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February 15, 2015 - The Valentine's Hangover Cure! - "Sizzle" by Sarah O'Rourke

Warning: This sexy romance story is Chuck-Full of Funny Goodness!

So.. the day after V-Day, I ate way too much chocolate! Not that I'm complaining but...when am I ever going to learn to not eat the whole heart shaped box of See's candy like I've never had heavenly gooey choco-gasm perfection!? I will press on with my blog post however, because I did promise myself to be a bit more consistent and try to blog more, no matter how bad the candy hangover. I use that word "try" very loosely!              

So here goes...

Yesterday I read, I laughed, and I "Oh Baby!-ed" my way through this very adorably written hot and steamy romance novel Sizzle by Sarah O'Rourke. Just reading the opening line "Where is that cowardly son of a bitch?!" Sucked me right in! Seriously! I had to read on and find out how far this crazy stalker bitch was willing to go! The best part...all of the hilarious conversations the main character Margaret "Molly" Ramsey, with her loud fiery temper, has going on in her head and with her friends the entire story! I loved that she is such a cute, young "every girl" and totally ballsy! Molly has such an amazing tough outside but so vulnerable inside. It's so great to watch her storm the private lair of her boss and her heart's nemesis, William "Devil" Delancy, billionaire heart-breaker. The way Molly just barges in Devil's office and tells him off is so unfiltered!  So fun! Her "give a shit" button is so so broken! 

The other side to this tantalizing tale is The Devil himself. William is, of course, older, richer, panty-dropping gorgeous and harboring a forbidden desire for his best friend's sister. I love the secret opportunistic ways he finagles Molly to do his bidding in all things...mmm, sexy and devious is a lethal combo to sneak his way into Molly's heart. Delicious to read! I totally admired his unwavering desire to capture Molly's heart no matter the "white-lies" or obstacles. When everything would go from sugar to shit, Devil was right there fixing it all with his magic touch. There is not an ounce of quit in that head strong hunk of man!

The interfering families and gregarious friends, add so many truly funny layers to this story!  I knew I'd love Molly's friends when one came rushing to her side half way through a vajazzle/waxing! It's such a roller-coaster ride of love him or hate him...they love Devil one minute, then in the next, everyone wants to castrate him! Poor Devil can't catch a break! Molly wants to believe the worst, but then all reason flys off into la la land when Devil makes her body melt and her brains go mushy with his kisses! He is just so damn irresistible! Where do I sign to make a deal with that Devil!  Molly finally succumbs to all his southern charms and their sexual chemistry is explosive! He made ME all gooey!

This is a true happily ever after story with crazy twists and turns from both their jilted ex's and butt-in-ski friends. It's a wonderfully slow build up of discovering forever love between two argumentative, stubborn, "secretly in love with each other" friends. This book could've been called "Sizzling" instead! It's a "Can't put it down page turner"!  A beautiful contemporary erotic love story to laugh away a Valentine's Day hangover.

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