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New To Me!! Tough Love, An Ultimate Novel by Lori Foster

My new must-readable series! I'm so excited to share this book with you all! It's all new to me ... this author, Lori Foster and this MMA series! 

Of course, I jumped in a few books in of the Ultimate Series, but thank heavens they are all standalone. Let me just say, Stack and Vanity's love story has me wrapped around its little finger ...  My Review: I loved it! I'm completely and totally thrilled at how sweetly-steamy and wonderful this 'friends with benefits' story is! 

Such a fast paced read that's all about the fun-n-games romance, with a little underlying suspense and a hint of danger thrown in ... plus lots of sexy MMA fighters to drool over!

Vanity Baker is the new girl in town, sweet and shy, but has to make a move or lose the guy of her dreams. She has one goal ... take down Stack Hannigan. Not in the ring, she's not insane ... But she definitely wants to take him down between the sheets. Vanity's all in. No holds bar. She will do whatever it takes to play the vixen and the sex games to win over the playboy MMA fighter, if it's the last thing she does. Vanity makes Stack an offer he can't refuse ... Be her date for the wedding and he gets one night of sure-thing anything-goes sex as a reward ... Now that's an incentive!

"Let's just say I'm choosy. When I want a man, I let him know."
Now Stack looked irate.
"The way you let me know?"
She tried not to smile but lost the battle.
"You're the only man I've ever made a deal with."
"The deal being a date for sex?"
"Not just any date," she insisted while looking at his mouth. "It's not like I made that offer for a date to a movie or a dance or anything lame."
"You're saying the wedding is special?"
Vanity bit her lip and slowly shook her head. His gaze held hers.
"So you're saying I'm special."

Stack Hannigan is used to the tough games in the MMA ring. He's used to the games the slutty, flirty fans and his ex-girlfriend play to get in his pants, and he's used to his family playing drama games, mucking up his life, but what he's not used to is this adorable, smoking hot, temptress playing her wily, sexy games and getting him all hot and bothered just looking at her.

Stack has always had a 'love at first sight' thing for Vanity, and she has unwittingly played right into his hands ... now he just has to play the game right to keep her forever. Maybe a little bit of tough love will win Vanity's heart, and straighten out his family at the same time ... so Stack decides this is the one game he can't lose ...

His eyes darkened.
"That happened too fast ... I need more." ...
"I blame you," then she watched his eyebrow arch at the accusation. "If you weren't so freaking sexy, I could've held out longer."
The corners of his mouth tipped up ...
"I'm only human, you know." ...
"Oh really?"
He nodded all slow and serious.
"Smokin' hot, darlin'" then without even a hint of a smile, he whispered, "You breathe, and I want you. Laid out naked under me, and making those mewling sounds ---"
"Hey!" She went to swat him, but he caught her wrists.
"---- and holding on to me so tight ... " he lifted her hands to his shoulders.
"Yeah, I didn't stand a chance."

Wow! Stack is definitely on my list of book-boyfriend material!!

Now all I want to do is to read all the other books in this very hot MMA Fighter Romance Series!

Go Get You Some!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**