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Once Upon A Winter's Eve by Tessa Dare

My love for reading historical romances this year has reached an all time high with Once Upon A Winter’s Eve by Tessa Dare ... it’s simply splendid! This story is enchanting. I love Tessa Dare’s imaginations and humor, her fascinations and curiosity in every one of her characters that continue to engage me on every single page. This may be a little novella for the holidays, but it is overflowing with charm and romance. Wallflowers of the priceless corners beware ... Tall, dark and mysterious heroes who sweep you off your feet, really do exist.


Violet Winterbottom is the consummate spinster, and happy to be one, for now. One disappointment, the disappointment from her past brought her nothing but misgivings and heartache, so being in Spindle Cove, alone and single is as much as she hopes for. Violet has friends, her hobbies, her many languages of study. She has her new found freedom for the past year, but even that will soon come to an end. Violet’s family has arranged for her to be married this season, just married, to anyone, and no longer a pox on her family. Unfortunately Violet has no fight left in her ... all her hopes and aspirations evaporated when the man of her dreams, the man who took all she had to give, left her abruptly, possibly even with child, one year ago. Violet ran away to Spindle Cove, luckily not with a unintentional surprise, and found a sense of peace. Until this night of the dance. A wallflower by habitual nature, always in a corner, pretty enough, but watchful ... then suddenly becoming the center of attention. When he noticed her. He stumbled in, and he fell at her feet. His pull undeniable. Uttering unfamiliar words and staring at her like he knew her. Like he had been searching for her. Like he knew her. But who is he? And why do his eyes look so familiar?

This novella has all the mystery, intrigue and romance a short, sweet, and sexy Christmas story this romance-aholic could ever want!! I love Tessa Dare books, every single word of every single book, no matter how long, is smart, witty, and so brilliantly written. It’s just over-the-moon exciting reading every time I open a Tessa Dare book! Get Once Upon A Winter’s Eve, and get wistfully lost in the lovely holiday spirit of this enchanting romance!

The Governess Game, Girl Meets Duke 2, by Tessa Dare

I’ve fallen in love! Completely, totally and absolutely in love with The Governess Game by Tessa Dare. I’ve also come to a happy realization too. For as much as I admire and even lust a little for all the heroes in Tessa’s books, I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on her heroines more.


I honestly keep reading book after book by Tessa because I admire and adore the heroines so much. Not only are they courageous and kind, but sweet, strong, sincere, and smart. I love that the women are relatable, real and rebellious for their time. But mostly I love how each woman in each story accepts herself, just as she is, and relishes in her own quirky uniqueness. Each story I read like this one, inspires me with all its witty humor, touching heartache and of course, the eventual, extremely romantic, happily ever after when the girl gets her Duke.

The Governess Game is more than poor girl meets wealthy man and they fall in love ... it’s more, it’s how they come to that point, that one magical memorable moment when they crash into each other at the bookshop and then their eyes meet. It’s all stammering and stuttering by the mesmerized Alexandra Mountbatten and all sly wolfish flirty grins by the green eyed handsome Chase Reynaud. A moment in time each assumes the other would forget easily enough, if it weren’t for the books getting jumbled and Chase leaving with Alex’s astronomy book.

The moment makes Alex start new dreams and new hopes, only to doubt that she would ever be in a position to have a man like him in her life, but she resigns her thoughts to at least have that dream tucked away as Alex goes on about her clock business until the day she finds herself needing to be in the green eyed devil’s employ.

Chase on the other hand, seems as if he flirts his way through life with every woman, no matter her status, and although quite true, it’s also quite a rouse. The soon to be Duke believes himself to be unworthy of affection, unworthy of family and definitely not worthy of any admiration. He is a rake, a rogue, and possibly the last man on earth worthy of his new Governess ... unfortunately, that won’t stop him from wanting her.

Both Alex and Chase has amazingly touching pasts, filled with thrilling adventures and heartbreaking loss. I love the complexity and the engaging layers of their personalities ... Neither Alex nor Chase are truly as they seem. Alexandra Mountbatten is a multi-faceted diamond, beautiful and strong with hidden gifts. While Chase Reynaud is a self deprecating rake and seemingly selfish beyond reason, in spite of his looks, or maybe because of them, he has a very caring heart and a giving soul hidden deep, waiting for the right person to truly see him.

I just wish I could actually live in Tessa Dare’s book world ... I never want to put her books down! Absolutely thee most wonderful reading!

One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare

How lovely to be in this regency romance world! I adore this story! Secrets, scandal and sumptuous sexiness on  every page!! One Dance With A Duke is fantastically romantic and the first in a series, but can be read as a stand- alone too. Tessa Dare has out done herself in this one ... it’s completely captivating!  


Lady Amelia D’Orsay is a delight! I love how she has happily resigned herself to being a poor spinster society lady, more interested in baking and party planning than getting married at this point in her life, but she still makes the effort to be social, all be it, a wallflower, at every societal occasion. She is funny, strong and so caring. I love how she makes logical decisions and yet impulsive to remedy all her family problems. On one special evening, Amelia is on a collision course with a destiny she would never expect ... her wild brother is indebted to a certain Duke that only shows up at Midnight, dances one dance, then disappears mysteriously ... well, Amelia will make sure the Duke’s one dance is with her, even if she’s the one initiating ... can one dance with the Duke change Amelia’s life? Yes!

Spencer Dumarque, the fourth Duke of Morland is the perfect brooding, handsome, mystery man. He’s quiet, secretive and commanding. The Duke hates crowds. Hates social events. Hates people, well most people. Spencer would rather be with his beloved horses, and not surrounding himself with desperate, shallow girls trying to enslave him into marriage, but he has to keep up the image of a Duke for his family’s sake. One dance, one bow, and out of the ballroom. It’s basically all his nerves can handle. On one final occasion of the season, it’s midnight and all eyes are on him, all ladies are vying for his attention ... then she happens ... Lady Amelia asks him to dance, demands more like it, and she leads him to the dance floor. Now Spencer has no idea what to make of any of this impertinence, as his world starts to tilt, spinning out of control and he has no one to blame but his untamed heart and the wretched Stud Club he was forced to join in order to keep his promise to his beloved horse. Now how to gain the last of the tokens, Osiris, and Amelia’s heart before his world collapses is anyone’s guess.

What a whirlwind read! It’s enchanting, engaging and exciting all the way through! So many unexpected events that take these two characters on so many new adventures ... the most surprising one is love!


Gotta Read! The Duchess Deal (Girl Meets Duke #1) by Tessa Dare

Warm! Wonderful! Witty! I'm in seventh reading-heaven! I'm listening to the incredible audiobook and reading the charming eBook of The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare, at the same time! Huzzah! It's enchanting, funny, romantic and heart-melting! Cross my heart, I could not stop reading or stop listening!

Tessa Dare’s remarkable Regency story is sheer brilliance! All the many layers of emotions and all the lively words make such vivid pictures in my head.

The heroine is determined and smart, a woman-out-of-time who will look at the challenge straight in front of her and give it a wink ... then add the dashing, handsome, imperfectly-perfect hero who loves her just as she is, or in spite of it, makes this a wonderfully romantic read!

The Duchess Deal feels like The Beauty and the Beast fairytale, which ... hello, I'm a huge fan, but this story twirls it up into so much more! Emma and Ash are completely engaging and sizzling hot together! I love these characters who start out as total strangers and accidentally on purpose unite, then very inconveniently and passionately fall in love!

The stubbornly sweet seamstress boldly blustering her way into the gruff and snarky Duke’s domain is such an enjoyable scene! I absolutely loved it! All the teasing funny banter and all the sensual love games just won me over right from the start! Emma's relentless search for the perfect pet name of endearment, that drove Ashbury to delicious distraction is laugh out loud adorable! Then all the ways Ashbury is befuddled and in speechless awe of Emma, trying to hold back his attractions and push her away, but failing so miserably is quite endearing ... sigh-worthy really!

Emma Gladstone has only two options ... knock on the Duke’s door and get the money she's owed for a finished, ghastly ornate wedding gown that went unclaimed by the Duke’s ex-fiancé or take the Duke’s astonishingly shocking new deal worth a great deal more than a few coin ... It can't be! Can it? He's talking about marriage!

Could a mere victor’s daughter, a penniless seamstress nobody truly marry a wealthy, handsome rogue of a Duke somebody?

Was Ashbury truly asking her to marry him or was he just in need of a mistress?

Emma was too stunned to reply! All she wanted was to have her own shop, heal her betrayed heart, hide from the vicious father who disparaged her reputation and threw her out ... now she's faced with an outlandish offer, and she'd be a fool to decline, right?

The extremely reclusive, beast of a man, Ashbury is a desperate Duke with many secret facets. Some good, some bad, but he is lustfully determined to make sure this angelic, frustrating seamstress accepts his generous deal ... not only to take his hand in marriage, he also wants to make Emma a rich duchess and the mother of his heirs ... if only she'd sign the damn contract!

He’d make her his broodmare, sure, but he'd shield her from the wickedly gossipy society, his unsightly war wounds and obnoxious, surly attitudes with all his well thought out rules. He can please her, breed her, then send her to the country to keep her safe, and never have to slice open his heart to rejection and ridicule ever again once he has an heir ... But that sexy, sassy little scoundrel went ahead and simply stitched up his tattered heart without Ashbury’s consent! Now, what was he supposed to do?

An arrangement of “convenience” this is not!

Anybody who loves regency romances, will adore this book! it's just so fantastic and truly funny! Tessa Dare sure has a magical way with words!! Five Stars!!