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Rescue Me by Jaci Burton

Ever have a dream that seems impossible to reach? Ever want a whole new life, one that you can be proud of? That’s what these two characters are trying to achieve in their lives, and needing each other to fulfill those goals. Sabrina and Kyle need each other, reluctantly, but none the less they are dependent on each other’s success. After so many set backs and discouraging obstacles getting in their way, both are determined to finally be the person they dream to be.


This story is simply romantic and moving. It’s pure, honest, and full of hope. Both Kyle and Sabrina have had heartache and betrayal, manipulation and abandonment, but both are strong, independent and positive that life can only go up from here. I enjoyed reading this book because it feels real ... it’s warm, sentimental and encouraging. I can easily slip into Sabrina and Kyle’s boots and feel all that they feel. It’s a wonderfully written book about all the joys and pitfalls of ranch life, and the struggles of finding everlasting love.

Sabrina Daniels had her life controlled and mapped out by everyone, except herself. She was young, trusting and gullible ... but not anymore. No more being used by her mother for her outward appearance and no more empty loveless marriage by her abusing ex. No, this new Sabrina will be her own woman, with her own ranch someday and wear jeans everyday for the rest of her life. No one telling her what to do, or what to wear or how to speak ... now if she only knew how to grow a backbone, she might be all set. Investing in a financially troubled ranch and getting all the ranching education from Kyle and his family is a dream come true ... too much of a dream come true being it’s all wrapped up in sexy hot cowboy who’s off limits ... but she’s there to rescue a beautiful ranch, and maybe see if she rescue a gorgeous rancher while she’s there.

Kyle Morgan is starting over. Almost literally. He almost lost everything when his parents died, and again when he was taken to the cleaners by his now ex wife. Kyle must swallow his pride and get an investor, albeit a beautiful one as it turns out. Now all he has to do is make her money dig the ranch out of this deep hole, and teach Sabrina how to run a ranch ... because for some unbelievable reason, this divorced beauty queen wants to be a cowgirl rancher. Unfortunately, Kyle has gotten way more than he bargained for with Sabrina ... she’s a lot more than just an investor to rescue the ranch, Kyle is starting to feel like she was heaven sent to rescue him.

Throwback Fave!! The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Who's ready for some football romance?! Jaci Burton has these amazing Play By Play Novels, a seriously sweaty-steamy erotic sports romance series, with super duper hot covers and even hotter heroes ... which includes one of my all time favorite football romances!

It do not get better than this! Sexy, romantic and heartwarming!

I know I love a book when I read it over and over, fall gah-gah, melty-warm in love with the hero and the sweetly dreamy meet-cute, and the insta-lust turn insta-love chemistry between the characters ... this delightfully dirty romance has all that and so much more!

No one does sports romance like Jaci ... My automatic one-clicky-click gotta-have must-read author!

The Perfect Play

Mick Riley is a genuine heart-throb! A sexy pro-quarterback from a great family, model good looks and a gold medalist in Aussie-kissing ... seemingly the perfect guy on the surface, but troubled and hiding a dark secret. His secret past haunts him, drives him to be perfect and to make up for all the hurt he caused his family. Then he meets Tara Lincoln. The first woman who doesn't swoon when he looks at her and the first woman he has to chase to get a date ... but Mick has the perfect play to get past her defenses and win her heart ...

"You get any more beautiful and I might drop dead." -Mick

Tara Lincoln is an amazing woman! Everything she has, she worked hard for, all on her own ... an up and coming event planner entrepreneur by day, and a full time single mom to a teenage boy by night. If Tara has a minute each day to do anything, it would be sleeping, so when Mick Riley plays a quarterback sneak and sweeps her off her feet, what's a girl to do?!

"Wow, these six pack things do exist!" -Tara

Playing a football game is one thing ... Playing at love is a whole other game entirely ... Can Mick score a touchdown to win Tara and her son's love or will he blow his chances and be punted right out of Tara's life forever?

"I can't get enough of you, Tara. You bring out a side of me I've never given to another woman." -Mick

Love this? This was only book one!!

Now go get some more hot sports guys in the other twelve books of the Play by Play Series, and go get the brand new anthology:  Mistletoe Games by Jaci Burton too! 

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

September 12, 2015 - In The Mood For Ménage?

I Love A Decadent Ménage Story!! The more the merrier, am I right?

Here are a few of my favorite sizzling, panty-melting, hella-hot must-read ménage stories by eighteen amazing authors, just a "little taste" of some awesome books to put on your TBR list.

So get ready to drool over these tantalizing triads, and maybe feel faint for a few fabulous foursomes... I know you'll be begging for more!

It's A Spanking-Hot September...

Colter's Woman by Maya Banks

This is one of the first ménage series I ever read, The Colter's Legacy... I was totally hooked and never looked back! An amazing and beautiful story of three ranching brothers looking and waiting for the one woman to be their wife...a committed, loving, forever ménage relationship. I love these guys! My dream men!!

Low and behold... They rescue a sweet petite brunette from a snow bank and fall in love at first sight...only one problem..she's already married! Now how to keep her forever...

Don't miss out on this series! Steamy Heart-melting Must Reads!

Their Virgin's Secret by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Need a whole ton of a steamy mé it is, The Masters of Ménage series... An absolute favorite "ménage only" series, seven so far, by these beautifully creative and talented authors!

All the stories have the perfect elements of two or three sexy Alpha men and the one adorable, strong woman who completes them. All the guys will resort to enticing, begging, bribing and beguiling their woman's heart so that they can all share her and treasure her forever...or just kidnap her and convince her to stay with them with lots and lots of euphoric pleasure, of course...Love Love Love these books!

I adore Their Virgin's Secret because it not only has crazy good ménage with gorgeous twins and a sweet and brave virgin, but it's also chuck full of intrigue, danger and a secret love child...

You've just got to read them now!! Sexy Love-filled Must Reads!

The Men With the Golden Cuffs by Lexi Blake

This BDSM story is part of a whole sexy series, Masters & Mercenaries, which I adore beyond reason, but I had to point this one out because it's an all time favorite and a spicy ménage between a free spirited, smiley, romance author and two big tough bodyguards who trying to keep her alive from a crazy stalker...I love their drama and mistrust with each other. I love that they all have such emotional baggage that they have to overcome in order to be the forever threesome they dream of being...It's so so epic!!

You will love it too!!! Get now! A Steamy Suspense-filled Must Read!

Riding the Night by Jaci Burton

Part of the Wild Riders series, these two big sexy tatted motorcycle lawmen rolling into a small town and running across the one perfect girl that got away years ago...let the games begin! I love this sexy story because it has the two hot men falling hard for the strong but damaged old flame and trying hard to make the three of them work, while being undercover in a middle of a dangerous case... What happens when the case is solved and the two men move on... can they leave behind the woman whose stolen their hearts?

A Hot and Wild Must Read!!

Three by Opal Crew

All of this author's books are out of this world sexy and super kinky, but this novella is a whole new level of wonderfully explicit and erotic steaminess! Hot! I mean... Scorching Hot Triplets!!! OMG! It's a fantasy coming to life for one curious girl and the gorgeous "make your fantasies come true" kind of men, then maybe a happily ever after love connection too...A Scorching Panty-Melting Quickie!

Opal writes a bunch of fantastic ménage...too many to list here, but trust have to experience every single one! 

Super Hot Must Read!

Captivated by Lauren Dane

I absolutely adore all of this author's ménage stories because they all have the true triad love between all three lovers...beautiful, emotional and also an exciting story that has a futuristic military setting.

This book is part of a SciFi fantasy series, The Phantom Corps, but I love the way the two best friends/lovers working together on a mission, rescue this tortured woman, and they both immediately care for her. They restore her mentally, physically and emotionally, then she falls in love with both of them, but rank and war may divide them forever...

It's such a beautiful story!! A truly brilliant series!! Read them all! 

A True Loving Triad Must Read! 

The Doms of Genesis Series by Jenna Jacob

Masters of My Desire is a seductive ménage story of a damsel in distress rescued by two gorgeous heroes, who also tempt her into their sexy, alluring, and addicting world of BDSM. One week, and all the fantasies that she could ever dream of are fulfilled...but now what? Go back to a boring empty life, leaving her heart behind...or take what these two amazing Doms are proposing? A Kinky Must Read!

Seduced By My Doms is off the charts kinky hot ménage! An exciting adventure into a titillating world of two dominating men in lust with the same submissive beauty, a nurse, who desperately needs the freedom of submission to heal her full of spicy heat and heartwarming love as she learns the joy of BDSM...but it'll take teamwork to win this sub's heart and trust as the two gorgeous men try to keep her theirs...forever. A Master-full Ménage Must Read!...

Now go get all the other books in The Doms Of Genesis series! 

Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James

One of my all time favorite cowboy stories, Long Hard Ride is book one...of sixteen novels, plus novellas and anthologies from the Rough Riders series...that's a truly touching, and heart-melting ménage! I love reading this story over and over!

A devoted married couple, in love and lust with each other, running their ranch...but the husband still has his past secrets and hidden desires away from his wife...until that one day, that secret knocks on their door...blowing up their life...a hot Brazilian cowboy coming to lay claim to the love of his life...the husband. Now the wife has to decide if she can share her husband or lose him forever...and can the new cowboy love her as well, or is that heart just ached for her!! 

This story has it all..Cowboys, ménage and heart pounding drama! 

Lots Of Cowboy Lovin' Must Read!

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson

Dilemmas have a way of working themselves out...especially when your loving boyfriend introduces his best friend for more than just a visit...but when secrets are revealed and true love may be heading three ways, can all three hearts survive the journey to a happily ever after? A very romantic and drama filled three way love affair that opens up all sorts of sexy secrets and heart felt cravings...

A Sweetly Erotic Three Part Series Must Read!

Wild Ride by Juliette Jones

This steamy novella just pulled me in and I couldn't put it down! Mind-blowing spicy ménage and sweetly romantic at the same time! Some of the wildest, sexiest three-way writing I've ever read!! Wow! I had to fan myself A Lot!

One small town beauty trying to get a fresh start in her life, quits her job, dumps the abusive boyfriend and then her car breaks down on the side of route 69...all on her 21st birthday. But as luck would have it...two, rich, handsome sweet-talkin' Cowboys in a mustang convertible stop and are willing to do a lot more than just help her out...they'll both give her the best wild ride of her life... Save a horse and ride two Cowboys! What a really fun read that put a big 'ole smile on my face, and with the thee perfect happily ever after too!

Wildly Sexy Must Read!

The Courage To Love by Samantha Kane

This fascinating story in the Brothers In Arms series has it all...historical, erotic, and lots of loving ménage... It just pulled me in from the very first page and I couldn't put it down until I read the end! An intense and touching story that was so riveting, very sensual and beyond exciting!! Set after the Napoleonic Wars, all eligible men must marry..but two men who love only one women is unheard of...and two men who also find they love each other is forbidden... So they must combine their brazen desires, unwavering strength and undying love to find the courage to fight for the girl and their dream of happiness in a true loving threesome they can share together forever... This is an amazingly sexy twelve book series! Very compelling and heart warming too!

Beautifully provocative Must Reads! 

Secret Pleasure by Lora Leigh

All of the books in the Bound Hearts series are truly bold and brazenly erotic ménage like no other!

All thirteen books, yes thirteen, are fantastically, wantonly erotic! All the books center around a very elite group of dominant libidinous men in a private club...they all love to share their lover or wife with a selected third in the bedroom...very taboo and very salacious!

All the stories also have plenty of hot lust and engaging love weaved into the relationships, but also each has a bit of intrigue or danger, just to keep things even more interesting outside the bedroom...I absolutely love this series!

This latest book, Secret Pleasure is a breath-taking tale of the emotionally intense and soul deep desires between three lovers that was suppose to have been secret, but murderous threats and blackmail keeps them apart for a very long time...Can they save their lives, their passion and their love to be together forever...not just a secret pleasure any longer?

Delightfully Loving Must Reads!

Predator's Trinity by Rosanna Leo

Book six in the Gemini Island Shifters Series is really something special!! I love this sexy shifter world!

Two twin brothers, jaguar shifters, who rescue a beautiful red-headed empath librarian, think they have finally found their one true mate...but she has hidden gifts and a dark family connection to the vilest shifter, who's bent on revenge and power that could destroy the whole secret shifter world as they know it. I really loved all the mystery and mayhem that filled the story with so many surprising twists! 

I like how strong, brave and powerful the heroine is, and I enjoyed all the family love and bonding on the island...and even the bloody battles that were fought with so much heart were just so exciting! The binding deep love and complete devotion between the twins and their mate was so sweet and yet really erotic..So hot!!...a truly beautiful three-way love was wonderful!!

A Sensational Shifter Ménage Must Read!

Melt Into You by Roni Loren

Just wow!

This story is part of the Loving On The Edge series and it's so so beautiful!

Every moment in the book is deeply emotional and moving! Long lost loves, new found desires, two best friends finding out they are way more, and a sweet brave girl finding not only her new true self in the BDSM world at The Ranch, but also two kind, loving and dominant men who can't live without her. This is one of those great romances that gets me all choked up with all harshness life can dish out, but then makes me smile when I see all the forgiveness and healing growing between three amazing and loving people...My heart just absolutely melted into this's so so great!

A Dream Come True Must Read! 

Fevered Hearts by Em Petrova

I loved reading this book!

I had an instant heart felt connection with the lonely, disillusioned wife because she's having a very difficult time in her marriage. The husband is paralyzed in a wheelchair from a logging accident, unable to be the manly man he is use to being, so he avoids and neglects her. When he finally quits his pity party one day, goes into work, he bumps into an old friend, they talk and come up with a very sexy plan that might save his marriage...he'll share his wife. Only one problem...the wife is falling in love with the friend...can she keep both of these hunky, rugged loggers in her bed forever? A deeply emotional and a very erotic story that is such a heart-warming journey! 

A New Kind Of Forever Love Must Read!  

Defensive Zone by Bianca Sommerland

If you love hockey and all kinds of erotic ménage, the Dartmouth Cobras series is for you! So fantastic!!

I love every single book in this series, all seven! Passionate, engaging, eye-opening and emotionally healing experiences with some BDSM in each of the loving relationships growing between each character in every book, whether it's m/f/m, m/m/f or f/f/m/'s all true love in all it's wonderful glory! And the hockey scenes are explosive and exciting!!

So many feels and so many glorious moments of forgiveness and understanding! I adore the book above because it's about deeply passionate men on and off the ice, loving the strong, independent, but imperfectly perfect, woman of their dreams...

Heart-slamming Must Reads!

Blood Law by Karin Tabke

The Blood Moon Rising, a three book series, is seriously some of thee best paranormal sexy love triangle drama in a ménage story I've ever read!! Talk about HOT!!

Excitement and danger, wolf-shifters vs humans, and brother against brother, twins who not only want to avenge their parents slaughter, but both feel the Alpha mating call for the same she human or wolf? Can she unite the divided pack and bring both brothers together as dual Alphas and can both brothers be her true mates? Very intense and very erotic wolf loving ménage!! It's just so good!

I'm over the moon happy when I read this series, one of my Must Read Over and Over Favorites!

Their Treasured Bride by Vanessa Vale

I can't say enough about how much I really enjoy the Bridgewater Ménage series!! So, so fantastic!

This series has it all...American western historical romance and explicitly erotic ménage... I couldn't put it down!

A small town in Montana has a tradition unlike anywhere young virgin bride, rescued and cherished by the two or even three men to marry, legally. I love how each woman has her own worries, fears and issues, I love how the men are so caring and sensitive but also so dominant and protective...   I love that each story has its own unique adventure and edgy excitement...So enticing with all the spicy spankings too!! 

This fourth book has a young, prim and staunchly proper English woman, married by proxy to a big, rugged, strapping Scot...or two as it turns out... Now she must learn to let go of all her British starch and just feel both of her husbands gentle love and possessive passion for the first time in her life, without her past fears of rejection and corporal punishments getting in the way of happiness...

Swoon-Worthy Ménage Must Reads!

Crave more? Who wouldn't?...just tap on the author's name then tap on the links for their websites to buy all their fantastic books!! They have so many more hot ménage stories waiting for you...oh and have extra panties close're welcome!! 


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November 23, 2014 - Hot Hockey books

Need more crazy super hot Hockey?

This week has been such an awesome week to get new books by some romazingly ab-fab authors who love hockey like I do..."Go Bruins!!" Yes, you can take the girl out of New England, but you can't take the New England out of the girl. 

Anyway, Hockey Fans rejoice because these two authors are awesome!!

Jaci Burton's "Holiday On Ice," is out this week. She also wrote "Melting The Ice" and "Taking A Shot" in her "Play By Play" series. Get them all if you love all hot sports guys like I do!!

Bianca Sommerland's "The Dartmouth Cobra" series is blow your mind good! All six books can be stand alone reads but why would you deny yourself all those sweet hot hockey guys!??

Enjoy! Have a great Thanksgiving and I just want to say thank you to all you amazing and courageous writers of romance. My life is so much richer with your books! 

Show me the book love!  

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Hope Burns by Jaci Burton


It's safe to say I have read many many of Jaci Burtons books and all I can say is .... they get better and better in every way. The latest book I read is Hope Burns, part 3 of a series. 

I freaked out a bit when I started reading this story! I swear I almost lost my mind and kept telling myself, "No way I'm reading this!" Her story of Molly and Carter blew me away! I absolutely love love love this story on so many levels!  While I was reading, it was like I traveled back in time, I will not say how far back, but Jaci somehow witnessed or captured a moment in my own life and through Molly and Carter, I relived my youth. Did someone peek at my diaries?

I was so enthralled by this love story that I couldn't put it down until I finished! I was laughing one moment and crying with Molly the next. The tale is so true , so real, and so heart breaking yet her characters are strong, stubborn and eventually courageous to overcome fear or guilt keeping them apart. This story spoke to me to the deepest part of my heart  and I keep rereading it over and over.

I don't write this blog to be a spoiler but I am relieved that Jaci writes for the fairy tale, happily ever after endings, only because I know all too well real life can be not that kind. I cheered at the end of this book and I'm glad Molly and Carter had equal time in this book. I love it when I get to feel both sides of a character's turmoil.    

I enjoy how Jaci continues her other characters from previous books in the series so I can see new developments in their lives,  like a soap opera. I also like how she puts new people in each story to give a little foreshadow of a possible new book!

I am extremely grateful for Jaci Burton's books. I think I have read every single one many, many times over and never get enough! I am so glad she writes with a "happily ever after" in her stories and I'm so so thankful Molly found her's with Carter because I know, first hand, not everyone is so lucky. If only real life imitated art.... we could all go back in time for real and rewrite our first love experience, but I'll settled for this story and dream. 

Bravo Jaci!

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Coming Soon on Kindle and Paperback!

Hello again everyone!

Coming Soon on Kindle and Paperback!

I definitely will be downloading these new reads on Kindle and/or buying them in Paperback, either way or both.

All of these authors are my favs, and these new books are either continuations of series and a few are brand new series!

Here's a list of must-have new reads in the coming months:

Hillbilly Rockstar by Lorelei James

Undone by Maya Banks

His Stolen Bride by Shayla Black

A View to a Thrill by Lexi Blake

Ignited by J. Kenner

Siren Reborn by Lexi Blake

His Rebel Bride by Shayla Black

Forever Starts Tonight by Roni Loren

Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

Taking it All by Maya Banks

Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane

Billionaire Unmasked- Jason's Story by J.S. Scott

Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh

The Doms of Genesis Series by Jenna Jacob

Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

On the Job and Only for You by Beth Kery

The Chalet by Tara Sue Me

Cherished by Lexi Blake

The Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

Not Until You by Roni Loren

Captivated by You by Sylvia Day

Holiday on Ice by Jaci Burton

Broken Open by Lauren Dane

Schooled by Lorelei James

Hot Seals Series by Cat Johnson

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