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Reckless Love by J. Saman

All the history in the world with someone doesn’t necessarily mean having a close friendship or a deep knowledge about them. Somethings only come to light when all the walls coming crashing in and hearts are exposed. Reckless Love by J. Saman is what a second chance romance should be.


Two people who’ve known of each other their whole lives, cross paths again in college, only this time their casual acquaintance leads to much more ... more smiles, more laughter, and more passion than they could’ve imagined, but sometimes things are just not meant to be ... at least right now. This story is a wonderful example of how the heart wants what the heart wants, no matter how reckless it may be.

Lyric Rose grew up with music in her blood. Her father was a rock star, and her family has always encouraged her to follow her heart. Now in college, a transfer as a junior, and thinking a fresh start in a new place with an excellent music program to further her dream, will just give her all the answers she needs. Only her very first day popped up a past reminder of what a small world she really lives in ... a hometown acquaintance named Jameson Woods III has magically appeared behind her in line, poking fun like they are still in grade school. And of course he’s all grown up and gorgeous, too good looking, and he knows it. Funny how that doesn’t stop her heart from jumping all in ...

Jameson Woods has his life all planned out. He is steadfast about college, friends and especially no girlfriends ... only studying, sports, and casual sex. No drama, no attachments, only freedom ... till Lyric. Now Jameson sees Lyric everyday, best friends with a hint of more burning between them. She’s the one girl Jameson knows he’s not ready for, and who is too good for casual sex. No way he wants to ruin the best relationship he’s ever had by falling in love. Jameson has seen with his own eyes how painful love can be, and he has no interest in tying himself to that anchor. Lyric gets that, right?

I love reading J. Saman stories! This book has characters layered so beautifully and really relatable, it’s an absolute joy to read! I love how Lyric and Jameson have a very casual history and electricity sparking between them all this time. They keep things simmering slowly till it’s too late to deny that their hearts are involved, and there’s no going back. I love how they slowly find out about what makes each other tick, why they are afraid to commit, and how they finally fall in love. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming story, with ups and downs, twists and turns, humor and angst, all wrapped up in a sexy, sentimental romance.