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October 31, 2015 - Nicely Naughty Novellas by Alexa Riley

Happy Halloween! 

All five of these sizzling-hot stories by Alexa Riley are full of sexy tricks and naughty treats! Who likes a ton of wild and steamy sex in their romances? Show of hands...That would be me! I Do! 

I love all of Alexa's fast-reading, crazy-erotic, dripping-off-the-pages, molten-hot smutty stories!! Seriously, why have I not read her books before now?...I'm obsessively devouring as many as I can get my hands on...or until I'm in a blinding book coma...whatever comes first!

All of these in-your-face, deliciously-dirty stories have made me into a big ol' blushing, giggling, gasping and glued-to-every-page fangirl! Get ready to be blown-away by these jaw-dropping, panty-melting and amazingly romantic lust-to-love, seriously, I'm still fanning myself! 

These books are balls-to-the-wall smutty love stories that spanked all my naughty buttons so hard that my lady bits are still all tingling! Funny, entertaining, and addictive "must read with a vibrator" fabulously filthy stories! I totally get it now...when other reviewers talk about books that are "one handed reading"...Ta-Da!  Here they are! 

Kindle-gasms galore!...these are the hottest and most enjoyable love-filled lady-porn stories I've ever read...Must. Read. All. Now...but beware...gorgeous, growling Alphas ahead!

Taking What's Wicked

Wow! What a great Halloween story! Wicked naughty! This story tricked good, but its quite the sweet treat in the end! Starts out as a not-so-innocent sexy pick up in a bar, but then goes really edgy and really dark...really fast!

A curvy little witch, Sabrina, at a Halloween party, all alone, looking for a hot hook-up ... when one gorgeous piece of man-candy, Dante, whispers all the right dirty come-on's in her ear to win him a trip to her wet panty zone... But things take a troubling twisty turn when his best friend, Porter, unexpectedly joins the dark salacious witch hunt and forces her unwillingly trapped in the alley by two ravenous lust-filled alpha men, this fantasy goes from hot and sexy to scary and rough in a heartbeat ... the little witch is now their bound and captured little slut, with no escape..ever...

Smut-tastic Ménage Capture-fantasy like no other!!

Riding Red

Yes!! Of course it's a dominant wolf shifter and a cute little baker who wears a red cape to deliver goodies! 

Of course they're both desperately horny virgins! Of course they get a whiff of each other's scent and set off all sorts of primal sex needs into overdrive! Of course I Love It! That's what makes this so freaking awesome!

It's really the perfect telling of this very hot and very sexy tale!

A small town of shifters and a new girl, Ruby, having absolutely no idea what's really going on or what kind of town she moved in to...Now has a spine tingling, womb clenching explainable attraction to the huge alpha sheriff, Dominic, whose eyes glow with heat and magnetism she can't seem to resist.

Once the full moon casts its magical glow on Halloween...the wolf inside the man takes over and makes the irresistibly sweet baker his mate for life...Days and days of all consuming, wildly passionate, soul connecting mating with enough panty-melting sexy biting and clawing-up-his-back ecstasy to set all the lady bits on fire!!

Wow! Sensational Fan-smutty-tastic Reading!


Holy hot f**k-fest!! This has the most, the hottest, banging-the-naughty-bits-together-scenes that I have ever read in one book! Wowza!! Panty-Soaking would be an understatement!! How sweetly tantalizing is the forbidden fruit in a blooms where you least expect it...and sure can come crashing into the heart like a Mac-truck, as it did for the ex-NFL player and now H.S. football coach, Chris, when he slams into the sexy nerdy eighteen year old, Megan, the daughter of his best friend and a student where he teaches...that's a big No-No!

Pure unadulterated wild lust drives these two love monkeys to an insatiable and addicting sexual obsession..on the down low... Now Chris is compelled mark her in every way a virile, strapping man with a constant hard-on can...that includes putting his baby up in her and having her as many times a day that he can until it sticks!

Breeding this adorable, Geek-chic, T-shirt wearing, beautiful little nerd is all that caveman Chris can think about and just what he's going to do... breed the hell out of Megan to make her his forever! Crazy cute and super romantic in an extremely surprisingly lusty way! 

A Sizzling Smutt-fest Must Read!

Pulling Her Trigger

Hot MC biker cool!! I love that the ex-military chick, Cas, is the tough edgy one...a biker club sniper hiding from her demons, lonely as hell, but bonded to her biker brothers. She's in for a world of shocking surprises when the one dominant man, Vincent, who trips her lady bits trigger like no other, is also the one man who can blow her world up in bed and out ... a federal agent. Man I love this story!

Hot, funny, intense and so so fabulously filthy ... I love a hot alpha take-charge man during sexy times, but I really love how Vincent takes love at first sight deep into his soul and makes sure the love of his life is safe forever...

Really romantic smut-tacular novella!

Taking What's Hers

Talk about two crazy wrongs making it oh so insanely right!! Love this!

Any woman that obsessed with a man and will do anything, and I mean anything, to get him...has all my support! All the stalking, planning and flirting, just piles on the crazy edgy suspense! I love that it seems all one sided and its Valentina as the crazy one getting Archer right where she wants her mercy, tied up to the bed...but he has just as deep of an all consuming obsession for Valentina...maybe deeper.

Archer plans to capture his crazy girl's heart with about a dozen orgasms and screwing the crazy right out of her while giving her the baby she desperately craves..or die of exhaustion trying!!

Two major crazies finding true crazy love! A smutty-liscious fun book!


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