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Combust by K. Bromberg

This wonderful writer is one of my top favorite authors to read! Combust by K. Bromberg does get my heart pounding and the awesome feels all a flutter! Her characters are marvelously moving and I have full-blown insta-love for Dylan and Grady ... oh and Petunia too! I’ve become extremely obsessed with all these Malone brothers ... this series is addictive!


Both main characters, Dylan and Grady, are perfectly imperfect. Both are strong, stubborn and caring, yet coping with heavy emotional baggage ... loss, betrayal, heartbreak and scars keep them both wary and guarded. They need time and space to heal, and both need each other to push them to reach new heights ... they just don’t know it. When fate steps in and they become awkward, unexpected roommates, they have an instant kismet, more than just physical attraction for each other. I mean, Grady Malone is a very hot fireman and Dylan McCoy is a super cute songwriter, but how could these two amazing, total opposites not have a thing for each other? Two moths meet one flame.

One of the most compelling things about this story is how Grady hides his pain, physical and emotional. He comes off as a confident ladies man, and a fit, dedicated firefighter, but deep down he’s hurting. Nightmares haunt him. Guilt eats away at his heart. All the work time and positive energy he’s tried to direct into his life to avoid all his pain, hasn’t worked. The only thing that soothes this beast’s soul is Dylan’s music, lightly playing in the background, calming his battered mind and body.

I really loved getting to know Dylan as well. She has her own heartache and guilt, but more of a battered self esteem and painful childhood memories affecting her very much. She’s plagued with doubt, fears and rejection that makes her soulful songwriting brilliant, but makes her emotional well being on very thin ice ... being in a very toxic relationship isn’t helping either. As the story unfolds, I love how she starts to see herself in a whole new light, and I love that Grady is her biggest fan making her smile ... his fireman-pick-up-one-liners are laugh out loud hilarious!

This is my kind of read!! Just a great, great book in every way!

July 4, 2015 - Reads That Bring The Heat

Happy Fourth Of July! 

So here's a little peek at some of the books I read on my vacation ... between all the waiting at airports, long flights, the many rainy days at my destination, and off wifi most of the time ... I truly relaxed and drifted away into book-land ... the perfect vacation as it turns out! I really enjoyed all of these stories on many different levels, each one bringing their own special brand of fireworks!

Cursed by Lucy Leroux
Who loves paranormal or regency or erotic romance? How about all three in one?! Such a thrilling and intriguing story!

All I could do is hold my breath one minute and try to hide under the covers the next! Every element I could ever want in a story is here...mystery, romance, paranormal and regency, making a remarkably unique and all consuming magical reading adventure!

Isobel is smart, brave, compassionate and so vulnerable to the tortured, handsome, darkly cursed Matteo. Both have extremely haunting, unusual secrets, yet they need each other desperately to right the wrongs being forced against them. 

Their bond seems fated, their trials seem unyielding, but destiny smiles upon their pure love and grants them an amazing miracle...I really really enjoyed this story! A suspenseful, sexy, and a bit scary must read!

Love, Red by Gwynyth Rutledge
I'm stunned and just a bit speechless really...I was completely overwhelmed and a bit confused by this contemporary light BDSM true life story of a thirty year love affair of the older married mom of two and the much younger hot guy, that sent my heart spinning and swirling with so many hopes, fears, anguish and tears.

A truly unusual debut story with a uniquely refreshing and insecure voice, expressed through all the love letters back and forth between Gwynyth and Rune. An extremely open and a bravely raw account of lust at first sight, a trusting friendship and all the different levels of love between them throughout the years.

A story written with such brutal just crushed me, but by the end, I felt all that Gwynyth felt...painfully exposed, sadly vulnerable and full of unanswered questions but also beautifully empowered as well. An emotional and relatable story that will pull at all the heartstrings...a very different writing style to be sure... and a very good read.

Sweet Ache by K. Bromberg
Well played Kristy! This contemporary rockstar romance is my new sweet addiction...and I'm suddenly craving an ice-cream cone and a bag of skittles for some reason...Quin and Hawkin are so amazing and so so special!

I read this story feeling like these characters were written so beautifully, multi-layered, so real... warm, funny and loving but then at the same time, hurting, damaged and desperately needing hugs.

I loved the thrill of underlying danger, saddened by the overwhelmingly haunting guilt Hawkins experiences with his family, and his unbalancing turmoil Hawk has with his band mates.

I love how Quin and Hawk have to work really hard at their relationship, but have insanely combustible passionate chemistry between them..especially with his instruments! And what that gorgeous man can do with a guitar! Talk about a sweet ache...That scene will live in my sexy dreams forever!!!

Quin is sassy, brave, but wary of love, and lives by the motto "make it count" that is awe inspiring. The TA has trumped the Rockstar and all bets are off to see if their soul to soul connection can survive the crazy rockn' roll madness. Such a heartwarming and gut wrenching story at the same time, brilliant and moving. A wonderful addition to this fantastic series! Hawk is the star to my burst and he has tattooed a big pink heart on me too! Get played by Hawkins today!

Riding Steele by Opal Carew
As soon as I read this title, I literally screamed "Yes Please! All night long" I went totally nuts for this hot erotic biker ménage series! I am in deep lust! Steele is a major kinky, dirty talkin, ripped badass biker with a very protective loyal heart of gold, who can't seem to fight off his insatiable lust for Laurie. This story is so exciting and thrilling and an over the top page turner!

I loved watching Steele and Laurie fall hard for each other, while trying desperate not to fall in love. Surrounded by danger and a bunch of bikers who love to share..Laurie plunges in heart first with no regrets! It's so so good! I devoured this story in one sitting! This is a very streamy, very erotic ménage biker story like no other! So hella-hot, I think my kindle caught fire!

Grey by E.L. James
I know right?! It's like a dream come true in book form! I love love love this BDSM series, way beyond reason!...all the FSoG books are fantastic, but this book in Christian's point of view is freaking amazing!

I think it's the best one yet! I got a whole new insight and understanding of Christian, the successful billionaire he has become, and the Christian who is still overcoming his horrible abusive past. 

The deeper look at the disturbing nightmares and his horrible self-esteem issues is beyond belief..I was moved to tears! Even if Christian tries to be the always in control, CEO and Dom, I see a whole new side of the caring and loving man deep down inside who is desperate to be touched, in every way. Damaged but determined. Brave and very protective. I see and feel all of his struggles and his confusion to fully embrace Ana, not just as another sex-toy submissive, but to deserve Ana as his soulmate, his perfect balm for his perceived wretched soul and the fix to his tattered spirit.

Ana breathes peace and joy into his life, then shines laughter into his cold, dark isolated existence. I loved getting a peek into his family's past, his other submissive, Dr. Flynn and even the manipulating, Elena. Through Christian's eyes, this deeply emotional and extremely sexy book was like a whole new story to me! I loved seeing how Christian desperately tries to figure out how to get Ana back, change All his rules, and be worthy of her love. I truly don't have enough words to say how much I loved reading this book, but I will say that I can not wait for Darker and Freed in Christian's p.o.v! Truly Brilliant and simply an addicting must read!! 

Make It A Double by Sawyer Bennett
Now this is a contemporary steamy story I will wrap my heart strings around over and over! Awesome reading! So crazy good, that I went and bought the rest of The Last Call Series!!

Brody is one of thee most amazing men I have ever read! Fresh out of prison, he is a lean mean sexy machine...Blonde, ripped, bearded, tatts, and a man-bun! Hella-Hot! (I pictured Chris Hemsworth, just putting it out there!) 

He gets a job at his brothers pub and sees the very spunky sexy and rich, Alyssa plow straight up to the bar and into his heart. Brody lumps Alyssa in with all the other stuck up selfish bitches in the world that shit on him...but is he ever so wrong. Alyssa is kind, compassionate and self reliant, she runs a no kill animal shelter all by herself. Brody suddenly finds himself humbled in her presence and in need of her shelter to do his community service. Chemistry as explosive as the Fourth of July ignites and melts Brody's cold hard heart. No matter what kind of crazy tries to come against them, their love, trust and faith in each other wins the day!! Oh gawd I loved this story!!! 

The Offer by Karina Halle
This story of a single mom who tames the wild playboy is fan-freakin-tastic!

They meet at a wedding..Nicola is the maid of honor, Bram is the groom's brother and best man. She has the hots for the tall gorgeous Scot, but he's an arsehole and a player. She knows this, everyone knows this, every bimbo in this country knows this, but like a moth to a flame..Nic can not resist. Their first kiss is panty melting explosive, but Nic suddenly halts the tryst, and Bram walks away right into a skinny blonde's arms...Enough said, right?...wrong!

Bram has a secret torch burning for the hot single mum...and he bides his time for the perfect opportunity to burrow himself deep under her skin. When all hell breaks loose in Nic's life, Bram is her indispensable hero in every way and makes Nicola an offer she can't refuse to fix all her financial order to win her heart, then addict her body, and to live happily ever after...Now, if only Nicola would agree...What a supremely alpha Scot! One of my BBF faves! I love the bit of accent in the story too!

Really a great contemporary sweet sexy read and I can't wait to get the other stories in this series!

Back To You by Lauren Dane
I don't think I've ever read a book of Lauren's that I haven't fallen head over heals in love with and this third story in this series, The Hurley Brothers, isn't any different..well except maybe I love it even more! 

How does one crazy hot rockstar fix the relationship he stomped on and abandoned? The love of his life and the mother of his two girls, Kelly, just announced she's engaged...what the hell! Now divorced eight years and countless one night stands later, Vaughn decides he needs to find his way back to his family and reclaim the hearts of the three most important girls in his matter what.

Wow this story is just plain amazing! I loved watching Vaughn swallow his pride, open his heart and humble his spirit in order for Kelly to fall in love and in trust with Vaughn again. I love second chance stories! Simply beautiful! 

Sweet, sexy, and a totally engaging contemporary rockstar romance must read! 

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April 9, 2015 - The Driven Series by K. Bromberg

More Than 5 Stars Sexy Good! Ah-Mazing Series!

Sometimes I just fall upon a new series like I have discovered a new precious treasure that I wish I had found sooner..this series is that wonderful treasure! A reader's dream! So sensually erotic yet heartbreakingly beautiful! Once I opened up the very first page, I couldn't stop tapping my kindle until I finished all five books! I more than loved reading this series....I'm now thoroughly addicted and completely obsessed!! Really fantastic debut novels!! Total Fangirl Now!

This is one of those series that leaves me at a total loss for words..overwhelmed, I guess. I truly felt everything...every emotion, every happiness, and every turmoil in these stories. Brilliant writing! The first four books are about Colton Donovan and Rylee Thomas. I can't believe I had such crazy love- hate feelings for the Alpha-hero, Colton! A compelling race car driver Adonis playboy, who falls fast for Rylee, a violet eyed, strong, compassionate social worker. The perfect "opposites attract" couple! They meet at a charity fund raiser where Rylee is literally rescued by Colton, falls into his arms and succumbs to his lip-devouring charms. That kiss set their world on fire! Rylee is a runner and Colton loves the chase! Game on!

The fifth book is about Rylee and Colton's two best friends, Haddie and Beckett. Now these two absolutely blew my mind! A deeply touching, beautiful story of courage and triumph. A "true love conquers all" tale like no other! I have mad love for Becks...the most amazing dirty-talkin' sweetie Alpha-hero I have ever read! Oh.My.God! Haddie is the bravest soul I have ever laid eyes on! They are so great together and I have never ever cried so hard ever! Hold me!

This series is so much more than a naughty boy meets pretty girl, loving then fighting, make up sex and the inevitable tra-la-la-la happily ever after...Way More! This story is really like being on thee most sexy, wildly thrashing, heart-racing, jaw-dropping ride of your life! Bursting with fiery sexual chemistry! Sweet Jesus,  I have a major book hangover!

Teaser Time! Synopsis' can be fun, but I decided to let the guys speak, something heartwarming to their sweethearts..No spoilers, I promise! Just enough to hit the sigh button...All I will say is that by the end of each book..I needed a HUG! (Ugly Cry Alert: boxes of tissues required for this series)

Driven - "Not inconsequential, Rylee. You could never be inconsequential..No, you and me, together..that would make you mine...Mine" -Colton

Fueled - "You tear down walls I didn't even know I was building. You make me feel, Rylee." -Colton

Crashed - "I race you, Ryles" -Colton

Raced - "Like I said, she's everything. My mother fucking holy grail." -Colton

Slow Burn - "Whatever this is between us is worth a shot, Haddie, You're worth it...Give me a chance to prove it."- Beckett

Thank you so much, K. Bromberg, your exciting books are truly awesome! I can't wait for Sweet Ache...

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