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Gotta Read!! By Appointment Only by Lisa Eugene

I'm so jazzed!! By Appointment Only has all the heart-moving moments a romance reader could ever ask for!! My very first book by Lisa Eugene and it's a swoontastic doozie!

Filled with so much suspense, hot sex, and really unexpected plot twists, it makes this a truly inspiring story of overcoming every adversity that stands in the way of true love ... What a surprisingly fun, fresh 'Billionaire meets Cinderella-like' page turner read!

Dani and Chase are two extremely different people in every way, on every level ... absolute opposites, but that's what makes this story so awesome! Even with their imperfect lives and cultural differences, they are inexplicably drawn to each other, despite that they literally push each other's angry buttons at every turn in an explosive whirlwind! The sexy-heated passion comes off Dani and Chase in glorious waves!

Although the sexy times are super steamy, all the heartwarming surprises as the story unfolds is beautiful and really makes the story ... the touching moments of intimacy between Dani and Chase, and the sweet caring gestures with Dani's daughter are so amazing!

Danielle Carmichael is a biracial, brassy, ballsy single mom and a total hot mess ... a really hot mess!! Divorced at a very young age, and left with zero money and a slimy abusive drugged up ex ... living day to day on waitress money, her life has a been a series of mistrust and mistakes ... all but for one good thing, her adorable autistic daughter, Emmy, whose brilliance and sweetness, not only makes this story so special, she just melted my whole heart!

All the trials and tribulations Dani endures to get her daughter into the best school is not only admirable but so incredibly touching ... until the very wealthy benefactor, "Mr. Rutherfucker" shows up. I love Dani's bold and brazen tenacity, her no filters outbursts and especially how she fights for herself and her daughter ... this girl may be down, but never out. That's why Dani agrees to take the intriguing offer of the weekly "by appointment only" visits with Mr. Chase Rutherford ... She needs him.

Chase Rutherford is a taciturn enigma ... a rich, powerful, sex on a stick, dominating mystery. I love his blunt honesty and uncompromising morals, I love how I kind of hated his crass asshole attitude at first, then really fell for all of Chase's sensitive passion that's hidden in his obnoxious nooks and rude crannies. He's a bruised billionaire as so many dark shadows haunt him.

Chase knows Dani is forbidden and may be a liability to a man like him, but he just can't seem to get the feisty, gorgeous, Bentley-kicking woman out of his thoughts. Chase knows his life is a swirl of dark, heartbreaking secrets floating in a nasty fish bowl, that he has too many fires to put out in his companies, and on top of all that, he's campaigning for Mayor, making him a tabloid target ... but he wants what he wants ... no one else will do. So the weekly Tuesday at six pm appointments with Dani is his only pleasure in his life ... He needs her.

What a fantastic story ... it has it all! Great sexytimes, suspenseful plot, swoony romance, a fabulous book-boyfriend, a strong heroine, and a fantastic HEA! I've really got to get me more of this author's books!!