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Drawn To A Cowboy by Fifi Flowers

Jump start my heart! Oh my goodness, all this deeelicious cowboy is to die for!! Drawn To A Cowboy by Fifi Flowers is too yumtastic!! You know what they say: Save a horse and ride a Cowboy. Yes please! Gideeyup!


Sage Donovan might have been born a city boy, but had ranch living dreams and all sorts of Cowboy ways burning in his soul. His whole life was a step by step builders guide to be a Cowboy rancher, and to make his life all about the beautiful wide open farm land. Now he has everything he’s ever wanted, inheriting the ranch, but there are so many strings being pulled that all his dreams might just unravel ... until one stop to help a red haired damsel in distress changes his life forever ... crayon red just happens to be his favorite color! All Sage needs now is a miracle.

Jade Cassidy has devoted her life and her heart to her art. Paintings are her passion. Art is not only her way to make a living, but a way to release her soul ... now in the middle of nowhere, on a ranch surrounded by friendly strangers, Jade has an opportunity of a lifetime, and maybe even her dreams of having her very own Cowboy to cuddle will be coming true very soon as well. All her dreams and travels have lead her to this one moment ... should she grab the brass ring and keep her Cowboy forever busy in the hump shack ... or is she going to have to move on when all the storms move in?

A fun, engaging, very romantic contemporary read, and so different from Fifi Flowers other books, but so good too! The writing is filled with energy and exuberance ... and I too, really, really love a sexy, gentleman cowboy!


Gotta Read! Making Waves (Happy Ending Resorts Book 20) by Fifi Flowers

Swoon-tastic New Release! A Super Fun Best-friends to Lovers RomCom Story!

Making Waves totally lived up to all my sexy expectations! Fifi Flowers excitingly delivers all the funny, all the swoons and all the romance a reader could ever hope for in a sexy contemporary novella!!

Ok, let me get real ... I initially bought this book for the absolutely amazing drool worthy cover ... come on, just look at it!! But ... then I started reading and absolutely fell completely and totally in love with Jack and his sextastic mop-head, like lickity-split!! Whoa baby!! Foot massages?! Line forms behind me ladies!! I will agree to just about anything if it involves a foot massage ... an-ny-thing! Jack wins my best book boyfriend award for sure!

You can cut all the heated sexual tension with a knife! It's so fabulous how Jack and Mitzi are absolutely clueless about each other ... Neither wants to "make waves" and ruin a perfectly good working besties relationship, but all the luscious lust is eating them alive! And all the sweet, slow suspense in this story is a wonderfully new, romantically fun reading experience for me too! Usually, suspense drama is in dark genres, but all the heart-warming-ping-pong insecurities and trepidations just thrilled me to no end! So great!

"It’s okay... go in my purse... I have nothing to hide.”
I wasn’t so sure that was the case and decided to have a bit of fun with her as the three large beers we split were kicking in. “Special-O lipstick?” I held up the unusual tube so she could see it.
“Put that back! Don’t you know what a pen and paper look like?” I wasn’t ready to give up as the look on her face, along with its redness, was priceless.
“You carry that around with you?”
"Do you carry a condom in your wallet?” She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow waiting for my answer.
I chuckled. “Of course, I’m a guy. Need it in case I get lucky.”
“Well, there’s no difference, but I have
backup if I don’t get lucky.”
"Wow! You are prepared. I see you have a Love-Me-Box too... another toy?”
"Seriously, find the paper and pen... you’re making my vision fade...” Her voice was faint on her last words before she spoke so I could hear since I hadn’t put the box back.
“It is a discreet condom carrier, okay? Are you happy?" - Jack

Mitzi and Jack are secretly in love with each other ... not just best-friendy kind of love, but in love love. "A hot for you so much it's all I can do not to jump you twenty-four seven and obsessively day dream about you" kind of love ... But Mitzi thinks Jack must "bat for the other team," or like the movie says  "just not that into her" ... He is hot as hell, a sexy surfer, who's living with a gay friend, he does love to design shoes in their sandal business and he is pretty fantastically fabulous all around ... so he must be unattainable, right? ... NOT!!

You want to?” Get naked with Jack?
"Skinny dip?” I played dumb and he nodded with a big grin on his handsome face. “You and me? In the lake? Right here? Now?” Could I really do that with him?
"Are you too chicken?” He was already up out of his chair, heading toward a dock that didn’t show up on the map, and like a fool, I was on my feet following after him. Watching his shirt hit the wooden slats, then his shorts, he stood waiting as I dropped my dress and panties. To my amazement, I saw with just enough moonlight that Jack had a pretty impressive erection right before we jumped in.
Surely, it couldn’t be because of me. - Mitzi

It's been three years and Jack figures, enough is enough. Now is the time to stop being a wuss, stop the secret horny madness and just tell Mitzi that he loves her, in every way and wants to spend the rest of his life devouring her delectable body. So his surprise "working" vacation in a cabin in the woods seems like his best option to start with all the not so subtle hints and to ramp up all the sexy flirting ... only one problem, Mitzi just looks at him with a "ha ha yeah right" and Jack has an "Oh shit" moment ... She thinks I'm not into women?!

My very first book by FiFi and its was awesome! Fresh, Fun and Adorable! All the teasing, angst-filled back and forth between the two POV's as Mitzi and Jack madly pine for each other and how they each wish things could be different, more than business partners and more than best friends, just to be each other's everything, had me on pins and needles anxiously flipping pages dying to find out who was going to make the first move.

How was Jack going to finally make his passionate declaration and how would Mitzi react ... So much crazy hair-pulling frustrating anticipation all they way through ... and the Happy Endings Resort really did live up to its name!

What a fun read! Get some Jack "making waves" today!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**