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The Brick Wall ( Redtails Hockey 1 ) by Stephanie Julian

Hockey romance readers rejoice! The Brick Wall by Stephanie Julian is puck-tacular! A gorgeous, shy, and broody goalie is off his game on the ice ... but it’s off the ice where all the real magic happens! This story is exciting and steamy and a really great read! I love the naughty-talk banter, the fun flirting, and all the heated gazes leading up to an insta-lust connection ... just amazing! This story is a true romantic romance with a wonderful HEA! Super special writing and a super engaging story line that definitely put a super smile on my face every minute I was reading! All the feely-feels I could ever want in a sexy romance story, and so much more!!


Shane Conrad is always focused on hockey. Always. That’s why his nickname is Brick Wall. Lately though, Shane can’t climb his way out of his slump even if he was handed a ladder. He can’t stop the puck, and being the goalie, that’s his one job. Now he feels his career may be on the line, but the captain says to get out of his head and enjoy life a little over the holiday three day game break. Going to a party is the very last thing Shane needs or wants ... until a very, very, beautiful redhead is introduced to him. This woman is the stuff of dreams, and she must has put some kind of magic spell on him ... hockey? What hockey slump, when this amazing woman is flirting his pants off ... happy holidays to him!

Bliss Vescovi is not interested in happily ever after forever ... been there, done that and have the divorce papers hung on the wall to prove it. Nope, Bliss just needs a Mr. Sexy Right Now that ticks off all the boxes of her yummy meter ... and look who just walked into the party ... Mr. Yummy. Shane sets off all her bells and whistles, in all the good ways. She’s never cared much about hockey, but this hockey player is gonna get all her attention for as long as possible!

Stephanie Julian’s books never disappoint and I always have and always will buy her books ... but this one is a gotta read! Even if you don’t know any thing about hockey, I still highly recommend this book because I just love how it hooks me in right at the start, and that’s my favorite kind of story. It’s a very yummy romance that’s worth devouring!

Throwback Fave! By Private Invitation, A Salon Games Novel, by Stephanie Julian

Stephanie Julian's books are irresistible! This story makes my heart all fluttery and the wonderful writing flows so beautifully; it's really just unputdownable!

By Private Invitation has so many lovely layers of intriguing erotic art history and fascinating family secrets, with really sensually sumptuous scenes that definitely do not 'fade to black' when the hot sparks of insatiable love start to fly between Belle and Jared! I'm Still Fanning Myself! This series is one of my all time faves to read over and over!


Would you like a private invitation to the hottest games at Haven? Wonderful!!

Then this is a must have must read series for any one who loves secret, and salacious Victorian Salon sexcapades and the untameable, gorgeous men who play them! Deee-luscious!

"Reading Victorian erotica is like listening to someone with an English accent talk dirty to you for hours on end. Extremely arousing." - Belle

Jared Golden is truly the epitome of infamous and filthy rich. An extremely handsome, self-made hotel millionaire mogul with a serious fascination for erotic art and a secret libidinous wild side. He loves to play games, and he plays to win, and he plans to win Belle ...

Annabelle Elder seems to have it all, an education, an antique shop, and wonderful friends, but Belle has deep dark family secrets she's been hiding from for years. One New Year's Eve masquerade party in the city at a swanky hotel changes her life forever ... If only Jared hadn't just unleashed all of her decadent desires and exposed the real Annabelle in his private Salon; all because of an heirloom antique brooch that's steeped in superstitions about one true love ... drawing them together like magnets. How could a story about a pin pairing off soulmates, possibly be true?

Now, not only is Belle's heart in danger of being completely shattered, but her precious family's lascivious past will also be dug up and re-exposed to the world, bringing back to life her worst nightmare.

"I don't want anything you have to offer, Jared."

"Yeah. I'm not buying that sweetheart." He traced a line from her shoulder to her hand then back up, until he came to the first button of her jacket. "I think you dream about me. I think you dream about that night and want more." When she didn't knock his hand away, he flicked open the button.

"I think you burn for me like I do for you." Another button gave up the fight. "I think you want me to show you. Right here. Right now." - Jared

Believe me when I say, this is a series of romantically erotic stories that are absolutely worth getting addictedly obsessable over!! I have them all in my sexy library ... you should too!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**

February 8, 2015 - Binge on These Yummy Man-Candy Stories

Valentine's Day is coming!

Book-addicts will definitely want to read these nineteen yummy novels!

Each of these gorgeous, toe-curling, dirty talking book boyfriends are mouthwatering! Pair one up with a bubble bath, wine, or maybe a BoB to have a very sexy Valentine's with these hot lusty men! Here's some sexy quotes from erotic romance novels I LOVE! Maybe create a few romantic scenes with the man or men in your bed..*wink*. You can thank me later.

Want "sweeter but still very romantic" version books? I have that here too!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"You taste like heaven when you come"- Sexy Heart-throb Elias Hayes, Hot Summer Lust by Juliette Jones 

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. How about we skip all this dating bullshit and just head straight to the alter?" - Unbridled Carson McKay, Cowboy Take Me Away by Lorelei James

"You undo me" - Gorgeous Beau Devereaux, In His Keeping by Maya Banks

"I want you to love me as much as I love you." -Enticing Tate Colter, Billionaire Untamed by J.S. Scott

"Anticipation is half the journey, baby." - Sensualist Ryder Wilson, Nobody's Lost by Kallypso Masters

"You own me, my fate is in your hands.." - Hot Mess Christian Grey, Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

"I can ride you all night, 'Till you give me what I want." - Irresistible Prince Wulfric, In The Flesh by Sylvia Day

"Yes, as I had imagined you'd taste like something I could eat at every meal." - Naughty Zach Helm. Second Chances by Lauren Dane

"I don't kiss on the lips." - Mysterious Nathaniel West, The Dominant by Tara Sue Me 

"Remember that Angel? How good we are together? And it's so good isn't it? So fucking hot? We're not over." - Kissable Alex Dare, Dare to Desire by Carly Phillips 

"I thought I dreamt you." - Seductive Simon West, The Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

"I'm going to do it, I'm going to offer her my penis." - Unfiltered Tate Baxter.
"Have I ever told you how much I fucking love your ass?" - Bold Eric Cohen. 
"You look too pretty not to ravish.." - Dirty-talker Kellen Kent - Their Virgin Secretary by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

"You know, I took one look at you and wanted to get you in a bed and keep you under me for days..." - Enthralling Greg Hicks, Over Exposed by Stephanie Julian

"...But the two men who love you are here." - Decadent Colby Wilkes and Lusty Adam Keats, Nothing Between Us By Roni Loren

"Would you like that?...Being fucked hard and fast against the door?" - Badass sexy Rip, Hot Ride by Opal Carew 

"You're like a drug to me." - Addictive Damien Stark, Claim Me by J. Kenner

Sweeter but no less romantic... 

"You aren't alone..I promise we aren't leaving you." - Tough, Tender Merrick and Endearing Cade, Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks

"I know the Queen of Hearts when I see her." - Devoted Patrick, Forget Me Never, Hell Yeah! Book 7, Sweeter Hell Yeah! Series by Sable Hunter

"No! She's glorious!" - Besotted Irishman Declan, Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo

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