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Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins

Secrets, scars and second chances all rolled up in one sexy, sexy romance! Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins blew me away! It’s excellent! Young love blown apart, harsh truths and horrible secrets, only to come back seven years later with even more pain and more cover ups. Ash and Teo has the kind of love that lasts a lifetime ... even if that means never being together to protect it. Teo’s self-sacrificing is sensational and heartbreaking! All the tension and unsaid feels between Ash and Teo is the best ... Loved it!


All the books I’ve read of J.D.’s are fantastic, exciting and so emotionally enjoyable in so many ways, and this story is just as wonderful! J.D. really has a way with words and making everything feel so real with his characters, his writing style is addictive. His attention to detail is fantastic! It’s like I’m walking around in L.A. seeing everything and just being in Teo’s head and heart. I love how the book kept me guessing about all the things that kept Ash and Teo apart for seven years, but I really loved when they finally get back together ... sextastic!

All Ash’s heartache and frustrations, passion and insecurities come alive in the pages as she struggles with bumping into the love of her life at his Tattoo Shop. So many things she dreamed of saying to him if she ever saw Teo again after all these years, fly right out of her head as she swoons and stares at the man who still has her heart in the palm of his hand ... will he crush it in one final squeeze, or cradle it, holding her close so he can restore their love back and the future she’s always dreamed of with him.

For years, Teo has tried to reinvent himself, escaping his past and barely surviving most days until he discovers his love of art and tattoos. Now a big deal tattoo artist in L.A. with a wait list months long, Teo feels at peace with himself, mostly. Only one thing is gnawing at his soul .. Ash. The love of his life he stood up at prom and left her high and dry without a word, not even a goodbye. Teo still feels he did the right thing, for himself and for Ash, but seeing her again, now, he’s not so sure. Maybe honesty is the best policy with Ash ... as he tries to justify his past and thinks about a fresh future, maybe he does deserve a second chance with the only woman he will ever love ... or maybe he should just keep walking, because can anyone truly go home again?

This story has just the right amounts of sweet and sexy, with lots of angst and romance blended in perfectly! What an awesome read! You’re gonna LOVE Teo!


Gotta Read! Cocky Chef by J.D. Hawkins

Finding your dream. Following your heart. Falling in love.

If only Cocky Chef had pictures! What a mouthwatering reading experience!

J.D. Hawkins' deliciously detailed descriptions of Cole and Willow’s chef’s skills and their insta-connection over their shared love of food, not only made me lust for their culinary creations but J.D. made the whole sexy story mega drool-worthy on every page!

The fresh and unique sights, sounds and smells made my imagination come alive with J.D.’s authentic writing, making me wish I was more of a foodie and going to more upscale restaurants!

Reading Cocky Chef seems fitting for my three-year blog birthday post … I love food, I love to eat and I love devouring this book! I was captivated by Cole and his self-confident sexiness and I was wowed by Willow and her passionate drive to achieve her dreams.

Their chemistry together in and out of the kitchen sizzled right off the pages! Cole set my imagination on fire and drove me wild … he is such an arrogant perfectionist on the outside and irresistibly vulnerable inside, he's the perfect bad boy!

What makes this story such a great contemporary romance for me is how Cole and Willow’s story made me feel, how it made me think about what's truly important at the end of the day. What makes someone special and what is trust. I love that at the center of this romance story is two guarded people, who once trusted, were betrayed, and slowly learned to get past all the hurt, break down their walls and let this very special relationship show them what love really means. So so moving!

I love all the heart warming places the characters took me to and took me on … their hopes and dreams, their struggles and conflicts, their heartache and growth, the healing and the love … I felt like I was really seeing Cole and Willow thriving in Los Angeles and I myself was experiencing it too in a whole new way, totally immersed in the hectic restaurant world.

This story could almost become a cookbook! I really want to make some of these dishes! I could almost taste all that wonderful food that's described, hear all the amazing heated banter, and see all the explosive passion between Cole and Willow … this book should have come with many tasty amuse-bouche and savory smell-avision!

Cocky Chef made me hungry and not just for food … and what an epic swoony ending!! J.D. has done it again, another amazing book I'm just crazy about!!



November 23, 2015 - I'm A Very Thankful Bookworm!

It's almost Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! I am so very thankful for all of you who have followed and friended me on all the different social media sites this year, it means the world to me! I'm really thankful for all the amazing romance books I got to read this year, and super-duper thankful for all the wonderful authors that wrote them! 

There's nothing better to me than cuddling up with some really sweet book nookie and falling in love over and over in all these romantic books!

Show some authors some love and check out these fun and sexy romance books, or go over to my Romazing Authors page to find even more authors to snuggle! Let's show all these awesome authors how appreciative we truly are...Just pop by their pages, one-click all their sexy novels and when you finish, leave a review wherever you bought the book...See? Easy!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Big hugs!

So, my fellow bookaholic bookworms... Ready to fall in love again eight times over?! Well feast your eyes on these sweet hottie-pies and get ready to gobble-up all these delicious must-reads!

The Sex Surrogate by Jessica Gadziala

Heart-swelling Hotness!! 

Everyone needs to read this! My first book by this author but definitely not my last!! I totally enjoyed gorging myself on every single sexy word..non-stop, all at once, totally transfixed and mesmerized till the very last page! Even Ava's best friends are awesome! Beautifully funny, engagingly sweet, and so very skin-tingly steamy all the way through! Dr. Chase Hudson is a feast for the eyes!! He stole my heart and blew my mind!

Chase oozes electric sexual confidence, but so warm and understanding ... yes, he's perfect! ... Chase definitely stretches the limits of the doctor / patient boundaries, but Ava seems to be more than just his patient ... Ava's funny, caring, strong but so fragile, needing sex surrogate therapy to get through her panic issues. Chase just can't resist her...The way Ava curls up on him, her head right next to his heart, letting Ava make him her special safe spot in his arms ... He's the balm to her hurting soul...Oh my god, my heart just melted every single time!

I love how this story gradually unfolds session by session, with lots of slow building anticipation and sexual tension that's so steamy and romantic! I got so weepy from all the intense ups and downs and the many tender healing moments. I was just as anxious and confused as Ava too, especially when her sessions with the hot doc are coming to an end...Is this love? Is this just therapy? Is it transference? Will he just move on to the next patient like she's nothing? This is a must read emotional journey that's so wonderfully dreamy and so crazy hot! I'm going to go read it again right now...I have a crazy crush on the intoxicating Dr. Chase and I need another dose stat!

Mechanic by Alexa Riley

Crazy Fan-girling Even More Now!!

Alexa nailed it again!! I devoured this deliciously dirty steamy yumminess all in one sitting!! Yes, it's That panty-scorching good! That super fun! That sweetly romantic... in a caveman-like...cherry-popping...gotta put my baby up in you...lust to love...happily ever after...pure heart-melting...awesomeness!

Paine is one hot bearded hunk of growling man-meat who can't help but put his greased up mechanic hands all over Penelope every chance he gets!...And Law...O.M.G! *swoon* Lucky Joey gets all the naughty sheriff handcuffing fun!... Just amazing!! Ok, I'm calling "Dibs!" Both these guys are my new Book-Boy-Toys!!

Brando (book 1) by J.D. Hawkins

I've been Brando-ed....Hard!

(First, I'm just going to stare at this book's cover all day...Right?!) Now on the inside..this story is a very sexy, eye-guzzling, awesome read! Brando Nash is my favorite kind of alpha-man-package!! Sure he's bold and brash on the outside, but so very cuddly and sweet on the inside!

What I really loved was seeing the chink in Brando's white-knight armor, making him feel so authentic and so lovable! I was moved by his poor bruised heart and his powerful determination to remake a name for himself. I loved all the sparring energy and heated passion between Brando and Haley too, the dual POV was fantastic and fun!

Brando's been burned and spurned deeply by love and the music industry, but he will do and say just about anything to get it all back, especially to get back his ex, Lexi. So when he takes the bet with the devil to make Haley, the plain little nobody, a star in thirty days ...

Brando can only think of the payout, the revenge on his ex and the new surge to his career...not all the fallout...When he sees the real Haley, it splits his world in two...he finds a real heart, the real rewards and the real possibility of a new dream...if it's not too late! That is some crazy cliffhanger!! I am already a total fangirling-book-junkie of J.D. but this book sent me to whole new level of happy! Loved it!!

The writing is so romantic and so creative! Each new book by J.D. gets even hotter, sexier and more exciting!! Can't wait to start Brando: Part Two right now!! Don't think, just do, Brando!!

Limits of Destiny Volume 1 by Sharlyn G. Branson

Who loves hot, sexy, broody, possessive, mysterious billionaire romance stories as much as me? Then this billionaire is for you! This fun and quick read, is filled with some sexy heat, some sweetly endearing moments and some great foreshadowing of what could lie ahead for these two in the next volume ... it's really an adorable romance!

Amidst a beautiful setting in Zurich, Alexia is the very smart in business kind of girl who's oblivious to her charm and beauty...picture Barbie...Alexia's had a few boyfriends, but has never been in love and afraid she'll never find it, until she literally bumps into the most gorgeous eligible playboy billionaire on the planet, Alexander...picture Henry Cavil...that what I did! Lol! 

Sparks fly and hearts melt as these two wade through the choppy waters of their insatiable passion and a brand new relationship. Alexia finally finds the head-over-heals, floating-on-air, butterflies-in-her-tummy kind of love, but will she be able to hold on to Alexander's heart forever when his past constantly rears its ugly head trying to destroy their love.

I can't wait to read what's next in store for these two love birds!

Playing For Her Heart by Megan Erickson

So sweet, so sexy and so heartwarming! A fantastic one-night-stand to falling-in-love story! Grant and Chloe have undeniable sizzling magic together and the way Grant dotes on his daughter is just so adorable!! Maybe because I'm a nerd girl at heart, and I love Comic-Con..all the dress-up role play was a major turn-on!!

I do know without a doubt ... Grant is Hot Hot Hot!! Like Ken doll hot...only built a whole lot better! *wink* It's so exciting to see how addicted Grant becomes to his fantasy girl from his favorite video game at the gamers convention ... then wakes up alone and wondering who was she?! The chase is on ... I loved all the very steamy sex games and Grants intensity to win the heart of this dream girl...awwwsome!!

My heart melted all the way through and I swoony-sighed when Grant finally unravels all the painful layers of Chloe's insecurities and declares that the only game he's interested in is the one where he's playing for her Ms. Erickson.

Luscious (Topped book 1) by Lexi Blake

I am a huge fan of the Masters & Mercenaries series...Huge! Exciting, funny, and so so HOT! I totally love all the characters like they're all my besties and we're just one big crazy family of subs whispering about our sexy Doms in Sanctum ... and maybe hoping for a sweet spanking! Now in this book ... the luscious man-candy baker made me a very happy girl..a big, gorgeous Veteran and he can make mouthwatering goodies?! Yes Please!!

A deliciously kinky and sexy pastry chef in training at Top, Macon Miles is battered and broken, inside and out. Ally Jones, the cute new hire with a flirty smile, may be his one and only shot at love, but she has a deep and painful past connection to Macon...if that truth comes out, she may lose him forever ... the tension, the secrets and all the heartache is so heartwarming and so tough at the same time ... so many tear-filled tissue moments for me!!

I'll never get enough of the perfect balance of dominance and tenderness in this BDSM story or how wonderfully complete Ally and Macon feel when they are together. I loved Ally's spunky sass and I loved Macon's ability to forgive...especially himself. A truly wonderful, touching story that filled my heart with love and hope...A Beautiful BDSM Must Read!!

Pimp: A Stepbrother Romance (book 1) by Claire Donovan

Totally Hooked! Whew! Now that's a sizzling hot prologue! Loved it!

This first book in this sexy series is a fast reading page turner that's funny, a little edgy, and kind of a very good way! There's a whole lot going on in this taboo story and the dual P.O.V. is amazing! I really enjoyed Mace and Alyssa's magnetic push and pull relationship. Their teasing banter, frustrating arguments, funny trips down memory lane and all their emotional trials was very moving and touching ... it's surprising how much they really don't know about each other.

Mace walks around arrogant and broody with a huge angry chip on his shoulder, while hiding a big secret ... and Alyssa wades through her problems desperately hopeless and suddenly penniless, while trying to figure out the truth in her life ... Both are in major denial about their obsessive attraction to each other.

I loved being drawn into all their drama and how the story twists and winds its way around to bring these two together through Mace's escort agency ... No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, fate has other plans ... never say never, because a girl's got to do what a girls got to do ... Wow! All I can say is I've never been a fan of abrupt endings before ... but ... I kind of adore this wildly nerve-wracking and exciting cliffhanger!

I can't wait to see the look on Mace's face in the next book! If Stepbrother Romances are your thing, then I highly recommend you get your hands all over this gorgeous millionaire bad-boy today!

Billionaire's Commitment (book1) by Bella Forbes

Super Hot Billionaire Action!!

This first short story in this serial has got the "sweet girl gets mixed up with the broody billionaire" down perfectly!! Kyle McCain is absolutely fine being cold and aloof..he's an ex-military self-made billionaire with commitment issues and no intention to change a thing. He just oozes confident dominance that's all wrapped up in a sexy, fitted Armani suit...*sigh* I'm a goner!

I'm really really loving this book so far! Kyle is dark, controlling and addictive!! On his way to a New Year's Eve party, Kyle's hero instincts kick in when he rescues a cute curvy little thing being accosted...but why does she seem so familiar to him? All his well controlled dominance is blown when he finally gets his lips and hands all over the innocent Amanda ... but hey, Kyle may not be a warm and cuddly kind of guy afterwards...but he is very very generous when it counts!!

I won't give any spoilers but let me say's so awwwsome!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait for book two! My only complaint is that the whole book is not in my hands right now!! 

Terrific foreshadowing and a really great cliffhanger too!! This has to be my favorite Billionaire book by Bella so far!


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August 16, 2015 - Heart - Throbbing Hotties...Nothing Better!

Talk about the steamy days of summer reading getting even hotter...Well just dive into these refreshingly cool and heart melting hotties' stories by these three fabulous authors!!

BootyCall 1 by J.D. Hawkins

Desperately needing a hot mess movie star meeting the one woman who can flip his switch to peace and happiness? ...this is the series!

What an outstanding story and so intensely sexy! Two lonely, discouraged people reach out on a hook up app, BootyCall, to fill their lonely emptiness in the night...little did each realize that that one phone call would lead to a whole new and improved life altering path for both of them...Dylan Marlowe is on his way to being a Hollywood heartthrob-has-been, his Irish temper brings out the fighter, over drinker, and his manwhore ways. But it's a mask...Now Dylan has one last chance to redeem his Hollywood and more himself. Can he put his demons to rest and move past all his painful issues?

Can two hot messes make a go of this?...Gawd I hope so!!!
— Romazing

Gemma Clarke is a good girl and an accountant, down on her luck, trying to be everything to everyone, but gets her heart broken anyway, and after her hook-up with Dylan, she finds that the gorgeous but exasperating jerk needs more than just the token sexual distraction for one night...she sees that Dylan needs Gemma to be his real friend...not just her greasy pancake...if she doesn't pull all her hair out first! 

Can two hot messes make a go of this?...Gawd I hope so!!! This contemporary story is so beyond steamy sexy..its really engaging and even made me feel frustrated with Dylan! It gripped me immediately and the cliffhanger ending just snuck up on me!!

A scorching hot must read!

BootyCall 2 by J.D. Hawkins

Yes! Yes! Yes!...Amazing! I love how this story continues to evolve from hook up to "I can't live without her"...I won't give any spoilers but...its so so awesome!!

I loved how everything just blew up into a huge emotional tornado and everything eating away at Dylan from his past was finally exposed and now he faces reality and some important decisions...making Dylan see him past and his future in a whole new light. I love how Gemma is his devoted anchor and friend in the crazy storm of Hollywood's leering vultures and they both finally see the true stars in their lives right in front of them..each other.

This is really even more heartwarming and more panty melting than part 1...I could not put it down!
— Romazing

This is really even more heartwarming and more panty melting than part 1...I could not put it down! I even got a tad jealous of Gemma having all that steamy lovin' from Dylan!! Man, He is Hot!!

I just love a happily ever after and a forever happily living...even from two out of this world sexy pragmatists...and let's just face it...I have a bit of a crush on the stubborn Irishman!!

A Great Story To Devour!!...A Big Must Read!

Violet Chain by J. Kahele

Dying to see a millionaire playboy get a taste of what he's been dishing this series!

My very first impression of this truly engaging story's wonderful! An excellent story of how twisted up a playboy millionaire gets as his bad boy karma is handed to him on a silver platter when the girl of his dreams wants only secret rendezvous sex and usually that's this player's dream girl...

Chain Alexander is gorgeous, confident and a sexual dynamo, until his best friend introduces him to Violet... and it's like those crazy cartoons...heart beating out of his chest, tongue wagging, and just pure lust at first sight for Violet Townsend.

These two have amazingly hot chemistry! The heartfelt moments about their pasts that they share with each other is just so touching! The twists and turns of their secret love games is such a page turner!
— Romazing

After their first kiss, Chain is on a mission to keep Violet forever. How can he make her his?...If only all his sexual charms would work on her! Violet Townsend on the other hand, is beautiful, brilliant, professional and just dumped a cheating fiancé. Violet has no intentions of having anything but secret sexual liaisons with the infamous womanizer, Chain...she won't be fooled matter how much she already craves Chain 24/7, no matter that he is funny, or that he's really kind or even that he's so loyal to his friends...all there can ever be is sex. 

These two have amazingly hot chemistry! The heartfelt moments about their pasts that they share with each other is just so touching! The twists and turns of their secret love games is such a page turner! It was so great to see how Chain is the one feeling like a sex toy and how he has such a soul deep revelation of how being "used" feels..then when Chain has the shocking epiphany of falling into a deep protective love with just had me So excited and So amazed... Oh! And what a crazy cliffhanger! I never saw that one coming!

Now I really need book two! An exciting and sweetly sexy contemporary must read.

That Boy (book 1) by Jillian Dodd

Craving something super sweet in the forever best friends turns forever in love on!

What a sweetly charming and wonderfully tender story! I couldn't help but find JJ so adorably stubborn and cutely tomboyish. I loved how the story starts in the present but at a pivotal moment, I got thrown back to her childhood to relive JJ's life right along with her!

This story is full of great feelings and made me laugh out loud and really made me cry hard too...It’s just so so romantic!
— Romazing

I loved her best friends.. Phillip, her constant, who calls her princess and has been by her side daily since birth, and Danny, her knight, the tough guy, and always the wild energy of the three. The growing and ever changing relationship between them has such funny moments and some maddening ones too. I felt like I was growing up all over again and seeing how exciting falling in love can be! JJ finds that the only constant in her life is those two amazing guys, especially when her whole world changes one more ways than one.

This story is full of great feelings and made me laugh out loud and really made me cry hard too...It's just so so romantic! Can JJ hold on to the true forever love that's always been right in front of her?

A super must read sweet contemporary romance!

That Wedding (book 2) by Jillian Dodd

This is absolutely, positively thee most romantic, funny and sentimental heart pounding pre-wedding jitters journey to the alter story that I have ever read!

Phillip is definitely thee dream Prince and JJ is quite the flustered and emotionally disillusioned Princess.

A Perfect Fairytale Must Read!!
— Romazing

The road to their happily ever after seems to be a rocky one..are they settling? Is it just lust? Will it all the bliss fade away? Will they still be best friends if this blows up?...

A bit of divine intervention by way of a little devil's advocate in marriage counseling pushes JJ to realize that her whole life, since Phillip proposed at ten years old on the playground swings, has lead to this very special once in a lifetime moment that only Phillip can fulfill...forever in love with your very best friend.

Everything during the planning of the wedding seems to fall off the rails, then all pops into place with Phillip being JJ's solid rock of hugs and understanding...always catching her when she try's to flutter away...Then the actual wedding is so beautifully and sweetly romantic that I could stop the water's seriously the stuff that dreams are made of! Now I must read That Baby!!

A Perfect Fairytale Must Read!!


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June 6, 2015 - Six Steamy Summer Reads!

Wow! It's nearly summer already! I had the best time reading all these amazing sexy stories at my pool or the beach, since it's pretty much summer here in Southern California all year round! .. and that got me thinking of this list for all you lovely book junkies like me! Break out the sunscreen and flip-flops my've got some serious reading to do!! These "new-to-me" authors' novels are smokin' hot must reads! Have a great summer!

Lily And The Duke by Helen Hardt

I am a sucker for erotic historical romance and this story is just perfect! I loved the very independent and artistic Lily, who believes she will never marry, by her own choice of course. Lily is such a beautiful woman out of time character! She is adventurous, witty, talented and very curious about sex. A chance meeting in the Duke's garden, the second son at the time, Lord Daniel Farnsworth, seals their attraction so that when they meet again eight years later, Lily now sees the Duke, Daniel in a whole new light. Their connection and chemistry just steams off the pages! I loved all their secret clandestine romps ..its so exhilarating to read all the different ways Daniel tries to convince Lily that they have more than just physical lust for each other, but a true love match. This is a really delicious and decadent story filled with lots of mischief and misgivings...enchanting!

The Selkie by Rosanna Leo

A paranormal story that is so beautifully mythical and magically compelling! This is the first book by this author I have ever read and to be honest..I couldn't put it down! Truly one of the most engaging and sexiest shifter fantasy romance stories I have read in a long time! Simply put...I Loved It! I never peeked at previous reviews Or blurbs, so I was totally shocked at what the shifter became, but then I was much too curious to find out how everything works to ever close the book! Just so unbelievably unique!! I was mesmerized by the ancient Scottish folklore and entranced by all the magic powers that weaves its spells around Maggie and Calan...that starts in their sexy dreams of each other and then draws them together in the far away isle of Scotland, to fulfill their destiny. I just got the shivers! The adorable Maggie and the charming immortal, Calan have amazingly hot undeniable chemistry that pulled me in and made me believe in the myth and fall in love with these characters! I also just have to say...I will never be able to walk along the beach again without looking towards the waves...dreaming and hoping my seven tears dropping in the ocean will bring me my very own Selkie man! Awesome read!!

Cowboy Crazy by Em Petrova

Why yes I am..crazy-hot for this amazing cowboy series!! Love it!! This first book just blew me away! I love the intro..Five brides for five brothers, if they want their piece of the family ranch that so heart-knockin' good! I really fell hard for Hank, just so big, strong, and chivalrous! I love how Hank rescues the wayward and broken Charlotte from all her woes, only to make her the deal of a lifetime...I'll fix your car if you'll stay on the ranch for a few weeks to help my ma...oh my goodness gracious! That man is all smooth-talkin' sweet Texas charm! Charlotte has no choice but to agree to the deal and convinces herself that she will be able to resist that gorgeous smiling cowboy temptation in a saddle...Not! This is such a very sexy steamy read with a whole barn full of good lovin'! Can not wait to read how all the other brothers fall head over boots in love next!!

Their Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa Vale

Wow! Just Wow! Too hot for words! I am absolutely addicted to this series! I read this and I went ahead and got them all! These very erotic historical western romances are to die for! This story is so thrilling and really engaging! I loved how the beginning just grabbed me..the virginal Emma wakes up in a brothel, has been sold to the madam by her stepbrother and now will be front and center in a marriage auction! Then it gets even better...she is bought by TWO hot Montana ranchers, the so very handsome and tall Brit, Whitmore Kane and the big gorgeous Scot, Ian Monroe. They both have deep dark desires and many dangerous secrets, but they will always keep Emma safe and cherished as long as they live. A really great heart warming and panty melting book! One of the sexiest and hottest books out there! Wow! I can only hope there's a sequel to their story soon!

Insatiable 1 by J.D. Hawkins

So this just happened...Holy freakin hotness! This book is over the top super good! A jammed packed steamy story full of sticky sexiness and dirty talkin' filthiness like no other..awesome!...I honestly have never read a romance book written by a guy romance author, but I one clicked this book and started reading before I figured it out! Fucking-A this man's p.o.v. is so cool..Raw, blunt and fresh! Honestly..a wicked turn-on!! Ok, so Jax is an out of control sex-god, self-made millionaire, model-gorgeous chick magnet and Jax knows it, flaunts it and embraces it proudly. Yes, he's an asshole, but still, a very lickable asshat. Jax runs with the uber rich crowd and will never settle down...Until the curvy gentile seductive Lizzie turns Jax's slick practiced moves down flat. What?! No one says no to Jax! Challenge accepted...and Jax is in for a world of crazy mindfucks that he never knew he could feel..ever. Lizzie just wants Jax to be her sex teacher, so when Mr. Right comes along, she may be able to keep him. Lizzie knows Jax is a player in the highest order, and she'll have no problem walking away at the end of the erotically enlightening sex-filled week...but can Jax? Oooh! It's sooo good! I need book two right now!!

The Breathless Series by Melissa Toppen

I really loved reading this series! I had a hard time believing that it was three books though...I plowed through all three in a matter of hours because they all just flowed together so wonderfully and kept me guessing all along the way! Addison is the perfect girl next door from a small town in Vermont, who follows her heart and boyfriend, of eight years, to Las Vegas...only to be literally dumped on a curb with nothing but a suitcase. Yikes! What a douche! Sick of her wallowing, Addison's friends drag her to a bar, where she "just happens" to meet the hottest bartender on the planet!! It seems Addie may have found a strangely sexy sweet stalker...Liam "just happens" to be wherever Addison is...So Cute! The story is a very engaging and a steamy tale of two regular lonely yet damaged people trying to navigate the craziness of falling in love while learning to trust themselves and each other without getting theirs hearts crushed at the same time. When all Liam's secrets are finally revealed, can Addie love him for who he truly is, and not just for his gorgeous wrapping? Oh and did I mention Liam's a millionaire? No? Bad me!

Show me the book love!  

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