternal belonging is now just a kiss away...will Nissa have the courage to accept immortality..and love?

Hex and Aleron are rapacious vampires, who have been together a long every way inhumanly possible, and with many others as well, but now they have a craving for much more...just what that is, they're not quite sure...Until one night, Hex feels Nissa's presence in the club before he even set eyes on her...but when he does, Hex just knows. She's the one for them.

In this series, Eden Bradley creates a dark world of captivating vampires in a new and fascinating sensual romance series, unlike anything I have ever read! Everything about the decadently lascivious vampire club just pulled me in and I never wanted to leave! All of these stories are wildly arousing, with uninhibited BDSM, bold sex-play, and risqué ménage that is so deliciously naughty and passionately alluring...I was left mesmerized by this steamy panty-melting erotica! 

Now I'm the one begging for just one more bite...Way too tempting-to-pass-up explicitly erotic reads!  Go on...You know you want to...

Midnight Playground Series: 2-5
The Turning Kiss

Ethan's Mate: The Vampire Coalition by J.S. Scott
After hundreds of years of being a rule enforcer, Alpha-protective vampire, Ethan, who's been championing the human-race's rights to be more than just food for "the fallen" to destroy, is finding his immortal existence very empty and meaningless. Only finding his one-true human mate with the matching mark, can restore his will to live and his soul to his body. But Ethan has long ago given up all hope of hearing that dreamy voice call to him for mating...Ethan also stopped believing in true love.

Then one night, on patrol, Ethan feels his mate, hears her cries calling him, sees her beautiful body writhing for him in her dreams...he then scours the city to find her. Now Ethan will conquer and destroy anything that stands in his way to get to his one true love, Brianna. Ethan will have to battle "the fallen" plus Brianna's fears, confusions and deadly disease to convince her that his lust at first sight is also eternal love with an unbreakable vampire blood bond.
Phew! Sizzling hot sexy insatiable vampires..yes please!

Who wouldn't want a gorgeous dark dominant vampire to barge into your life, sweep you into his strong arms for all eternity, and take you to a blissful sexual high that you never ever want to come down from?...Ah, no one in their right mind that's for sure! 
I get all tingly just thinking about it! 

Wow! J.S. Scott's vampires just do it for me! Bonafide sex gods, devastatingly handsome and eternally devoted to boot! I fell hard for them all, and you will too!

The Vampire Coalition Series
The Rough Mating Of A Vampire, novella
Rory's Mate
Nathan's Mate
Liam's Mate
Daric's Mate

Valiant vampires + Beautiful Damsels = Book Heaven... in my world!

Happy Reading!

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