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Release! by J.S. Scott

I’ve been reading this fabulous author for years, and Release! by J.S. Scott is incredibly wonderful! It’s a very fast, fun, full of emotion, insta-lust must-read! Sort of a Cinderella fairy-tale feel, with a gorgeous Billionaire charming her into a fake fiance arrangement through the holiday season. Then they are suppose to part ways with no one the wiser ... but love has a way of creeping into hard-hearted billionaires when they are not looking.


This lovely story is filled with heart, humor and hope. Eva is a vivacious character who always seems to have a smile in her heart no matter how horrible her life is. Trace is a man driven by guilt, grief and generosity. He loves his brothers and will do whatever he can to make them secure and whole, no matter the cost. The title really captured the feel of this book, as both Eva and Trace need to learn to release their pasts, release their fears, release their pain, and learn to trust love again.

Eva is living life one struggle at a time. She’s not so much living day to day as she really is just barely surviving each day. All Eva’s family has died or worse, and she’s desperate enough now to go to the only person she thinks can possibly give her a job ... Trace Walker. Hopefully Trace will show compassion and forgiveness for all that’s transpired, because she really needs a job.

Trace is a powerful, compassionate character. He’s commanding and honorable. His pain is keeping him from truly trusting his heart, and he keeps all woman at a basic sex level, no strings, and definitely no commitment. His only mission is to get a fake fiancé to undo a nasty entanglement his brother is in, only having Eva in his home, in his arms and slowly capturing his heart, doesn’t feel so fake after all.

I’m always going to be drawn to read about commanding Billionaire heroes in romances! I just can’t ever get enough of them! All of the sexy billionaires by J.S. Scott are fantastic and totally worth reading over and over!

The Billionaire’s Salvation: The Billionaire’s Obsession, Max by J.S. Scott

It’s Billionaire Romance season!! All the excitement swirling around about a certain crazy-hot Billionaire movie that just came out, has me all super pumped up to read all the hot, erotic, steamy Billionaire romance novels I can get my hands on ... and this super sexy gem of a hot-must-read, The Billionaire’s Salvation by J.S. Scott, is right at the tippity-top of the gotta read list! Max Hamilton is the full-on dreamiest of dreamy Billionaire heroes!!


The unforgettable heart-wounds this story leaves every time I read it, is excruciatingly beautiful! I love all the heartache, the longing, the undying devotion, the sensational reconnecting and the true love conquers all ending ... it’s frickin-fantastic!

Max and Mia have a fairytale romance right from the first moment their eyes meet and it whirlwinds into a magical wedding of happily ever after ... or does it?! The past catches up to Mia, and after a series of unfortunate events she’s gone ... disappearing into the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again. Now all Max can do is stay faithful to her memory, mourn her absence, lash out at anyone who says she’s dead and try to clear his name for Mia’s disappearance ... Holy Smokes what a guy!!

All seems hopeless years later as Max Hamilton barely lives each day, burying himself in work and determined to solve the mystery of his wife’s drowning ... but deep in his heart he feels her, sees her around every corner, and is haunted by all the unresolved issues that plague his mind from all the lost opportunities with Mia. “If Only’s” and “I Should’ve’s” beat on his brain like a drum, making him full of guilty regrets and forcing Max to see his life and marriage in a new light, a new truth. He vows that if he ever has another chance at love with Mia, he will be his true self, his dominant self, and his love will never be doubted again.

Mia was a poor girl who met the dream man every girl could ever hope for ... She’s trying so hard to be perfect and to fit into Max’s fancy life. But she never seems to be able to make him happy. All Max does is work. Sure the love making is nice, but she knows he’s holding back, not giving his whole self, so she tries even harder to be the perfect wife. When he’s gone again on another business trip that she’s not allowed to go on, she heads to her favorite spot near a cove to swim, but gets interrupted by a very jealous old flame who tries to kidnap her for ransom ... only things don’t go as planned and Mia is left alone, lost and searching for who she really is ... until something sparks her memory and she goes searching to find her life.

All the Billionaire Obsession Books in this series are amazing and I love to reread them all over and over! I can never get enough of all these very sexy and very dominant Billionaires! Go get you some today!


Throwback Fave! The Billionaire's Obsession by J.S. Scott

All the excitement over a new movie trailer in social media lately about a certain sexy billionaire has reignited my reading lust for all my erotic billionaire books ... One of my top faves? The Billionaire's Obsession!

You've got to get some hot alpha-licious broody billionaire action by J.S. Scott! I am bonkers for her badass billionaires! Every single one is just sigh-mazingly addictable!

Only one word comes to mind when I read this book ... Mine! Because when I'm in the mood for a brazenly bossy billionaire, Simon Hudson is my number one, go-to guy ... Many. Times. Over! Ev-ver-ree-thing about this salaciously sexy, gamer geek just gets my panting heart all a hyperventilating!

For over a year, Simon's been obsessively, madly crushing on a sweet, beautiful, nursing student/waitress, Kara Foster, and she has no idea Simon even exists ... until her world comes crashing down around her ... Want a teaser, I mean quote? 

"I'd like one night, Kara. Not because you have to, but because you want it too. I'll help you, regardless. It's your choice whether or not to give me what I want. But be warned ... I like control."
"What does that mean exactly?"
"Total surrender," he answered in a low, hoarse voice that vibrated with barely-controlled passion.
"Think about it. Say the word and I'll give you every ounce of pleasure I'm capable of giving."

Simon is one of those book-boyfriends that once you read him, you'll always want him! He's such a memorable character ... a panty-melting hottie, and an irresistible fixer-upper, that just needs true love to heal him. Crusty and scarred on the outside, but vulnerable and marshmallow-gooey on the inside ... The perfect combo, if I do say so myself, in my fictional boyfriend expertise of course! Read this teaser:

"I want you, Simon. Desperately." Her fuck-me-breathless voice saying those particular words made Simon groan, desperate to be inside her. But still ...
"Don't do this out of gratitude," he growled.
"I would never do this out of gratitude. I'm tired of fighting this attraction between us, Simon. I want my one night ..."
One night. Simon's heart was thundering.
"Total surrender?"
"I'm not sure what that means ... but yes ... total surrender ..."
"It means that I need control. I want to tie you to my bed, blindfold you, and fuck you until neither of us is able to move."
Simon felt her shiver in his arms, but she answered softly, "Then do it. Take me to bed, Simon."

This story is just wonderfully romantic and hotly erotic with a lovely simplicity to it; a heart-warmingness and an endearingness, that's makes this a dreamy-like, falling-in-forever-love kind of fantastic contemporary romance to read over and over! Here's just one more sexy hot quote to get you hooked: 

One night.
One night my ass. One night will never be enough. She's mine.
Simon had known it last night and he knew it now. He would never get enough of Kara. She was an obsession that he couldn't get over with one night of incredible sex. He wasn't sure what it was going to take, but it hadn't been relieved by screwing her brains out. If anything, it was worse. Now that he had possessed her once, he wanted her again and again.

I snagged this collection in paperback a while ago, so you may see it now in a new cover.

How ever you can get your hands on this book, do it ... Trust me, your hopeless romantic heart will thank you!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

December 24, 2015 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Book List!

Sweet and funny stories loaded with oodles of magical holiday spirit that'll knock your stockings off ... In the best way!

I was a very, very good blog-girl this year, so all I want is even more romantic books like these toasty warm novellas filled with heart-melty holiday hotties! All of these sexy sweeties really jingle all my ladybells!  Ho Ho Ho!

On the Twelve days of Christmas my kindle gave to me ... twelve tempting stories that must be on your Holiday Book List!

Miracle by Megan Hart

(Part of the Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories)

Sweet, sentimental and so romantic! Ben has so many new decisions to make in his new life, like how to be a whole and happy Jewish man in a brand new way. It's burdening his strict religious soul, until he meets his neighbor, the kind, cheery, and happy go lucky Jewish girl of his dreams, Amanda.

"...I'm crazy about you. If you ask me, that's a miracle right there." - Ben

Ghost of Christmas Past by Joy Eileen

Jake's one true love walks into his bar and back into his life after five long years apart...Ghostly bullying pushes Jake to win back Ezzie's sensitive heart and gypsy spirit all over again...wonderfully enchanting!

"Its Christmas...Ezzie, I have loved you from the moment I met you. I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond.." - Jake

A Christmas Kiss by Jess Michaels

Amelia and Stephen may be estranged, but not this Christmas and not ever again. Stephen decides he wants his wife all to himself and will woo back her heart in every sexy way imaginable ... Spicy-sweet  regency goodness! 

"I want you to be my wife in more than name. I want you." - Stephen

A Cowboy for Christmas by Em Petrova

Dusty is a bronc riding cowboy stud that sets Avalee off balance the moment he electrifies her life with a sexy bearded smile and a devilish twinkle in his eye like all the Christmas lights in Las Vegas lighting up the sky ... Buckle up, this is lust at first sight that burns up the sheets.

"Wanna make another terrible mistake?" - Dusty

The Billionaire's Christmas by J.S. Scott

This is one of my top favorites in the broody sexy billionaire genre...I have a mad crush on Grady! Crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside, this guy just gripped my heart and never let go ...

"You're mine, Angel. I need you more than I need anything else on this earth... Say yes and I'll never want another Christmas gift as long as I live." - Grady

A Christmas Bride by Vanessa Vale

Need a big strapping cowboy, or two, for Christmas?...This wildly sexy western historical romance will melt the snow off the roof and overheat your kindle!! Allison is one really lucky lady!! 

"It's Christmas and it's time for us to unwrap our present, you..." - Quinn and Porter

Hope for Christmas by Becky McGraw

This is the perfect Christmas story! Sweet, romantic, sexy and so heart-clenching! Hope and Cord have an instant chemistry and a crazy pact to help each other out of their financial woes ... but love was never part of the agreement. Too bad love always has its way, especially for a Christmas miracle.

"You are definitely on my naughty list, Tinkerbell." - Cord

Taking What's Naughty by Alexa Riley

Have yourself a very naughty Christmas with this delightful smutty-licious little story! Three wise men and one feisty little virgin do a lot more than just kiss under the mistletoe at the office holiday party ...

"I have a nice little Christmas present for us all..."- Damon, Kellan, and Remy

His For Christmas by Skye Warren

Dark, Edgy and really really Sexy! Angel needs this job desperately, and Gage Thompson is the Big Bad Billionaire with dark secrets and insatiable desires for his little temp...his own personal, sweet, pretty little Christmas present ...

"I want you with me when I go home...I want to be with you, near you...That's my happiness." - Gage

Snowed In by Lila Monroe

I love a sexy story that can make me laugh and fall in love! Paige has one job, cater a party for an ultra rich douchebro, Ace Carmichael. Ace has one rule, no relationships ... but being stuck all alone in a blizzard and a big hot tub with their name on it, leads to a very merry holiday party indeed!

"I like to think of it as a holiday bonus." - Ace

Once Upon A Christmas Wish by Lorraine Nelson

Sweetly romantic as it tugged on my heartstrings all the way through! Chris is widowed with a young son, barely getting by for the last three years. All her wishes come true when a knock on the door opens a whole new world of love with her late husband's long lost identical twin, Ethan.

"Your love is the best gift I've ever received." - Ethan

The Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec

Noel Holiday and Sam Stocking meet in an airport bar ... and let the games begin!

Hilarious and Steamy!! 

Love it! All the holiday madness and Noel's crazy family is everything Sam needs to see the true meaning of Christmas and the magical power of love ... Oh yes, Mr. Stocking is hung!! Yup, I think my vagina just burst into flames! 

"I've never gotten a present before. I want to savor the experience ... Holy Shit ... this is the best present ever! You take my breath away!" - Sam

Happy Holidays and have a really fun New Year's Eve too! Enjoy filling up on all of these fabulously romantic stories and I'll see you all next year!


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**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

May 17, 2015 - Intoxicating Spring Fling Reads!

Ten sinfully sexy books by Ten talented authors!

Honestly? Sometimes I'm not all that clever as a blogger, but I truly do love to read, especially like the novels by these ten authors. In the last couple of weeks, I've loved letting each and every story float me away with their passions, mysteries, dangers and sexy happily ever afters until I lost all sense of time. I really enjoyed the ten fantasies of falling in love over and over with intriguing, extraordinary characters in all of these fantastic romances...the best book-high on earth!

All Five-Star Must Reads for these beautifully written love stories!

No Ordinary Billionaire by J.S. Scott
A wonderfully enticing story of a dirty-talking, badass billionaire, Dante, back home in Maine recovering from injuries, when he meets the intriguing quirky doctor of all his sexy fantasies, Sarah. Oooh Yeah! Dante sets his sights on winning Sarah's heart and nothing or no one will get in his way...I could not put this book down and you won't be able to either! Steamy and heartwarming! Hot cop and a billionaire..Thee perfect combo pack! Well, besides his perfect eight-packs abs...

You Only Love Twice by Lexi Blake
Wow! I never saw this coming! I got so wrapped up in this story of the PTSD Veteran, Jesse, and how he conquers all his fears when he knows that the woman he loves from afar, Phoebe, is not only a spy trying to expose him as a traitor, but also the Sub of his dreams that he can't live without. Now, he just has to convince Phoebe to give love a second chance...Oh man, this is such a thrilling and sexy BDSM story filled with so much passion and danger! A stay up and read all nighter book!

The Highlander's Hope by Cali MacKay
GOD! I really love steamy highlander stories, and this series is Amazing!! I love the lyrical Scottish accent and the bits of history, while still reading in the present day. Such a suspenseful story with all the mystery and danger swirling around Catriona and Iain, while they try to fight their sexual attraction and try to find a centuries old lost treasure that could save Iain's family from a huge debt. I was hooked from the very first page! Just such a fantastically sexy falling in love story with the brutally gorgeous Scot, and loads of sweet panty melting action! Delightfully Magical!

Stone Walls by A.M. Madden
My first novel by this author and I was not disappointed! This is a fast paced, sexy, engaging story that had me on the edge and flipping pages as fast as I could! Ben is all manly man! He is ripped, steadfastly single and a badass cop! Whew, have mercy hot! When all goes from sugar to shit, Ben has to pull his head out of his ass to keep danger away from the ballsy woman who has wormed her way past all his stubborn defenses and imbedded herself deep into his stone cold heart. So many feels and so good!

Say My Name by J. Kenner
I just crave more Jackson Steele. This guy made me shiver! Oozing power and sex that radiates from every pore of his gorgeous body, Jackson is a man in high demand in every way, in business and in pleasure...and now, also by his ex, Sylvia. The one woman who was his everything, in every way, and the one woman who has come back into his life to beg him to work for Stark...but he has other plans...Everything is now up for re-negotiation, especially Sylvia's submissive heart. A wonderful mix of heartache and forgiveness, with a whole lot of sexual-healing love thrown in...So freaking epic!

Changing His Game by Megan Erickson
Holy Hotness I love this story!! Uber sexy geek millionaire, Austin is secretly in lust with an employee, Marley, but can't reveal that he is really her boss, not just an IT nerd, until he can get her to fall in love with him and fall in his bed first! Marley won't be derailed from her life plan so easily though...she wants that promotion no matter how many great kisses Austin delivers... Squee! This is so awesome! What a fun and sexy story! A fantastic and steamy read! I'm a major fangirl now!!

Manwhore by Katy Evans
Boy! Malcolm Saint is my McDreamy! I love this title, honestly it's why I bought it! Once I started reading, I was full on crazy happy dancing!! I really really love how Rachel starts out thinking she can get her column done and be totally immune to all of Saint's charms, but soon discovers that all his money, power and devilishly handsome good looks are all a smoke screen for the true caring man inside the tux...How can she resist? How can she do her job without wrecking her life? I can not wait for part two! This is absolutely one of my "bookshelf must have" Hella Hot favorites!

Midnight Ride by Cat Johnson
OMFG I love this story too much, if that's even possible! I can't stop reading it over and over!! The seriously smoking hot cowboy, Tyler, is absolutely gobsmacked in love at first sight with a curvy older widow, Janie. Now all Tyler has to do is convince Janie she can't live without him...and Tyler never backs down from a sweet sexy challenge wrapped up in a few dozen orgasms to boot! I so love a romantically steamy cowboy story and this book goes way beyond all of my wildest wet dreams!

Seduced By My Doms by Jenna Jacob
If you like erotic and sensual male-female-male menage..then you just got so lucky! Holy Shit! This story is freaking incredible! James and Ian have to slowly introduce and seduce the sweet, feisty nurse Liz, opening her eyes to a whole new exciting world of BDSM and her submissive side. Rule one: Do what the Dom says... Rule two: See rule one...Hopefully their kinky little beauty can open her heart as well and decide to seek committed love in the arms of two men instead of sacrificing her dark desires for the revenge of her brothers death or the "good girls don't do menage" voices in her head. Well...Working in tandem with multiple orgasms ought to convince her! Ya baby!

Dare To Hold by Carly Phillips
My heart was just so wrecked reading about all the crap Meg has gone through! I have never cheered so hard for a "happily ever after" ending, ever! I love the way Meg is so brave and strong even in the face of so much heartache. And! He is the ultimate sexy cop with a soft spot for cute damsels in distress, and Meg makes his heart melt instantly! This is a gripping yet fun roller coaster romance story with lots of heat and passion to make even the "true-love" doubters swoon! What a great series!

Enjoy all these Spring Fling Reads and get ready for some Steamy Summer Reads next Month!!

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May 13, 2015 - YUP. I'm A Vamp-Girl! V.M Black, Eden Bradley, J.S. Scott

Incredibly Erotic And Lovable Vampires!

Alrighty paranormal-romance addicts...I love all vampires, and I mean ALL! I first became obsessed with this genre way back when I was a teen, but lately I've really sunk my teeth into these three brilliant author's stories...I really really love how decadently dark and sexy dominant they all are! 
Beware: read at your own risk...Biting Lusty Vampires ahead...don't say I didn't warn ya!

The Blood Of Life: Books 1-3, Cora's Choice Vampire Series by V.M. Black
When a very ill young co-ed turns to an experimental treatment for a cure or could die trying, she finds a billionaire vampire who boils her virginal blood and dangerously entangles they lives together, way beyond just a cure....I'm so in! Wow, a seriously intriguing story! 

Dorian Thorne is a handsome taciturn philanthropist vampire and he has the miracle Cora desperately needs. The unfiltered, head-strong Cora is caught between two unpleasant from terminal illness, the other, a blood bonding cure with the sexy devil himself,'s a girl to resist? 

Cora ends up with a lot more than the cure she bargained for...she is now owned, body and soul, by the illustrious and mysterious Dorian Thorne...forever. Cora's not sure if that's a good thing...

What a cool story! V.M. Black writes with enticing originality that hooked me immediately. Such a really great suspenseful sexy paranormal romance serial! A thrilling tale of strong binding love that hopefully can conquer all evil...literally! Dorian had me drooling the minute I met him..tall, dark, mind-blowingly gorgeous, with all that edgy powerful magnetism that's just irresistible! Ooh..head to toe goosebumps! 

Must
Rites of Blood: Cora's Choice Vampire Series 4-6
Time After Time:Cora's Bond Vampire Series 1-6

The Turning Kiss: The Midnight Playground Book 1 by Eden Bradley
Nissa's a lost but brazen young woman, battling life's daily struggles all alone in 2069 London. Until one day, she gets the opportunity of her dreams...An invitation to the exclusive Vampire Club, Midnight Playground. Eternal belonging is now just a kiss away...will Nissa have the courage to accept immortality..and love?

Hex and Aleron are rapacious vampires, who have been together a long every way inhumanly possible, and with many others as well, but now they have a craving for much more...just what that is, they're not quite sure...Until one night, Hex feels Nissa's presence in the club before he even set eyes on her...but when he does, Hex just knows. She's the one for them.

In this series, Eden Bradley creates a dark world of captivating vampires in a new and fascinating sensual romance series, unlike anything I have ever read! Everything about the decadently lascivious vampire club just pulled me in and I never wanted to leave! All of these stories are wildly arousing, with uninhibited BDSM, bold sex-play, and risqué ménage that is so deliciously naughty and passionately alluring...I was left mesmerized by this steamy panty-melting erotica! 

Now I'm the one begging for just one more bite...Way too tempting-to-pass-up explicitly erotic reads!  Go on...You know you want to...

Midnight Playground Series: 2-5
The Turning Kiss

Ethan's Mate: The Vampire Coalition by J.S. Scott
After hundreds of years of being a rule enforcer, Alpha-protective vampire, Ethan, who's been championing the human-race's rights to be more than just food for "the fallen" to destroy, is finding his immortal existence very empty and meaningless. Only finding his one-true human mate with the matching mark, can restore his will to live and his soul to his body. But Ethan has long ago given up all hope of hearing that dreamy voice call to him for mating...Ethan also stopped believing in true love.

Then one night, on patrol, Ethan feels his mate, hears her cries calling him, sees her beautiful body writhing for him in her dreams...he then scours the city to find her. Now Ethan will conquer and destroy anything that stands in his way to get to his one true love, Brianna. Ethan will have to battle "the fallen" plus Brianna's fears, confusions and deadly disease to convince her that his lust at first sight is also eternal love with an unbreakable vampire blood bond.
Phew! Sizzling hot sexy insatiable vampires..yes please!

Who wouldn't want a gorgeous dark dominant vampire to barge into your life, sweep you into his strong arms for all eternity, and take you to a blissful sexual high that you never ever want to come down from?...Ah, no one in their right mind that's for sure! 
I get all tingly just thinking about it! 

Wow! J.S. Scott's vampires just do it for me! Bonafide sex gods, devastatingly handsome and eternally devoted to boot! I fell hard for them all, and you will too!

The Vampire Coalition Series
The Rough Mating Of A Vampire, novella
Rory's Mate
Nathan's Mate
Liam's Mate
Daric's Mate

Valiant vampires + Beautiful Damsels = Book Heaven... in my world!

Happy Reading!

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February 8, 2015 - Binge on These Yummy Man-Candy Stories

Valentine's Day is coming!

Book-addicts will definitely want to read these nineteen yummy novels!

Each of these gorgeous, toe-curling, dirty talking book boyfriends are mouthwatering! Pair one up with a bubble bath, wine, or maybe a BoB to have a very sexy Valentine's with these hot lusty men! Here's some sexy quotes from erotic romance novels I LOVE! Maybe create a few romantic scenes with the man or men in your bed..*wink*. You can thank me later.

Want "sweeter but still very romantic" version books? I have that here too!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"You taste like heaven when you come"- Sexy Heart-throb Elias Hayes, Hot Summer Lust by Juliette Jones 

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. How about we skip all this dating bullshit and just head straight to the alter?" - Unbridled Carson McKay, Cowboy Take Me Away by Lorelei James

"You undo me" - Gorgeous Beau Devereaux, In His Keeping by Maya Banks

"I want you to love me as much as I love you." -Enticing Tate Colter, Billionaire Untamed by J.S. Scott

"Anticipation is half the journey, baby." - Sensualist Ryder Wilson, Nobody's Lost by Kallypso Masters

"You own me, my fate is in your hands.." - Hot Mess Christian Grey, Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

"I can ride you all night, 'Till you give me what I want." - Irresistible Prince Wulfric, In The Flesh by Sylvia Day

"Yes, as I had imagined you'd taste like something I could eat at every meal." - Naughty Zach Helm. Second Chances by Lauren Dane

"I don't kiss on the lips." - Mysterious Nathaniel West, The Dominant by Tara Sue Me 

"Remember that Angel? How good we are together? And it's so good isn't it? So fucking hot? We're not over." - Kissable Alex Dare, Dare to Desire by Carly Phillips 

"I thought I dreamt you." - Seductive Simon West, The Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

"I'm going to do it, I'm going to offer her my penis." - Unfiltered Tate Baxter.
"Have I ever told you how much I fucking love your ass?" - Bold Eric Cohen. 
"You look too pretty not to ravish.." - Dirty-talker Kellen Kent - Their Virgin Secretary by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

"You know, I took one look at you and wanted to get you in a bed and keep you under me for days..." - Enthralling Greg Hicks, Over Exposed by Stephanie Julian

"...But the two men who love you are here." - Decadent Colby Wilkes and Lusty Adam Keats, Nothing Between Us By Roni Loren

"Would you like that?...Being fucked hard and fast against the door?" - Badass sexy Rip, Hot Ride by Opal Carew 

"You're like a drug to me." - Addictive Damien Stark, Claim Me by J. Kenner

Sweeter but no less romantic... 

"You aren't alone..I promise we aren't leaving you." - Tough, Tender Merrick and Endearing Cade, Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks

"I know the Queen of Hearts when I see her." - Devoted Patrick, Forget Me Never, Hell Yeah! Book 7, Sweeter Hell Yeah! Series by Sable Hunter

"No! She's glorious!" - Besotted Irishman Declan, Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo

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Coming Soon on Kindle and Paperback!

Hello again everyone!

Coming Soon on Kindle and Paperback!

I definitely will be downloading these new reads on Kindle and/or buying them in Paperback, either way or both.

All of these authors are my favs, and these new books are either continuations of series and a few are brand new series!

Here's a list of must-have new reads in the coming months:

Hillbilly Rockstar by Lorelei James

Undone by Maya Banks

His Stolen Bride by Shayla Black

A View to a Thrill by Lexi Blake

Ignited by J. Kenner

Siren Reborn by Lexi Blake

His Rebel Bride by Shayla Black

Forever Starts Tonight by Roni Loren

Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

Taking it All by Maya Banks

Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane

Billionaire Unmasked- Jason's Story by J.S. Scott

Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh

The Doms of Genesis Series by Jenna Jacob

Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

On the Job and Only for You by Beth Kery

The Chalet by Tara Sue Me

Cherished by Lexi Blake

The Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

Not Until You by Roni Loren

Captivated by You by Sylvia Day

Holiday on Ice by Jaci Burton

Broken Open by Lauren Dane

Schooled by Lorelei James

Hot Seals Series by Cat Johnson

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