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Gotta Re-Read! A Breath of Heaven, El Camino Real #1 by Sable Hunter

Save a horse a ride and this cocksure cowboy cutie!!

Wow, Sable Hunter sure can bring the hot heat and the sugary sweet in this super sexy romance! All the lust, longings, and love I could ever want in a western contemporary romance, all wrapped up in one huge hunk of strapping cowboy and his fiery hard-to-get fantasy-girl!

Cade is a rodeo star coming home with only one thing on his mind ... to get the girl he's been dreaming of his whole life. Abby is just as determined to keep pushing Cade away, guarding her secrets and her heart.

This story is pure angsty fun banter and sweet sexual tension on every page!! I love reading A Breath of Heaven over and over ... there's never a dull moment between these two from the first page to the very last!! Fah-mazing!!

Cade Tallbull is all burly, handsome, cocky man and pure cowboy through and through. Sadly, a really tough break growing up only leads him to the biggest blessing a homeless kid could ever dream about ... an honest to goodness loving family. The Kings were not just generous and kind, with five boys around Cade's age that called him brother, they also have one sweet, feisty, little sister too, Abilene Grace ... Now all Cade's gotta do is wait for his perfect angel to grow up so they can be together forever. Unfortunately, everything has changed when Cade gets back from a rodeo one Christmas, and his Abby is spitting fire and as cuddly as a rattlesnake ... What the hell!! But Cade is a man with a plan, he's waited ten years too long to make her his, so it's time to get this wild filly all hot and bothered with all his magical pelvic sorcery ... and he ain't take 'n no for an answer ... not anymore.

“I bet I could make you tremble, Abilene. Do you remember that one sweet kiss we shared all those years ago? You sure enjoyed it. I can still remember how you whimpered and clung to me, pressing those sweet tits of yours into my chest.”

Abby stiffened, the memory almost hurt more than she could bear.
“The kiss was a mistake, a terrible mistake.”
He could never know the truth—never. Still bracketing Abby’s body, he let his eyes rove over her face, trying to read her emotions.

“No, you’re wrong. The kiss was amazing.”

Abby Grace King is now all grown and a veterinarian to boot, but she still only has eyes for Cade like it's that first moment he jumped out of her daddy's truck, a struck her all blushy-tongue-tied ... there is no sexier or finer looking man in the whole state of Texas, bar none, as far as she's concerned, but one tragic accident changes everything forever. She'll always have that one perfect kiss to remember Cade by, but now she's not worthy of him. Best just to be mean, rude and snappy for the last ten years, than to let Cade see how imperfect she really is ... if only she could have just one night. One dreamy, magical night to show Cade how much she loves him ...

"It was like their first kiss. Abby wanted to drink it in. Memorize it, indelibly record it in the annals of her mind.
She sighed when his lips finally reached hers, a breathless sound that rose unbidden, whispering from her lips. A moment before their lips touched, Cade’s eyes opened and met hers, she reassured him the best way she knew how–by closing the distance and pressing her lips firmly again his.
Cade groaned and reveled in the feel of her soft lips brushing against his. He caught her closer, sweeping his tongue across the seam of her mouth. She opened to him, inviting him in without reservation. His tongue dipped into her mouth and tangled with hers. Cade drew her even tighter and let out a small gasp of air into Abby’s mouth, which she accepted as if he was breathing life into her body.
And perhaps he was. A breath of heaven, that’s what this was –a mingling of their souls."

Gahhhhh! This is soooo heart-melting all the way through!!! You're gonna love it! Promise!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

February 8, 2015 - Binge on These Yummy Man-Candy Stories

Valentine's Day is coming!

Book-addicts will definitely want to read these nineteen yummy novels!

Each of these gorgeous, toe-curling, dirty talking book boyfriends are mouthwatering! Pair one up with a bubble bath, wine, or maybe a BoB to have a very sexy Valentine's with these hot lusty men! Here's some sexy quotes from erotic romance novels I LOVE! Maybe create a few romantic scenes with the man or men in your bed..*wink*. You can thank me later.

Want "sweeter but still very romantic" version books? I have that here too!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"You taste like heaven when you come"- Sexy Heart-throb Elias Hayes, Hot Summer Lust by Juliette Jones 

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. How about we skip all this dating bullshit and just head straight to the alter?" - Unbridled Carson McKay, Cowboy Take Me Away by Lorelei James

"You undo me" - Gorgeous Beau Devereaux, In His Keeping by Maya Banks

"I want you to love me as much as I love you." -Enticing Tate Colter, Billionaire Untamed by J.S. Scott

"Anticipation is half the journey, baby." - Sensualist Ryder Wilson, Nobody's Lost by Kallypso Masters

"You own me, my fate is in your hands.." - Hot Mess Christian Grey, Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

"I can ride you all night, 'Till you give me what I want." - Irresistible Prince Wulfric, In The Flesh by Sylvia Day

"Yes, as I had imagined you'd taste like something I could eat at every meal." - Naughty Zach Helm. Second Chances by Lauren Dane

"I don't kiss on the lips." - Mysterious Nathaniel West, The Dominant by Tara Sue Me 

"Remember that Angel? How good we are together? And it's so good isn't it? So fucking hot? We're not over." - Kissable Alex Dare, Dare to Desire by Carly Phillips 

"I thought I dreamt you." - Seductive Simon West, The Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

"I'm going to do it, I'm going to offer her my penis." - Unfiltered Tate Baxter.
"Have I ever told you how much I fucking love your ass?" - Bold Eric Cohen. 
"You look too pretty not to ravish.." - Dirty-talker Kellen Kent - Their Virgin Secretary by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

"You know, I took one look at you and wanted to get you in a bed and keep you under me for days..." - Enthralling Greg Hicks, Over Exposed by Stephanie Julian

"...But the two men who love you are here." - Decadent Colby Wilkes and Lusty Adam Keats, Nothing Between Us By Roni Loren

"Would you like that?...Being fucked hard and fast against the door?" - Badass sexy Rip, Hot Ride by Opal Carew 

"You're like a drug to me." - Addictive Damien Stark, Claim Me by J. Kenner

Sweeter but no less romantic... 

"You aren't alone..I promise we aren't leaving you." - Tough, Tender Merrick and Endearing Cade, Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks

"I know the Queen of Hearts when I see her." - Devoted Patrick, Forget Me Never, Hell Yeah! Book 7, Sweeter Hell Yeah! Series by Sable Hunter

"No! She's glorious!" - Besotted Irishman Declan, Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo

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December 14, 2014 - "A Very Merry Cowboy Christmas" - Must Read Series by Lorelei James, Cat Johnson, and Sable Hunter

A Cowboy Christmas. Yes! I know right?! It's thee best idea ever, and all the credit goes to these three romazing authors that I want to write about this week.

First up my inspiration, Lorelei James, who actually coined the phrase "Cowboy Christmas" in her first book of her Blacktop Cowboys Series, Corralled. Two off-the-charts sexy cowboys and one sweet adventurous girl take the phrase "Save a horse, Ride a cowboy" to a whole new level of awesome sauce! I always give credit where credit is due...bravo Lorelei!

 So I thought I'd expand on the "Cowboy Christmas" theme with adding more of my favorite cowboy themed series so everyone can get "roped in and put up wet " too!

Lorelei James, again, has mastered this theme in my mind because she also writes The Rough Riders Series. One of my favorites is Cowboy Take Me Away. I get so emotional when I read Carson and Carolyn McKay's story! I am totally blown away with the undying love and beautiful chemistry they share.

Sorry, but Cowboy Take Me Away is way better than The Notebook. Just say'n. This book needs to be made into a movie!

All of the Rough Rider cowboys are easy to fall in love with and unbelievably sexy! I'm all worked up just talking about them. I need a minute... 

Now, for a very hot "Cowboy Christmas," read Cat Johnson's Studs in Spurs Series. All of these books are so romantic and jammed packed full of sizzling cute cowboys. I loved reading Hooked. Luke and Annie are crazy sweet! They just grabbed my heart and squeezed! 
Champion shows smoking hot love between Cooper and Hannah that is so special I read it over and over.

Cat Johnson's Oklahoma Nights Romance series are too addicting! This series should come with a warning label for hotness! Two Times As Hot truly lives up to it's title with Logan and Emma's love affair. I can not wait for more! All of Cat's cowboys dial up the love and bring the heat. Don't deny yourself all this passion, just get them all! 

Another pick for "Cowboy Christmas" lovin' is Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah! Series and Texas Heat Series and I tell you what.. those cowboys make me swoon! Phew I need a fan! I can't puther books down once I start them. Good thing there's a lot of them! As soon as I finished the 
first, I had to get all the others and I'm still going! Thank the Lord for Kindle. There is such powerful love in each story that I get all choked up just thinking about it! Like in Cowboy Heat, Aron and Libby, I melted when they saw each other in the kitchen and Aron yells, "Tag!" 

Then in Badass, I love how Avery is a secret romance author like "Sable Hunter". Its ingenious really! Gawd almighty is Isaac badass sexy! Get it?...All in all I would say that there is no quit in all those cowboys when it comes to their woman! The lust at first sight is such a turn on!

I really am in love with Patrick and Savannah's story, Forget Me Never. Patrick is not a cowboy, technically, but the heart wrenching pain they have to go through to be together is powerfully haunting. His dirty sexy talk in email is thee best I've ever read. This booked wrecked me so much my heart hurts and now I'm out of kleenex. I'm going to read it again right now...I can't help myself, this story gives me 

All these authors are so wonderfully talented and creative, I just can't pick one favorite! Go to their websites and bless yourself with all of these "Cowboy Christmas" books. If I could I would give them all 10 stars!

Thanks again Lorelei James, Cat Johnson and Sable Hunter for sharing your gifts. I,for one, am extremely grateful! Happy Holidays!

PS : Me being random...I would just like to say "THANKS!" for reading my personal blog. I read, I share. I see myself as just a girl who talks to herself about her favorite books and posts it here. I do it for the sheer joy of books and to spread the love of romance novels. Tootles!

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