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No Pants Required by Kim Karr

Surf’s Up!! Serendipity has never been sexier! The book stars aligned and I insta-loved No Pants Required by Kim Karr from the very first chapter! It’s funny, fresh and fantastic! My very first contemporary romance by this author and her writing voice, the storyline, the characters just drew me all in ... and the many, many, hot love scenes are all sexcellent!


All the emotional drama and all the coincidental chaos Cam and Makayla find themselves in the middle of is absolute funness! Two New York City transplants, striking out, being brave and now living in Laguna Beach California, both trying to find themselves and escape all the pressures of what’s expected. The whole story had me laughing and sighing all the way through and all the sexy awkwardness is ahhh-dorable!

Also, this book should come with a you’re-about-to-swoon warning and A/C! Lots of A/C, It’s so HOT!! Confession time: I only bought this book for the cover ... yes, it’s true, because this cover model is one of my absolute favorites and I buy all the books with his gorgeousness on them!! But then I started reading and I totally fell in love with the story! I love how Cam and Makayla just click ... how they talk about everything, laugh together at inside jokes, just understand each other on many levels, plus their sexual connection is not only passionate but so fresh and fun and definitely there’s no Pants Required for all this awesomeness! What a great book!

Camden Waters has it all ... or so it seems. Living the dream in So Cal as a life guard, and trying to get a grip on his life, Cam comes across as a bad boy manwhore but everything about Cam is mysterious ... He is definitely a deeply layered man with many, many talents. A fun, flirty, encounter in the first class section on the airplane from NY to Cali, makes Cam rethink his womanizing and not stop thinking about the amazing seatmate who rocked his world ... well almost. It’s wonderful how fate loves him, and always seems to vote Cam’s way, because now he has a chance to finish what he started with the mystery girl on the plane ... she’s his new neighbor and Cam is nothing if not neighborly ... very neighbor friendly.

Makayla Alexander is upset, uptight, and upside-down now that her whole life blew up in a matter of months. No more job, no more family, and no more fiancé. After all the wallowing and sobbing, plotting and planning, Makayla puts on her big girl panties, flies to SoCal to try to start over with her best friend turned roommate and a soothing sunny beach to greet her everyday ... now all she has to do is keep her girly parts in check because the hot guy with the B tattoo keeps bumping into her life at every turn, first at the club and then on the plane ... and now he’s her neighbor! Holy hot heatstroke, it’s gonna be that kind of sunburnt summer and it’s her heart that’s gonna be needing all that aloe to help her keep that crazy hot lifeguard from sizzling her into bits!