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Covet (Vegas Sins 2) by Rosanna Leo

Covet is out now! A fresh, contemporary, sexy-sexy read by Rosanna Leo. Not only is she one of my automatic-one-click authors, but I truly adored all her wonderful words in this amazing romance! Rosanna’s book Vice, Vegas Sins 1, was a totally awesome read, and now in Covet, Vegas Sins 2, Rosanna Leo has wowed me again! Sexy, Russian millionaire looking for love, yes please! Covet is absolutely unputdownable!


I’m completely gah-gah over Alex Markov! The insta-connection Alex feels for Dana is fantabulous! That lusty build- up between Dana and Alex, from a strangers hook-up in a dive bar to a chance encounter at the hotel that let’s all the spark-filled memories of that one night sizzle them up again is just spectacular! The range of feelings these two characters go through, and how perfect they seem on the outside but so broken and sorrowful on the inside is such a great storyline full of twists and secrets, danger and heartache. I adored the story within the story, and how relatable it is with the bad ex-relationships not pushed into the “oh this happened” background, but weaved into the present and shared equally with each other to help each other heal. I love how Alex’s past is hounding him, putting him on guard while he still deals with his guilt and regrets, as Dana’s ex is haunting her emotionally, making her feel inadequate for anyone else. Each of them is stuck in the past and focused on all the wrong things, but soon realizing the fresh start of a new life staring them in the face of the fabulous person standing right in front of them now ... its just amazing writing that had all my attention and all my heart on every page.

The simmering, undeniable attraction that Alex has for Dana is just dreamy. Alex Markov may be infamous, may be beyond wealthy, may be unbelievably gorgeous and may be a paparazzi target for a crime he didn’t commit ... but deep down, Alex is just a man. A deeply hurting man, who would love to find real love and have a happy life. Meeting Dana seems to be an answer to his unasked prayers, but he shouldn’t drag her into his mess, and he’s too fascinated by Dana to let her go. No one has ever made him feel so free to be himself, and now he is simply addicted to this wonderful woman.

Now Dana Hamill has a new life to choose as well, accept herself just as she is, defects and all, or settle for less than she deserves or needs ... the choice is hers for the taking. That sounds easy, but Dana has always been the reasonable one, the responsible one, the giving one ... always the planner and always sticking to the plan. Still licking her wounds from medical news and a sudden break up with her fiancée, Dana lives in Vegas, works in Vegas and now has to plan a party to cheer up her sister, while reeling in her own pain. Bumping into her one-nighter hook- up mystery man at the Vice Hotel lobby just made this week a whole lot more interesting, times ten. Turns out, he’s not just a random hot guy nobody in a tiki bar bathroom, oh no ... he’s thee Alex Markov, thee famous Russian multimillionaire of oodles of hotels and casinos, and he seems to want her, any way he can have her ... oh my! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Must Recommend! Must Read! Must Get!


A Good Man, Handymen Series 1 by Rosanna Leo

An all new contemporary romance series, A Good Man by Rosanna Leo starts with this amazing book about sexy brothers who are home improvement television stars. What a super exciting story with lots of twists and turns! I’m So Zorny or Michael Zorn! Holy Hot Hammers, what a mouthwatering dominant man! This good man can do wonderfully sexy “bad” things with his hands! I’ve never watched any home improvement shows on tv, but now I’m wondering if I’ve been missing out on all these sextastic handymen!!


I really love Rosanna Leo’s writing and this book has everything this romance reader craves ... sexiness, humor, emotions, drama, and hot handymen in tool-belts! I loved it! Michael and Emily’s falling in love story is exciting, delicious and heart-melting! What a fabulously emotional story about love, trust and healing! Oh and did I mention HOT?! Soooo HOT!! I loved reading about Michael’s PTSD tormenting struggles, how I got a whole new understanding of that mental health problem, and how the wonderful writing about it moved me to tears. What an amazing journey this story took me on!

Zorn Contracting started as three brothers fixing fixer uppers until they were discovered and now they are local tv stars, looking to hit the big time on HGTV. Michael Zorn would rather just work. He hates the limelight, the cameras and all the distractions on set, especially his ex who just happens to be the director. Boy does he regret that hook-up.

Now a new and exciting renovation has popped up on his radar and the cute little blonde with the adorable smile and the delectable curves has all his attention. Too bad she is engaged to a slime ball. But Michael will get the old house ready for tv magic and just try to stop all his crazy imaginations of all the sexy things he’d love to do to Emily. But he will never trust himself again after what happened a year ago at a job site. He should’ve done more, he should’ve saved that woman, he should’ve died instead, yet he’s called a hero ... he’s no hero, he’s haunted.

Emily Daniels has one dream ... make her newly inherited home and her grandmother’s soup recipes into a business. And all she has to do to see that dream come true is to get her home renovated to become the yummy center for her all natural soup creations. If only her fiancé was more supportive ... the more she presses him to be a part of the project, the more he pulls away and belittles the whole idea. But Emily is determined to see her Nonna’s soup recipes become a success so her rude fiancé can just pound sand! Now, all those cute Handymen are sure helpful ... especially the mouthwatering Michael Zorn. A girl could just ogle that man for days and never get enough. She’s had a crush on Michael since the very first Handymen episode aired, but the ripped, gorgeous, real life man is by far so so so much better in person ... she knows he has troubles, but just not how deep and dark they run.

What a fantastic read!!! Seriously all the feels and a wonderfully heartwarming hope to healing romance!!! I loved it!! Start this new series today ... you are gonna love it!


Gotta ReRead!! Predator’s Kiss, Gemini Island Shifters 1 by Rosanna Leo

Love Shape-Shifter Romance? Well, this one is as exciting and romantic as a paranormal bear shifter romance can get! Predator’s Kiss by Rosanna Leo is terrific reading! Magical, fantastical, and sexy beyond all my expectations in this wonderful story of finding one’s true mate when you least expect to ... Talk about a Bear Hug in a book!



Rosanna Leo writes with such heart! Her characters are funny, clever, good, and feel so real. The story-line is really romantic and easy to follow, but so engaging and endearing as well. There’s never a dull moment! All the sexy scenes are done so great, emotionally sweet, but very sensual ... I love that it’s so hot and steamy! It’s just what an erotic paranormal romance should be!

Isn’t it amazing when the ordinary girl-next-door gets the super hot alpha-manly man of her dreams who inspires and lights her up in all sorts of ways? Only this unusual man is way more than she bargained for.

Lia Goodblood is running from a sick stalker and runs right into an island full of mysterious happenings and strange people that she only thought were in fairy tales. She writes erotic romance books with crazy plot twists, but never in all her imaginations would Lia have ever dreamed she’d end up in the middle of her very own Goldilocks story. But what a sexy story it is when the big, burly man of your dreams, Ryland Snow gets his alpha sexy yummy bear paws on you and claims you as his mate for life.

“A bear will make a low moaning sound if it’s giving off a mild warning. In courtship, it will huff.”
He kicked off his boots, yanked off his socks, and then pulled off his jeans and tossed them onto the couch.
“And if it growls?” she asked, unable to tear her gaze away from his bared skin. Ryland offered her a crooked smile, and the sensuous curl of his lips made him appear more playful than she’d ever seen him.
“Oh, if a bear growls, you know you’re in trouble.”

Ryland Snow is a bear Shifter, resigned to be alone and running his resort on Gemini Island. He has been burned by human women too many times in his past and has no intention to relive that kind of trouble again, but there’s just something irresistibly special about Lia Goodblood that sings to his inner bear beast. All his resistance is futile when she’s threatened, assaulted and in danger of being killed on his island. Now all Ryland can think of is claiming his
mate, taking his mate, protecting his mate and making Lia his forever.

“Ryland leaned over and covered her mouth in his as the animal inside him fought for release. Lia didn’t fight it either; she clutched at him, winding her arms around his neck. He was careful not to hurt her wounded arm, but held her tight, so tightly she was lifted from the floor and her feet dangled under her. With every taste, with every sensual glide of their tongues, the need to make her his grew. Ryland reeled, feeling more at the mercy of his beastly instincts than he ever had before. This wasn’t just carnal lust. This wasn’t simply the need for a fuck. Something had reached inside him and scrawled Lia’s name on every part of him that mattered. Mate bond. As they fell apart on a breath, he knew it was useless to fight. He would make her his.”

Predator’s Kiss is a must get-must read! It’s fun, flirty and fantastic!

Thank you again, Rosanna, for writing this book and I am so excited to read all the other books in this Gemini Island Shifters Series!

***All quotes in this post are from the book and for review purposes only***


Double-Whammy New Releases! Rosanna Leo And Jessica Cale!

What a wonderful way to bring in the month of March! Two New Releases! Two amazing authors! One is a new release by a series I'm addicted to; the other a brand new author to me with a new release in her series! What a double dose of romance goodness! 

Rosanna Leo's seventh book in her paranormal series, the Gemini Island Shifters, Predator's Rescue is fantabulous!! This series keeps getting better and better ... sexier and sexier too!! I absolutely adore Rosanna, and her writing is so special!! If you really love adventure in your paranormal romances, then this series will blow you away!! 

Jessica Cale is a new author to me, but now I wish I had found her books sooner!! This book, The Long Way Home, book three of The Southwark Saga, completely captivated my heart from beginning to end! I was beautifully enthralled and hopelessly besotted with this sweetly romantic and daringly delightful historical story! 

 See my reviews below, and then head to the author's sites to check out all their heartwarming books!

Predator's Rescue (Gemini Island 7) by Rosanna Leo

Sizzling Shifter Heaven!! Rosanna Rocks It! I think this is my new favorite so far! Soooo Hot! This passionate paranormal story is addicting, tantalizing, and has a gorgeous, growly Alpha shifter no one can resist! Jani can put his mating mark on me anywhere, anytime!! Oh lordy, do I freaking love that tenacious tiger!

Yet another intensely heart melting and action packed adventure on Gemini Island! Fast paced and full of dark twists and sexy turns! I wish this story went on forever! Talk about having a tiger in your bed! Lucky Fleur gets first hand, intimate knowledge just how possessive and skilled Jani can be ... all night long ... He really puts the "hung" in Hungarian!!

So even after all the pain, abuse, and heartache Fleur endured being with the wrong shifter pack for years, she has a really hard time understanding why Jani won't leave her alone ... He actually hunted her down! Is Jani just trying to be the hero, help her save her mother, and then leave her to go off to his perfect life with his conscience cleared? Fleur wants him, who wouldn't, but she's afraid she's too broken and too haunted by her past to keep him. Jani is one big hunk of Hungarian Tiger shifter with a generous loyal heart. He has appointed himself to be Fleur's guardian angel; always there rescuing her from any kind of danger, including herself. Unfortunately, nasty trouble still follows the little wolf shifter, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it. Can Jani's love be strong enough to save her one last time?

This is everything a sexy paranormal romance should be!! Awwwesome Must Read! 

The Long Way Home by Jessica Cale

Sweetly Dreamy Romance!! I'm totally and completely hooked on this historical, sweetly romantic love story! I started reading and I just couldn't put it down!

I was instantly gripped by the longing and unrequited love Alice has for Jack, and just watching him walk away, knowing Alice won't see Jack for years, if ever again, was beautifully excruciating! My heart still aches! The way the romance evolves and the darkly dangerous circumstances these two find themselves in the middle of, years later, is incredibly thrilling! Really brilliant writing that's so engaging with such endearing characters. I especially love the way Jack and Alice are both so besotted and devoted to each other! I was totally absorbed in this exciting and fascinating world Jessica Cale created from the very first paragraph to the last! I read this all in one sitting ... I just had to stay awake and I couldn't put it down until I finished!

I'll definitely be coming back to read many more of these books by this amazing author! I really really loved it!! Heart-melting Must Read! 


November 30, 2015 - I'm In Book-Love!

Woo-Hoo! Book Lovin' Time! Three New Book Releases! Three exciting romance novels that just came out this month and need to be one-clicked right now! I just know you're going to fall head over heels in book-love with all three of these stories as much as I did! Thank You for all these wonderful ARCs Rosanna, Bella and Eve!  You lovely ladies rock!! 

Night Lover by Rosanna Leo

Spine-tingling Sexiness! I've never read anything like this! An amazing paranormal erotic romance that's heart-pounding and bone-chilling while still so sweetly romantic at the same time...let's just say Night Lover played all the dreamy-hot notes perfectly! I loved all the steamy spookiness and scary suspense! I really enjoyed all the strange jealousy and caveman angst in a very unique love triangle between the ghost, the singer and the, now that's one insanely crazy ménage! I loved how the story feels like a present day contemporary and a historical regency, by being bounced back and forth between the eighteenth century and the present day to unravel the mystery of the torturous incubus curse. I loved the opera setting with the sadly haunting Mozart's Requiem taking center stage, almost as if the music is another dark character pulling everyone together...So eerily good!!

The souls of all three main characters are so fragile and gripped by their pasts...Renata, an opera singer, is distraught and lonely, looking to fill the void left by lost loved ones, and she's being not just any spooky "boo" in the night...nope, she's has a ghostly night lover making all her sexual fantasies come true while she sleeps. Now Finn, Renata's not-so-ex, is a her new conductor in London and uses his position to win back his biggest regret, Renata...he will do whatever it takes to keep her in his arms forever.

Then there's the gorgeous incubus of the hour, Hugh Dawlish ... I absolutely adored falling in love with Hugh, who's been pining for his one true soulmate, Claudia, for two hundred years... Ok, now go grab a box of tissues because reading all the romantic entries in Hugh's journal was so heart melting and made me a weepy mess! I lost count at how many times my heart broke and I cried for Hugh and Claudia's denied eternal love ... so so beautiful!! I love how this story slowly adds layers of sexy excitement, creepy intrigue and even faith-filled rays of hope...keeping me on edge and constantly guessing about the murder mysteries and all the frightening hauntings ... Gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps!

A wonderful love story with a beautifully inspiring message ... A Ghost Lover's Dream Read!

Now let's give a big shout out to the next two awesome authors! These are their brand new debut novels....Whoot Whoot!! *Claps Wildly!*

Resplendent Ruin by Bella J

Instantly Infatuated! I love this debut novel! Bella J wrote such a fantastic, exciting, gut-wrenching love-triangle drama with so many surprising twists! Such a compelling, sweetly - heated contemporary romance that kept me glued to every page and tugged real hard on all my heart-strings!

This title fits the story so perfectly...a gorgeous, striking and imposing millionaire, Knox Taylor dazzles and frazzles the very unavailable, beautiful, professional CFO, Juliette Mason. Knox's sexy charm instantly flips Juliette's switch...from simply existing in her status quo comfort zones, to engulfing her into a fiery, brilliant, passion-filled resplendent ruin...that irrevocably changes Juliette's life forever! Who will Juliette choose...a lifetime with the long time fiancée, Daniel, who has loved her, albeit neglectfully, for years...or the exciting, stunning, boundary-pushing Knox, who makes her heart sing and her body sizzle?

This story has so many crazy-good feels!! I laughed at Juliette's sister's sassy and brazen humor, I really disliked her conniving, nosy mother, and I felt a little bad for all of the fiancee's heart breaking issues, but what I liked the that I teared up over all of Juliette's Inner turmoil, heartache and self-sacrificing choices! Knox and Juliette's addicting soul-to-soul chemistry jumped off the pages and wrapped me up in their sumptuously forbidden love affair...I really didn't want the story to end!

Just Wow! A Dreamy and Romantic Must Read! 

Degrees of Control by Eve Dangerfield

Wonderful Reading! I'm in full-blown book-love!

I am so happy I got to read this story! So incredibly unexpected and fabulously erotic! A great cast of smart, endearing, funny characters and a ton of mind-blowing sexy times! I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Charlotte, aka Charlie. She's refreshingly honest, a fun friend and a really cute hentai-like yoga girl! Charlie and James couldn't be more different from each other, true opposites in every way, but they have a special spark of instant connection that's so intense but so vulnerable at the same time that actually makes them perfect for each other because neither are as they seem on the outside... Their push and pull drama and all that super steamy role play was so edgy! It's kind of intoxicating! I'm still fanning myself!

Charlie is this sweet and sassy Aussie, with a really kinky twist inside, while James is a rich, charming executive with model looks and control issues... She's quick witted, kind and learning to be a bold new girl and he's so angsty, dominating and newly discovering how to trust...I have to just say this ...I'm so hooked on James' hot dirty-talkin' Texas twang...made me blush!! James and Charlotte become ensnared, enamored, even a little addicted to each other, until real feelings wiggle in to the mix and mucks it all up...

The title is so fitting because I felt all the many degrees of control each of them exert over each other and over themselves throughout the whole story right up to the very end, and as James and Charlie work out the root of their problems and get their hearts aligned and healed with their true desires ...and what a very romantic ending... Loved it!

A brilliant and charming read that I highly recommend for any one looking for a love story full of surprises and a very different take on this kind of BDSM...A sexy kinky romance must read!


Tap the heart below to "like" or tap on "Comment" and tell me what you think! Thanks so much!



October 4, 2015 - Loving These Must Reads!

I'm so excited to share! You've got to go check out all these authors I just Flove!! I had way too much fun reading all these super good and super sexy reads!

Every book has all the feels, all the romance, all the hot sexiness and all the happily-ever-afters you could ever dream of... all wrapped up in a very pretty erotic romance package...promise!

Alpha by Natasha Knight

Excitingly Edgy! Darkly thrilling and darkly edgy shifter romance with an amazingly awesome HEA! Zane makes me want to whimper desperately and growl hungrily for all of his attention!

As soon as I got this book, opening to the very first page, I got a little shiver of anticipation and excitement! I love this genre, so much, and I just knew that this dark shifter romance was going to push me to intensely thrilling erotic places and slam all my lady-buttons hard...with lots of suspense, danger and sexy BDSM that's laced with lovingly delivered humiliation and pain-filled pleasuring passion.

This story has just the perfect combination of wolf shifter packs in a bloody conflict and the lone wolf, Zane running from his alpha destiny, including his one true mate that will unite the packs...Until she hunts him down. Now Zane can't hide from his pack or responsibilities as Aria barges her way into his bar demanding answers and tempting Zane to finally claim her as his mate.

All I can say is...Alpha hit the spot...that edgy, antsy spot deep inside me that craves the dark, the dangerous and the sexy, salacious shifter bad boy, Zane and all his hot spanking deliciously deviant!

Love this story and love Natasha's writing, so's such an erotically intense, womb- clenching page turner!

A Shifter Lovers Dream Must Read!

Wanted: Virgin Lover by Juliette Jones

So Hella-Hot!! Lots and lots of headboard-banging sexy times! Love It!

Take one very horny hunk of golden god manly miner, who's on a mission to get to town to find two or even three willing ladies at the saloon to slake his lusty needs...then take one very curious virgin barkeep, who dreams of a virile insatiable man having his way with her like she reads in her books...put them together and it's a whirlwind of wild, non-stop passionate consummating!

Wyatt's eyes set on Rosie first thing...and it's like dynamite in a gold mine! These two don't come up for air for days and days! Rosie needs to get her inheritance with the bonus of a rich husband and Wyatt gets the adorable woman and the hot bed sport of his dreams! I love Wyatt's insane sexual intensity and I love Rosie's lovingly uninhibited curiosity!

This story is just the perfect steamy's just a pure old West erotic fun and sex-rompin' marathon of a good time must read!

Vice by Rosanna Leo

Vegas Baby! This story is my new vice! So real, so touching, and so consuming from the very first sentence right to the last!

Liam and Kate's personalities, problems and passions just jump off the pages!...Wrapping me up in their painfully complicated struggles and hauntingly courageous lives to experience everything right along with them. The loving, conflicting and brutal honesty between Liam and Kate was so emotionally engaging and beautifully engrossing.

Brilliantly written, wildly sexy, while also exposing the raw truth of gambling addiction's devastating dark side. The wreckage gambling addiction caused in Kate's life was unbelievably heart breaking!

The Vegas Strip in all its splendor holds addictive elation and pretty new vices that can cause such perfect highs one moment and then tumultuous lows the next...the gorgeous millionaire Liam built his empire in Vegas, seeing only the money, glitz and glamour to hide all his pain and abandonment issues...As the beautifully strong and guarded Kate lives a day to day existence as a piano singer and counselor, while being a guilt ridden enabler of her gambling addicted father.

Two people whose lives seem so different on the outside, but are both equally damaged and begging for love on the inside...are now each other's vices...drawn to each other like magnets. An undeniable instant chemistry between Kate and Liam sparks a whirlwind of insatiable sexual desire, but can they break free of the deeply engrained defense mechanisms and push away the past hurts to just truly and completely love each other forever? Major Addictive Must Read!

Transparent by Joy Eileen

A Sexy Ghost! Ah-may-zing!!! Out-of-this-world-I love it so much-great read! This has everything I could ever dream of in one steammeee paranormal short story!

It's mysterious, sexy, sweet, romantic and funny! Beautifully written and just thee perfect romance! I was blown away!! I can't wait to read more books by Joy!!

The ghost trapped in a painting, Alexander, speaks to Morley, pleading for her help break a centuries old curse, so he can go home to his time and right the wrongs he caused...oh my god, I melted! I mean, really, who could say no to that gorgeous face in that painting?! Not Morley...she was flat out drawn to him the moment she laid eyes on his sparkling grey windows to his whispering soul.

I love the conversations Morley has with this invisible dream man, it's so so funny! I really enjoyed reading every sweet word and feeling every sizzling electric charge between them as Alexander and Morley grow so close, so connected and so desperate to make their time together special and memorable, enough pictures and moments in her mind to hold on to for a lifetime...if only Alexander could stay...Oh my god, I sobbed so hard!! It's just so so romantic!!

I love this book, a lot, and everyone must read it now...I'm serious, now. This book makes me so happy that I read sexy romance novels!! A magical-feels must read!

Ryker: A Cold Fury Novel by Sawyer Bennett

Hockey God! Ryker is it for me! Definitely my new book boyfriend!

I absolutely adore him! But I do feel a bit guilty... I feel like I'm cheating on my other book boyfriends...sorry, I can't help myself, Ryker is a dream! Gorgeous goalie, devoted dad and a very insatiably giving lover... Oh my my my!! Ryker is such a great guy! He's the nicest guy I've ever read... So tough, honest, sweet and funny...all manly man hot... he even cuddles and talks after sex!! So Perfect!

I love it when Ryker's eyes light up when he sees his two crazy-cute daughters and he's totally a one woman kind of man with his heart set on Grey...sigh, see. Perfect! I keep reading this book over and over, I just can't get enough of all of Ryker's cheeky grins and knowing winks, dark hair and grey eyes...and oh, he's big...about 6'-6", miles of hard rippling muscles and one hot dirty talker!

I really love Ryker and Gray together...All business by day and all secret rendezvous loving at night...Gray's a GM and Ryker's boss so all this clandestine passion has the potential to destroy both their careers. Forbidden love is the sweetest love, but are they willing to risk it all for some secret, stolen moments? This Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series keeps getting better and better!

What an absolute blast! A Shot To The Heart Must Read!

The Billionaire's Whim (book 1 of a serial) by Bella Forbes

I'm Intrigued..Hot Billionaire? Yes, please! A tiny-teasing taste of what's to come in this very quick and interesting billionaire story.

I normally wait to read a book as a whole, I'm too impatient for the small doses in serials, but I do love Billionaire books and this sounded very good! This story has loads of energy, tons of hints of what's ahead and a very hot, dominating billionaire...yes please!

An impulsive and obstinate hot mess, Lillian finds herself in another unemployed situation, only the fourth time in six months..but who's counting. All her latest bosses are repulsive and pathetic tyrants whoconstantly berate her abilities and office what if she quits suddenly with a whole bunch of insulting verbal flourish...Lillian will just find a better job...she hopes.

A controlling, intimidating and gorgeous CEO, Trent Blackwell can't keep a personal assistant if his life depended on's as if the HR staff keep sending him sweet little fawns for his demanding 'curt' manners to devour...does that mean he's the big bad wolf? Trent will see to the new hire personally this time, he needs a person with a strong resolve, thick skin and most importantly, obedient... Now I have to read book two to see the fireworks between Lillian and Trent!!

Remember this is book one in a series of this short story is just the warm up!

The Billionaire's Whim (book 2 of a serial) by Bella Forbes

Fireworks! This battle of wills is so hot!

This second installment gives even more of a glimpse of what's ahead in the turbulent saga of Lillian and Trent. It definitely shows more of the selfish and overpowering sexual side of the commanding CEO, and the desperate and vulnerable side to the wildly mouthy Lillian.

Even though I'm not a big fan of a story being dished out in little bites...These short serials are a really quick read and keeps me wanting more... Trent Blackwell is one sexy beast with the ladies! Powerful, controlling and the unattainable prize for all the socialites...but all Trent's focus is on one fiery beauty...the seemingly untamable creature, Lillian Jones...

Oh my, did the sizzling sparks fly when Lillian Jones comes before the gorgeous, intimidating spectacle that is Trent Blackwell! What an interview! All of Lillian's stubborn pride rears up in full force when that insufferable, demanding CEO tried to dictate her personal one squelches her independence...especially that unbelievably sexy and dominating excuse of a man...who now consumes her every thought and every secret dark desire... Trent is stunned..Did Lillian Jones just storm out of his office?! How infuriating! She's perfect, and not just for the job either, but for him. Her crazy outburst just proves that Lillian is no fragile flower, just wild and undisciplined...Challenge accepted Ms.Jones...

Trent knows exactly what she needs and how she needs it, by his hand... This story is getting so good! I can't wait to get book three! Billionaire-Lovers Must Read!!


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September 12, 2015 - In The Mood For Ménage?

I Love A Decadent Ménage Story!! The more the merrier, am I right?

Here are a few of my favorite sizzling, panty-melting, hella-hot must-read ménage stories by eighteen amazing authors, just a "little taste" of some awesome books to put on your TBR list.

So get ready to drool over these tantalizing triads, and maybe feel faint for a few fabulous foursomes... I know you'll be begging for more!

It's A Spanking-Hot September...

Colter's Woman by Maya Banks

This is one of the first ménage series I ever read, The Colter's Legacy... I was totally hooked and never looked back! An amazing and beautiful story of three ranching brothers looking and waiting for the one woman to be their wife...a committed, loving, forever ménage relationship. I love these guys! My dream men!!

Low and behold... They rescue a sweet petite brunette from a snow bank and fall in love at first sight...only one problem..she's already married! Now how to keep her forever...

Don't miss out on this series! Steamy Heart-melting Must Reads!

Their Virgin's Secret by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Need a whole ton of a steamy mé it is, The Masters of Ménage series... An absolute favorite "ménage only" series, seven so far, by these beautifully creative and talented authors!

All the stories have the perfect elements of two or three sexy Alpha men and the one adorable, strong woman who completes them. All the guys will resort to enticing, begging, bribing and beguiling their woman's heart so that they can all share her and treasure her forever...or just kidnap her and convince her to stay with them with lots and lots of euphoric pleasure, of course...Love Love Love these books!

I adore Their Virgin's Secret because it not only has crazy good ménage with gorgeous twins and a sweet and brave virgin, but it's also chuck full of intrigue, danger and a secret love child...

You've just got to read them now!! Sexy Love-filled Must Reads!

The Men With the Golden Cuffs by Lexi Blake

This BDSM story is part of a whole sexy series, Masters & Mercenaries, which I adore beyond reason, but I had to point this one out because it's an all time favorite and a spicy ménage between a free spirited, smiley, romance author and two big tough bodyguards who trying to keep her alive from a crazy stalker...I love their drama and mistrust with each other. I love that they all have such emotional baggage that they have to overcome in order to be the forever threesome they dream of being...It's so so epic!!

You will love it too!!! Get now! A Steamy Suspense-filled Must Read!

Riding the Night by Jaci Burton

Part of the Wild Riders series, these two big sexy tatted motorcycle lawmen rolling into a small town and running across the one perfect girl that got away years ago...let the games begin! I love this sexy story because it has the two hot men falling hard for the strong but damaged old flame and trying hard to make the three of them work, while being undercover in a middle of a dangerous case... What happens when the case is solved and the two men move on... can they leave behind the woman whose stolen their hearts?

A Hot and Wild Must Read!!

Three by Opal Crew

All of this author's books are out of this world sexy and super kinky, but this novella is a whole new level of wonderfully explicit and erotic steaminess! Hot! I mean... Scorching Hot Triplets!!! OMG! It's a fantasy coming to life for one curious girl and the gorgeous "make your fantasies come true" kind of men, then maybe a happily ever after love connection too...A Scorching Panty-Melting Quickie!

Opal writes a bunch of fantastic ménage...too many to list here, but trust have to experience every single one! 

Super Hot Must Read!

Captivated by Lauren Dane

I absolutely adore all of this author's ménage stories because they all have the true triad love between all three lovers...beautiful, emotional and also an exciting story that has a futuristic military setting.

This book is part of a SciFi fantasy series, The Phantom Corps, but I love the way the two best friends/lovers working together on a mission, rescue this tortured woman, and they both immediately care for her. They restore her mentally, physically and emotionally, then she falls in love with both of them, but rank and war may divide them forever...

It's such a beautiful story!! A truly brilliant series!! Read them all! 

A True Loving Triad Must Read! 

The Doms of Genesis Series by Jenna Jacob

Masters of My Desire is a seductive ménage story of a damsel in distress rescued by two gorgeous heroes, who also tempt her into their sexy, alluring, and addicting world of BDSM. One week, and all the fantasies that she could ever dream of are fulfilled...but now what? Go back to a boring empty life, leaving her heart behind...or take what these two amazing Doms are proposing? A Kinky Must Read!

Seduced By My Doms is off the charts kinky hot ménage! An exciting adventure into a titillating world of two dominating men in lust with the same submissive beauty, a nurse, who desperately needs the freedom of submission to heal her full of spicy heat and heartwarming love as she learns the joy of BDSM...but it'll take teamwork to win this sub's heart and trust as the two gorgeous men try to keep her theirs...forever. A Master-full Ménage Must Read!...

Now go get all the other books in The Doms Of Genesis series! 

Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James

One of my all time favorite cowboy stories, Long Hard Ride is book one...of sixteen novels, plus novellas and anthologies from the Rough Riders series...that's a truly touching, and heart-melting ménage! I love reading this story over and over!

A devoted married couple, in love and lust with each other, running their ranch...but the husband still has his past secrets and hidden desires away from his wife...until that one day, that secret knocks on their door...blowing up their life...a hot Brazilian cowboy coming to lay claim to the love of his life...the husband. Now the wife has to decide if she can share her husband or lose him forever...and can the new cowboy love her as well, or is that heart just ached for her!! 

This story has it all..Cowboys, ménage and heart pounding drama! 

Lots Of Cowboy Lovin' Must Read!

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson

Dilemmas have a way of working themselves out...especially when your loving boyfriend introduces his best friend for more than just a visit...but when secrets are revealed and true love may be heading three ways, can all three hearts survive the journey to a happily ever after? A very romantic and drama filled three way love affair that opens up all sorts of sexy secrets and heart felt cravings...

A Sweetly Erotic Three Part Series Must Read!

Wild Ride by Juliette Jones

This steamy novella just pulled me in and I couldn't put it down! Mind-blowing spicy ménage and sweetly romantic at the same time! Some of the wildest, sexiest three-way writing I've ever read!! Wow! I had to fan myself A Lot!

One small town beauty trying to get a fresh start in her life, quits her job, dumps the abusive boyfriend and then her car breaks down on the side of route 69...all on her 21st birthday. But as luck would have it...two, rich, handsome sweet-talkin' Cowboys in a mustang convertible stop and are willing to do a lot more than just help her out...they'll both give her the best wild ride of her life... Save a horse and ride two Cowboys! What a really fun read that put a big 'ole smile on my face, and with the thee perfect happily ever after too!

Wildly Sexy Must Read!

The Courage To Love by Samantha Kane

This fascinating story in the Brothers In Arms series has it all...historical, erotic, and lots of loving ménage... It just pulled me in from the very first page and I couldn't put it down until I read the end! An intense and touching story that was so riveting, very sensual and beyond exciting!! Set after the Napoleonic Wars, all eligible men must marry..but two men who love only one women is unheard of...and two men who also find they love each other is forbidden... So they must combine their brazen desires, unwavering strength and undying love to find the courage to fight for the girl and their dream of happiness in a true loving threesome they can share together forever... This is an amazingly sexy twelve book series! Very compelling and heart warming too!

Beautifully provocative Must Reads! 

Secret Pleasure by Lora Leigh

All of the books in the Bound Hearts series are truly bold and brazenly erotic ménage like no other!

All thirteen books, yes thirteen, are fantastically, wantonly erotic! All the books center around a very elite group of dominant libidinous men in a private club...they all love to share their lover or wife with a selected third in the bedroom...very taboo and very salacious!

All the stories also have plenty of hot lust and engaging love weaved into the relationships, but also each has a bit of intrigue or danger, just to keep things even more interesting outside the bedroom...I absolutely love this series!

This latest book, Secret Pleasure is a breath-taking tale of the emotionally intense and soul deep desires between three lovers that was suppose to have been secret, but murderous threats and blackmail keeps them apart for a very long time...Can they save their lives, their passion and their love to be together forever...not just a secret pleasure any longer?

Delightfully Loving Must Reads!

Predator's Trinity by Rosanna Leo

Book six in the Gemini Island Shifters Series is really something special!! I love this sexy shifter world!

Two twin brothers, jaguar shifters, who rescue a beautiful red-headed empath librarian, think they have finally found their one true mate...but she has hidden gifts and a dark family connection to the vilest shifter, who's bent on revenge and power that could destroy the whole secret shifter world as they know it. I really loved all the mystery and mayhem that filled the story with so many surprising twists! 

I like how strong, brave and powerful the heroine is, and I enjoyed all the family love and bonding on the island...and even the bloody battles that were fought with so much heart were just so exciting! The binding deep love and complete devotion between the twins and their mate was so sweet and yet really erotic..So hot!!...a truly beautiful three-way love was wonderful!!

A Sensational Shifter Ménage Must Read!

Melt Into You by Roni Loren

Just wow!

This story is part of the Loving On The Edge series and it's so so beautiful!

Every moment in the book is deeply emotional and moving! Long lost loves, new found desires, two best friends finding out they are way more, and a sweet brave girl finding not only her new true self in the BDSM world at The Ranch, but also two kind, loving and dominant men who can't live without her. This is one of those great romances that gets me all choked up with all harshness life can dish out, but then makes me smile when I see all the forgiveness and healing growing between three amazing and loving people...My heart just absolutely melted into this's so so great!

A Dream Come True Must Read! 

Fevered Hearts by Em Petrova

I loved reading this book!

I had an instant heart felt connection with the lonely, disillusioned wife because she's having a very difficult time in her marriage. The husband is paralyzed in a wheelchair from a logging accident, unable to be the manly man he is use to being, so he avoids and neglects her. When he finally quits his pity party one day, goes into work, he bumps into an old friend, they talk and come up with a very sexy plan that might save his marriage...he'll share his wife. Only one problem...the wife is falling in love with the friend...can she keep both of these hunky, rugged loggers in her bed forever? A deeply emotional and a very erotic story that is such a heart-warming journey! 

A New Kind Of Forever Love Must Read!  

Defensive Zone by Bianca Sommerland

If you love hockey and all kinds of erotic ménage, the Dartmouth Cobras series is for you! So fantastic!!

I love every single book in this series, all seven! Passionate, engaging, eye-opening and emotionally healing experiences with some BDSM in each of the loving relationships growing between each character in every book, whether it's m/f/m, m/m/f or f/f/m/'s all true love in all it's wonderful glory! And the hockey scenes are explosive and exciting!!

So many feels and so many glorious moments of forgiveness and understanding! I adore the book above because it's about deeply passionate men on and off the ice, loving the strong, independent, but imperfectly perfect, woman of their dreams...

Heart-slamming Must Reads!

Blood Law by Karin Tabke

The Blood Moon Rising, a three book series, is seriously some of thee best paranormal sexy love triangle drama in a ménage story I've ever read!! Talk about HOT!!

Excitement and danger, wolf-shifters vs humans, and brother against brother, twins who not only want to avenge their parents slaughter, but both feel the Alpha mating call for the same she human or wolf? Can she unite the divided pack and bring both brothers together as dual Alphas and can both brothers be her true mates? Very intense and very erotic wolf loving ménage!! It's just so good!

I'm over the moon happy when I read this series, one of my Must Read Over and Over Favorites!

Their Treasured Bride by Vanessa Vale

I can't say enough about how much I really enjoy the Bridgewater Ménage series!! So, so fantastic!

This series has it all...American western historical romance and explicitly erotic ménage... I couldn't put it down!

A small town in Montana has a tradition unlike anywhere young virgin bride, rescued and cherished by the two or even three men to marry, legally. I love how each woman has her own worries, fears and issues, I love how the men are so caring and sensitive but also so dominant and protective...   I love that each story has its own unique adventure and edgy excitement...So enticing with all the spicy spankings too!! 

This fourth book has a young, prim and staunchly proper English woman, married by proxy to a big, rugged, strapping Scot...or two as it turns out... Now she must learn to let go of all her British starch and just feel both of her husbands gentle love and possessive passion for the first time in her life, without her past fears of rejection and corporal punishments getting in the way of happiness...

Swoon-Worthy Ménage Must Reads!

Crave more? Who wouldn't?...just tap on the author's name then tap on the links for their websites to buy all their fantastic books!! They have so many more hot ménage stories waiting for you...oh and have extra panties close're welcome!! 


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June 6, 2015 - Six Steamy Summer Reads!

Wow! It's nearly summer already! I had the best time reading all these amazing sexy stories at my pool or the beach, since it's pretty much summer here in Southern California all year round! .. and that got me thinking of this list for all you lovely book junkies like me! Break out the sunscreen and flip-flops my've got some serious reading to do!! These "new-to-me" authors' novels are smokin' hot must reads! Have a great summer!

Lily And The Duke by Helen Hardt

I am a sucker for erotic historical romance and this story is just perfect! I loved the very independent and artistic Lily, who believes she will never marry, by her own choice of course. Lily is such a beautiful woman out of time character! She is adventurous, witty, talented and very curious about sex. A chance meeting in the Duke's garden, the second son at the time, Lord Daniel Farnsworth, seals their attraction so that when they meet again eight years later, Lily now sees the Duke, Daniel in a whole new light. Their connection and chemistry just steams off the pages! I loved all their secret clandestine romps ..its so exhilarating to read all the different ways Daniel tries to convince Lily that they have more than just physical lust for each other, but a true love match. This is a really delicious and decadent story filled with lots of mischief and misgivings...enchanting!

The Selkie by Rosanna Leo

A paranormal story that is so beautifully mythical and magically compelling! This is the first book by this author I have ever read and to be honest..I couldn't put it down! Truly one of the most engaging and sexiest shifter fantasy romance stories I have read in a long time! Simply put...I Loved It! I never peeked at previous reviews Or blurbs, so I was totally shocked at what the shifter became, but then I was much too curious to find out how everything works to ever close the book! Just so unbelievably unique!! I was mesmerized by the ancient Scottish folklore and entranced by all the magic powers that weaves its spells around Maggie and Calan...that starts in their sexy dreams of each other and then draws them together in the far away isle of Scotland, to fulfill their destiny. I just got the shivers! The adorable Maggie and the charming immortal, Calan have amazingly hot undeniable chemistry that pulled me in and made me believe in the myth and fall in love with these characters! I also just have to say...I will never be able to walk along the beach again without looking towards the waves...dreaming and hoping my seven tears dropping in the ocean will bring me my very own Selkie man! Awesome read!!

Cowboy Crazy by Em Petrova

Why yes I am..crazy-hot for this amazing cowboy series!! Love it!! This first book just blew me away! I love the intro..Five brides for five brothers, if they want their piece of the family ranch that so heart-knockin' good! I really fell hard for Hank, just so big, strong, and chivalrous! I love how Hank rescues the wayward and broken Charlotte from all her woes, only to make her the deal of a lifetime...I'll fix your car if you'll stay on the ranch for a few weeks to help my ma...oh my goodness gracious! That man is all smooth-talkin' sweet Texas charm! Charlotte has no choice but to agree to the deal and convinces herself that she will be able to resist that gorgeous smiling cowboy temptation in a saddle...Not! This is such a very sexy steamy read with a whole barn full of good lovin'! Can not wait to read how all the other brothers fall head over boots in love next!!

Their Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa Vale

Wow! Just Wow! Too hot for words! I am absolutely addicted to this series! I read this and I went ahead and got them all! These very erotic historical western romances are to die for! This story is so thrilling and really engaging! I loved how the beginning just grabbed me..the virginal Emma wakes up in a brothel, has been sold to the madam by her stepbrother and now will be front and center in a marriage auction! Then it gets even better...she is bought by TWO hot Montana ranchers, the so very handsome and tall Brit, Whitmore Kane and the big gorgeous Scot, Ian Monroe. They both have deep dark desires and many dangerous secrets, but they will always keep Emma safe and cherished as long as they live. A really great heart warming and panty melting book! One of the sexiest and hottest books out there! Wow! I can only hope there's a sequel to their story soon!

Insatiable 1 by J.D. Hawkins

So this just happened...Holy freakin hotness! This book is over the top super good! A jammed packed steamy story full of sticky sexiness and dirty talkin' filthiness like no other..awesome!...I honestly have never read a romance book written by a guy romance author, but I one clicked this book and started reading before I figured it out! Fucking-A this man's p.o.v. is so cool..Raw, blunt and fresh! Honestly..a wicked turn-on!! Ok, so Jax is an out of control sex-god, self-made millionaire, model-gorgeous chick magnet and Jax knows it, flaunts it and embraces it proudly. Yes, he's an asshole, but still, a very lickable asshat. Jax runs with the uber rich crowd and will never settle down...Until the curvy gentile seductive Lizzie turns Jax's slick practiced moves down flat. What?! No one says no to Jax! Challenge accepted...and Jax is in for a world of crazy mindfucks that he never knew he could feel..ever. Lizzie just wants Jax to be her sex teacher, so when Mr. Right comes along, she may be able to keep him. Lizzie knows Jax is a player in the highest order, and she'll have no problem walking away at the end of the erotically enlightening sex-filled week...but can Jax? Oooh! It's sooo good! I need book two right now!!

The Breathless Series by Melissa Toppen

I really loved reading this series! I had a hard time believing that it was three books though...I plowed through all three in a matter of hours because they all just flowed together so wonderfully and kept me guessing all along the way! Addison is the perfect girl next door from a small town in Vermont, who follows her heart and boyfriend, of eight years, to Las Vegas...only to be literally dumped on a curb with nothing but a suitcase. Yikes! What a douche! Sick of her wallowing, Addison's friends drag her to a bar, where she "just happens" to meet the hottest bartender on the planet!! It seems Addie may have found a strangely sexy sweet stalker...Liam "just happens" to be wherever Addison is...So Cute! The story is a very engaging and a steamy tale of two regular lonely yet damaged people trying to navigate the craziness of falling in love while learning to trust themselves and each other without getting theirs hearts crushed at the same time. When all Liam's secrets are finally revealed, can Addie love him for who he truly is, and not just for his gorgeous wrapping? Oh and did I mention Liam's a millionaire? No? Bad me!

Show me the book love!  

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